What Kind Of Dessert To Serve With Mexican Food

18 Mexican Dessert Recipes

Do you want to serve a traditional Mexican dessert at your next fiesta? From fried ice cream and caramel flan to classic churros and sopapillas, these delectable sweets will please even the most discriminating palate. Would you like to save this recipe? If you provide your your address here, we’ll send you the recipe right to your inbox! In fact, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a taste of the iconic tres leches cake. This delectable cake is creamy, ultra-light, and virtually melts in your mouth when you bite into it.

There is no doubt that you will like these favorites!


Deep-fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar and dipped in chocolate or caramel? Yes, please. Please accept my invitation! Churros are the perfect treat since they are sweet, crunchy on the exterior, and fluffy and moist on the inside. You don’t even have to travel to a Mexican restaurant to get your hands on these delectable sticks of goodness! Churros are best eaten while they are still warm from the oven, so why not create your own? Believe me when I say that this dish is ridiculously simple.

2.Fried Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is already fantastic, but what happens when you cook it? Hallelujah! That crunch and taste — it’s a match made in heaven. There’s no need for a deep-fryer with this recipe, which is completely mess-free! As an alternative to coating the ice cream and deep-frying it, you’ll merely deep-fry the cornflakes instead. After that, you’ll roll the ice cream in the fried cornflakes to give it a deep-fried texture and appearance. Drizzle chocolate syrup (or caramel, whichever flavor you like) all over that bad boy and watch him melt!

3.Dulce de Leche

But what happens when you cook vanilla ice cream? It becomes much more delicious. Hallelujah! The crunch and flavor are incredible, and the texture is fantastic. There’s no need to use a deep-fryer with this recipe because it’s so easy! The cornflakes will be deep-fried instead of the ice cream, which will save time and energy. After that, you’ll roll the ice cream in the fried cornflakes to give it a deep-fried texture and flavor. Douse that bad boy with chocolate syrup (or caramel, if you want) and let it sit for a while.

4.Caramel Flan

This flan is all about a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth custard overflowing with caramel sauce, and that’s exactly what it is. If you’ve never tried your hand at cooking caramel flan before, this quick and simple recipe is a great place to begin. It’s straightforward, requiring only five fundamental materials. Simple ingredients such as sugar, eggs, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla essence can result in the most delectable flan in a matter of minutes!

5.Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches cake, which literally translates as “three milks,” is a rich, moist, and delicious treat that is sure to please. There are three types of milk used in this recipe: heavy cream, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk, which results in a cake that is extremely sweet and luxurious. This cake is quite delicious, especially when topped with a scoop of whipped cream for decoration. When I first tasted this cake, I assumed it must be difficult to create because it was so delicious.

But, oh, was I in for a surprise! If you know how to prepare a sponge cake, you should have no trouble with this recipe. Once the cake has been baked, all that is left to do is poke holes in it, pour the milk over it, and place it in the refrigerator to cool.

6.Sweet Mexican Corn Cake

Mexican sweet corn cake is soft and sweet, and it’s a delicious way to round off any Mexican dinner with a sweet treat. What is it about a Mexican corn cake that makes it so special? For starts, it makes use of three distinct types of maize: corn flour, corn meal, and whole corn kernels (corn). Consequently, you already know how much corn flavor this cake has just from looking at the picture. No matter if you serve this classic dessert with cajeta or caramel, ice cream, or powdered sugar on top, it will be a hit with everyone.


Sopapillas are fluffy, puffy, and sweet doughs that are deep fried till golden brown and crispy! These pillowy doughs have a quality that is comparable to that of an Indian fried bread, which is soft and fluffy. Occasionally, taco meat is stuffed into the inside of the shell for a savory snack. They use it as a dessert, filling it with fruit and cream. Powdered sugar and honey are the only ingredients required for this recipe. These straightforward elements have a significant influence. Please, go inside my stomach as soon as possible!

8.Mexican Buñuelos

Bunuelos are a famous Mexican delicacy that are crunchy on the exterior and soft and fluffy on the inside. Bunuelos are served warm or cold. The bunuelos are similar to a hybrid between a doughnut and a churro, so if you’re a lover of any of those treats, you should definitely try them! Bunuelos are traditionally eaten during the Christmas season, but with this recipe, you can prepare them at any time of the year. Enjoy! Bunuelos are available in two different forms. In this recipe, the bunuelos are shaped like donuts, with a hollowed core in the middle.

9.Chocoflan Impossible Cake

With this quick chocoflan impossible cake, nothing is out of the question! In addition to being tasty and simple to create, this cake is magical as well as delectable! To some extent, yes. This cake, which is made with a thick chocolate cake, a layer of vanilla flan, and a cajeta topping, is one of the most sinful and delectable sweets you will ever have in your life. What about the element of magic? Starting with a drizzle of cajeta in a pan, pour in the chocolate cake batter, followed by the flan mixture, and then bake for 30 minutes.

In this recipe, the flan and chocolate cake layers are served in reverse order, with the flan on top and chocolate cake on the bottom!

10.Mexican Wedding Cookies

You don’t have to be invited to a Mexican wedding to enjoy these sweets, though! You may make them whenever you want at home. These delicate biscuits, which are also known as polvorones, snowballs, and butterballs, are sweet, supple, buttery, and nutty. I could go on and on about this! Every morsel is a genuine pleasure experience. Who would have thought that something that tastes so sophisticated could also be so simple to make?

You just need six ingredients to put together this delicious treat! You can make your own batch of these delicious cookies with only a few simple ingredients: butter, powdered sugar, salt, vanilla, flour, and pecans.

11.Rice Pudding

Mexican rice pudding, also known as Arroz Con Leche, is a straightforward delicacy that requires just four ingredients. Wow! This delectable dessert is luscious, sweet, and indulgent – it is sure to please your sweet taste. There are no differences in taste whether the dish is served warm or cold. To make this pudding, you’ll need milk, sugar, rice, and cinnamon, among other ingredients. You may also use raisins and shredded coconut to give the dish a more intriguing flavor and texture. Oh, and how about a little rum to give it a little extra kick?

12.Pineapple Empanadas

Is it possible to have a pineapple filling in an empanada? What’s the harm in trying? Empanadas are a delicious snack that I love most of the time. So when I first came upon these pineapple empanadas, I was quite taken aback! The sweet and juicy filling is perfectly balanced by the flaky, buttery shell, which is a delicious combination. The best thing is that you can prepare these delectable pockets at your leisure! You’ll be astonished at how simple it is to prepare the dough. What about the filling?

13.Mexican Sweet Bread (Conchas)

Mexican sweet bread, also known as conchas, is a traditional bread that is well-known for its form. Concha, which is Spanish for “shell,” is a dessert with a topping that is uniquely fashioned in the shape of a scallop shell. In Mexican cuisine, it is particularly popular because of its deliciously sweet and soft flavor. It may be consumed at any time of the day — not simply as a sweet treat! Making real Mexican sweet bread at home is simple if you follow this recipe. Normally, conchas are covered with white icing, but this recipe asks for a chocolate glaze instead of the traditional white frosting.

You can’t go wrong with this dish whether you eat it on its own, or stuff it with refried beans or milk foam, or dip it in warm milk or hot chocolate.

14.Mexican Sweet Corn Cake (Pastel De Elote)

Okay, now you’ve got me on your side. Because I adore Mexican sweet corn cake so much, I’m included another another recipe for it! This recipe calls for the use of a bundt pan. When you use a bundt pan, your cake will have those delightful ridges that allow the cajeta to seep out of it. This recipe, like the last one, will result in a cake that is bursting at the seams with the flavor of corn. No matter what you choose to put on top of it (cajeta, whipped cream, ice cream, or powdered sugar), you can’t go wrong since it will still be delicious.


After discussing the round bunuelos previously, I’ll now discuss the round and flat versions of the bunuelos in further detail. These bunuelos, which are also known as elephant ears, are a favorite fair dish throughout the United States. These excellent flat bunuelos may be enjoyed right now, without the need to wait for the next fair. Simply prepare them at home! You can put these together in less than an hour since they are so simple!

16.Dulce De Leche Donuts

I’ve already talked about dulce de leche and how delicious and simple it is to prepare. What I omitted to say is that it is extremely addicting, and you will want to integrate it into as many sweets as you possibly can to satisfy your want. Consider the case of dulce de leche doughnuts. Soft, fluffy donuts paired with a sweet dulce de leche filling produces a delightful symphony in your tongue that is hard to describe. Every mouthful will make you feel as though you’ve died and gone to heaven.

To create these, you only need four ingredients: mini-biscuit dough, dulce de leche, butter, and a pinch of powdered sugar to dust them with before baking. Simple, quick, and decadent: this dish is everything you could desire in a dessert and more.

17.Mexican Hot Chocolate

Say welcome to authentic Mexican hot chocolate created from scratch! When it comes to heart-warming, soul-satisfying beverages, you should expect nothing less than the very finest. That it’s cooked with love. and 100 percent unsweetened cocoa powder. is the key to this Mexican hot chocolate recipe. Combine the cocoa powder, milk, cinnamon, and a pinch of chili powder to make a warm and comforting hot chocolate that’s excellent for a chilly or foggy afternoon. Do not forget about the mini-marshmallows, either!


The final item on the list is a famous Mexican beverage that will enhance the sweetness of any meal. Horchata is a drink prepared from rice (or other grains) combined with milk. With a little of sugar and cinnamon on top, and plenty of ice, it’s a deliciously sweet, creamy, milky, and refreshing drink. After all, who says you have to drink horchata exclusively in your favorite Mexican restaurant? It is made using only the most basic cupboard items, so it is simple to create at home. What do you have in your pantry: rice, cinnamon, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla extract?

You may drink this beverage straight up or add a splash of rum to give it a little more kick.

18 Mexican Desserts (+ Easy Recipes)

  • Lastly, a classic Mexican beverage that will enhance the sweetness of any meal is included on the checklist. It is created with rice (or other grains) and milk, and it is a traditional Mexican beverage. Sweet, creamy, milky, and refreshing, this drink is seasoned with sugar and cinnamon and served over ice. After all, who says you have to drink horchata exclusively in your favorite Mexican joint? The ingredients are simple pantry staples, so you can easily prepare it at home. Do you have rice, cinnamon, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla extract on hand? Hopefully you do. Make some homemade horchata and see how it turns out for yourself. If you want a little kick, you may add a splash of rum to this cocktail and drink it straight. Yum.

15 Authentic Mexican Desserts

When berries are in season, this light and refreshing fresas con crema dish is a must-make. At the supermarket store, you may get media crema, which is a thick, unsweetened cream that can be found in the baking aisle or the ethnic food department. It’s comparable to crème fraiche and sour cream, albeit sour cream has a little tangier flavor than creme fraiche. 15/03/2015 — Taste of HomeTest Kitchen

Mexican Wedding Cakes

I tucked these delicate biscuits into little gift boxes for the guests at my sister’s wedding a few years ago, as part of a Mexican custom. The vast majority of people devoured them before they even arrived at their destination! — Sarita Johnston from San Antonio, Texas, sent in this photo. 4/15

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This breakfast or snack pastry may be found all across Mexico and is known as concha (Mexican sweet bread). It is made with a fluffy brioche-like dough and a crunchy streusel topping that is scored to look like a seashell. The pastry is available in a number of colors and forms, but my favorites are the plain and chocolate streusel varieties. A letter from Scottsdale, Arizona resident Johnna Johnson 5/15

Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

Every Sunday, my extended family gets together for a lunch. Throughout the day, the aunts and uncles bring everything from main courses to sweets such as this classic Mexican cinnamon biscuit known as reganadas. —Adan Franco, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin 6/15

Homemade Churros

Fresh and hot are the perfect times to enjoy these fried cinnamon-sugar treats.

Try them with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to see what you think. Be prepared for individuals to start dipping in the water. and then return for another round of fritters. — Taste of HomeTest Kitchen (in English) 7/15


Sopaipillas, which are light and crispy pastry puffs, are a delightful way to finish a spicy dinner with a sweet twist. If you serve them warm and sprinkled with honey or sugar, they make a lovely winter treat. — Mary Anne McWhirter of Pearland, Texas, submitted this entry. 8/15 FOR A TASTE OF HOME, CHECK OUT ERICKA SANCHEZ

Strawberry, Basil and Honey Paletas

My traditional Mexican paletas recipe, which uses fresh strawberries and basil, will keep you cool and refreshed all summer long. —Ericka Sanchez from El Paso, Texas. 9/15

Mexican Tea Cookies

Our family’s favorite Christmas treat is Mexican tea cookies, which we make every year. I changed modified the recipe by icing them with a dulce de leche buttercream that I made from scratch. This recipe makes moist, crumbly cookies that everyone will like. —David Ross, of Spokane Valley, Washington, United States 10/15

Classic Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches is a Spanish phrase that translates as “three milks.” The cake derives its name from the fact that it contains three different types of milk: evaporated, condensed, and cream. The light and airy nature of this cake has made it a Mexican staple for decades, thanks to its light and airy structure. — Taste of HomeTest Kitchen (in English) 11/15

Mexican Hot Chocolate

This decadent, not-too-sweet Mexican hot chocolate is flavored with cocoa and gently seasoned with spices, making it a wonderful treat. Due to the fact that the old-fashioned chocolate combination settles if it is not stirred thoroughly before drinking, the whole-stick cinnamon stirrers come in handy. The combination of cinnamon and chocolate tastes is very delicious! —Kathy Young from Weatherford, TX 12/15

Shortcut Tres Leches Cake

My mother’s favorite cake is tres leches, which is a butter cake that has been steeped in three different kinds of milk. Marina Castle Kelley of Canyon Country, California, came up with a no-fuss version that was rich and sensitive. 13/15

Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding)

This arroz con leche dish, which is sweet and straightforward, is a true comfort food in any language. The toasty raisin and cinnamon tastes will be a hit with you. It’s also delicious when served cold. — Canyon Country, California’s Marina Castle Kelley is a beautiful spot. 14/15

No-Fry Fried Ice Cream

Like the fried ice cream offered at Mexican restaurants, this ice cream is coated in a crunchy cinnamon coating, but without the greasy mess. Make ahead of time and store in the freezer until ready to serve. —Tim White, Windsor, Ontario, Canada15/15

Sopaipilla Stars

This recipe for deep-fried buns was a smash at our daughter’s birthday celebration, which I prepared for her. They’re a tasty way to bring a Mexican-themed supper to a close. Linda Jarboe of Oroville, California, sent this message: When it was first published: September 19, 2021

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19 Authentic Mexican Desserts (+Recipes) – The Kitchen Community

Is it possible for you to have Taco Tuesdays with your family? Oh, you mean once a week? Take a look at this. So, here’s a question for you. How about dessert on those evenings? What do you have planned? The truth is that most people enjoy Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine, but the typical sweets might be hard to prepare. For those who think they know what this means, they’re in for a surprise. You may genuinely enjoy a traditional Mexican dessert without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing them.

From the classic caramel flan to the refreshing frozen paletas, we’ve got you covered with a variety of simple Mexican sweets. Let’s get started by looking at some of the greatest Mexican dessert recipes.”>Source: onceuponachef.com

1.Caramel Flan

One of the most well-known Mexican sweets, Mexican flan is the stuff of fantasies for everybody who has ever had it. It has the appearance of cheesecake, yet it is very different. Flan is a custard-like delicacy that is served with a creamy caramel sauce on the side to complement it. Despite the fact that it appears to be a complicated dish to create at home, it is actually pretty simple. One thing to keep in mind while baking flan is that it should be baked in a water bath. This helps to ensure that the flan bakes evenly and prevents the eggs and egg whites from curdling throughout the baking process.

We really enjoy this particular recipe since it contains only a trace amount of bourbon.” EverydaySouthwest.com is the source for this information.

2.Pastel de Elote (Mexican Sweet Corn Cake)

We have another recipe for sweet corn cake (pastel de elote) in the recipe section below, but this delicious Mexican dish is a little different because it is cooked in a bundt pan. Traditionally, sweet Mexican corn cake is cooked during the holiday season, but there’s no reason why you can’t make this delectable cake at any time of year. It goes without saying that maize is a significant crop in Mexican culture, and this cake does not leave corn out of the mix. The recipe calls for three distinct types of corn products: cornmeal, whole kernel corn (frozen or canned), and cornflour (which is made from ground corn).

These cakes are bursting with mouthwatering maize tastes, which is essential because corn is one of Mexico’s most important agricultural commodities.

Decadent!” > TheChunkyChef.com is the source of this information.

3.Mexican Hot Chocolate

Everyone enjoys hot chocolate, but hot chocolate is the same everywhere in the globe, right? Not necessarily. Wrong! Hot chocolate made by Mexican cooks is a soul-satisfying and pleasant beverage that is unlike anything else on the market (or those of us who are aspiring to be Mexican cooks). This cozy beverage is created with unsweetened cocoa powder (100 percent), cinnamon (for flavor), milk, and a touch of cayenne pepper, and it’s unlike anything else in the world. Top this Mexican hot cocoa with whipped cream and a dab of chocolate sauce to take it to the next level of deliciousness.

4.Mexican Sweet Bread (Conchas)

If you’ve ever had the incredible chance to visit a Mexican grocery store, you’ve almost certainly seen the massive wall of brightly colored shell-shaped or spherical bread that lines at least one wall of the establishment. Conchas can be found everywhere in Mexico, much as cupcakes can be found everywhere in the United States. Colorful sugar icing is generally used to decorate them, and sprinkles are occasionally added as an extra touch. Conchas are a type of pan dulce (sweet bread), and they are one of the most popular breads in Mexico.

Even though the bread isn’t extremely sweet, it’s incredibly fluffy and light. The topping, on the other hand, is really gratifying. It’s both sweet and crunchy at the same time. Make conchas in a typical Mexican bread pudding for a fun way to try them out.”>Source: mexicoinmykitchen.com.

5.Mexican Buñuelos

In some ways, buuelos are similar to churros, but they’re more like a Mexican donut hole (only they don’t come out of donuts). Buuelos have a texture that is similar to that of a sugared doughnut, and these delicious tiny nuggets are just as sweet. The fact that they are deep-fried is what makes buuelos so delicious. In addition, they acquire their sweetness from piloncillo syrup, which has a strong fruity taste to it. Depending on your preference, you may construct them in two alternative shapes: round with hollow cores or flattened.

6.Mexican Wedding Cookies

Snowballs, polvorons, and butterballs are some of the other names for Mexican wedding cookies. The greatest thing is that you don’t have to attend a wedding in order to indulge on these delectable little delicacies. Making them at home is a simple process. They are delicate tiny cookies that are supple, sweet, nutty, and have a slight buttery flavor all at the same time, and they are also gluten free. When you bite into one of these delicious morsels, you will be transported to a state of absolute ecstasy.

The ingredients for their recipes, on the other hand, are limited to a few pantry staples.”>Source: sweetlifebake.com

7.Pineapple Empanadas

Typically, most individuals have tried a savory empanada at some point in their lives, whether as a fast and delicious snack or as a full entrée. The majority of empanadas are filled with flavorful meat and potatoes, as well as spicy sauces. When they’re delicious, on the other hand, they’re something truly exceptional. You might imagine something along the lines of the old-fashioned American fried apple pies that were made with apple pie filling and rolled out biscuit dough, and you will begin to comprehend the allure of sweet pineapple empanadas.

When a recipe calls for pineapple preserves, you can substitute other types of preserves or jam that you already have on hand, such as peach preserves.

8.Sweet Mexican Corn Cake

Sweet Mexican corn cake is a typical Christmas Eve dessert in Mexico, and it is a holiday tradition. This dish is more conventional in style than the one we give farther down on our list of favorite recipes. This cake is wonderfully sweet and delicious, and it is made with three distinct corn products: cornmeal, cornflour, and whole kernel corn, which are all ground up together. Maize is a very significant staple in Mexican culture, and some of the most famous and genuine recipes in the nation are made using corn as the primary component or as a basis for additional ingredients.

Maintain simplicity by serving your corn cakes with ice cream, or go all out by topping your corn cakes with caramel or cajeta. An additional fast and easy topping is powdered sugar sprinkled on top.”>Source: cookingclassy.com


Horchata is a typical Mexican delicacy that should not be missed from any list of traditional Mexican dessert recipes. It is traditionally made with milk and rice, and it is quite popular in Mexico. The majority of people have only ever had this famous Mexican beverage at high-end Mexican restaurants, however it is quite simple to create this drink at home. Furthermore, when you cook it yourself, it is fresh and you may customize it to your liking. Horchata, like many classic Mexican recipes, calls for ingredients that the majority of people already have in their kitchens, making it one of the simplest dishes you’ll ever make.

Consume it as is, or add a shot of rum for a little more adult tastiness.


Would you want to try some deep-fried cookie dough that has been covered with spicy cinnamon sugar and then dipped in caramel or Mexican chocolate sauce? Absolutely! A churro has a crispy outside and is soft and fluffy on the inside, making it a popular dessert in Mexico. In other words, a churro is the epitome of uncomplicated perfection at its most sublime. What’s even better? They’re quite simple to create. Churros, like other fried meals, are finest when eaten fresh and warm, which is why cooking them at home is a good idea.

That is, we are referring to real unsalted butter and real vanilla extract (not the imitation stuff).

11.Dulce de Leche

Do you want to try some deep-fried cookie dough that has been covered with spicy cinnamon sugar and then dipped in caramel or Mexican chocolate sauce? No problem. Absolutely! A churro has a crispy outside and is soft and fluffy on the inside, making it a popular treat in Mexico. In other words, a churro is the epitome of uncomplicated perfection at its most sublime level of perfection. Is it possible to make things even better? You can make these in just a few minutes. The greatest way to enjoy churros is when they’re still warm and fresh, which is why cooking them at home is so convenient and delicious.

Real unsalted butter and pure vanilla extract are what we’re talking about here!

“These delectable tiny bits of delight that are handcrafted churros are melt-in-your-mouth delectability.” > Preppykitchen.com is the source for this information.

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The first Mexican dessert that most travelers north of the border meet is a fluffy and light sopapilla, which must be dripping with honey to be considered authentic. A sopapilla can be produced from a tortilla, but this is not the typical technique to prepare them. Rather, they are prepared from corn masa. When you dine at a Mexican restaurant, it is extremely normal for the waiters to bring a bowl of sizzling hot sopapillas to your table at the conclusion of the dinner, along with a squeeze jar of honey and a few pats of genuine butter.

However, unlike other sopapilla recipes, this one calls for coconut oil, which is a little more heart-healthy than most shortening recipes.

Sopapillas are traditionally served with warm honey, but you can alternatively serve them sprinkled with powdered sugar for a delicious after-dinner dessert.

Want something with a little more of a Mexican flavor? Make a paste out of your powdered sugar and cinnamon, which is one of the most popular spices in Mexican cooking.”>Source: tasteofhome.com

13.Strawberry, Basil, and Honey Mexican Paletas

A popsicle is one of the most refreshing foods you can eat. What, on the other hand, is even better than a popsicle? Popsicles packed with fresh fruit and spices are a refreshing treat. Mexican paletas are world-renowned. In parks, strolling areas, and residential neighborhoods, most of us have witnessed “paleteros” (ice cream vendors) hauling about tiny carts filled of delicious frozen delicacies. Paletas are one of the simplest Mexican sweets that you can prepare at home. They are served warm or cold.

Honey is used as a sweetener, and it is traditionally used to sweeten various Mexican delicacies, such as churros.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll be ready to take on the world!”> piesandtacos.com is the source of this information.

14.Dulce de Leche Donuts

If you’ve gone to Krispy Kreme recently, you may have indulged in the delectable dulce de leche doughnuts, which are a sinful (but lovely) pleasure that you shouldn’t indulge in. There’s no need to jump in the vehicle and head to your local Krispy Kreme, because you can truly prepare this rich delicacy at your convenience. Dulce de leche is quite simple to prepare, and making these adorable tiny donuts is almost as simple as making the dulce de leche. This bakery makes fluffy, soft donuts that are filled with dulce de leche, which is the most delicious filling you have ever tasted.

The taste of these cookies will make you feel as if you have made a brief trip to heaven.” >Image courtesy of yogaofcooking.co

15.Chocoflan Impossible Cake

Despite the fact that the cake’s title contains the word “impossible,” making chocolate-covered banana impossible cake is quite achievable and not that tough. Chocoflan impossible cake is prepared with a layer of vanilla flan and a layer of rich chocolate cake between two layers of chocolate cake. Then there’s a delicious cajeta to finish it all off. This cake is referred to be “impossible” in part because it is so good that it seems impossible to make it. In all seriousness, how can anything be this wonderful?

Aside from that, the second “difficult” aspect is that you must sprinkle your cajeta into a pan before pouring in the cake batter and last pour in your flan mixture.

The layers are really reversed, with the flan appearing on top and the cake appearing at the bottom.

This cake is one of the richest sweets you will ever consume, and that is a promise.” >From the website tastesbetterfromscratch.com

16.Tres Leches Cake

One of the most well-known Mexican sweets is the beautiful tres leches cake, which can be found at practically every event hosted by a Mexican household. When translated from Spanish, “tres leches” refers to “three milks.” There are three types of milk required to produce this magnificent cake: evaporated milk, heavy cream, and sweetened condensed milk, all of which are utilized in this recipe. What could possibly be anything other than amazing when made with those three varieties of milk? Furthermore, this cake is very simple to prepare.

Even better, this is a cake that can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the freezer for later use. It’s worth noting that this cake recipe does not use any butter or oil. “Is there anything not to like?” > saltandbaker.com is the source.

17.Rice Pudding

When it comes to food, rice is one the most regularly consumed across the world, and this classic grain is a cornerstone of Mexican cuisine. Rice is used in the Mexican culture, as is the case in other civilizations, to produce a delectable sweet pudding. Arroz with Leche is Spanish for “rice with milk,” and it’s every bit as creamy as you’d expect. For this simple Mexican dessert dish, you may either prepare the rice ahead of time or utilize leftover rice, which is what most Mexican cooks have traditionally done.

But how about a smidgeon of rum to give this comforting dessert a bit more sophistication?

Life-in-the-lofthouse.com is the source of this information.

18.Fried Ice Cream

When was the first time you heard of fried ice cream? Do you recall what you were doing? The majority of us would say that our brains performed a couple flip-flops and came out the other side wondering, “What?” It may sound like an oxymoron, but the truth is that friedice cream (also known as ice cream ball) is a delicious and typical Mexican treat that is very delicious. To prepare this recipe for fried ice cream, all you have to do is a fast and simple pan-fry to produce a gorgeous crust for your frozen treat.

The flavors of cinnamon and caramel are prominent in this recipe, as is the case with many Mexican dishes.”>Source: spanishsabores.com


After a long list of delicious sweet Mexican sweets, we’ll conclude with buuelos, but this time we’ll provide the recipe for round buuelos, which are a form of dough that’s baked rather than fried. The recipe we published previously was for the conventional flat Mexican buuelos, but in certain Latin nations, you will more commonly see the circular buuelos that will remind you of what we call doughnut holes in the United States, as we have seen in the video below. These buuelos, which are also famous in Mexico, are small circular wonder balls that are quite simple to put together.

Desserts such as powdered sugar, dulce de leche, or chocolate sauce are wonderful on top of this.

She is a well-known cook who also happens to be a passionate gardener.

Cassie may be found wandering through farmer’s markets and greenhouses in search of the next big idea when she is not writing or lecturing on food and gardens.

Good Question: What Dessert Goes with Mexican Food?

In the Kitchen Community, Cassie provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In addition to her culinary skills, she enjoys gardening. ‘Healthy Eating Through the Garden,’ her latest book, will be published in the near future.

Cassie may be found wandering through farmer’s markets and greenhouses hunting for the next big idea when she is not writing or lecturing on food and gardens. Cassie Marshall’s most recent blog entries (see all)

Horchata Cupcakes, Churro Apple Pie, and More Mexican-Inspired Desserts

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21 Easy Mexican Desserts for Cinco De Mayo

Mexican Desserts for Cinco de Mayo, also known as the “Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla,” Cinco de Mayo is a celebration commemorated by the Mexican army against France in the Puebla War of 182, which occurred during the Franco-Mexican War. Cinco de Mayo is observed on the fifth of May. While it is only a holiday in Mexico, the United States has commemorated Cinco de Mayo to honor and acknowledge the culture and legacy of the country of Mexico. It contains vibrantly colored parades, vivacious costumes and clothing, festival music, beverages and smiles, and, most importantly, sizzling and delectable cuisine.


Tacos and margaritas are also served throughout the United States to mark the occasion.

So today I’m going to talk about some delicious and tempting Mexican sweets that are perfect for Cinco de Mayo and can also be served during a party.

To celebrate Cinco De Mayo What dishes are served?

Invite people to your house for Cinco de Mayo festivities, or you could like to attend a nearby pub or even go around on the streets with your friends. As a result, if you are interested about what is offered at the Cinco de Mayo party, you will be astonished to learn that the food choices is just as vibrant and vivid as the event itself. Authentic Mexican meals, as well as a range of other options are available.

  • Tacos
  • Tequila beverages
  • Guacamole
  • Jalapeno-mixed nibbles
  • Any cheesy pleasure or refreshing salsas
  • Any cheesy delight or refreshing salsas
  • Any cheesy delight or refreshing salsas Pan-roasted veggies, sweetbreads, Margarita, and many more dishes are available.

In reality, you may prepare a variety of sweets that are still reminiscent of Mexican culture and history. There are many different types of desserts to choose from, such frozen margarita pie and crispy nachos, churros, and flans (to name a few). So, without further ado, let us explore some delectable dessert dishes that are very amazing!

21. Mexican Paloma Cupcakes

Inspire by the refreshing tastes of the Mexican Paloma drink, which includes lime, grapefruit, and tequila, Paloma cupcakes are loaded with citrus and lime juice and flavored with lime zest. If you have friends coming for Cinco de Mayo or any other summer celebration, they are the ideal surprise!

20. Spiced Orange Tres Leches Cake

Let’s toast to the occasion with a fruity and spicy take on the traditional tres leches cake. Using a light and fluffy sponge cake to soak up a trio of sweetened milks enriched with fresh orange zest and toasty spices, this decadent spiced orange tres leches cake is both delicate and moist, with each bite packed with flavor.

Spiced Orange Tres Leches Cake(Image: burrataandbubbles)

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19. Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookies

The flavors of chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper are simply divine combined.

These Mexican chocolate chip cookies were inspired by a blend of tastes that I discovered while traveling in Mexico. Because of the addition of cinnamon and cayenne pepper, these soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies have an additional kick.

Mexican Chocolate Chips Cookies(Image: ihearteating)

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18. Mexican Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon Frosting

This Mexican chocolate cake is the richest, moistest chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted, but it has a fiery twist thanks to the addition of cinnamon and a little of cayenne pepper! Cinco de Mayo dessert dishes that are simple to prepare and tasty are available! There’s something wrong here.

17. Sweet Tamale Recipe: Raspberry Dessert

Make sure you’re not missing something else.

Sweet Tamale Recipe: Raspberry Dessert (Image: 24bite)

Check it out over there.

16. Churro Cupcakes

Churro Cupcakes are delicious, cinnamon-spiced cupcakes covered with rich vanilla buttercream and adorned with a crispy baked churro, which is a traditional Mexican dessert. These cupcakes are just exquisite for any serious cinnamon fan, and they have the same churro flavor as a sweet and fluffy cupcake, but they are not as dense. Churro Cupcakes are a delicious treat (Image: thedomesticrebel) There’s something wrong here.

15. Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake is a delicious Mexican dish that you must try! It’s a beautifully rich and moist cake that’s been steeped in milk, and it always receives rave reviews whenever it’s presented. This Mexican cake is delicious and refreshing, and even finicky eaters will enjoy it! The perfect dish for a special taco Tuesday or even for Cinco de Mayo celebrations! There’s something wrong here.

14. Margarita Bars

It’s hard to beat the combination of Mexican cuisine and margaritas. Therefore, margarita bars for a Cinco de Mayo celebration are the ideal treat. They are also excellent for a summer party or as a dessert for the summer months. These margaritas are created with tequila and are wonderfully creamy with a dash of zesty lime flavor. There’s something wrong here.

13. Mexican Chocolate Cake

Make a simple Mexican chocolate cake for your next fiesta or celebration! To make this dessert, start with a boxed chocolate cake mix and add a few more ingredients until you have a delicious dessert that is great for your Cinco de Mayo party!

Mexican Chocolate Cake (Image: reneeskitchenadventures)

To celebrate your next fiesta, make this Easy Mexican Chocolate Cake! Starting with a basic boxed chocolate cake mix and a few simple ingredients, this dessert is somewhat spicy, sweet, and chocolatey. It is the ideal finish to any Cinco de Mayo party!

12. Mojito Key Lime Bars

Using lime juice and fresh mint to create our Mojito Key Lime Bars, a simple dish with a tasty twist on conventional lime bars, this dessert is a terrific way to enjoy a sweet treat. There’s something wrong here.

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11. Buñuelos (Mexican Fritters)

Make sure you’re not missing something else. Check it out over there.

10. Mexican Hot Chocolate Fudge

This delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate Fudge recipe is one of my go-to dishes for any occasion, any time of year. This dessert is perfect for everyone who like chocolate and may be served on any occasion of your choosing.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Fudge (Image: organizedisland)

Throughout the year, this delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate Fudge recipe is one of my go-to meals. This dish is perfect for everyone who like chocolate and may be served at any occasion.

9. Margarita Pie

With only a few tasty ingredients, you can whip up a delicious light and creamy little salty with a slightly sweet dessert in no time.

Frozen Margarita Pie with Pretzel Crust – wonderful light and creamy little salty with a slightly sweet dessert that is incredibly easy to make with just a few tasty ingredients. This is a must-have recipe for any of your summer get-togethers!

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8. Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas

This dessert dish for strawberry cheesecake chimichangas is created with a choice of savory ingredients, such as pulled pork or beef, beans, rice, and cheese, and then baked to perfection. However, in this dessert variation, a handmade strawberry cheesecake filling is folded within flour tortillas and baked till golden brown. The packed tortillas are given a brief soak in hot oil before being dusted with cinnamon and sugar for a final finish. This classic cheesecake has a pleasant flavor and is ideal for Mexican sweets for Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas (Image:justataste)

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7. Flan Napolitano

Flan Napolitano is an egg-based custard cream cheese flan with a custard basis. So smooth, silky, and creamy, with a flavor that is exceptionally deep in complexity. The coating of caramel sauce on top creates a stunning dessert that is perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. There’s something wrong here.

6. Chocolate Brownies

The easiest and most delicious homemade brownie is usually baked using chocolate. A chocolate brownie is a baked delicacy that is either square or rectangular in form and made of chocolate. This Cakey Style fudge dark brownie is so soft, moist, and wonderful for dessert that it is simple to create at home, and it is also gluten-free – for instructions on how to make this dish at home, click here. There’s something wrong here.

5. Chocoflan Cake

Chocoflan cake is a confection that has two layers in one. A luscious chocolate cake is topped with a delicious, creamy flan. It is a wonderful, delectable, and scrumptious dessert that will transport you to heaven. Cake is a fudgy chocolate butter cake, while the flan is a cream cheese flan, also known as Flan Napolitano. The flan is served with the cake. There’s something wrong here.

4. Aztec Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Made with zucchini, chocolate, raspberry sauce, and a few other ingredients, these Mexican treats for Cinco de Mayo are really delectable and scrumptious.

Aztec Chocolate Zucchini Cake (Image:sumptuousspoonfuls)

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3. Mexican Fried Ice Cream

My favorite dessert is fried ice cream, which is one of my favorite sweets ever! I’ve always assumed that ice cream refers to anything prepared with cream and served cold, but this recipe is quite the opposite of that. But it’s baked ice cream! When it comes to this variation, no deep-frying is required; instead, a short pan-fry is used to create the fantastic crust that coats a lovely cinnamon ice cream combination. Break your thinking by attempting this right now!

Mexican Fried Ice Cream (Image: life-in-the-lofthouse)

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2. Churro Lemon Cream Sandwiches

Make sure you’re not missing something else.

Churro Lemon Cream Sandwiches (Image:muybuenocookbook)

Check it out over there.

1. Sopapilla Cheesecake Recipe

With layers of crispy pastry, a buttery cinnamon sugar coating, and a thick layer of honey, these cheesecake bars are the perfect Mexican dessert for any occasion. They are the perfect Mexican dessert for any occasion, and they are always a crowd-pleaser at parties. There’s something wrong here. Make your selection of the sweets that will best suit you and your spouse or family members for this Cinco De Mayo celebration. I’m hoping you’ve already decided on it. Additionally, after watching the preparation, you may create them at home.

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13 Popular Mexican Desserts

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. Please take the time to read my disclosure policy. All of the best genuine Mexican desserts at one convenient location! From hot to cold and everything in between — comer hasta (gobble it up!)! Churros are probably familiar to you, but have you ever heard of Fried Ice Cream or Rumchata Cakes? Alternatively, how about Apple Pie Tacos? If any of your family or friends specifically want or require a vegan alternative, we’ll provide one for them as well.

What Do People Eat for Dessert in Mexico?

It is probable that you will immediately discover that the variety of Mexican sweets is unparalleled. There are literally hundreds of alternatives available to choose from. From puddings and fruit salads with cream to cheese candies, spice candies, sweet pastries, and even milk cake, there is something for everyone!

What are Popular Spanish Desserts?

The origins of several Mexican sweets may be traced back to earlier Spanish dishes. Flan, for example, is a renowned Spanish dessert that has evolved into one of the most traditional Mexican sweets throughout the years.

Best Mexican Desserts for Cinco De Mayo

It is possible that the recipes for several Mexican sweets come from previous Spanish cuisine. Flan, for example, is a renowned Spanish dish that has evolved into one of the most traditional Mexican sweets throughout the centuries.

2.Easy Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

If you haven’t experienced true Mexican Churros, some people believe you haven’t lived. When you combine hot, crunchy, cinnamony deliciousness with chocolate sauce, it’s hard to go wrong. All you’ll need is a few basic materials and 30 minutes of your time!

3.Tres Leche Cake

This delightful dish may be summed up in seven terms. Soft, delectable, melt in your mouth goodness! Wasn’t I told you it was served with whipped cream on top? And leftovers taste just as wonderful.

4.Mexican Brownies

Cayenne pepper, chocolate, and cinnamon are the three Cs of this recipe – are you ready for this? If you want to make your brownies a little more interesting, spice them up! In about 20 to 25 minutes, you will be biting into your new favorite brownie recipe, according to the instructions in the attachment.

5.Fried Ice Cream

This may be my favorite Mexican dish of all time. Textures are important in this recipe since the ice cream balls must be frozen firm before being breaded. Serve them just out of the fryer, and you’ll be salivating with delight over how delicious they are. They are, without a doubt, a must-taste Mexican dessert!

6.Dulce De Leche

This spanish word, which is pronounced dool-say dee lay-chay, roughly translates as “sweet milk” or “milk candy.” And here’s the best part: you’ll only need one ingredient. It has a variety of applications after it is completed. Over a scoop of ice cream As a dipping sauce for churros. To mention a few examples, there is a filling for your favorite dessert.

7.Rumchata Cupcakes

Cake mix is a type of cake that is made with a mix of flour, sugar, and eggs.

All you’ll need for this recipe is rumchata liquor plus a few basic items. Rumchata has only been established for a little over a decade, but these cupcakes have the potential to live for centuries in your family! Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cinnamon sticks for a festive touch!

8.Apple Pie Tacos

This may be one of the most fascinating Mexican sweets, but it is also one of the most straightforward! It’s precisely as it sounds on the surface. A crunchy taco with a filling of cinnamon-sugar apples. Pour on some caramel sauce and top it with whipped cream, and you’re done! Using Granny Smith apples is your best bet in this situation.

9.Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie

The Graham Cracker crust is the starting point, and everything else follows from there. We’ve already talked about the triple-C, but now it’s time to talk about the triple-S. Silky, smooth, yet spicy all at the same time! Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and spicy cayenne pepper are all essential elements in completing this dessert’s final result. If you want to tone down the heat, use a little whipped cream instead.

10.Cinnamon Mexican Wedding Cakes

You may also refer to these treats as cookies or snowballs – either way, they are delicious bundles of delight! Make sure you have all of your ingredients ready before baking these beauties for 15 minutes. Mexican Wedding Cakes are perfected when they are dusted with sugar, and you can say that you have done so.

11.Apple Enchiladas

Believe it or not, there is apple pie inside an enchilada! Oh, and don’t forget about the caramel sauce. You can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top of this crowd favourite, whether it’s served hot or at room temperature.

12.Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars

You’ll move from thinking, “those sound fine,” to saying, “those are very excellent!” With sugar or honey, this light, flaky pastry-type bread is delicious. Furthermore, they may be consumed either cold or cooked.

13.Vegan Mexican Chocolate Lava Cake

This recipe yields four Vegan Mexican Chocolate Lava Cakes, which are vegan and gluten-free. After twenty minutes in the oven and another ten minutes cooling, you’ll be that close to immediate delight! Moreover, the fact that they are vegan, my goodness!

  • Vegan Mexican Chocolate Lava Cakes are the result of this recipe, which makes four servings. After twenty minutes in the oven and another ten minutes cooling, you’ll be that much closer to instant pleasure. Moreover, the fact that they are vegan is mind-boggling.
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare a 7-inch circular baking pan as well as a big baking dish for baking. Set them aside for the time being. Heat a skillet over medium heat until hot. Immediately add the sugar and continue to stir continually until the sugar has completely melted and turned into syrup. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully pour the syrup into a 7-inch round baking pan. Pour the syrup into the pan and spread it evenly to cover the whole bottom of the pan. Remove it from the heat and let it to cool and solidify
  • In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, condensed milk, whole milk, and vanilla extract until well combined. Pour the mixture into the pan that has been covered with syrup. Wrap the container securely in aluminum foil. Place the pan in a large baking dish and bake for 30 minutes. After that, fill the dish with water. You’ll need enough water to cover the bottom of the pan halfway
  • Placing the baking dish in the oven and baking for 1 hour and 15 minutes should be plenty. Remove the baking dish from the oven and carefully pull the pan out of the baking dish with your hands. After that, peel away the aluminum foil. Allow it to cool down to room temperature. Cover the pan with another piece of aluminum foil once it has cooled. Place the dish in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. Remove the foil from the pan when you’re ready to serve. Remove the pan from the oven and lay a plate on top of it. Slide a knife along the sides of the pan. Turn it over with care. After that, lift the pan. Serve and take pleasure in it

350 degrees Fahrenheit should be set for the oven. a 7-inch circular pan and a big baking dish should be prepared before you begin. Make a note of them; A pan with medium heat should be used for this recipe. Immediately add the sugar and continue to stir continually until the sugar has completely melted and turned into syrup; Using a heatproof spatula, transfer the syrup to a 7-inch round baking sheet. To coat the whole bottom of the pan, spread the syrup evenly. Remove it from the oven and let it to cool and firm.

Use aluminum foil to wrap securely around the object.

Fill the dish halfway with water.

In a baking dish, combine the ingredients and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The aluminum foil should then be removed.

Place another piece of aluminum foil on top when it has cooled.

Remove the aluminum foil from the pan when you’re ready to serve.

Remove the pan from the oven and lay a plate on top of it. Run a knife around the sides of the pan. Flip it over with care. Take a deep breath and then raise the pan. Serve and take pleasure in the experience.

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