Jon Lives In A Food Dessert. Which Of The Following Is Most Likely Untrue About Jon

Bedlam Farm

” It is not necessary for you to understand all that is going on or where everything is leading. What you require is the ability to perceive the opportunities and difficulties presented by the current moment and to accept them with bravery, faith, and optimism.” Thomas Merton is credited with coining the phrase. I received a letter from an Evangelical pastor, a long-time reader of my blog and a minister who is strong enough to bear his disputes with me, who asked me to pray before my operation tomorrow and “settle up with God just in case.” He didn’t specify what he meant by “just in case,” but I understood what he was getting at, and he was well-intentioned and following his religion, and I respected his concern for my soul.

Over the years, many individuals have expressed worry about my spiritual well-being.

While I was waiting for the fog to clear, I felt compelled to put down my thoughts and feelings.

Catheterization does not appear to be a surgical procedure, yet my doctor claims it to be.

  1. Someone I know has experienced this, and it has occurred to more than one individual.
  2. Amy, my extremely diligent and empathetic nurse practitioner, phoned to see how I was doing with certain drugs I’m attempting to work out on my own.
  3. My catheterization did not pique her attention in the least.
  4. I was grateful for the phone call.
  5. My blog followers will also be pleased to know that I will be taking a temporary break from writing.
  6. We’ll see what happens.
  7. I consider the dogs, who would be perplexed if they didn’t see me for a while, and then I go on, as dogs do.

Even though I am confident in Maria’s ability to care for herself and others, I know it would be a sad and trying period for her, and I would never put her through anything like that.

Our relationship has taken me completely by surprise; I never imagined that such a thing was feasible for me, especially given that I live in a little town in upstate New York.

However, I believe that the love of life never truly fades away and that it can always be revived and refilled if one does not give up.

An elderly blog reader, who is much older than I am, expressed her disinterest in the current political unrest in the nation, claiming that she won’t be around for long enough to be directly affected by it.

Her passion for life, nature, and art is strong, and it would both sustain and heal her if she allowed it.

Learning to let go is an ongoing process in life; we begin to die the moment we are conceived.

My feelings are quite different from those of my friend.

And I don’t consider myself to be a senior citizen.

Personally, I enjoy living in the United States, and whether I write or travel, I don’t have any concerns or anxieties about the future.

When I worship my own God, I perceive the Love of God in all that my God has given me.

Every breath, every blog entry, every minute spent with Maria, every dog, every snapshot of everything, every flower in the yard, as well as the donkey and chicken, every Mansion inhabitant, and every Bishop Maginn student are all significant.

Maria will frequently glance up and notice an odd expression on my face, prompting her to inquire as to what I am thinking.

But most of the time, what I’m thinking is that I can’t believe this type of love has come to me, and how thankful I am to have found her in my life.

According to Merton, love is our true destiny.

My gratitudes do not take anything for granted, and they are never missing or insensitive to my requests.

The appreciative person recognizes that life is good not because of the teachings of others, but because of his or her own personal experience.

I am glad that these physicians are able to keep me well and even improve my condition.

I am quite proud of who I am.

In order to identify myself, avoid asking about my views and instead focus on what is preventing me from living completely for the things that I want to live for in life.

Rather, they are on holding Maria’s hand in mine.

She’s trying to explain the jokes that I don’t always understand.

It is at this point that I feel my pulse pounding with excitement and happiness as my fingers begin to fly over the keyboard.

My expectation is that I will be around for quite some time, but if I am not, I will be nothing but thankful for my complete life and for all I have been given, and I will be full of hope for the future of everyone else.

How many calories in a pound of body fat?

Calories are units of energy that allow the body to perform its functions in connection to food and the body. This energy is provided by food, some of which is stored by the body and part of which is used by it. As the body digests food, calories are released into the bloodstream as energy. Max Wishnofsky was the first to promote the idea that a pound (lb) of body fat contains around 3,500 calories, according to Wikipedia. To put it another way, in order to lose 1 pound of body fat every week, people will need to be in a calorie deficit of around 500 calories per day.

  1. Weight gain happens when the body consumes an excessive amount of calories while burning an insufficient amount.
  2. Organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys consume around 80% of total daily energy expenditure.
  3. During the course of weight reduction, the rule does not take into consideration dynamic changes in metabolism, appetite, and satisfaction levels.
  4. Every ten-calorie reduction per day results in a one-pound weight loss over time.
  5. Adipocytes are the cells that make up body fat, often known as adipose tissue.
  6. LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are found in fat cells, as are other lipids.
  7. It also causes the production of hormones that regulate a variety of bodily activities, including insulin sensitivity and hunger.

This, in turn, increases appetite and food consumption, making it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight over time.

Brown adipose tissue has a higher metabolic activity than white adipose tissue.

Most of the time, when people have extra body fat, it is because their white adipose tissue has grown in size.

Having too little body fat can also be detrimental, resulting in health problems such as starvation and infertility.

This equates to 4.5–7 kcal/lb of body weight per day.

Body fat contributes for 5 percent of total energy expenditure in adults with 20 percent body fat.

As a result, persons who have greater muscular tissue have a faster metabolic rate than others. This indicates that they burn more calories and are more readily able to maintain their current body weight level.

How do we calculate calories?

Calories in meals do not correspond to the exact same measurement within the body as they do outside the body when converted to metric. That being stated, scientists use a device known as a bomb calorimeter to determine the quantity of caloric energy that food has in terms of calories. Using this gadget to burn the meal, scientists can measure the heat emitted and use that information to determine the number of calories in the food. This statistic represents the entire amount of potential energy contained in food.

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The body does not always have the ability to use all of the calories that people ingest.

  • In the body, calories in food do not correspond to the same measurement as calories in food taken away from the body. Scientists, on the other hand, use a device known as a bomb calorimeter to determine the quantity of caloric energy included in food products. Scientists can determine the number of calories in a food by burning it in this gadget and measuring the heat that is emitted. Food’s total potential energy is calculated using this formula. However, this is not an accurate representation of how the body would utilize the energy provided by food consumption. In certain cases, the body is unable to use all of the calories that individuals ingest. It is possible to lose calories due to the following reasons.

People’s metabolism, digestion, and overall health and fitness levels will all have an impact on how many calories they burn. A calorimetry machine may be used to determine how many calories a person burns when at rest. This is referred to as the individual’s basal metabolic rate. Carbon dioxide is measured by the machine since it is a waste product from food that the body burns for energy purposes. Other accurate techniques of calculating calorie expenditure are based on the displacement of air or water through the body.

In order to understand how the body composition and calorie requirements vary over time, it is vital to evaluate this number every 3–6 months.

However, this will not always be a 100% accurate representation of the situation.

Are different types of fat higher or lower in calories?

Compared to carbs and proteins, which both contain 4 kcal/g, a gram (g) of fat provides 9 calories, more than double the number of calories found in carbohydrates and proteins. These are only preliminary estimations, however, because various foods have different effects on insulin needs, gut flora, digestion, and absorption than others. All of these elements have an impact on the number of calories in a gram of food as well as an individual’s metabolic rate. Certain fats are more beneficial to one’s health than others.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are beneficial to the body’s health.

In order for the body to operate effectively, it requires a particular quantity of healthy fat.

According to research, although there is no one dietary macronutrient plan that will work for everyone due to the fact that everyone’s needs are different, the majority of health professionals recommend the following amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats for a balanced diet:

  • Healthy fats account for 20–35 percent of total calories. Protein accounts for 15–20 percent of total calories. Complicated carbs provide for the remaining proportion of calories consumed.

The average person needs a calorie deficit of 500–1,000 calories per day in order to lose one to two pounds of weight every week. The reduction in calorie consumption can assist people in losing weight; however, the calories consumed must come from nutritious meals. The substitution of particular meals for lower-calorie alternatives is a simple strategy to reduce calorie intake while maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet. For example, eating a sandwich with extra veggies and salad instead of extra slices of cheese and ham will help you lose up to 154 calories in a single sitting.

The following are some examples of food switches that people may make to reduce their calorie intake:

Higher-calorie option Lower-calorie option
fries as a side option salad with olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice
extra slices of ham and cheese in a sandwich extra tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber
butter avocado oil
whole milk low-fat or unsweetened plant-based milk
soup that contains a lot of meat or cream low-salt vegetable soup
fried vegetables steamed vegetables
full-fat cheese part-skimmed low-fat cheese, such as ricotta or cottage cheese
alcohol and dessert when eating out one or the other, not both
cakes, cookies, or potato chips as a snack vegetable sticks, plain nuts, unsweetened yogurt, or fresh fruit as a snack
soda, alcohol, or sweetened drinks plain or sparkling water, blackcoffee, or unsweetened teas

The American Heart Association (AHA) also recommends that people make the following decisions when cooking to help them live healthier lives:

  • People may make better decisions when cooking according to the American Heart Association (AHA), which also suggests the following suggestions:

People can also combine a reduction in calorie consumption with physical activity to burn off the calories that have been accumulated in their bodies. According to previous study, 1 lb of body fat contains around 3,500 calories on average. This has caused many individuals to assume that in order to shed one pound of body weight, they just need to reduce their caloric intake by 3,500 calories each day. For example, if you want to lose 1 pound of body fat in a week, you would need to burn 500 calories every day.

The time it takes to lose a given amount of weight, on the other hand, varies from individual to individual.

How Chris McCandless Died: An Update

On September 12, 2013, I published an article on this Web site titled ” How Chris McCandless Died ” in which I reported that McCandless, the subject of my book “Into the Wild,” appeared to have inadvertently poisoned himself in 1992, while camping in the Alaska wilderness, by eating seeds from a plant known colloquially as wild potato but scientifically known as Hedysarum alpinum, which is also known as wild potato.

  1. When I wrote the first version of my book, I hypothesized that a deadly alkaloid present in the seeds had played a substantial role, if not played a causal role, in his death.
  2. However, I came to the conclusion that, if it weren’t for these seeds, he would very well have survived.
  3. alpinum seeds to Avomeen Analytical Services in Ann Arbor, Michigan, after reading an essay by a man named Ronald Hamilton about the potential toxicity of the seeds that McCandless had consumed.
  4. Almost exactly five days after the publication of my column on McCandless, Dermot Cole, a journalist from Fairbanks, Alaska, wrote an article on the Web site Alaska Dispatch titled ” Krakauer’s Wild Theory on McCandless Gives Short Shrift to Science “.
  5. Clausen stated that he would not be able to draw any conclusions regarding what amounts to a highly technical and sophisticated scientific subject in the absence of peer-reviewed scientific study.
  6. Clausen asserted that he had nothing to add to the conclusion reached by both and Krakauer that ODAP was in the building.
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“If I was reading the report from a competent peer-reviewed expert, I would be much more convinced.” And Clausen was perfectly correct: I couldn’t be positive that the seeds were hazardous until I conducted additional, more advanced investigation and published the results in a respected peer-reviewed publication, which I later found was the case.

  • As a first step, I asked Avomeen to conduct an analysis of the seeds using an advanced technique known as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS).
  • With a molecular weight of 176—the same as the molecular weight of ODAPis 176.13—this study revealed the presence of a major seed component with a molecular weight of 176, which appeared to validate the prior HPLC results.
  • A sample of seeds was studied using two mass spectrometers that were connected via a collision cell, in which the molecules of the seeds were smashed into fragmentation ions, which were then analyzed.
  • The results indicated that the component in question had a molecular weight of 176, which was what we were looking for.
  • In the end, the results were unequivocal: ODAP was not found in the seeds of Helianthus alpinum.
  • Despite this, the results of the investigation revealed that the seeds may contain a considerable quantity of a chemical that is structurally similar to ODAP (oxaliplatin).
  • Eventually, I came across a 1960 article by a scientist named B.

Birdsong, which was published in the Canadian Journal of Botany and said that the seeds ofH.

This was the beginning of my research.

I had missed this article in my previous searches since I had been hunting for a poisonous alkaloid rather than a hazardous amino acid when I came across it.


In light of the ongoing debate over the potential toxicity ofH.

She agreed. Upon completion of their research, the Avomeen scientists discovered that H. alpinum seeds do, in fact, contain a considerable quantity of L-canavanine: 1.2 percent by weight.

Pac-12 men’s basketball preview: It’s a three-team race for the top (unless COVID decides otherwise)

Pac-12 basketball is set to resume conference play in earnest this week, but doubts persist as if it were the winter of 2020-2021: — How many clubs will compete in all 20 games of the league? — Which programs will be able to run without experiencing a significant COVID pause? — How many games will be canceled without a rescheduled date? (There will be no forfeits in this competition.) The Pac-12 announced last week that any games against COVID that are lost will be ruled no matches.) We do know the following: Regardless of how it happens, there will be a conference season.

  • Notes:— The NET numbers relate to the N CAAE valuationT ool, which serves as the framework for the selection and seeding process for the NCAA March Madness tournament.
  • I’m joking, of course.
  • UCLA (8-1/1-0) is the number one team in the country.
  • 21/2-1 (overall/Quad I record) No.
  • 21/2-1 (overall/Quad I record) No.
  • 13 and No.
  • The best-case scenario is first place.

Comment: Because of COVID, the Bruins have missed so much time that rust is unavoidable.

One possible positive aspect is that, because UCLA’s exposure to the virus occurred primarily during non-conference play, the Bruins’ participation in the league season should be relatively unaffected whenever they return to the court.

NET statistics (overall/Quad I record): 2/2-1 (overall/Quad I record) Pomeroy’s offensive and defensive rankings are as follows: No.

8 respectively.

Worst-case scenario: third place.

Bennedict Mathurin and Azuolas Tubelis, among others, provide Arizona with size, depth, and a slew of high-end playmakers.

The big concern is whether or not the Wildcats will be affected by a COVID outage.

And what, if any, effect will it have on the current momentum?

The University of Southern California (12-0/2-0).

13/1-0 (overall/Quad I record) Pomeroy’s offensive and defensive rankings are as follows: 26/15.

Worst-case scenario: fourth place.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Mobley and Chevez Goodwin comprise what is perhaps the finest frontline in the conference with Boogie Ellis, a Memphis transfer who has lived up to expectations.

248 in the Pomeroy rankings).

The following are the NET numbers (overall/Quad I record): No.

34 and No.

The best-case scenario is third place.

Comment:After experiencing some of the Ducks’ worst performances of the Dana Altman era, we were pleased to see them make significant strides forward right before the holiday break.

Three games versus UCLA, USC and Arizona are on the schedule for the Ducks.

Colorado (9-3/1-1) is ranked fifth.

111/0-2 Pomeroy rankings (offense/defense): No.

76, respectively.

The worst-case scenario is that you finish in seventh place.

Is there, however, enough of everything to form a serious contender?

• Sixth-ranked Washington State (8-5/1-0).

64/0-1 Pomeroy’s offensive and defensive rankings are as follows: No.


Worst-case scenario: ninth place.

WSU should stay out of the lowest tier of the conference, but its success will be determined by its ability to shoot consistently from behind the 3-point arc.

If the current mix of high volume and low efficiency is maintained, the losses will increase.

Net numbers (overall/Quad I record): No.

94 and No.

The best-case scenario is sixth place.

Comment: Due to the fact that they have been the definition of mediocrity for the past six seasons under Jerod Haase — his conference record is 44-49 — and we do not foresee a big change in direction.

Utah (8-4-1-1) is ranked eighth.

75/0-2 (overall/Quad I record) 62nd and 101st in the Pomeroy rankings (offense and defense, respectively).

Worst case scenario: tenth place Under first-year coach Craig Smith, Utah’s characteristics are similar to those of many other Pac-12 teams: a disproportionate dependence on rookies; an easy non-conference schedule that restricts clarity; the ability to defeat anybody at home while losing to everyone on the road.

  1. The ninth-ranked Arizona State (5-7/1-1) NET numbers (overall/Quad I record): Nos.
  2. 174/No.
  3. The best-case scenario is that you finish in sixth place.
  4. Given the high turnover on the roster, the inconsistency isn’t entirely surprising, but we weren’t expecting the lows to be nearly as low as they were.
  5. Cal (8-5/1-1) is the tenth best team in the country.
  6. 119/0-2 (overall/Quad I record) Ranks in the Pomeroy system (offense/defense): No.
  7. 60 The best-case scenario is seventh place.

That the Bears have a realistic opportunity to finish higher than 10th place tells much about the progress of big man Andre Kelly, the importance of transfer guard Jordan Shepherd, and the precarious level of play in the league’s bottom tier.

Washington (5-5/0-0) is ranked eleventh.

229/0-0 Pomeroy’s offensive and defensive rankings are as follows: No.

86, respectively.

The Huskies shoot less than 30 percent from outside the arc and have more turnovers than assists per game on the season.

(The defense has conducted itself in an entirely professional manner.) Will he be able to get enough victories to save his job?

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Oregon State (2-10/0-2) is the 12th team.

245/0-3 Pomeroy’s offensive and defensive rankings are as follows: No.


It’s true that the skill pool is restricted, but Wayne Tinkle hasn’t lost his coaching touch.

However, the momentum from last March didn’t even endure until the first of December.

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Into the Wild: Into the Wild Summary & Analysis Chapter 4

Pac-12 basketball is set to resume conference play in earnest this week, but doubts persist as if it were the winter of 2020-21: In what number of league games will each team participate in all 20? — Which programs will be able to run without experiencing a significant COVID stop. Which games will be terminated outright, and how many will be canceled? The forfeiture of any prizes is strictly prohibited.) According to a Pac-12 announcement made last week, any games lost to COVID will be ruled forfeits.

There will be a conference season, some way, some way.

Notes:— This refers to the N CAAE valuationT ool, which serves as the framework for the March Madness selection and seeding process.

On offense and defense, the Pomeroy rankings relate to each team’s position in Ken Pomeroy’s highly-influential efficiency measures, which are used to determine their national standing.— Using methods developed by the Hotline, it is possible to anticipate the best and worst-case finishes.

So we just went with our gut instinct.

The following are the NET numbers (overall/Quad I record): No.

21/1-1 No.

21/1-1 No.

21/1-1 No.

21/1-1 No.

21/1-1 No.

21/1-1 Defense and offense are ranked 13th and 18th, respectively, in the Pomeroy rankings.

The worst-case scenario is that you finish in third.

Comment: It shouldn’t take long for them to regain their pre-pause form, though, given the high degree of experience in the core rotation and their familiarity with coach Mick Cronin’s scheme.

(Overall/Quad I record): No.

The best-case scenario is that you come in first.

In my opinion, Coach Tommy Lloyd’s method has been a fantastic match for the inherited skill.

The 3–point shooting isn’t spectacular, but it’s good enough to go through conference play and the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.

In that case, when do you think it will happen?

University of Southern California (12-0/1-0).

13/1-0 (overall/Quad I record).

Second to last position in the worst case scenario It is a credit to their balanced scoring and tenacious defense that the Trojans are one of just five unbeaten teams left in Division I.

It is the Trojans’ easy non-conference schedule that has us a little skeptical about the final outcome (No.

The fourth place team is Oregon (7-6/0).

98/0-4 (net numbers for the whole record).

Ideally, third place would be the best case scenario Seventh place is the worst-case scenario.

In the meanwhile, transfers Jacob Young, DeVion Harmon, and Quincy Guerrier should feel more comfortable, while returnee N’Faly Dante could acquire valuable experience.

Two victories are expected from the Ducks.

(overall/Quad I record): No.

Ideally, third place would be the best case scenario Seventh place is the worst-case scenario.

Does there appear to be enough of everything to develop a viable competitor, though?

6) Washington State (8-5, 1-0).


The best-case scenario is that you finish fourth.

A hot start to Kyle Smith’s second season was followed by an ugly run in which the Cougars lost five of their eight games — while facing an endless stream of inferior competition.

or how much it relies on the 3-point arc in the first place.

Stanford (8-4/1-0) is ranked seventh in the country.

103/1-2 (overall/Quad I record) No.

82, respectively, in the Pomeroy rankings (offense and defense).

Observation:The most suitable conclusion to Stanford’s season would be a tie for seventh place, one A-level win, one F-level defeat, and little possibility of earning an NCAA at-large bid.

There are some excellent pieces, but there isn’t enough of anything to imply that a breakthrough is on the horizon at this point.

Overall and Quad I record NET numbers: No.


Aim for sixth place as a best case scenario No.

Comment: Given our reservations about their defense, we could have placed the Utes in any of a number of different positions, but we chose seventh (compared to other teams in the muddled middle).

NET numbers (global/Quad I record): Nos.


48 respectively in the Pomeroy rankings (offense and defense).

Comment:Perhaps no other club in the conference has a more diverse range of possible results than ASU, which has beaten Oregon and Creighton on the road while losing to San Francisco and UC Riverside at home this year.

Because of the Sun Devils’ unpredictable perimeter shooting and the absence of forward Marcus Bagley due to injury, scoring will be a problem for them.

Overall/Quad I record net numbers: No.

The best-case scenario is that you finish seventh.

Comment: Like in previous seasons under Mark Fox, the Bears play as near to their potential as most teams in the Pac-12; but, they just lack the personnel to win on a continuous basis, especially on the road, as was the case in previous seasons.


10th position would be the best possible scenario 12th position would be the worst case.

On 3-point attempts, the Huskies make less than 30 percent of their attempts and commit more turnovers than assists on a per-game basis.

(The defense has conducted themselves in a completely professional manner.) Will he be able to hold on to his position with just a few more victories?

Oregon State (2-10/0-2) is ranked No.

Numerical values (overall/Quad I record): No.

10th position would be the best possible scenario 12th position would be the worst case.

Comment: Even if the talent is limited, Wayne Tinkle hasn’t lost his coaching skills.

Even still, the momentum that had built up since last March didn’t endure until the first week of December.

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