How To Make Side Buns

How to Do Your Hair in a Side Bun

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  1. 1 Begin with freshly cleaned hair. Always avoid styling newly washed hair if as all possible. When you leave your hair unwashed for one day, hair styling becomes simpler and lasts longer.
  • In the event that your hair becomes oily after a day, wash it and sprinkle it with asea salt spray.
  • 2Comb your hair out of tangles. Starting with the ends of your hair, brush or comb it through until it is smooth. Gradually increase the pressure on your hair until it is perfectly smooth. Use a spray-on detangler for thick hair or knots that are particularly difficult to remove
  • 3 Increase (or reduce) the volume. Side buns require the appropriate amount of volume in order to appear beautiful. Thin buns are prone to falling out soon. Thick buns may end up sticking forth excessively. You might do any of the following to deal with these issues:
  • 2Comb your hair out of knots. Beginning with the ends of your hair, brush or comb it through until it is smooth. Gradually increase the pressure on your hair until it is perfectly smooth. Use a spray-on detangler for thick hair or knots that are particularly obstinate. Change the loudness (by increasing or decreasing it). Having the proper amount of volume in your side buns will make them appear great. Thin buns are prone to falling out. Thick buns may end up jutting excessively from the baking sheet or pan. For example, you could do the following to deal with these issues:
  • 4Make a deep part in the middle of your hair. Most of your hair should be combed to the side where you want your bun. Draw a line across your hair with the comb. (Optional) You may use hairspray to keep the portion in place if you apply it gently. 5 Reposition the hair that has sprung up to the proper side. You should back comb your hair. Only do this to the roots of your hair towards the back of your head. It will help to give your hair a little more volume. Take cautious not to get caught in knots.
  • Optional, especially if your hair is thick or curly
  • Yet, it is recommended.
  • 6At the base of your head, gather all of your hair. In the meantime, brush your hair to smooth out any lumps that may have formed throughout the process. Make a tight knot on your hair and secure it with an elastic hair band. Using this method, you can keep the bun in place
  • 7 Bring a couple wisps of smoke down with you. Now is the time to pluck out any hairs that are hanging around your ears and letting them fall naturally on your shoulders and back. Create a framing for your face by placing the wisps in front of your ears. Make sure not to let too much hair hang loose, otherwise your final style will be messy.
  • This step is optional, however sometimes wisps will tumble down on their own without any assistance. You can pin your hair to the side of your head with a bobby pin or a discrete barrette if you don’t want it to dangle over your face.
  1. 1Take a little part of hair and gather it. Keep the hair between your thumb and fingers for the time being. Never collect more hair than these two fingers are capable of holding at one moment. 2 Make a back comb through your hair. One hand should be holding the piece of your hair that is facing outward. Tease your hair towards the direction of your head using a comb. For those who are bothered by split ends, use the thumb and fingers of your dominant hand to gently move your hair toward your head.
  • Take a little strand of hair and gather it around your finger tips. Place your thumb and forefinger on the hair to secure it. Never collect more hair than can be held between these two fingers at one time. 2 Your hair should be back-combed. One hand should be holding a portion of your hair outward. Teasing your hair towards your head with a comb is a good technique. For those who are bothered by split ends, use the thumb and fingers of your dominant hand to gently move your hair towards your head.
  • 3Put your combed hair in a bun in the back. Keep this portion firmly in your mind. Place a bobby pin in the center to hold it in place. Hook the bobby pin into the elastic within the bun as much as feasible if at all possible. 4Repeat. Continue with the steps outlined above until you’re completed. Maintain the position of your bun so that it drapes to one side of your neck. 5 Ensure that the bun is secure. Extra bobby pins can be used to secure errant locks. With a little hairspray, you can keep the bun in place
  • Then curl and pin the pieces of hair that have come free against the bun for a textured look
  • If some portions of hair fall loose, curl them and pin them against the bun for a textured look
  1. 1Division your ponytail into two halves is a good idea. Remove any difficult tangles from each part by brushing or combing it. Carry the front portion of the dress over your shoulder. Take the other portion in your palm, and braid it with the first section. Maintain a diagonal angle with the hair. Make a conventional three-part braid in the manner of your choice. Continue to weave until you reach the end of the rope. Secure the end with a tiny elastic band
  2. 3Loosen each braid one turn at a time. Make a fist with your thumb and place it over the braid. Each portion of the body should be pushed outward and upward. Fourth, this will expand the braid and give it texture. Each braid should be pinned up. Roll the braid in the direction of the elastic band at the base of your skull. As you do this, be sure your hair is not in your face. To keep the braid in place, use a bobby pin to secure it. 5Secure the chignon by placing the braids very near to each other so that they appear to be one intertwined mass. Bobby pins should be used to secure the chignon on your head. The quantity of bobby pins required varies from one individual to another. Extra grip can be achieved by spraying with hairspray
  3. 6 Using a pin, secure any residual wisps. Gather any strands of hair that are dangling from your face. Attach them to the base of the chignon using bobby pins. Make an effort to conceal the ends of your hair in a chignon.
  • This step is optional if you wish to keep a tress at the side of your face
  • Nonetheless, it is recommended.
  1. 1Twist the ponytail a little. Begin at the base of your skull. Continue to go in a downhill direction. Allow your hair to wrap into a spiral as you twist and twist it. Continue to twist the hair, enabling it to coil around the higher elements of the ponytail
  2. 2tie the ponytail into a bun. Use an elastic band to secure the item. The bottom section of the bun should be secured to the beginning of the ponytail. If you have long hair, it should be styled in a sophisticated spiral that hangs from the side of your head. There will be tufts of hair protruding from the surface
  3. 3 Ensure that the bun is secure. Pinch long strands of hair that are protruding from the base of your head together. Bobby pins are the most effective tool for this. Additional bobby pins can be used to secure the sides of the bun to your head as well as the top. Hairspray can be used to create a long-lasting grip.
  • Tie the ponytail in a tight knot. Make your way down to the base of your skull. Carry on moving in a downhill direction. Make a spiral out of your hair by twisting it as you do so. Continually twist the hair, enabling it to wrap around the higher portions of the ponytail
  • 2tie the ponytail into a bun. Elastic bands are ideal for this use. Make a secure connection between the bottom of your bun and the beginning of your ponytail. In order to get this look, your hair should be styled in a complicated spiral that hangs from one side of your head. Three tufts of hair will protrude from the balding area. Make a bun and tie it up tight! Pinch lengthy strands of hair that are protruding from the base of your skull. It is most effective to use bobby pins for this. Further secure the bun on your head with bobby pins by pinning the sides to the bun. To provide a long-lasting grip, spritz hairspray on your hair.

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  • If you have thick hair, you can still do this. Question Yes! It’s possible that you’ll need to use more bobby pins and hairspray than usual. Question Is it okay to do it with damp hair, despite the fact that it states not to? Styling damp hair is not suggested due to the fact that wet hair is more sensitive and will break more quickly
  • Question Do you know what you should do to give your hair more volume if you have straight hair on top and curly hair below? You might get some argan and Moroccan oil and use it to condition your hair after you wash or comb it. However, not excessively
  • Question My hair is a little on the short side. Is it still possible for me to accomplish this? In a way, yes. I recommend that you use a bun mold (the spongy thing that looks like a doughnut). It will give the appearance of a thicker bun.

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  • Hair extensions should be brushed out before being placed in your natural hair if you’re wearing them. Use a root spray to give your hair more volume at the crown of your head. If you have a lot of fly-away wisps, spray the back of a comb (tooth side up) with hairspray to smooth them down. Using your comb, gently slide it down your hair
  • An elegant corsage or genuine flower can be pinned to the side of the bun for an elegant wedding or other super-formal occasion.

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  • Extra-long hair might take as many as 30 bobby pins to keep it in place. The consequences will be quite severe. When brushing your hair, avoid yanking it out of its natural state. Unwanted hair loss will result as a result of this.

Things You’ll Need

  • Sea salt spray (optional), regular-sized elastic hair band, hairspray, curling iron (optional), mousse or gel (optional), detangler, anti-frizz serum, small elastic bands

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Summary of the ArticleXA side bun is a simple, charming hairstyle that can be worn on practically any event. Begin with unclean hair, which is simpler to style in the long run. Brush your hair thoroughly through to smooth out any knots, and then use a hair product to finish it off. Make a deep side part and then pull your hair back into a ponytail at the base of your neck to finish the look. To create a basic side bun, twist your ponytail until it forms a spiral and pins it in place. Then, using another hair tie and a few bobby pins, secure the bun in place.

After that, gather each backcombed section of hair and secure it with a bobby pin.

Continue reading to find out how to create a formal side bun!

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As a girl with bob-length hair, I understand the frustration of waking up late and wanting nothing more than to toss your hair up in a messy bun, only to find yourself unable to do so because you don’t have enough hair to do so. Please do not misunderstand me. I really enjoy having short hair. However, the messy-bun existence is one that I occasionally yearn for. There is some bad news, though, in that buns with short hair aren’t nearly as straightforward as they are for people who have 12 inches of hair to play around with.

In fact, it’s more than probable that this will happen.

For all of my short-haired sisters out there, this one is for you.

On the days when you don’t feel like pulling out your curling iron or straightening iron, simply refer to this list for inspiration. Continue reading for a step-by-step approach to successfully pulling off buns for short hair.

Braided Topknot

Getty 1.Distribute a dry texture spray, such as Obrie’sDry Texturizing Spray($22), evenly throughout hair to provide more grip. 2.Pull your hair into a super-high ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Don’t be concerned about making things seem nice! 3.Pull the ponytail all the way down and secure it with a clear elastic band at the bottom. Using a bobby pin, bind the braid around itself, starting at the base and working your way up the length. 5.After the braid has been coiled all the way up into a bun, fasten it with a couple more bobby pins to finish it off.

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7.Spray your hair with a flexible-hold hairspray.


Sporty Space Buns

Getty1.Space buns are all the rage this summer, and now it’s your opportunity to show off your own style. To finish, part your hair down the center and spray all over with Rusk’sTexture Dry Finishing Spray ($25). 2.Pull the hair from either side of your head into a high, tight ponytail on one side. Wrap each ponytail around itself and tie it with a couple of bobby pins to finish the look. 4.The more muddled, the better! Pull each bun outward to add volume, then pull out a few loose strands to frame your face with a few loose strands.

Boho Double Knot

Image courtesy of Getty1. A dry shampoo, such as Living Proof’sPerfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo ($25), or a greattexture spray is the key to this casual summer style. Spray evenly from the middle of the shaft to the ends. 2.Split your hair into four equal portions, two on either side of the front and two on either side of the back, and pin them up in a high ponytail. 3.Take a portion from the rear of the bun and coil it around the base to form a bun shape. Bobby pins can be used to keep the hair in place.

You should be left with two areas that have not been touched up front.

Roll the tail of the front piece over the rear bun and secure it with a safety pin.

Take a few face-framing items and you’re ready to go!

Bedhead Bun

Getty1.Have you not heard the news? Compared to the topknot of yesteryear, the low bunis is incomparably cooler and colder to wear. To create the desired effect, softly back-comb the hair at the top of your head to give it lift. Make a loose, sloppy ponytail at the back of your neck and tie it off with an elastic band.

Simply hold it in place for the time being; do not bind it with an elastic. (3) Twist the ponytail around itself using your other hand to form a bun shape, and fasten with pins. 4.Tousle the top of the hair and leave a few short strands in the front for a no-frills bedhead appearance.

Messy Half-Knot

Getty1.For short-haired girls, this is the ultimate bun to achieve. Begin with strands that have not been washed. It doesn’t matter how filthy the environment is. Using your hair, create two sections on either side of your crown. Keep the components as straight as possible because they will be apparent in the final product. 3.Make a high ponytail out of the hair between the two pieces and place it exactly on top of your head. Make sure not to drag the ponytail through the elastic on the final loop; otherwise, you’ll end up with a loose bun.

Instead of leaving the ends sticking out the bottom of the bun, just wrap them around the base of the bun and pin them in place!

Modern Milkmaid Bun

Getty1. Although this is more of an updo than a classic bun, it still serves the purpose of keeping your hair out of your face in a stylish manner. Begin by splitting your hair down the center and dividing it into two equal parts with your fingers. To give your hair near the crown of your head a little additional volume, back-comb it a few times. 3) Create a French braid on one side of your head, starting near to your face and working your way out to form a braided pigtail. 4. Clear elastic is used to keep it in place.

Using a bobby pin, pin the end of the first French braid behind your head to keep it in place.

7.Spray the braid with a medium-hold hair spray, such as L’Oréal Tecni, to keep it in place.

Classic Ballet Bun

This laidback variation on the traditional ballerina bun is polished and easy, as shown in the image above by Getty1. In order to begin, pull your hair back into a ponytail at the very top of your head. In the event that you have shorter pieces that fall out, pin them up at the back of your head with a bobby pin. Secondly, open the elastic and draw the hair up halfway through to form a loop to give the topknot a larger appearance. 3.Take the excess length that was left over from the loop and coil it around the base of the loop to conceal the elastic band.

Sleek Low Bun

Getty1.A slicked-back hairstyle that screams “cool chick” will have you looking as effortlessly elegant as Rihanna. This is one of the few occasions in which Rihanna wore her natural, blown-out hair without the use of extensions. Before you begin, smooth your hair back into a bun with a boar bristle brush, such as the DenmanBoar Bristle Ceramic Brush ($26). Secondly, let some of your flyaways and sideburns to dangle loosely. Don’t be concerned with everything being in exactly the right position.

3.Pull your hair back into a ponytail with the help of an elastic. Make a coiled, twisted ponytail out of the ends of your hair. Take a second elastic band and wrap it around your topknot to secure it.

Embellished Top Knot

Getty1. Hair ornaments are timeless and will never go out of style. Furthermore, they quickly transform any bun from plain to badass. Take inspiration from Issa Rae’s Black Panthermoviepremiere performance. Begin by parting your hair into three sections in the center of your head with a rattail comb, such as Krest’sPintail Combs ($5). 2.After that, braid three little cornrows and tie them together at the crown of your head or wherever you want your bun to end up. 3.Put your hair and the ends of your three braids into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.

Using circular motions, wrap your braid around the rest of your hair to form a braided topknot.


Install gold cuffs throughout your braid to give it a little extra flair.

Backwards Braided Bun

Getty1.If you have piecey bangs and want to style them in a lob or bob, this is the style for you. Allow your bangs to hang loosely in the front and frame your face in the back. Begin by dividing your hair into three medium-sized portions at the back of your head. 2.In the back of your head, braid three medium-sized cornrows, halting at the crown of your head and braiding in the direction of your ponytail. 3.After that, pull your hair into a ponytail. Using a rubber band or a hair tie, pull your braids into a ponytail once you’ve completed braiding them.

Don’t be concerned about further flyaways.

spray of Sexy HairSmooth Sexy Hair SmoothSeal Anti-FrizzShine ($20) to add a modest sheen to your style and to give it a polished finish.

Try This Two-Minute Messy Side Bun Tutorial To Look Polished Fast

My mornings seem to consist of a hurried succession of dashes out of the house to meet the day. It’s unusual that I have time to do anything with my hair other than a short brush, followed by the wearing of a hat that I’m compelled to wear all day due to the circumstances surrounding me. I’ve got the quickest two-minute messy side bun that is flawless and that you can apply on yourself in the morning to look professional all day to help you out. However, this style may be worn on wet or clean hair as well as unwashed hair on the second or third day.


Step 1: Using dry shampoo, saturate your hair all over. Hair should be loosely fastened to the side with a rubber band in Step 2. Pulling the rubber band down can help to release the hair. Step 3: Separate your hair into two portions and pin them back. Step 4: Take two portions and twist them together until you reach the bottom of the cylinder.

Taking the twisted ponytail, tie it into a bun. Step 6: Step 6: Tuck the end of the bun into the middle of the bun to form a type of knot. Step 7: Use bobby pins to hold the bun around the outside and a couple in the center to make sure it is firm in the middle. More hair tutorials may be found at:

  • 4 Quick and Easy Tutorials for Stunning Post-Workout Hair
  • Tutorial for a Five-Minute Hair Updo (That Will Last the Whole Day)
  • The 10 Best and Most Simple Ways to Put Your Hair Up That Aren’t a Ponytail

40 Casual and Formal Side Bun Hairstyles for 2021

The side bun is one of those hairstyles that is flattering on practically every woman who tries it on. You will look pulled together without appearing to be overly fussy with this charming, flirtatious, and flexible updo. There are countless variations on the side ‘do, and whatever one you select will be determined by your unique style, preference, and the occasion. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to create a sophisticated side style, take a look at the amazing and inventive styles featured below.

Side Bun Hairstyles for Medium Length and Long Hair

Buns with a clean appearance are timeless. In addition to formal occasions, they will always be in high demand, but nowadays hairstyling dress requirements are less rigid, and you may wear untidy styles even to the most prestigious galas since lightness and spontaneity are in trend these days. Listed here is a portfolio of several sorts of bun hairstyles, so you may select an updo that matches your preferences as well as your clothes and occasion.

1: Twisted Up Side Bun

Side buns can be tucked under, but they can be be twisted upwards as well. A tiny, single braid is used to highlight the bun, which is pushed to one side and then curled up towards the ear to complete the look. Due to the little elevation of the crown, the front aspect of this updo is much more appealing.

2: Loose and Curly Side Bun

When worn on the side of the head, a twisted side bun adds a touch of elaborate yet unforced design to an otherwise plain appearance. The hair is twisted into a bun, with the twists starting at the sides and working their way up. Several huge clumps of hair are taken out of the nape of the neck, where they remain for a while.

3: Blonde Wavy Side Updo

The combination of blonde hair color and wavy texture will undoubtedly give your trendy side updo a stylish lift. Remove a few strands from the bun with your fingers or the end of a rat tail comb for a more unkempt appearance after it has been secured with pins.

4: Braided Crown and Curly Bun

Curly side buns are an excellent choice for those with shorter hair. Combine your bun with a braided feature of your choosing, such as a crown braid or braided bangs, for example. A bouffant is also a positive for most loose curly updos since it adds volume.

5: Light Brown Messy Side Bun

In today’s society, loose buns are unquestionably among the most popular side bun updo hairstyles for women of all ages. Perhaps it is because to the ease with which they can be styled or the casual, undone aesthetic that they create. Because of the rough texture and some stray pieces escaping from the bun, these ruffled light brown hair appear light and spontaneous. A beautiful, encrusted hair item is put exactly at the base of the bun to provide a bit of glitter to the ensemble.

6: Elegant French Braid/Side Bun Combo

Buns are a must-have for formal occasions such as prom, weddings, and black tie affairs (and look great in images). A thick, twisting French braid that sweeps over your head and around the bun from one side to the other will make your bun stand out, as seen in this style by @braidsbyjordan.

7: Low Messy Bun with Loose Curls

Never be surprised if total strangers start making second takes when they see you sporting a super fashionable, attention-getting side bun in your hair.

With a super-dark ombre and caramel ends, the hair is a sharp difference in terms of color, and loose curls are juxtaposed against the smooth upper strands for a dramatic effect.

8: Twisted Bridal Updo

This twisted lowmessy updo is perfect for girls with coarser, naturally curly hair. It will allow you to get away with having unstyled (or even second day) hair at an elite occasion without seeming sloppy. Just be sure to use enough of bobby pins and hairspray to keep your hair in place.

9: Delicate Side Bun with Garnish

With its delicate loose bun and beautiful dangling tendrils, this trendy messy updo is the definition of chic and carefree. For a little more glitter, we recommend adding a piece of costume jewelry to perfectly groomed hair that you already own. We also recommend running a curling iron over parts of hair before pinning everything in place.

10: Grecian Goddess Fishtail Braid

Side updos like this one were made for posting on social media. Although you are not have to be a Grecian goddess in order to wear this wonderfully gorgeous multi-fishtail braid, you will most likely end up looking like one after the style is completed. Make sure to leave a few loose hanging tendrils in the front to give the hair a haphazard appearance.

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11: Rustic Romantic Low Bun

With French braids, this low messy bun with French braids is the definition of rural chic and would be most ideal for a rustic wedding or similar ceremony in the countryside. Try matching a messed-up updo with a beautiful red lip for a hint of sophistication to bring the look together.

12: Edgy, Elegant High Updo

Buns pulled to the side are most attractive (and doable) when worn near the nape of the neck, which is where they are most often seen. As this long hairstyle from @n.starck demonstrates, this is not always the case. In order to achieve that envious sky-high elevation, ensure that your hair is properly teased at the top and throughout the length.

13: Sleek Folded Design

This low side bun hairstyle from @salonxvi is one of the more beautiful low side bun hairstyles you can sport. It can easily transition from a day at the office to a night out with your pals. The key is to keep your strands as sleek as possible, and to use a pomade or serum to smooth down any excess frizz.

14: Messy and Curly Loose Updo

Is there anything more sultry than this low sloppy updo with balayage coloring and a big fishtail braid? Delicate tendrils that frame the model’s face help to balance out the minor unruliness in the rear, while also amplifying and increasing the volume throughout the entire look. Makeup and jewelry should be kept to a minimum.

15: Wrapping French Braid

Although this braided side bun appears to be one of those styles you see while browsing through Instagram (and are afraid you will never be able to pull it off), this look is really rather simple to accomplish. To begin, separate your hair to the side and create a French braid along the hairline, wrapping it around a tight braided bun.

16: Red Dutch Braid-to-Bun

Perfect for the bride, bridesmaids, or even the mother of the bride, this crimson side bun with a thick, face-framing braid will have you looking like the most beautiful woman in the room. If you want to keep your hair smooth and in place, you may leave a few light strands dangling in the front to give it a more natural look.

17: Gorgeous Loose Braid to Flat Bun

This super cuteDutch braid into bunstyle is perfect for a boho wedding or even just a night out with friends.

It’s perfect for a natural-looking bride. What’s the best part? The style is extremely low-maintenance, requiring only a curling iron, some intermediate braiding abilities, and a large number of pins to achieve.

18: Multi-Braid Bun Style

The best style for you if your hair color is substantially different on the ends is this very noticeable style. Even more stunning are the several types of braids used on this model, which includes a Dutch, French, and traditional braid all woven together in a single, harmonious design.

19: Cherry Knot Bun with Twist Braid

With its popularity extending back decades-if not centuries-side haircuts have remained timeless and exquisite in their simplicity. So why not give your classic hairdo a modern twist by giving it a sloppy finish and an edgy deep rouge color? @sadiejcre8s demonstrates how to do it by combining a conventional bun with braids and a rich burgundy and cherry color combination on Instagram.

20: Classic Side Bun with Flowers

With its popularity extending back decades-if not centuries-side haircuts are timeless and exquisite. As a result, why not modernize that classic haircut with a disheveled finish and a dark rouge hue that is both edgy and sophisticated? Using a conventional bun with braids, @sadiejcre8s demonstrates how to get this look with a rich burgundy and cherry color combination.

21: Ethereal Curly Updo

This magnificent, wedding-ready loose bun is made even more appealing by the fact that it is made of two major components. The first is, without a question, the multi-component braids, which effortlessly and gracefully weave enormous pieces of hair together. The second feature is the stunning balayage coloring, which helps to bring out the individuality of each and every strand.

22: Modern Ballerina Bun

Not every bun hairstyle need the use of elaborate, inventive weaving techniques or outlandish colour treatments. Instead, as this photo demonstrates, some of the most stunning buns are also among of the easiest hairstyles for long hair, needing only a short pullback of the hair, a little braiding, and lots of hairspray to bring everything together in a lovely way.

23: Messy Bun with French Braid and Highlights

The chunky accents in this stylish low side bun by @goldplaited_ assist to draw attention to the stark color difference. Despite the fact that the model in this photo has substantially thicker hair, ladies with thinner hair may still get the same appearance by using a volumizing mousse and hairspray on their ends.

24: Curled Side Updo with Soft Tendrils

It’s a good idea to consider a curly updo pulled to the side, like this one, if you’re attending a wedding (or if you’re the bride!) Not only do the soft curls add incredible volume, but the low bun can also be seen from the side, which makes it very attractive in images.

25: Romantic Royal Updo with Headband

The variety of side bun hairstyles is endless, and each one is intriguing in its own way. However, when teamed with a sleek, halo-like headband, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd. We recommend one that sparkles or is embellished with gems so that you can definitely make a statement when you arrive at your big occasion.

26: Side Bun with Hair Accessory

This side bun is perfect for formal occasions such as weddings, proms, and black-tie galas since it is simple and streamlined in style while remaining lovely from every perspective.

The golden tresses are gathered into a neat bun, with not a single hair out of position. The enormous flower hair item, which serves as the last touch and instantly elevates the outfit, completes the look.

27: Low and Sleek Hairstyle

The low bun with no hair escaping at the sides or the neck provides a streamlined profile based on soft and slow lines, which is particularly effective in the summer. A single exposed bobby pin appears to be the only thing keeping the updo together. It provides you a highly supple and, as a result, feminine appearance.

28: Black Formal Side Bun

A sophisticated updo like this can withstand a tough day at the office as well as a scorching night out on the town in the same outfit. Stunning jet black hair is styled into a sleek, professional bun that is slightly moved to one side. Besides that, there’s a side part as well as a twisted area that looks like bangs and runs into the bun.

29: Black Side Bun with Flower

Simple elegance is demonstrated by this side bun, which demonstrates that when it comes to an updo, less is more in this case. The hair is divided in the center and combed to the sides for a smooth look. It is then collected into a compact bun and completed with a stunning light pink flower that is put just at the base of the bun for a finishing touch of elegance.

30: Chunky Braid and Side Bun

Styles with braids are quite adaptable, as they may be worn as a half-updo or as a full-updo depending on your preference. It’s completed with a bun, but you could alternatively wear your hair loosely cascading down the side of your neck like this untidy Dutch braid over the nape.

31: Multi-Twist Side Bun

If you have fine hair, you’ll need to think outside the box in order to make it appear thicker and more voluminous in appearance. A bun may make it more difficult to get this look, but it is achievable. A pompadour will provide a great lift to the front of the head. Tease the roots and create loose twists all over the top of the head. Bring the ends of your hair to one side, backcomb it, and form it into a sloppy bun with plenty of air within.

32: Braid and Twisted Loose Bun

Side bun hairstyles for long hair allow you to experiment with a variety of complicated and imaginative looks. A free braid and draping of hair is used in this example, which is then collected into a relaxed twisted side bun for a more casual look. The added height at the crown adds a pleasant sense of balance to the entire appearance.

33: Side Bun with Side Bang

A wide variety of complicated and imaginative side bun hairstyles are available for long hair. A free braid and drape of hair is used in this example, which is then collected into a casual twisted side bun for a relaxed look. It is a pleasant addition to the overall appearance since the crown is so tall.

34: Chunky Bun with Rope Braid

This twisted bun is simple to make, despite the fact that it appears to be complicated at first glance. With no previous combing or moderate teasing, style it as a disheveled hairdo with no prior combing. Begin by braiding an aside rope braid near to the scalp, and when you reach the neck, do a simple twist out of the freely hanging locks to complete the look. Roll it into a loose bun and secure it with a pin.

35: Side Bun with Teased Crown

Intentionally unkempt side bun hairstyles may be just as appealing as they are when they are sculpted and polished, so experiment with different looks.

With the addition of a bouffant and a tiny braided headband, this is an excellent example of a casual updo that has been raised to the level of a sophisticated haircut.

36: Side Bun with Braid and Bangs

Intentionally unkempt side bun hairstyles may be just as appealing as they are when they are sculpted and elegant, and vice versa. With the addition of a bouffant and a tiny braided headband, this is an excellent example of a casual updo that has been raised to the level of a formal hairdo.

37: Braided ‘Do with Dimensional Coloring

Hair color usually takes a backseat when it comes to wearing a side bun hairstyle, with the texture taking precedence over color in this case. Although the coloring in this sample is subtle, it adds a wonderful degree of depth and texture to the hair.

38: Sleek Braid and Side Updo

In this variation, the blonde side bun is wonderfully clean and lovely, as seen in the photo above. In addition to being simple to style, side braids and twisted buns are a stunning and comfy casual hairdo for school or work that can be worn with almost anything.

39: Side Bun with Up-Swept Bangs

Adding bangs to a bun updo is usually a wonderful finishing touch. These bangs have been swept up and to the side with carelessness, and the messily curled bun contributes to the same carefree attitude as the bangs.

40: Textured Curly Hairstyle

Incorporating texture into side bun hairstyles is advantageous since texture always results in an increase in volume and depth. Using curly locks that have been lightly braided and twisted, this updo creates an elaborate and inspiring pattern. The options for side buns are countless, whether you want a sloppy look or one that is more polished and elegant. There are so many beautiful side styles to select from. Side buns are here to stay, and they’re perfect for everyday casual situations as well as more formal ones.

How to Do Space Buns

Messy buns, ballerina buns, braided buns – it’s safe to say that there’s a perfect bun hairstyle for any occasion out there. When it comes to errands, a sloppy bun is appropriate, a ballerina bun is appropriate for an interview, and a braided bun is appropriate for a special occasion. But what about the joyful, carefree bun hairdo that we can’t seem to get enough of these days? The hairdo with space buns! You can safely argue that this hairstyle is out of this world—but it’s not out of reach for you.


Gather your materials and then begin working on your space bun style. What you’ll need is the following: a brush for your hair Elastics that are transparent Bobby pins are a kind of pin. Advanced Hairstyle from L’Oréal Paris LOCK IT DOWN Controlling the Weather Hairspray How to get the look:


While this step may seem self-explanatory, it’s critical to begin by combing your mane to verify that it’s free of any tangles or knots before proceeding.


By making a center part in your hair, you may divide it into two equal portions. It is critical to ensure that your part is as straight as possible, with the equal amount of hair on either side, since this will make or break your overall space bun appearance!


One part of hair should be gathered and tied into a ponytail at the top of your head, toward the back. Make sure to smooth out any kinks that may occur during the process. Your ponytail’s location can be customized to suit your needs; however, bear in mind that the base of your ponytail will be located where your space bun is.

Following the completion of one ponytail on one side of your portion, proceed to build a duplicate ponytail on the other side. You don’t want your space buns to seem asymmetrical, so make sure you duplicate your positioning!


To make your space buns, you’ll want to wrap the length of your hair around the base of your ponytail from the front to the back. Hold this freshly created bun in place as you pin it down with bobby pins to finish it off. Make sure to use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair for a seamless appearance! Repeat the process on the opposite side.

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Hairspray should be used to finish the appearance since you don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste. That’s all there is to it, unless you want to go all out and accessorize your space buns for a truly beautiful look. More on it in a moment!


Want to improve the look of your space bun style even further? There are a variety of ways you can make your space buns seem extraterrestrial, and we’ve included three of our favorites below.


Surely you agree that such a colorful haircut goes wonderfully with such a joyful color palette? Make your buns pop with a temporary hair color from theL’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray or theL’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup 1-Day Colorlines. Get creative with your hair color! It’s easy to maintain your space buns hairdo with temporary hair colors from both lines because they wash away in only one shampoo. Instead of going full out with color, you may use the wash out hair color to highlight your roots only—this is one of our favorite festival season looks.


Besides being a major hair color trend right now (hello, festival hair), glitter roots are also the perfect technique to help your space buns style seem like it came straight out of the Milky Way. Sprinkle some glitter throughout your roots and finish the look with some hairspray for a quick and easy look.


When everything is said and done, there is no easier way to personalize a space buns hairstyle than by using a few colorful hair ties to bring it all together. Remove the transparent elastics from your wardrobe and replace them with cuffs, coils, and bows. After you’ve finished building your space buns, you can dress them up with a colorful accessory such as a hair clip or a flower crown. You have the entire universe of accessorizing at your disposal. Now that you’ve learned how to do space buns, as well as a few tips and tricks for taking your space buns hairdo to the next level, why not learn how to create the ideal makeup look to go with them?

Two Buns Are Better Than One: Double Bun Hair Tutorial

As we all know, two buns are always preferable to one, which is why today’s DIY hair lesson is a double bun! Despite the fact that this hairstyle is a little more whimsical than others, it is also really utilitarian due to the fact that it is extremely secure. So you could wear it for a casual day with friends or something more active like doing errands, exercising, or playing double dutch with a group of pals. Put yourself in touch with your inner Miley Cyrus with this 5-minute double bun DIY.

  1. How to achieve the look.
  2. Lightly tease each ponytail and then wrap each pigtail into a bun and fix it in place with bobby pins.
  3. Pull pieces out slightly that appear to be being pulled tightly in the bun and fix them with hair pins to hold them in place in order to make each bun a bit broader.
  4. Amelia Tatnall is a model represented by Rachel Brewer.

For anyone wondering why today’s hair tutorial appears to be familiar, it’s because I gave you a sneak peak at it when I posted thesunny striped DIY nailstutorial a few of weeks ago. Do you think you’ll give this adorable double bun a shot? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

98 Gorgeous Side Bun Hairstyles To Fall In Love With

You could try the side bun style if you are seeking for a new hairstyle that will make you feel flirtatious and lively while maintaining your natural hair texture. You may wear these styles anyplace and you will not be disappointed for a single second. They may be dressed up for formal events or down and casual for everyday wear depending on the occasion. It’s a flexible style that is not only beautiful, but will have people complementing you throughout the day as well. There are so many different methods to style a side bun that you will have a great time trying them all out.

Check out these 98 Gorgeous Side Bun Hairstyles To Fall In Love With:

We get to view this stunning curly bun from a variety of various perspectives in this video. Styles with braided strands An updo with braids is a hugely trendy hairstyle right now, and for good reason. 3. Loose BraidA nice style like this is one that is loose and flirtatious at the same time. It is not necessary to polish anything in order for it to be absolutely lovely. 4. A Finished Appearance The professional aesthetic that this design provides is unbeatable if you are seeking for something different.

A Stylish Atmosphere At your next function, this red carpet outfit will be sure to impress everyone in attendance.


You can be sure that a lovely style like this one will offer you all of the romantic vibes you need for your occasion.



Styles for Children (No.

If you’re looking for a formal style for your child, you won’t go wrong with this ensemble.

Cornrow BraidsThis hairstyle is tight and well-combined with the rest of the look.

Soft Braids (number 13) Having a stylish appearance like this one is both attractive and comforting.

Style That Is Straightforward Put together a fantastic look like this would take almost no time at all.

The 15th item is a bunch of curls.


It is a timeless design to wear in this stunning setting.

Braid at the top of the head Adding a top braid to your side bun will give you a more modern style, so experiment with it.

Artwork Styles (number 18) It is possible that you will not be able to discover a side bun that is as innovative as this one.


It is not necessary for it to be perfectly polished in order to be exactly what you are searching for.

Side StylesThis is a really distinctive style that will offer you a unique and interesting appearance.

Fishtail braids are also a fantastic way to create different looks.

Glamorous StylesThis style is not only highly glamorous, but it is also going to require a really formal occasion in order to carry it off.


In these photographs, we can see it from a variety of perspectives.


Sweet Curls is number 25 on the list.

A style like this is likely to make a statement at your next social gathering or function.

Messy Styling is number 27.

Braids with a lot of vigor Such a fashion sense is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Bold Bangs is number 29 on the list.

It creates a fantastic appearance for this side bun.


Flirty Fashions are number 32.

Put it to the test at your next event.

Different Types of Crowning This is a fantastic aesthetic that would be perfect for a wedding reception.

Fun Fashions are number 34 on the list.


These outfits are so simple to put together that you can complete them from the comfort of your own home.

The braid comes to a close in the bun, creating a fantastic new look.

Awe-inspiring Designs Having all of the curls you need for a flawless style is possible with a stunning appearance like this.

If you’re searching for something fashionable, this is the style to go for.

Cool Buns (number 40) This side bun looks like it would be really simple to put together.

Despite the fact that they are sloppy, these designs may nevertheless be worn to formal occasions.

Romantic and straightforward If simplicity is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Stunning Appearances At your next function, you’ll be sure to feel like a princess in this sophisticated ensemble.

It’s unlikely that you’d choose this look for a formal occasion, but it may be appropriate for something casual like a concert or a fashion show depending on your mood.

Princess-Inspired Fashion The style is excellent and would be appropriate for a formal function or even the wedding that you have been planning.

Standard Bun (no.

In no way is it intended to be polished or showy.


This style is quite easy, yet it results in a stunning appearance.

Sweet Braids (number 51) Another fantastic design that you might attempt on your youngster this year is the sailor look.


The side bun is very free-flowing and attractive.

Bold and Beautiful is number 54 on the list.

It’s very stunning and quite nicely put up.

Lovely BunsAn elegant aesthetic that is guaranteed to dazzle everyone at your next function.

Sweet Braided Styles (number 58) If you are looking for a fashion statement, this one is guaranteed to please.

Adorable Appearances Such a modest yet stunning ensemble not only draws attention but also exudes confidence in the wearer.

Romantic Braids (number 61) This braid is positioned at the top of the head, giving off a really romantic atmosphere.

Making Unconventional Decisions This hue alone should be sufficient justification for changing your hair color, but the bun is also rather lovely.

This is quite similar to the way people in Hawaii style their hair for special occasions.


Another fantastic style that incorporates some sloppy bun action is the Messy Bun Style.

Hot Fashion Trends This trendy bun style is one-of-a-kind and daring.

With a style like this, you may show off your actual personality to the world.


Braided Love is number 69 on the list.

Soft Swirls (number 70) The simplicity and elegance of this design will appeal to those seeking a straightforward yet beautiful look.

Elegant Appearances You will undoubtedly like this design if you are a fan of elegance and refinement in your clothing and accessories.

Because of its thickness, it gives you a completely distinct appearance.

Because it has a braid in it, you can tell that it is strong.

Braids in a Circular Pattern A basic braid, such as this one, is circular in shape around the head.

The loose and soft waves that are used to create this stunning look.


We adore the way the back simply glides across the body in such an exquisite manner.

A polished appearance that isn’t overbearing is achieved with this design.


We adore the little barrette that she wears in her hair; it lends a touch of sweetness to the overall ensemble.

Another fluffy bun that is sure to make your day brighter and happier.


Inside the bun, we can see a small braid that has been tied.

Spinning Bun (number 81) This is the type of stare that causes people to freeze in their tracks.

Because it takes a lot of hair to get this look, if you don’t already have enough, you’ll need to invest in some hair extensions for the occasion.

Well-kept and aesthetically pleasing If you like elegance and sophistication, you will undoubtedly appreciate this polished appearance.

Soft Blonde Braids are number 83 on the list.

How could you not be smitten by such a sophisticated look?

Modeling Styles (page 84) There are only a limited number of locations where you can pull off such a high-fashion look.

Pretty Curls is number 85 on the list.

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best course of action.

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best course of action.

The loose and huge fishtails in this design are one of our favorites.

Braided Crown (number 87) It is inevitable that braids will remain fashionable and trendy for the foreseeable future.

For those who want a stylish appearance, this is the one to choose.


Try it out and see how it works!

These lovely looks can be worn for a variety of different occasions.

Loose Swirls (number 90) Another lovely design that is both soft and attractive.


You could wear it to your wedding or another formal event because it is a sophisticated look that would be appropriate.

Side StylesAnother fantastic style that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Consider giving this technique a try if you want to wow your audience.

Multi-Colored Patterns The use of contrasting colors is an important part of what distinguishes this style from others.


The addition of floral accents to this bun enhances its overall appearance.

Glossy Appearances A style like this exudes a great deal of sophistication and elegance.

It’s impossible to go wrong with this hairstyle if you want to incorporate curls into your look.

A style that would have otherwise been unremarkable is given a new lease of life by these individuals.

If you want to emulate a popular style, Christina Applegate’s look is a good choice.

Hairstyle 98. Flowing Curls When you arrive at your next function, you’ll be the talk of the town. Your next wedding or social event will be transformed into a gentle and romantic setting with this look. These styles are popular for a reason, and that reason is that they are extremely attractive.

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