Who Makes A Maddison Mud Pie Dessert In Brevard County Fl

Dessert Shops in Brevard County in Florida – Menus and Reviews

  • The following numbers are available: 247 Minutemen Courtway, Cocoa Beach, FL(321) 652-3126(321) 652-3126
  • 402 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL(321) 254-8381(321) 254-8381
  • 6811 North Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral, FL(321) 866-1278(321) 866-1278
  • 17 N Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL(321) 591-6822(321) 591-6

THE BEST Dessert in Brevard County – Tripadvisor

Ice Cream Hut is a sponsor of this event. Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination. Dessert, American, and 18 reviewsOpen Now $Menu6.0 mi $Menu6.0 mi $Menu6.0 mi $Menu6.0 mi Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination. “Yummy” “A wonderful old-fashioned ice cream parlor.” 1.Oasis Shaved Ice (also known as “Oasis Shaved Ice”) There have been 252 reviews for this location as of today. $6.9 million Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination. “. make your vacation even sweeter and more enjoyable.” “The ice cream at the bottom is very delicious.” The second, Del’z Freeze, has 535 reviews and is open now.

” Desserts at The Fat Donkey Ice Cream and Fine Desserts There are 514 reviews available now.

  1. $Menu6.1 mi (Menu6.1 mi) Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination.
  2. $$ – $$$Menu1.5 miCocoa $$ – $$$Menu “Excellent bakery and pizza in the neighborhood.” “We were at Cape Canaveral, Florida, for a vacation.” Open NowDessert, American, 5.Surfin Turtle179reviewsOpen Now $13.2 kilometres Satellite Beach is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.
  3. I mean, I’m on vacation, so I don’t have anything.” Ice Cream Hut is a sponsor of this event.
  4. Bananas Foster!” exclaims the author.
  5. “So far, we’ve enjoyed omelets and crepes for breakfast on three different days.” Seventeenth-ranked The Bald Strawberry has 147 reviews and is closed today.
  6. $$ – $$$15.6 mi.
  7. “OMG, it’s so amazing, and it’s so inexpensive.” “Awesome ice cream business in the neighborhood!” 9.Jacqueline’s BakeryCafe92reviewsOpen Immediately 9.

10.Moo’s Soft Serve246reviewsOpen NowDessert, American, and Ice Cream The distance between the two points is 18.7 miles.

Cruising Frozen Yogurt56 reviewsOpen NowDessert, American, Frozen Yogurt Titusville is $19.8 mi away.


13.Tropic Ice Cream37 reviewsClosed todayDrinks Cape Canaveral is a popular tourist destination.

16.Joan’s Perfect Pie57reviews are now available.

$$ – $$$15.3 mi.

The Desserts are $6.2 mi and have 17.3 Scoops of Ice Cream and 42 reviews.


“The coffee ice cream was very delicious!” 18.Donut Shop41 customer reviews Bakeries, both foreign and domestic $1.75 million Merritt Island is a small island off the coast of Florida.

Yum!” says the narrator.

Bakery245reviewsOpen NowDessert, Italian, and other sweets $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Melbourne “Save $16.95 by skipping the Scungillisalad.” “.

Quick Bites, a tradition in the United States $Menu 6.3 km Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination.

Dessert, Italian, Simply Gelato, 22.Simply Gelato26reviewsOpen Now $6.9 million Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination.

Dessert$MenuSundaes at the Beach27 reviewsSundaes at the Beach 20.9 kilometers (miles) Melbourne Beach is a popular tourist destination.

Today’s review count is 37.

« Freshly squeezed and cold-pressed juices are available.

Bakeries, both foreign and domestic $Menu 18.1 kilometers (18.1 miles) West Melbourne is a neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia.

“You haven’t had a cinnamonbununtil you’ve tried there’s,” says the proprietor.

Dessert in the United States $Menu 14.1 kilometers (14.1 miles) Melbourne “20-21 “For Doughnut Lovers” is the title of this article.

Dessert in the United States $Menu16.3 miles from the center Titusville “It’s impossible to avoid stopping at Bruster’s.” “Yummy!” 28.Here’s what you need to know Ice Cream Made From Scratch 26reviews are currently available.

Titusville “Never Lets You Down” “Cupcakes” “Never Lets You Down” “Never Lets You Down” Village Ice Cream and Sandwich Shoppe59 reviewsDessert, American, Sandwiches, Dessert $Menu1.5 mi (1.5 miles) Cocoa is a delicious ice cream flavor.

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice,” says the speaker.

Five desserts you must try if you eat out on the Space Coast (OK, make that six)

  • Sweets aren’t something you consume regularly. You’re making an effort to lose a few pounds. You’ve had plenty to eat. You just don’t have the luxury of time for anything else. It’s all in the bill! Excuses, excuses, excuses. Sometimes you just have to have dessert, and Brevard’s restaurants are known for creating some of the best around. We looked all across the Space Coast and came up with these five must-try trademark items that are sure to please: Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Skewers Mediterranean Grill, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coconut Dream Cake, Banana-Coco (144 Fifth Ave., Indialantic). This banana cake is different from most others in that it is a tall, tall slice of creamy, tropical, not-crazy-sweet bliss. It was created by Joyce Smeen, the wife of Skewers owner Eddie Smeen, and does not scrimp on the custardy filling. It is dusted with nuts and garnished with a puff of toasted coconut-sprinkled whipped cream. If you want it, you should definitely get there early because it tends to sell out quickly when it is in demand. In the words of Kathi Hooper Landers, a member of 321 Flavor: Where Brevard Eats, a Facebook group run by FLORIDA TODAY, “This cake is my DREAM,” she added. Go to skewersgrille.com for more information. The Fat Snook, a Key Lime Pie with a Sky High Key Lime Pie (2464 S. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach). Because of the thick, house-made graham cracker crust and sweet-tart filling, some Brevardians consider this to be the ultimate key lime pie. There are probably 6-8 inches of fluffy cooked meringue on top. According to Diane Dobish, it was “really one of the finest key lime pies I’ve ever had.” Visit thefatsnook.com for more information. Sticky Toffee Pudding, served at Archie’s Bar and Grill (2996 Lake Washington Road, Melbourne). Make no mistake about it: sticky toffee pudding is nothing like traditional American pudding, and Archie’s is much more than a bar and grill. In this example, it’s a typical English dessert cake prepared with chopped dates and cooked in ramekins before being served with warm toffee sauce in the style of a traditional British pub. Dawn Nolan described it as “melt-in-your-mouth excellent.” Despite the fact that Archie’s was recently destroyed by fire, loyal customers say they would come as soon as it reopens to indulge in this uniquely British pleasure. For more information, visit facebook.com/pg/archiesbar2996. Scott’s on Fifth is a Polynesian Dream come true (141 Fifth Ave., Indialantic). When Scott Earick launched Scott’s on Fifth fourteen years ago, he came up with the idea for the restaurant’s sweet-tart-crunchy-spicy meal-completer, which he served in a glass bowl. Served on top of a generous scoop of Earick’s house-made coconut ice cream, it is a delicious combination of caramelized fresh pineapple, brown sugar and cinnamon, sugared nuts and butter, as well as a dash of Myers rum, among other ingredients. “It’s like Bananas Foster, but with pineapple instead of bananas. delicious!” Jim Neil expressed himself. Visit scottsonfifth.com for more information. Yellow Dog Café’s Walnut Brownie Dog Bone is a popular treat (905 U.S. 1, Malabar). What it is, however, is as conventional and authentically American as the diner that invented it decades ago: a typical, somewhat chewy, bone-shaped brownie topped with chocolate sauce, a dollop of vanilla ice cream, and a stylized, crisp dog-shaped cookie. There’s nothing quite like this goodie to say Yellow Dog. Shannon Page Champion described it as “luscious.” Go to www.yellowdogcafe.com for more information. Bonus: The Jubilee of the Cherries, and the Heidelberg Restaurant (7 N. Orlando Ave., Cocoa Beach). Chef Edmund Deleuil and his team at Heidelberg produce this complex and defining dessert with panache. It is made with cherries, butter, sugar, and kirschwasser, and it is flambeed tableside before being served over vanilla ice cream. For more information, visit heidelbergcocoabeach.com. Participate in the discussion at facebook.com/groups/321FlavorWhereBrevardEats or on Twitter. Here’s where I’ve been dining lately, in video form. Suzy Fleming, food editor for the New York Times, reveals a few of her favorite meals in a video slide presentation. Suzy Fleming Leonard is a reporter for FLORIDA TODAY.

26 Fall Recipes Our Food Staff Can’t Wait to Make

Cooking in the fall is a heavenly experience, as those light, quick summer meals give way to rich stews, casseroles, and bourbon-laced cocktails. “There’s no doubting the sweet delights of fall cooking,” says Julia Child. Over two dozen dishes that the New York Times Food crew is looking forward to trying as we move into the most beautiful season of year are included below.

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Pressure Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

ImageCredit. Photograph by Christopher TestaniImage courtesy of Christopher Testani. The New York Times’ Romulo Yanes contributed to this report. Vivian Lui is the food stylist for this shoot. I’m getting ready to start pulling warmly spiced delicacies out of the oven, so that my flat will smell like the ultimate in warmth and coziness. Tejal Rao of Tartine Bakery modified this sweet potato tea cake from Elisabeth Prueitt’s Tartine Bakery recipe for this purpose. While it bakes, not only does it smell amazing, but it also has a show-stopping meringue on top, which I’m confident I’ll perfect one day.

Sweet Potato Tea Cake with Meringue is a delicious recipe.

Dijon and Cognac Beef Stew

Julia Gartland for The New York Times provided the image for this piece. Barrett Washburne is the food stylist for this shoot. Having Regina Schrambling’s beef stew simmering on the stove, I can’t wait to fling up the windows and let the brisk fall air blast through my kitchen while I write this. I’ll be sipping on a Nor’easter, which is similar to a Dark and Stormy but is prepared with bourbon and sweetened with a touch of maple syrup – the perfect autumnal cocktail for the season. MARGAUX LASKEY is a French actor.

I had planned to make Samantha Seneviratne’s Mississippi mud pie just before the weather went nuclear this summer, but the timing didn’t work out.

As the weather cools, I’m looking forward to this project bake with four exquisite layers of sugar: a graham cracker foundation, a decadent brownie cake, a rich chocolate custard, and a dollop of chilled whipped cream.

NIKITA RICHARDSON is a model and actress.

Apple Jelly

Author/photographer: Ryan Liebe for The New York Times. Hadas Smirnoff is the food stylist for this shoot. I can’t wait to go apple picking in Warwick, New York, and then haul my haul back home to prepare this lovely apple jelly by Yewande Komolafe, which I saw on Pinterest. “It’s suggestive of flowery honey and tangy citrus,” she explains, and that sounds just delicious to me. After that, I’d like to incorporate more roughage into my diet (a lifelong goal for this meat and carb enthusiast), so I’ll be tackling proper green salads, such as this one from the restaurant Via Carota, as well as earthy, hearty dishes like Alexa Weibel’s roasted cauliflower salad with halloumi and lemon (recipe below).

ERIC KIM is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Recipes include: Apple Jelly|Via Carota’s Insalata Verde|Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Halloumi and Lemon|Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Halloumi and Lemon

Mushroom Bread Pudding

David Malosh for The New York Times provided the image for this piece. Barrett Washburne is the food stylist for this shoot. Photograph courtesy of Armando Rafael for The New York Times. Rebecca Jurkevich is the food stylist for this shoot. Eric Kim’sRitzy Cheddar chicken breasts have been on my “to-try” list for quite some time. Ritz crackers tug at my emotions, and this dish exudes comforting sentiments in an easy-to-make manner. In addition, Genevieve Ko’s one-bowl carrot cake is on my radar; it’s a delicious treat to bring over for the holidays, or to serve to guests if you’re having a party.

  • This one-bowl dish necessitates the least amount of labor while reaping the greatest amount of benefit – the ideal autumn ratio.
  • The New York Times used images from ImageCredit.Gentl and Hyers.
  • Amy Wilson is the prop stylist.
  • Simon Andrews is the food stylist for this shoot.
  • It provides fall comfort without being overly filling, and there is a surprising quantity of veggies in it.
  • It’s delicious.
  • Nonetheless, it was a success.

Herbed White Bean and Sausage Stew

David Malosh for The New York Times provided the image for this piece. Simon Andrews is the food stylist for this shoot. Romulo Yanes for The New York Times provided the image for this piece. Vivian Lui is the food stylist for this shoot. Featured image courtesy of Michael Nagle for The New York Times. Image courtesy of Sara Essex Bradley of The New York Times. We’re on the cusp of gumbo season, which is one of my favorite times of year in New Orleans. It is loosely described as the time of year when the weather is not too hot to spend all day cooking over a low flame.

So I’ve been thinking about seafood gumbo, like this one from Creole chef Jordan Ruiz, which is made with redfish, or this curried shrimp and crab gumbo from Arvinder Vilkhu, the chef and co-owner of Saffron Nola, a local Indian restaurant.

BRETT ANDERSON is an American actor and director who is best known for his role in the film BRETT ANDERSON. Creole Redfish Gumbo|Curried Shrimp and Crab Gumbo|Upperline’s Duck and Andouille Gumbo are just a few of the recipes available.

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BenJerry’s Homemade Inc. is located at 530 Community Drive in South Burlington, Vermont. The phone number is (802) 403-6828.

Desserts – Restaurants in Brevard County FL

3688 North Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 (4.6(2)) Our mission is to serve the freshest, best-tasting cuisine on this side of the international border. This is the ideal spot for a relaxing lunch or supper with friends, completely unwinding. Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination.

Whiskey Beach Pub

Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 (49.1(1)1462 Florida A1A). From live music to trivia to open mic night, there’s something for everyone. We have everything! We are your own personal retreat! It’s a down-to-earth, all-American tavern and restaurant called Whiskey Beach Pub. Melbourne

The Tiny Turtle

Minutemen (5.0(1)249 Minutemen) Cswy, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, United States The company is owned and maintained by a family. In “Food Truck Style,” with a straightforward yet inventive menu. We have evolved into a full-service restaurant with a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere! . Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination.

Fiesta Azteca of Suntree

6760 N Wickham Road, Suite 100, Melbourne (Florida) 32940 Brevard County’s best Mexican restaurant! Monday is Margarita Monday. $1.99 for a classic that’s on the rocks! Top shelf 18oz for $6.99! Melbourne

Cracker Island Grille

6290 North Atlantic Avenue, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920. Food for a relaxed atmosphere. Afro-Caribbean Design “There’s no rush, and there’s no stress.” Greetings and welcome to Crackers Island Grille, where you are encouraged to enjoy a comfortable and casual eating experience. Cape Canaveral is a popular tourist destination.

Papa Vitos Italian restaurant

Six thousand two hundred and ninety-nine North Atlantic Avenue, Suite CPE, Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920 At Papa Vito’s, we believe that the most important things in life are family, friends, and delicious cuisine! As a result, we live life one piece at a time. All of our meals is freshly prepared. Cape Canaveral is a popular tourist destination.

Bruno’s Beachside Pizzeria

Three hundred sixty-six North Orlando Avenue in Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931 Over the course of ten years, we have built a reputation as the greatest pizza in Brevard County.

In November 2012, we established our second location in Cocoa Beach. Our dough has been prepared. Cocoa Beach is a popular tourist destination.

Just Cupcakin’ Around

2137 N Courtenay Pkwy33, Merritt Island, FL 32953 (North Courtenay Pkwy33). Cupcakes, cakes, fudge, cakepops, brownies, and a plethora of other baked goods are available. Everything was manufactured from scratch. Owned and maintained by a family! Yummy! Orders for special occasions can be placed by calling 321-877-CAKE (2253). Cocoa

Jacqueline’s BakeryCafe

The address is 906 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901. Jacqueline’s Bakery is an Authentic French Artisan Bakery that specializes in the creation of French Breads and Pastries for local customers. Melbourne

Del’s Freez

The address is 402 N Harbor City Blvd in Melbourne, Florida 32935-6836. Established in 1956, Del’s Freez has been providing some of the best soft serve ice cream in Melbourne. Melbourne

BoriMami Bakery

Florida’s Merritt Island is located at 125 South Tropical Trail in 32952. Specialty cakes, cheesecakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked goods are available. We use three distinct elements in the production of our products: quality, passion, and love! Rockledge

Twisty Cone Ice CreamCakes

Florida’s Palm Bay is located at 1615 Georgia St NE. Twisty Cone Ice CreamCakes has been happily serving the locals of Palm Bay since its inception in 1982! Our family-owned business has a small-town ambiance, and we provide walk-up window service. Palm Bay is a city in Florida.

Surfin Turtle Ice Cream Shop

Twelve hundred and ninety-seven miles south of Miami is Satellite Beach, Florida. We are a locally owned and operated ice cream store in Satellite Beach, Florida. Bring the whole family to see Leo, a Loggerhead Sea turtle. Melbourne

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Chippies Frozen Yogurt

Located at 4795 Fay Boulevard in Cocoa, Florida 32927. The best froyo in town! You can design your masterpiece exactly way you want it! There are also vegan healthy smoothies made with plain or Greek yogurt and 100 percent fruit available at the restaurant. Melbourne

Scoops at Viera

Rockledge, Florida 32955 (5380 Stadium Pkwy) We are a hand-dipped ice cream shop that also serves freshly cooked deli-style sandwiches on a daily basis. Hot dogs and pretzels are also available. Rockledge

Stick a fork in it! Here are our favorite slices of Key lime pie throughout Florida

PANAMA CITY, Panama — Key lime pie is the featured dessert during the Florida Keys’ July celebration, but residents and visitors around the state don’t need an excuse to indulge in what has been dubbed “the sweetest food on the planet.” While residents of Florida organize events in honor of Key lime pie, which was designated as the state’s official pie by the state government in 2006, tourists arrange their vacations around where to get the greatest piece of the famous dessert.

  • The traditional Key lime pie recipe is a rich blend of condensed milk, egg yolks, and the juice of the tiny yellow Key lime, which adds a hue of Florida sunshine to the filling.
  • Despite the fact that the trademark dessert is thought to have originated in Key West in the late 1800s, eateries around the state serve their own variations on the classic treat.
  • Key lime pie is also available in a variety of sizes and forms, ranging from little 6-inch rounds to pieces cut from 12-by-24-inch rectangular pans to the “World’s Largest Key Lime Pie,” a 9-foot pie, which was on display during the Florida Key Lime Pie Festival in Brevard County.
  • Make your own Key lime pie-eating contest if you want; no one will hold you to any standards.
  • And, as every resident and frequent visitor is well aware, Publix Supermarkets usually have a plentiful supply of pies on hand to satisfy any sweet-tooth emergency.
  • It’s neither too tart or overly sweet, thanks to a combination of Key lime and lime juice; some people think it’s just right.
  • In all that creamy sweetness atop the graham cracker crust, the toasted sliced almonds placed over the edge of the whipped cream add a little of crunch to balance off the richness.

Here is a list of our top ten favorite classic Florida eateries. Listed below are a few of our favorite slices from various eateries around the state.

Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront BarGrill, Panama City

Uncle Ernies Bayfront Grill is located at 1151 Bayview Ave. in Panama City; phone: 850-763-8427; website: uncleerniesbayfrontgrill.com In a typical week, “we go through around 14 large giant Key lime pies,” according to Sean Lyon, who runs the restaurant with his cousin, Erin Pigneri. “As long as I control the recipe, we aren’t going to modify it.” Lyon’s grandpa, James Joseph Pigneri, shared his secrets for making Key lime pie with them. Nellie and Joe’s Key West lime juice, which is blended with egg yolks and Borden Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, according to Lyon, is the secret ingredient in this dessert.

It is baked in a 12-by-24-inch pan and then sliced into more than 30 pieces of thick, rich delight to serve as dessert.

You are not need to limit yourself to just one slice, though.

According to the Panama City News Herald’s Jan Waddy

Great Southern Café, Seaside

The Great Southern Cafe is located at 83 Central Square in Seaside and can be reached at 850-231-7327 or thegreatsoutherncafe.com. No trip to Seaside is complete without a slice of Key lime pie from Great Southern Café, which is owned by Jim Shirley, head of the Florida RestaurantLodging Association and a nationally famous restaurateur himself. This has become a dessert hotspot thanks to the efforts of the South Walton chef (save room for Grits A Ya Ya). The creamy Key lime acidity in the centre is tempered by the sweetness of the meringue on top, which is balanced by the crumbly graham cracker shell.

A native of Pensacola, Shirley is also the co-owner of Great Southern Restaurants, which include the Fish House, the Atlas Oyster House, and The Fish House Deck Bar in Pensacola.—Jan Waddy, Panama City News Herald.

Tour de Pensacola

It’s difficult to narrow down the field of Key lime kings in Pensacola, but keep these four restaurants in mind if you ever find yourself in the need for Florida’s state pie while on vacation on the Emerald Coast. The Oar House (1000 S. Pace Blvd.) and Fish House (600 S. Barracks St.) are well-known for their fresh, traditional, in-house twists on dessert, which are routinely praised by customers. Flounder’s Chowder House (800 Quietwater Beach Road) and Grand Marlin (400 Pensacola Beach Boulevard) are the outstanding restaurants on Pensacola Beach, according to most diners.

Lagoon Drive in Panama City Beach), a coconut macaroon and graham cracker crust are combined to create a delicious dessert.

— Pensacola News Journal reporter Jake Newby Restaurant in Panama City that is a landmark Unknown Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront BarGrill towers above the waters of St. Andrew Bay. A proposed travel ban is met with opposition from the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA).

Mixed Fillings, Jacksonville

Mixed Fillings Pie Shop is located at 2251 Oak St. in Jacksonville; phone: 904-206-6153; website: mixedfillingspieshop.com You can’t visit Florida without stopping for a slice of Key lime pie, which is the state’s iconic dessert. However, the version served by Mixed Fillings, a pie speakeasy in Jacksonville, Florida, is distinguished by a new, distinct twist that makes it stand out in a crowd. Key lime custard is sandwiched between a salty pretzel and brown sugar crust that tastes like a nutty brittle, and candied limes decorate the top of the tangy, velvety dessert.

Mixed Fillings’ inventive approach is used to all of the company’s pumped-up pie products, from the coconut cream-topped “Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe” pie to the peanut butter mousse-topped “Peanut Butter and Jealous” pie.

Individual pie pieces, full pies, and pie flights(!) are all served from a side door.

But act quickly or place an order in advance because they are notorious to sell out on a daily basis.

Blue Dog BarGrill, Matlacha

Blue Dog Matlacha is located at 4597 Pine Island Road in Matlacha and can be reached at 239-558-4970. Michelle Bundy considers the preparation of Key lime pie to be a labor of love. It is the baker at Blue Dog BarGrill on Matlacha who has her unique method of baking. She uses the tips of her gloved fingers to separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs. She utilizes Key lime juice from Key West, as well as a rubber spatula to carefully layer in her sweetened condensed milk until it’s the right consistency.

Before putting the pies in the oven, she allows them to rest for a few minutes, delicately tapping away at any bubbles that rise to the top, as if she were a mother bird tending to her young children.

Tartness that catches you in the back of the mouth and makes your mouth swim is what this is all about.

Made with a lot of love.

Florida Key Lime Pie Co., Cocoa Beach

Florida Key Lime Pies, 102 Dixie Lane, Cocoa Beach; floridakeylimepies.com A cute little business serving the most unique of Florida sweets may be found tucked away in a spot right next to one of the most original of Florida surf shops, Ron Jon. When it comes to satisfying a sweet hunger, Florida Key Lime Pie Co. has you covered, whether you’re looking to indulge in a particular yearning or feed the entire family’s sweet tooth. Deep dish, restaurant-style full pies are available, as is a single slice, or you may have a nibble of Key Lime Pie on a stick.

Visit the Space Coast in January 2022 if you’re a big fan of Key Lime Pie, because Louie Morehead, proprietor of the Florida Key Lime Pie Co., will be bringing back the annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival.

That’s where the world’s largest Key Lime Pie — measuring 12.25 feet in circumference — was created and devoured earlier this year. — Suzy Leonard writes for Florida Today.

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