Why Is Pumpkin Pie Your Favorite Dessert

7 Reasons You Should Serve Pumpkin Pie This Thanksgiving

Even though I’m desperate to hold on to the last few days of summer with every fiber of my being (summer doesn’t officially end until the end of September, you guys), I’ve found myself daydreaming about sweater season. You should be aware that sweater season only means one thing in the eyes of this food-obsessed individual: it’s time for pumpkin pie. Recently, a contentious viewpoint on why pumpkin pie is THE WORST was offered on Delish, and I was left sad. What kind of person could have such strong feelings for my all-time favorite dessert?

It’s A Sure Sign Of Fall.

Yes, the emergence of pumpkins (as well as the omnipresent canned kind) in supermarkets is the formal signal that my favorite season has begun. While it’s difficult to say goodbye to summer (as shown above), fall is unquestionably the finest of all the seasons in terms of weather, clothing, and, of course, food. Fall is the most pleasant of all the seasons. Apples, robust chili, soft cider doughnuts, and roasted butternut squash are all part of the fall culinary experience. Pumpkin, on the other hand, is the one that gets this time of year off to a good start.

It’s A Break From Fruity Pie.

Even though I’ve never been a tremendous fan of fruit, I’ll admit that fruit pies are a seasonal staple that I like. We’ve been eating pies every day for the previous four months, including peach, blueberry, cherry, and lemon. Afterwards, everyone will begin harvesting apples and creating hundreds of apple pies, cobblers, and crisps to share with their friends and family. Isn’t pumpkin pie a welcome diversion from all of that fruit and berries?

It Can Improve Your Eyesight.

As a result, let us set aside the fact that pumpkin pie includes more sugar than is healthy for a moment and instead consider the fact that a cup of mashed, cooked pumpkin contains 200 percent the necessary daily intake of vitamin A. A piece of pizza a day may have a negative impact on your waistline more quickly than it will provide you with bionic vision, but hey, the odd indulgence does have its benefits. The image is courtesy of Baked in Arizona.

It’s Ridiculously Easy to Make.

Pumpkin pie is the ideal vehicle for those who lack culinary skills to feel like they have done something. Premade pie crust and canned pumpkin, two contemporary miracles, make things much easier to accomplish: The most basic pumpkin pie recipes ask for a total of FIVE ingredients, which is really low in comparison. A pumpkin pie provides an opportunity for those of us who can’t even manage to prepare cookies without ending up in disaster to make a contribution to a family meal without seeming like complete idiots.

It’s Infinitely Customizable.

One of the most persuasive arguments against pumpkin pie is that it is a dessert that does not contain chocolate. Yes, chocolate is an important component of the dessert table, but I do not believe that pumpkin pie should be dismissed just because it does not include chocolate—just add some chocolate to it and you’ll be fine.

Addnuts. (For heaven’ sake, throw in some Oreos if you’re in the mood.) Pumpkin pie is a blank canvas on which you may create the ideal fall dish in your search for perfection. Ethan Calabrese is an American actor and director.

It’s Imitated For A Reason.

In this debate over pumpkin pie, a major point of contention is that it is a dessert that does not contain chocolate. Though I believe pumpkin pie should not be dismissed just because it lacks chocolate, I do believe it may be improved by mixing in a small amount of chocolate to make it even more appealing. Addnuts. When in doubt, throw in some Oreos for good measure.) In your quest to create the ideal fall dessert, pumpkin pie serves as your canvas. Ethan Calabrese is a writer and actor from the United States.

It’s Tradition, Dammit.

According to The History Channel, while pumpkins were one of the first crops that Europeans brought back from the New World, it wasn’t until the early 18th century that the vegetable was commonly used in pies. In fact, pumpkin pie was so crucial to early Thanksgiving feasts that the Connecticut town of Colchester famously postponed its Thanksgiving celebration for a week in 1705 because there wasn’t enough molasses available to prepare pumpkin pie for everyone in attendance. To put it simply, there is no fall without pumpkin pie.

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3 Reasons Pumpkin Pie is the Best Dessert

It’s hard to imagine a typical Christmas dessert that doesn’t include pumpkin pie. The deep orange color of the pumpkin is not only appropriate for the season (pumpkin is a winter squash that can be preserved in a cold place for months), but it is also a gorgeous color for the fall season. In addition, pumpkin pie just looks beautiful on a table and is very delightful to eat on a cool autumn afternoon. Not to mention that the flavor is very delicious! But that’s not all there is to it. Listed below are three additional compelling reasons to bake and consume pumpkin pie at any time of year.

It’s Authentic

There are no preservatives or additives, just the real deal. Price on AmazonCheck Pumpkin was served at the Pilgrims’ first feast, according to historical accounts. While colonists and Native Americans did not have the resources to produce a standard pie (they did not have wheat for a crust and did not have ovens), it is likely that they cooked and hollowed out pumpkin shells and filled them with a sort of custard. To express your inner pilgrim in a more modern and convenient way than digging into a gourd to get seeds, fiber, slime, and mush, simply open a canned pumpkin that has been 100 percent pureed.

It’s Good for You

Maintain your commitment to an organic-only diet. Pumpkin provides a plethora of health advantages, including the following: It’s high in beta-carotene, which the body transforms into Vitamin A, which is beneficial to visual health. Pumpkin is high in fiber, which improves digestion and encourages weight reduction, and it is low in calories to begin with—one cooked cup of pumpkin contains just 49 calories. It includes a variety of minerals, including potassium, copper, and manganese, as well as vitamins C and B2.

It even includes a few grams of protein in it, which is unusual. What other pie can provide you with all of that? You can make your pie even healthier by using organic pumpkin puree instead of regular pumpkin puree.

It’s Super Easy to Make

Sugar and spices have been added, allowing you to whip up a delectable dessert in minutes. Price on AmazonCheck It saves time since you don’t have to worry about cutting a pumpkin into pieces and pureeing it, which allows you to devote more attention to the other dishes of the dinner. You can make things even simpler on yourself by purchasing canned pumpkin pie mix, which already contains sugar and spices. All that is required is the addition of eggs and evaporated milk to the mixture before pouring it into a pie shell.

What’s better than pumpkin pie on the Fourth of July?

The pilgrims would undoubtedly have approved.

The History of Pumpkin Pie

In the United States, it’s difficult to picture a Thanksgiving dinner without the famous orange-crusted custard, which is created from strained, spiced, and twice-cooked butternut squash. The origins of pumpkins, which were initially cultivated in Central America around 5,500 B.C. and were one of the first foods brought back to Europe by the first European explorers from the New World, are one of the most fascinating aspects of our nation’s cultural heritage. The earliest recorded mention of orange gourds in Europe was in 1536, and within a few decades, they were being cultivated on a regular basis in England, where they were known as “pumpions,” from the French “pompon,” which was a reference to their rounder shape.

  • When the Pilgrims set sail for America on the Mayflower in 1620, it’s probable that some of them were as familiar with pumpkins as the Wampanoag, who assisted them in surviving their first year in Plymouth Colony by providing them with food.
  • Even though orange squash were quite useful (particularly as a technique to create bread without using a lot of wheat), they weren’t always well-liked.
  • Pumpkin pie was available in a variety of forms at the time, just a handful of which are still known to us today as traditional pumpkin pie.
  • In her 1670 “Gentlewoman’s Companion,” English writer Hannah Woolley recommended a pie made with alternating layers of pumpkin and apple, seasoned rosemary, sweet marjoram, and a pinch of thyme, among other ingredients.
  • Pumpkin pie had gained a place at the Thanksgiving table by the early 18th century as the event evolved into an important New England regional celebration.
  • Amelia Simmons’ groundbreaking 1796 book “American Cookery” included a pair of pumpkin pie recipes, one of which was quite close to the custard variation that is popular today.
  • Many of the most ardent abolitionists were from New England, and their favorite dessert was quickly mentioned in books, poetry, and broadsides as a result of their influence.
  • It’s no surprise that when Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, observers in the Confederacy interpreted the action as an attempt to impose Yankee traditions on the Southerners.
  • After the Civil War, Thanksgiving—and, with it, pumpkin pie—began to spread across the country, thanks to articles in women’s magazines such as the one Hale published, which included pumpkin pie recipes.

The next time you open a can, take a moment to think about the people who came before you: industrialists, editors, housewives, anti-slavery crusaders, culinary experimenters, and Mesoamerican agriculturalists, all of whom contributed to the creation of your pumpkin pie.

Know Your Sweets: Pumpkin Pie

This pie benefits from the use of handmade pumpkin puree, which increases the stunning, silky texture as well as the deep, spicy flavor. The best part is that the filling only has a slight sweetness to it, which comes entirely from brown sugar, so you won’t have sweet tiredness.” Find out how to make the recipe. Lauren Weisenthal is a writer and editor based in New York City.

The Basics

Here it is, the pumpkin pie, the most traditional of all the Thanksgiving sweets. Featuring a flaky, buttery crust as well as a creamy, smooth pumpkin filling, this dessert makes a compelling argument for being enjoyed more frequently throughout the year.

Similar Desserts

Cushaw Pie, Butternut Squash Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, and Pumpkin Bread are all delicious options.

Key Ingredient Spotlight: Pumpkin

Ben Fishner is a writer and musician who lives in New York City. The pumpkin is a gourd that is native to North America. It gets its name from the Greek term for giant melon, pepon, which was understood by the French aspompon and finally made its way to English aspumpion, a gourd that is native to England. The oldest evidence of the pumpkin’s history in the Americas is a pair of pumpkin seeds discovered lately in Mexico that date between 7000 and 5500 BCE and have been dated between 7000 and 5500 BCE.


Pumpkin pie may be made using a variety of gourd or squash relatives, including Butternut Squash and Cushaw, and is a simple dish to prepare. Note that these squash contain a little more water than their pumpkin version, so be care to allow them to dry sufficiently before serving! The pumpkin also makes for an excellent canvas on which to experiment with other flavors, such as chipotle spice, praline topping, or a black bottom to entice even the most adamant pumpkin pie skeptics out of their shells.


Long before they set foot on American land, English colonists were familiar with a kind of pumpkin pie that was more closely related to pumpkin pudding. It consisted of a pumpkin with its top cut off and hollowed out, which was then filled with cream, spices, molasses or honey, and baked in hot ash until it was soft and bubbling. American Cookery is a wikipedia entry. Francoise Pierre la Varenne, one of the most celebrated pastry chefs of the 17th century, is credited with creating the earliest approximation of the pumpkin pie that we know today.

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The dessert was replete with a pastry shell and slivered almonds.

A little more than 150 years after its inception, the pumpkin pie that we have come to know and love as our own family tradition made its way into American cookbooks, first appearing in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons in 1796.

Pop Culture

We frequently use pumpkin pie in our classic holiday-themed songs, and it’s a favorite of our fans. It appears in several songs, including “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays” (I met a man who lives in Tennessee, and he was headed for Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie), “Sleigh Ride” (There’s a happy feeling that nothing in the world can buy when they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie), and my personal favorite, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” (Later, we’ll have some pumpkin pie, and we’ll go caroling.”) Take a look at the recipe!

Pumpkin Pie is a traditional Thanksgiving dessert.

More historical information on your favorite treats may be found here.

It’s Time to Admit Pumpkin Pie Is Bad

There are some really good pies out there. It’s past time for us to eat them instead. Pumpkin pie is a mediocre dessert. In fact, it’s downright horrible. And we should be aware that, in this day of delectable sweets, we, as a Thanksgiving-feasting country, are simply eating it out of obligation rather than out of genuine enjoyment. I have strong recollections of sitting in the lunchroom of my primary school, year after year, enduring a piece of turkey during the annual Thanksgiving lunch. I also noticed a lot of slices being dumped into the garbage can that were completely untouched.

  • So-and-pumpkin So’s pie was a popular dish at church potlucks, and she was known for it.
  • I yearned for Ms.
  • As far as I was concerned, pumpkin pie was a form of punishment.
  • Its texture is unappealing, and its flavor unpleasant.
  • The barely-sweet squash mixture — you do realize canned pumpkin isn’t truly pumpkin, right?
  • The mixture is then typically thickened by adding evaporated milk and a few eggs, which makes it more gloppy in consistency.
  • Sweet potato pie is a good example of something that is neither thick enough to chew nor thin enough to suck (likechocolate cream pie).

Many “pumpkin” items, particularly pumpkin bread, appeal to me because of their taste.

Although the pumpkin pie filling is delicious, there’s something about the gelatinous, gummy, coagulated consistency that’s downright revolting.

Pumpkin pie isn’t very good, and we should have better pies in our lives!

In fact, over 6,000 individuals have attempted to make ourPerfect Pumpkin Pie recipe.

“You’ve never eaten a delicious pumpkin pie before, have you?” “Well, I’ve been eating your pumpkin pie for decades now, so tell me if it was ‘excellent’ or not,” I answered.


This dish was provided to us by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and so we are serving it to you now.

However, as a group, we, the quiet pumpkin pie haters, have had enough of this.

Please bring us our cranberry pie. Make a delectablederby pie for the two of us. Moreover, we’d like to have some pumpkin cake. Please, no more pumpkin pie, thank you very much. We are deserving of better. Content that is related to this:

For Thanksgiving, is pumpkin pie or apple pie the best dessert?

Monica Potts contributed to this article. It is true that the humble gourd has had a turbulent decade, but this has nothing to do with the gourd itself. Starbucks, which introduced the Pumpkin Spice Latte in 2003, is to blame for this mishap. The drink didn’t even include any pumpkin until about five years ago; the name was given to it because it contains a blend of spices such as cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, and (sometimes) nutmeg, which are commonly associated with pumpkin pie in the United States.

  • The response was immediate and comprehensive, and it was tied to Americans’ ambivalence about consumption and companies, with possibly a dash of sexism added in (the lattes were mostly liked by women).
  • We now have everything from pumpkin spice-flavored Oreos to pumpkin spice-scented cleaning products as part of the coffee chain’s menu, and it continues to be a highly popular aspect of the business.
  • The pumpkin pie, the most iconic of all fall pies, and a staple of the Thanksgiving dessert table, has been lost in the shuffle (and is suffering from some of the backlash) and has been forgotten about.
  • (Apples are indigenous to Central Asia and were introduced to the United States by European colonists.) Once the Europeans had a taste of pumpkin, they brought it back to their homeland and began incorporating it into desserts such as tarts and pies.
  • Pumpkin is also the most delectable squash – and the only one that I genuinely like eating.
  • The flavor of yellow summer squash is almost nonexistent in my opinion; it is one of the few vegetables that I despise, which makes me a poor Southerner.
  • The gourd’s delicate but distinct flavor may carry the full flavor of the spice blend from which it gets its name, and the gourd is naturally sweet.

Also, pumpkin pie is beneficial for you since it is filled with beta carotene and other nutrients; tell yourself you’re eating your veggies for dessert and you’ll only be half-lying to yourself about your nutritional intake.

As an example, I know that many cooks like sweet potato pie as a substitute, but I find that a sweet potato pie has too much potato flavor and is too dense in texture for my taste.

As a home chef who enjoys experimenting with new recipes, I’ve come across several that attempt to improve on the simplicity of pumpkin pie by including a cheesecake layer or a streusel topping.

The reason Pumpkin Spice Lattes have become so popular is that the spice combination so precisely encapsulates the sensation and emotions associated with autumnal season.

Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child, and, despite the fact that I realize Thanksgiving’s difficult and problematic past, it continues to be my favorite holiday as an adult.

It seems to me that the only appropriate way to commemorate this is with dishes that have a long history for you and the family with whom you’ve agreed to share a table, which are made simply and expertly.

For me, Thanksgiving means a properly cooked turkey (don’t worry, it won’t be dry if you cook it properly!

We’ve lamented the culinary contributions that have been missing from our Thanksgiving table in recent years — my uncle’s potato salad, my grandma’s dressing, my father’s gravy, my Mammaw’s banana pudding (which my mother had to sneak into her father’s house to eat because his wife’s was better), but that is also a part of the celebration.

Moreover, there is something about the hue — a gorgeous, mellow burned orange — that transforms Thanksgiving dinner into a meal unlike any other, as inextricably associated with this time of year as the final leaves to fall, the last burst of color before the winter sets in (when all we will want to eat are carbs).

A pumpkin pie after a Thanksgiving meal will be even more comforting to me this year, as nothing has been easy or pleasant for me thus far in life.

A excellent year to go back into my own history — and our own history — and find joy in something ancient, solid and sure.

Monica Potts is a writer who lives in the state of Arkansas. Her writing has featured in magazines such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, and many more. She is now working on a book on her small-town upbringing.

Here’s what your favorite Thanksgiving dessert says about you

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, it’s time to finish your Thanksgiving meal preparation. For Thanksgiving, everyone prepares a staple dessert, which may be a family dish or something that simply tastes good. Regardless of what you serve for dessert, it may reveal a lot about you and your personality. Your favorite dessert, whether it’s pie or a pumpkin roll, might reveal a lot about your personality.

Pumpkin pie

If you enjoy pumpkin pie, there’s no doubt about it: you’re the matriarch of your buddy group. Snacks, pencils, and napkins are all stuffed within your bag. You love for sweaters, flannels, Ugg boots, and leggings in the fall, and you probably have a large collection of candles that are associated with the season. It’s possible that you drink water instead of chaider from Donkey Coffee on a daily basis. Thanksgiving is unquestionably your favorite holiday, and you’d definitely throw a Friendsgiving party as well.

Apple pie

In the same way that apple pie is as American as they come, you are as well. You adore your family’s holiday traditions, as well as all of the festivities that accompany them. You’re looking forward to dessert and are contemplating skipping the main course entirely. Apple pie is a crowd-pleasing dessert, and you share that characteristic as well. Despite the fact that you like to remain with what you know and avoid being too adventurous, everyone enjoys having you around because of how nice you are.


The fact that you prefer snickerdoodles for Thanksgiving suggests that you do not appreciate dessert as much as others. You are similar to the cookie in that you are warm and fluffy, and you probably give out the nicest vibes during the Christmas season. With the scents of cinnamon and sugar, you can capture the essence of autumn in just a few bites of this treat. It is possible that you will not follow tradition and will serve ham as your main dish instead of turkey.

Pecan pie

When it comes to desserts, pecan pie is the equivalent of an elderly soul, while also embodying the father figure of the group. Similarly to pumpkin pie, you look forward to the Thanksgiving traditions of watching the parade, dog show, and football games, but you are most likely chatting about them throughout the day, having plenty of tales and jokes to share with your friends and family.

Pumpkin rolls

If you enjoy pumpkin rolls, you are the younger brother or sister of individuals who enjoy pumpkin pie. You don’t particularly care for the custard version, so you opt for the cake version instead. Everyone, with the exception of your elder sister, sees you as the sweeter version of yourself because you keep to it.

The only reason you’re so ridiculously kind is to damage your sibling’s life. You take what your sister enjoys and make it even better. You believe that you are wonderful despite the fact that you have stolen everything from someone else! [email protected]

5 Reasons Why Pie Is the Best

Pie is the most delicious dessert. I don’t even believe this is a really interesting point of view. I also enjoy brownies, eclairs, and ice cream, and I recognize that cake is generally OK most of the time and that cookies are acceptable if there is nothing else available to eat at the moment. However, pie! It’s the ideal after-dinner treat. Here are five compelling arguments in support of this position.

1. Pie is seasonal bliss for the best kind of celebrations.

Dessert should always be pie. This isn’t really a controversial point of view in my opinion. I also enjoy brownies, eclairs, and ice cream, and I recognize that cake is generally OK most of the time and that cookies are acceptable if there is nothing else to eat at the time of consumption. Not to mention the pie. It’s the perfect ending to a fantastic dinner! Here are five compelling arguments in support of this position:

2. Pie gets you to eat fruit even when you don’t like fruit.

Disclosure: When it comes to fresh fruit, I’m not a great lover of it on its own. Fruit pie, on the other hand, is my favorite food. The transformational force of baking, combined with just the perfect amount of sugar and a salty-sweet crust, transforms berries and stone fruit into something quite extraordinary. According to Shannon Swindle, the pastry chef at Craftin Los Angeles, “one of the things I love about pie is that it’s my favorite way to display fruit.” The restaurant always includes a pie on its dessert menu.

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According to Swindle, “It’s nostalgic for everyone, even if it’s at a beautiful restaurant, and we sort of upgrade the presentation.” “Pie has a special significance.” IN CONNECTION WITH:Dutch Apple Pie Bakeries

3. Pie is also the best breakfast food.

Consider the ingredients: fruit, flour, salt, sugar, and butter. Is this not precisely what you want to eat first thing in the morning every day? Even if you substitute fruit for chocolate cream or honey and almonds, it’s still clear that pie is a step up from pancakes in terms of taste.

4. Pie encourages creativity.

It’s not meant to be a slight on cookies, but baking anything in different forms does not qualify as being innovative. Pie is about a higher degree of difficulty and layers of taste, thinking about what’s nice at the market, coming up with unusual pairings, and finding a balance between sweetness, saltiness, and acidity, to name a few things. In honor of Pi Day at Craft in Los Angeles, Swindle’s has created a lemon and passionfruit cream pie with citrus and cilantro-lime sherbet to serve. His other creations have included a Concord grape streusel pie with peanut ice cream (which is, of course, a spin on peanut butter and jelly), as well as a huckleberry and cranberry pie with pecan streusel and burned cinnamon ice cream, among other things.

When I inquire as to why pie and ice cream are such a good match, Swindle responds with “texture and temperature.” “It’s buttery and flaky, and it’s both hot and cold at the same time, and it’s amazing.” Paleyin Hollywood is transforming a bar cart into a pie cart in honor of Pi Day.

Among the other options are Dutch apple pie, chocolate-hazelnut pie, key lime pie, and individual-sized banana cream pies (shown). Pie, as you can see, is all about putting up more effort.

5. Because pie followed by pie is a great meal.

Knowing what to have before pie for dessert is a smart idea. Shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, steak and Guinness pie, or lobster pot pie are all delicious options. Pie made with ricotta, delicata squash, beet greens, and bacon is the centerpiece of Craft’s Pi Day event on March 14th. Pie is a source of comfort. That exact moment when you discover you can eat pie again after eating pie is priceless.

25 Best Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Even after a colossal Thanksgiving feast, there is always room for a little something sweet. I’ve got you covered with everything from classic pies to cakes to cookies and more. To celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m presenting some of my most popular and favorite Thanksgiving dessert dishes that aren’t only pumpkin pie (but of course, pumpkin pie included too).

Pies and Crisps

Pumpkin Pie (the traditional Thanksgiving dessert) With or without a slice of traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving simply isn’t the same. There is nothing better than biting into that flaky crust and silky pumpkin filling, both of which are bursting with pumpkin spice flavors that are so traditional. Pecan Pie is a dessert that is made using pecans. An old-fashioned pecan pie is a popular fall dessert made with a handmade pie crust and a sweet custard filling that’s studded with crunchy nuts – it’s especially good for Thanksgiving.

  • Recipe for Pumpkin Mascarpone PiePumpkin mascarpone pie is a warm and cozy holiday dish that is surprisingly simple to create, requiring just a few minutes of prep work before being baked in the oven.
  • Brioche Braided Lattice Apple PieThis braided lattice apple pie is filled with cinnamon apples and drizzled with caramel sauce, all wrapped up in a buttery, flaky pie crust with a braided lattice topping.
  • In a portable bite-sized version, pecan pie bars are the quickest and most convenient way to savor the tastes of pecan pie without having to go through the trouble of making a pie from scratch.
  • They’re packed with sweet, delicate apples and cinnamon and covered in a crispy, flaky, buttery crust.
  • Add a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream on top for the ultimate in indulgence.
  • Cooked sweet potatoes or canned sweet potato puree make this dish simple to prepare.
  • Create an innovative take on classic pecan pie for the holidays this year by using finely chopped pecans to create a smooth coating on this chopped pecan pie, which is filled with a creamy custard filling.

Cobbler made with cranberries and apples, served with biscuits Cranberry-apple cobbler with biscuits is a sweet and tangy dessert that is filled with fresh fruit and topped with a buttery biscuit topping. This traditional Christmas dish is simple to prepare.


Cheesecake Bars with Caramel and Pecan Filling This decadent caramel pecan pie cheesecake bar recipe, made with a graham cracker crust, cheesecake filling, and caramel pecan topping, is ideal for Thanksgiving this fall. Pumpkin Bundt Cake is a cake made using pumpkin puree. Served with cream cheese frosting, this pumpkin bundt cake is a fantastic fall treat to offer this season – very moist on the inside, with a lovely golden brown crumby crust on the outside. Pumpkin BreadPumpkin bread is a light, moist, and delectable loaf of bread.

  • No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake (No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake) No-bake pumpkin cheesecake is the quickest and most straightforward cheesecake to prepare this season.
  • Gingerbread Bundt Cake with Maple Cinnamon Glaze is a holiday favorite.
  • Pumpkin Pie Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze is a delicious dessert.
  • A generous sprinkle of cream cheese icing finishes off the dish, which is still warm from the pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice combo.
  • Cinnamon Roll Twist Bread made with sourdough The cinnamon sugar is placed on top of the soft and fluffy sourdough cinnamon roll twist bread, which is buttery and soft.
  • Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips Small batch chocolate chip pumpkin bread is the easiest fall delight to make, and it’s full with fall flavors such as warm pumpkin spice, pumpkin, and chocolate chip pumpkin bread.
  • It’s fall in a nutshell.

Cake created with apple cardamom, caramel pecan butter, and pecans is the ultimate fall cake, and it is prepared by blending all of your favorite fall flavors in one cake.

Cream cheese frosting is drizzled on top of the pumpkin cinnamon buns, which are filled with pumpkin and coated with pumpkin spice before being baked.

Cheesecake with Swirls of Cranberry Sauce The cheesecake with a cranberry sauce swirl is creamy, smooth, and decadent.

Applesauce Bread (also known as Applesauce Muffins) Homemade applesauce bread is light and fluffy, with a moist crumb and a delightful flavor.

Bread Made with Butternut Squash and “Pumpkin” There is a new loaf of bread in town, and it is not a pumpkin.

Chocolate Lava Cakes that are molten in the middle Moist and fudgy, these molten chocolate lava cakes are topped with a typical gooey chocolate core that pours out like lava from the middle.

Yogurt Fruitcake for the Holidays This wonderfully moist and soft festive yogurt fruitcake is loaded with dried fruits and nuts for a burst of flavor in every mouthful, making it the perfect dessert for the holiday season.

Decadence and richness abound in this dessert, which is made with Greek yogurt.

No crust scorched, which is a plus.

It is precisely caramelized on the top and edges, and it is creamy on the inside while remaining firm on the outside.

Brownies with a Fudgy Center Fudgy brownies are rich, sweet, moist, and delicious, and they are perfect for a special occasion. Furthermore, they are simple to prepare in one dish (which means less cleanup!) and are ready in approximately 30 minutes.


Cookies made with white chocolate, cranberries, and walnuts are soft and chewy. The soft and chewy white chocolate cranberry walnut cookies are the perfect holiday treat when served warm from the oven just after baking. They are ridiculously easy to prepare, and even more so to watch vanish into thin air. Cookies with Pumpkin and Chocolate Chips When pumpkin bread meets chocolate chip cookies, the result is thick, fluffy, and chewy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. These no-chill cookies can be made in about 20 minutes and are delicious.

  1. They’re soft, buttery, and melt in your mouth.
  2. Oat Bars with Cranberry Sauce What if you have any leftover cranberry sauce from your Thanksgiving dinner?
  3. Easy Almond Biscotti Made in Small Batches Small batch almond biscotti are crispy, crumbly, and densely packed with almonds.
  4. These Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are the best!

How to Make Ahead and Store Thanksgiving Dessert

All of these Thanksgiving dessert dishes may be made or prepared in advance of the holiday meal. The majority of them may be kept at room temperature for a few days, in the refrigerator for up to one week, and in the freezer for up to three months in advance of consumption. For specific storing instructions, refer to the recipe. Reheating any of these desserts and serving them warm is simple. Simply set them in an oven warmed at 300F for 5-10 minutes and they will be perfectly warm. If you’re heating something from frozen, let it thaw first before reheating it.

More Dessert Recipes

  • Cookies with chocolate chunks
  • Caramel Cheesecake Brownies
  • Double Chocolate Loaf Cake
  • Baked Jelly Donuts
  • Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Cookies
  • Lemon Loaf with Lemon Glaze
  • Spiced Carrot Muffins
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles
  • Vanilla Cake Pops from Scratch
  • The Best Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Spiced Apple Oatmeal Muffins
  • Nutty Banana Bread
  • Nutty Banana Bread with

Did You Make Any of These Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes?

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Browse through the top 25 most popular best Thanksgiving dessert recipes, which include anything from classic pie to cake to cookies. There’s always space for dessert over the holidays, so be creative!

  1. Prepare ahead of time and store in an airtight container. All of these Thanksgiving dessert dishes may be made or prepared in advance of the holiday meal. The majority of them may be kept at room temperature for a few days, in the refrigerator for up to one week, and in the freezer for up to three months in advance of consumption. Check the recipe for specific storing instructions. If you want to reheat any of these desserts so that they are still warm when you serve them, simply set them in a preheated oven at 300 degrees for 5-10 minutes. If you’re heating something from frozen, let it thaw first before reheating it. When you prepare your Thanksgiving dessert a few days ahead of time, it will make things so much simpler on the day of your holiday feast.
  • Preparation time is 20 minutes
  • Cooking time is 40 minutes. The dish is under the category of dessert and is baked in the style of American cuisine.

Approximately 20 minutes for preparation and 40 minutes for cooking. American cuisine; category:dessert; preparation method:bake

15 Epic Thanksgiving Desserts

You’ll discover almost everything you could possible need to create the dessert experience of your dreams in the section below. Everything, with the exception of Pumpkin Pie, because, let’s face it, everyone has their own pumpkin pie recipe, and, to be honest, I think it’s a little monotonous. Please don’t pass judgment on me! I’ll eat pumpkin in any form other than pie. but not in pie! So choose a few recipes from the list below, put them on your to-do list (many of them can be cooked ahead of time), and let’s get this party started!

  • Suitable for people of all ages Cheesecake Cookie Bars– Isn’t it true that you can never have too many bars?
  • 10283 times better than pie, this salted chocolate tart with potato chip crust is what you’re looking for.
  • Pie-like Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars with salted caramel on top– they are sort of like a mix between a pie and a cheesecake bar, and the salted caramel on top is out of this world.
  • You just need a few knife skills and a piece of store-bought puff pastry to make this dish, which is both beautiful and simple to make.
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake – I warned you there would be pumpkin in this dessert!
  • It’s a thing of beauty.
  • and this recipe is for you!
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It’s an event that shouldn’t be missed.

I used to love pizookies when I was a kid.

Sweet Potato Pie– all right, OK.

It’s also rather attractive!

Okay, one more pie, but this time the filling is S’MORES, not pumpkin!

Finally, here are all of my favorite Thanksgiving Desserts, so you can dress up your Thanksgiving table with a little flair.

PS – are you thinking of putting this on your Thanksgiving menu? Check out the fullWhat’s Gaby Cooking menuhere along with the master prep schedule to keep things organized and on track!

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Too Many Cooks: What’s Your Favorite Kind of Pie?

Throughout the month of September, you’ll be hearing from the Food52 team in Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our responses to questions on food, cooking, life, and other topics. Pie is something we like – we really, really enjoy pie. There’s one for every season, and it’s totally suitable for use in the preparation of breakfast. We’ve even designated the next week as Pie Week (keep tuned!). Our pies, on the other hand, do not all taste the same: Other individuals enjoy fruity pies, while others prefer candy-like pies, and some people prefer something savory in their pies as well.

  • We polled our employees and asked them: What is your favorite type of pie?
  • Tell us about it in the comments section!
  • Really, everything she puts together is a winner.
  • Posie: I’m a big fan of ALL THE PIES.
  • Lauren L.: I’m going to say that I’m a bit of a nerd.
  • Then there’s Ina Garten’s Chocolate Pie, which comes first.
  • Some of my favorite desserts are banana cream, poached pear with almond cream, dark chocolate with graham cracker crust, and our family’s secret pumpkin chiffon pie, to name a few.

In all seriousness, how many more days are there till Christmas Eve?

We can talk about it).

Lauren L:Lemon meringue pie would come in third place for me, too!


How could three pies be so different in appearance while being so similar in quality?

Allison: Rachel, do you mind if I spend the holidays at your house?

Lisa: Any pie with a flaky, flaky crust, which is essential to the pie-eating experience as a whole.

After everything is said and done, here are some recommendations: 1) Chicken pot pie is one of the coziest, most pleasant foods ever made for human consumption; 2) Apple (a classic!

Joy: Grasshopper pie, of course!

Even so, it’s extremely wonderful.

Michael: But, as with the sandwich debate in June, I have some issues about the taxonomy of shepherd’s pie.

Elana: A fruit or pumpkin pie that isn’t overly sweet, topped with freshly whipped cream, is just irresistible.

Because I prefer to create my crumbles with a bottom crust, this pie is on par with the best of them in my opinion.

Gabriella: Pecan pie or caramel apple pie, to name a couple of options.

Catherine: Fruit pie, on the other hand, is something I despise!

Coconut cream pie, banana bread, and Southern chess pie are some of my favorite crusty desserts.

Hannah: Please accept my apologies for always interjecting.

BANOFFEE PIE gets a thumbs up!

I really need to get my hands on that recipe.

Although it goes against the grain of my New England upbringing not to mention apples (sorry, dad), I’m only now realizing that all of my favorite pies are soft and mushy: pumpkin, chocolate cream, custard pies, and an infinite number of banoffees to name a few.

Risotto, polenta, mashes, and anything else that has yogurt in it.

The blueberry pie from Hill High Country Store in Loudoun, Virginia, comes in second place.

Yesterday, I mentioned how much I enjoy pies, and how there is nothing quite like a warm blueberry pie on a cold winter’s day.

pies made with late summer stone fruit or berries (but never both at the same time) or a very nice apple are some of my favorites.

Merrill’s favorite desserts are pecan pie (especially if it’s particularly gooey), pumpkin pie with a lot of spices, and Mrs.

Amanda’s favorite dessert is peach pie (particularly my mother’s version, which is similar to a peach cream pie).

My grandmother’s blueberry pie, which includes a layer of cream cheese on the bottom, is one of my favorite desserts ever.

Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie (Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie) (a recipe from Chez Panisse).

Brette: BANANA, ICE CREAM, AND PIE With a graham cracker crust, of course.

I’m in the mood for plain old banana cream.

I had it on my first day of shooting at Food52, and it really changed my life.

Peach is my favorite fruit.

Lindsay-Jean: Rhubarb is a delicious fruit.

Ryan’s recipe: Granny smith apple pie with a butter and brown sugar crumble on top.

When I was a kid, I always requested this pie instead of cake for my birthday celebrations. We want to know: what is your favorite type of pie? Do you believe that Shepherd’s Pie should ever be included in this topic at all? Photographs courtesy of James Ransom

America’s Favorite Pies and the History Behind Them

In Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our responses to queries on food, cooking, life, and other topics, you’ll hear from members of the Food52 crew. This pie is very, very good to us; in fact, we love it. There’s one for every season, and it’s completely appropriate for use as a morning cereal. We’ve even called the next week Pie Week (keep tuned for more information! ). But not all of our pies have the same flavor as one another. People have different preferences when it comes to pie.

The topic of pie is on our minds this week, as are some of our favorite pie memories, as well as a few light debating topics of the week.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Really, whatever she creates is worth mentioning.

All of the pies are my favorites, says Posie.

I’m Lauren L., and I want to say thank you for all you’ve done.

Then there’s Ina Garten’s Chocolate Pie, which is my personal favorite.

Some of my favorite desserts are banana cream, poached pear with almond cream, dark chocolate with graham cracker crust, and our family’s secret pumpkin chiffon pie, to mention just a few.

On a more serious note, how many more days are there till Christmas Eve?

We can talk about it afterwards.) However, lemon meringue is my absolute fave.

Banana cream, according to Michael.


Daniel: In fact, I’m getting on board the Shepherd’s Pie Express right now.

Those pies look delicious, and I wish I could eat them all in that sequence!

A really excellent, flaky, buttery crust is absolutely essential for any pie.

); and 3) Key lime pie, but the crust must be made of graham cracker dough.

Joy: If it’s made by my Aunt Diane, and I’m seven years old, it’ll be minty green and have an oreo crust, and it’ll be delicious.

Karl: Pies with meat or vegetables in them, too, are delectable.

Michael: But, as with the sandwich debate in June, I have some reservations about the taxonomy of shepherd’s pie.

The best dessert is a fruit or pumpkin pie that is not overly sweet and topped with freshly whipped cream.

Because I prefer to create my crumbles with a bottom crust, this pie is on par with any other in my book.

Pecan pie or caramel apple pie, according to Gabriella.

Catherine: Fruit pie is something I despise to no end!

Cocoa cream pie, banana cream pie, and Southern chess pie are some of my favorite crusty treats.

Hannah: Please accept my apologies for always interjecting myself.

Banoffee pie gets an A+ from me.

That is a recipe I need to obtain.

(This does not come as a shock.) Which of the following dishes are among my other favorites: Every dish that contains yogurt (risotto, polenta, mashes, etc.).

MADDY: This is a chocolate bourbon walnut pie made by my mother.

Bea: Any type of pie is a favorite treat for me.

In contrast, chicken pot pie and bourbon pecan pie are two of my favorite savory pies and desserts, respectively.

Marian: It’s almost only for this reason that I prepare pie: so that I may have a big slice of pie cold for breakfast the next morning.

Larkin’s Truly Scrumptious Apple Pie (mrslarkin’s Truly Scrumptious Apple Pie).

Cream cheese is used as a base for my grandmother’s blueberry pie, which she makes every year.

However, the point is that I adore pie and have yet to come across one that I didn’t enjoy at least a portion of it.

The crust is made from Graham Crackers.

Simple banana cream is just what I’m looking for right now!

I ate it on my first day of shooting at Food52, and it completely changed my perspective on the world!

Peach is my absolute fave.

The rhubarb, Lindsay-Jean.

Describe your favorite type of pie in the comments section below. Does Shepherd’s Pie belong in this subject, in your opinion? James Ransom provided the photographs.

4th – Cherry Pie

The popularity of cherry pie can be attributed in part to the state of Michigan, which produces around 75% of the tart cherries consumed in the United States. As well as being a state, Michigan also has the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Mich., which is dubbed “the cherry capital of the world.” Thank you, Michigan, for providing us these delectable and tangy morsels to enjoy!

3rd – Chocolate Cream Pie

Although the actual origins of chocolate cream pies are uncertain, they are thought to be related to the French chocolatepâtisserie known as the tarte du chocolat (chocolate cake). Cream pies are widely believed to have initially gained popularity in the American Midwest, where there were lots of dairy farms to choose from. In the classic recipe, chocolate cream pie is created with a flaky crust on the bottom, a chocolate custard filling in the middle, and whipped cream on top.

2nd – Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is connected with pumpkin pie, which is one of the most adored holidays in the United States. And while we’re all for trying something new for the holiday season, there’s nothing quite like a slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream to get the party started. Pumpkin pie, which originated with the Pilgrims in the 1600s, is currently the second most popular pie in the United States.

1st – Apple Pie

And the results are in: apple pie is the most popular pie in America. As we discussed in our blog post on the history of apple pie, today’s apple pie is significantly different from the delectable dessert’s forebears. The pies were formerly fashioned with hard, inedible crusts that were only used to keep the pie’s contents from spoiling. Fortunately for us, bakers have refined the sweetness of these sweets throughout the years, as well as the technique of creating the perfect flaky, buttery crust.

Tippin’s Bakes Your Favorites

Tippin’s has been cooking pies for over 40 years and has more than 30 different flavors to choose from, so they can fulfill every pie appetite. Besides our rich and chocolaty French Silk pie, we also offer a delectable chocolate cream pie that is sure to please any chocolate lover. Our fruit pies are made with full slices of fruit from top-quality farmers, and they are baked to perfection. In addition, we age the pumpkin puree in our pumpkin pie to bring out the flavors even more. Tippin’sPie Findercan help you locate a grocery outlet near you, or you will purchase online for home delivery.

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