What Kind Of Wine Is A Dessert Wine From Pennsylvania

Sweet Wines Get Their Due

Ask Scott Zoccolillo, wine director at Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, who has over 20 years of experience (and recent drinking buddy ofOlympian Johnny Weir). ‘Our second best-selling wine by the glass is actually a sweet wine,’ he says further. Given that we are a steakhouse, Cabernet Sauvignon is unsurprisingly our most popular wine by the glass. Secondly, Brachetto, which is a red Italian grape that is essentially a red Moscato, is our most popular selling wine. It’s a good approach to introduce people to the world of wine.

According to a fantastic recent feature inEdible Jersey, his thoughts are still relevant today.

According to the poll results, 45% prefer semi-sweet wines, while 36% prefer dry wines.

The grape varietals Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc, and Riesling are among Zoccolillo’s preferred sweet wine grapes since they grow well in Pennsylvania’s climate.

  1. Winemakers will find these grapes to be resilient in the field and fascinating to work with in the winery.
  2. In Zoccolillo’s opinion, two of the best pairings for a sweet or off-dry wine are high-acid foods (ceviche, salad with a very zippy vinaigrette) and sweet sweets.
  3. Here’s a critical piece of advice for mixing wine with dessert: It is important to ensure that the wine is sweeter than the food, or else the wine may taste harsh.
  4. The most interesting and well-made sweet wines have a high level of acidity to balance off the sweetness of the wine.
  5. “It’s really palate-cleansing,” he continues.
  6. Another reason why people enjoy dessert wines so much is the experience they get when they drink them.
  7. Sweet wines have a reputation for being inexpensive or badly crafted in some circles.
  8. The fact that these wines may frequently be obtained at a more affordable price range is due to the fact that they are typically less expensive to produce.
  9. In addition, many sweet wines are sold immediately after fermentation in order to maximize their brilliant pop; the fact that they do not need to be held and matured also helps to decrease expenses.
  10. The opposite is true as well: some of the most costly and unusual wines in the world are really sweet, such as Port-style wines and Ice Wines, which are produced only when the weather conditions are favorable and are hand-picked from grapes.
  11. In fact, these sweet wines are among the few types of white wines that benefit from aging in the bottle or barrel.

In the end, whether you prefer sweet or dry wines, the most important thing to remember is to keep sampling. According to Zoccolillo, “don’t get trapped in your rut.” “Experience something different. “You could be surprised at how well you do.”

Here are some sweet wine grape varietals that thrive in Pennsylvania:

With subtle berry and fresh fruit flavors, Catawaba has a bright, silky finish that lasts for a long time. Flowers and subtle fruity overtones characterize Catawba wines created in the “methode Champenoise” — which makes sparkling wines similar to those developed in Ohio nearly 200 years ago — and are found in many of the region’s wines. CAYUGA: These white wines are crisp and fresh, with robust notes of lemon, apple, peach, grapefruit, and lemon. Cayuga is a region in New York State. Cayuga wines are sweeter and fuller-bodied when picked later in the fall, and they begin to show flavors of ripe pineapple, honey, and a trace of foxiness as the grapes ripen.

  1. It is also widely produced as a garden crop in the United States.
  2. Delaware Wines: The tastes of candied apples, strawberries, honey, and grapefruit are prominent in Delaware wines.
  3. (While we’re on the subject of perfume, Delaware is highly regarded as a table grape in South Korea and Japan, mostly because of its smell.) The wines have a medium body and a strong acidity, which serves to balance out any sweetness in the blend.
  4. Despite the fact that the flavor of that tropical fruit is acidic and vivid, the scent is a little milder, evoking fragrant rose and ripe pear.
  5. When it comes to flavor, the fresher tastes — lime and lemongrass — take center stage, despite the fact that the wines have a relatively low acidity.
  6. The aromas and flavors of this medium-bodied white wine are reminiscent of fresh grapes and tropical fruit, with a somewhat acidic finish.
  7. It boasts a clean, fruity, and lengthy aftertaste.

When you open the bottle, you can expect to smell the scents of raspberry, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon, and chocolate sauce to greet you.

You may expect to find scents such as citrus, green apple (green apple juice), peach (apricot juice), mango (guava), honey (rose flower), cut green grass (cut green grass juice), and petrol in the usual tall, slim container.

With this variety, there is a lot of potential for experimentation among winemakers, since it may be produced into sparkling wine, matured in oak barrels, and blended with other grapes (often with Chardonnay).

These pink vintages have cherry tones with a hint of cinnamon in the background.

Traminette: Traminette, like its parent grape, Gewürztraminer, is a versatile and enticing grape variety.

The aroma of this cultivar is so unique that it just takes a single taste to get addicted to it.

When the wine is matured on wood, notes of orange peel, vanilla, and almond are introduced to the mix.

Vignoles: These wines, like other cold-weather whites, have a strong aromatic character.

Baked pineapple, ripe apple, and orange marmalade are some of the flavors that come to mind when it is semi-sweet.

Ice wine made from this variety is becoming increasingly popular.

Late-season The juice from Vignoles grapes is rich and honeyed, with a hint of sweetness and a backbone of acidity to keep everything in balance. The flavors of citrus, apricot, papaya, and, of course, pineapple can be found in this dessert wine, so be prepared to be surprised.

Lake Erie Sweet Wines

Even if they are open to new experiences, most individuals have preferences when it comes to the wines they consume. Therefore, many wineries in Pennsylvania Wine Land recognize that when a group of wine enthusiasts arrives at their tasting room for a weekend of wine discovery, some will like red wines, others will prefer white wines, and some will only want dry wines with low sweetness. However, some people prefer to drink wines that are a bit sweet (“off dry”) or a little too sweet (“oversweet”).

  1. However, the wine market is more receptive of sweeter wines, and this is not simply true for dessert wines.
  2. Another reason is that the fruit-forward style of red wine, which has been preferred by many reviewers for many years, has conditioned our palates to tolerate red wines that are a bit sweeter – say, five or six grams of sugar per glass.
  3. Take a drive this weekend to a winery like Christian W.
  4. There are various categories on their tasting menu, with fascinating blend titles like “Fort Necessity” and “Nemacolin Castle,” and they also have sparkling and dessert wines.
  5. Alternatively, you may pay a visit to Allegro Vineyards & Winery in Brogue, York County.
  6. Allegro produces typical dry red and white varietal wines, such as Chardonnay and Merlot, as well as blends for people who want a dry taste, from these grapes.
  7. Of course, many Pennsylvania vineyards specialize primarily in dry wines for people who like the traditional style, but most still enable customers to choose between dry and sweet wines at the tasting room entrance.
  8. Among the resources available are information on future wine events for Pennsylvania’s 12 wine trails and its more than 150 vineyards, along with wine advice and other useful information about wine.

In addition, if you’re on the road, the mobile website atm.pennsylvaniawine.com will help you identify local vineyards to visit.

Discover Your New Favorite Wine in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State is well-versed in the world of wine. Could be due to the fact that we’ve been at it for a long time, beginning with the vineyard that our founder and namesake William Penn established on his estate 335 years ago. Perhaps it is our temperate temperature, fertile soil, and undulating topography, which provide some of the greatest growing conditions on the East Coast, or a combination of these. Our dedicated winemasters urge you to stop in and experience some of their greatest creations — from tannic, refined reds to sparkling, mineral-driven whites and fragrant, fruit-filled table wines — whenever you get the opportunity.

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars in Spring Mills is a great place to spend the day relaxing. While taking in the breathtaking vistas of Pennsylvania’s fall colors, you’ll be able to sample some excellent wine and food combinations. The vineyard provides a diverse assortment of dry reds, dry and semi-dry whites, sweet and savory dessert wines, as well as a glass of bubbly in the form of their Black Tie sparkling champagne, among other things. Make sure to sample the Double Gold award-winning Cranberry wine, which is a seasonal favorite.

Happy Valley VineyardWinery

Happy Valley Vineyard is a family-owned and operated vineyard in the heart of Happy Valley, California. A real “farm-to-bottle” winery, State College Winery takes pleasure in producing delightful wines from grapes cultivated on-site, with 90 percent of its exquisite wines created from grapes grown on-site. We have dry, fruity whites, oaky, full-bodied reds, and our most popular wine, the Appalachian Red, which is a sweet combination. Fall is the right time to enjoy Autumn Wood, a dry wine that has been matured on American oak barrels and is the perfect complement to any autumn evening.

Mount Nittany VineyardWinery

A Vineyard in the Mountains of Mount Nittany Tussey Mountain Winery in Centre Hall welcomes you to take a tour around their picturesque mountaintop vineyards, which provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Get to know the Geisenheim, which won the “Best of Category” title at the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association (ASWA) Wine Competition, via complimentary samples of some of their award-winning wines. Take some of their award-winning German Eiswein style Autumn Nectar home with you, or pick yourself a bottle or two of their Spiced Apple, which is especially excellent when served hot and mulled on cold autumn evenings by the fireplace.

Boyd’s Cardinal Hollow Winery

Are you looking for some interestingly flavored wines to excite your taste buds? Boyd’s Cardinal Hollow is a fictional character created by author William Boyd. It is recommended that those who are genuinely brave try its hot Jalapeo wine, which has a delicate citrus-tinged heat that will be felt all the way down your throat but will not make you go for the milk. Alternatively, the lively and delicious Cupuacu from the vineyard, which has a bubble gum scent, banana taste, and pineapple finish.

The winery’s roughly 20 classic red, white, and port wines, 14 seasonal “country wines,” and three delectable meads may all be sampled for $30, with each tasting including a souvenir glass.

Tuscarora Mountain Winery

If there is one thing that the proprietors of Tuscarora Mountain Winery in Chambersburg have a knack for, it is being imaginative when it comes to the manufacturing and naming of their award-winning wine concoctions. True Bliss, Rifleman Red, Much Love, Happy Birthday, Ice Break, Under the Mistletoe, and the 1864 Burning of Chambersburg are just a few of the songs that have become fan favorites. Their Granny Smith Apple wine is a great match for the apple harvest season in the fall!

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The Winery at Wilcox

The Winery at Wilcox, located in Wilcox in the Allegheny National Forest, provides some of the most stunning fall leaf-peeping you’ll find anywhere, as well as an extensive selection of national and international award-winning wines that you really must sample. Autumn Leaves, a wine from the winery’s appropriately called Autumn Collection, is delicious on its own or heated with sugar and spices to make a mulled wine to enjoy on those crisp fall evenings.

Greendance – The Winery at Sand Hill

In order to relax, taste, and enjoy the warm sun and pleasant fall winds of this thriving farm and vineyard, plan on spending the entire day at Greendance – The Winery at Sand Hillin Mount Pleasant. For starters, they provide a comprehensive selection of over 40 wines, all of which are available for sampling on a daily basis. These include unique fruit sparkling wines, ports, full-bodied reds, almost a dozen whites, as well as sweeter, lower-alcohol beverages. On weekends in October, you may stroll around the gardens and orchards while enjoying a great lunch at The Cabin, the winery’s own restaurant, as well as live music in the vineyard.

Sorrenti’s Cherry Valley Vineyards

A visit to Sorrenti’s Cherry Valley Vineyards, located near Saylorsburg, is a visual and gastronomic treat. The winery, which is located next to the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge, has some of the most beautiful grounds you’ll find anywhere in the area, as well as wines that are crafted and steeped in the traditions of the Sorrenti family’s Italian ancestry. You’ll discover well-known varietals such as Merlot, Cabernet, and Pinot Grigio, as well as a selection of fruit wines and carbonated Spumantes for people who want their wine sweeter than water.

Armstrong Valley Winery

It’s a visual and gustatory treat to visit Sorrenti’s Cherry Valley Vineyards in Saylorsburg. It is located next to the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge and has some of the most beautiful grounds you will find anywhere in the area. The winery also produces wines that are inspired by the Sorrenti family’s Italian background and are steeped in the traditions of the Sorrenti family. You’ll discover well-known varietals such as Merlot, Cabernet, and Pinot Grigio, as well as a selection of fruit wines and effervescent Spumantes for people who want their wine sweeter than usual.

Then treat yourself to dinner at Mamma Lucia’s Pizzeria, which serves almost 25 exquisite pizzas and a broad choice of other wonderful Italian dishes, all of which are infused with Sorrenti Wines.

Galen Glen Winery

In the case of a scientist and an engineer who collaborate to convert their family’s sixth-generation farm into a vineyard, the outcome is some of the best Grüner Veltliner wine you’ll find anyplace in the world. Several honors have been bestowed upon the wines manufactured and produced atGalen Glen Wineryin Andreas, both nationally and internationally. While they specialize in Germanic grape varietals, they also provide a wide range of other reds, whites, rosés, and dessert wines, as well as a gorgeous location to enjoy them in.

Yori Wine Cellars

With the tasting area housed in the lovely stone cellar of the owners’ century-old home, Yori Wine Cellars in North East (the town, not the direction) provides stunning vistas of a different type. Each of their more than 20 distinct wines, which include dry, semi-dry, sweet, and sparkling red and white wines, as well as the apple-flavored Isabella, which serves as their hallmark blush, is meticulously created from grapes cultivated on the family farm. At their adjoining Italian restaurant, you may find your favorite to match with your meal for the ideal mealtime combo.

Shade Mountain VineyardsWinery

Gather your picnic lunch and travel to Shade Mountain VineyardsWineryin Middleburg, where you may sample their whole range of more than 50 wines in a 19th century barn, including seasonal favorites Smokehouse Apple, Spiced Pumpkin and Country Spice Apple wines. Followed by lunch with your favorite Shade Mountain pick while admiring stunning views of vineyards hidden in the slopes of Shade Mountain from their gorgeous deck, which overlooks the vineyards and the foothills of Shade Mountain. With almost 300 wineries spread around the state, you’ll never be far from some excellent wines created by small, family-owned businesses.

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Pennsylvania White Wines

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Heritage Wine CellarWhite Wines

Sweet Country White $9.99
Sweetest, very fruity, smooth finish
Niagara $9.99
Sweet, crisp freshgrape flavor
Vidal $12.99
A Sunny dry with a citrus finish.
Cayuga $13.99
A semi-dry grape flavor
Chablis $9.99
Semi-dry, light, softand delicate wine
White Riesling $15.99
A delicatetaste of fruit, slightly dry
Pinot Grigio $15.99
Dry, light and very crisp
Chardonnay $15.99
Dry Europeanstyle, delicate with a slight oak flavor

Christian KlayWhite Wines

Blanc de LaFayette $16
Light bodied and dry with a hint of grapefruit.
Washington Tavern White $14
A friendly taste of tropical fruits adn brilliantclarity.
Fort Necessity $16
A diamond-brilliant, buttery, dry Chardonnay.
Namacolin Castle $14
Dry and flavorful.Al light bodied favorite.
White Swan Tavern $14
Delicate, but rich with complex fruit undertones.
Heritage Wine CellarsConcordFredoniaDarkCherryHalf andHalfNiagaraElderberryRaspberryChristian W. KlayLavenderMist

Just In

Delicious dessert wines from Crossing Vineyards in Bucks County, as well as from Penns Wood Winery in Chester County, are shown in this image. (Photo courtesy of Paul Vigna/The Wine Classroom) The rail that accompanied the Vintages story that appeared in the January-February 2014 issue of Central Pennsylvania magazine is seen here. The arrival of the new year heralds the arrival of a delicious assortment of dessert wines to complement your entrées. Here’s a selection of dessert wines from Pennsylvania and Maryland that you might enjoy.

  • Chocolate Cherry Truffles are a type of truffle that is made from cherries.
  • Washington Crossing is a $20 fee.
  • (.750 mL bottle; 17.5% alcohol by volume).
  • Eddystone is worth $36.
  • The tongue is enticed by flavors of ripe, juicy cherry that are followed by a long, silky finish that includes notes of chocolate and cinnamon.
  • Late Harvest White is a white wine made from the harvest of the previous year.
  • By the time the grapes are plucked, they have decreased in size, allowing the tastes to become more concentrated.

(15 percent alcohol;.375 mL; 14 percent alcohol) Limoncello liqueur is a kind of Italian liqueur.

With this classic Italian beverage, served chilled from one of Maryland’s few distilleries, there’s no better way to cap off a dish of pasta or meat than with a glass of wine from an ancient family recipe.

Sinistra a visit to Basignani Winery in Sparks, Maryland, for $25 A brandy-infused red dessert wine made from the same grapes that go into the high-end Lorenzino Reserve (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot) and infused with the same brandy.

(12 oz bottle, 20 percent alcohol) (750 mL bottle, 12 oz bottle, 20 percent alcohol) Starboard Knob Hall Winery is a winery in the town of Knob Hall, in the town of Knob Hall.

He described it as “extremely smooth” and said it was one of the most popular products produced by the western Maryland winery.

Bottle contains 18.5 percent alcohol (.500 mL). * As quoted at the time of publishing. Please keep in mind that if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a fee.

Pennsylvania Wine Trail Tasting Notes

Stewartstown, Pennsylvania 17363-8478 4069 Vineyard Rd. Toll-free number: 800-292-3370 Cabernet Franc is a red wine made from the grape Cabernet Franc. A feisty deep violet skinned grape that was previously thought to be too temperamental to grow in this location has overcome the odds and gone on to become an award winning varietal here at Naylors Vineyard. We get an attractive crimson color by fermenting the grapes with their skins on, followed by a smooth oaky fragrance that leads to a mouthful of soft tannins and a delightful stone fruit flavor.

  • Riesling The fresh and light flavor jumps across your taste receptors as the pale goal tint with a tiny tinge of soft green entices your gaze.
  • If the sensation of a crisp and sunny spring day could be caught and stored in a bottle, we imagine it would taste somewhat like this.
  • Say you enjoy the flavor of chardonnay grapes, which are herbaceous and steely with possibly hints of fig and butter, but you despise the wide shouldered oaken shell with which it is frequently associated.
  • We chose stainless steel tanks over wood for our Simply Chardonnay, and we are quite pleased with the results.
  • Only the Chardonnay grape is used in this off-dry, enticing expression of this grape variety’s flavor profile.

Nissley VineyardsWinery Estate

The address is 140 Vintage Dr.Bainbridge, PA 17502-9357, and the phone number is 717-426-3514. Rhapsody in Blue (Rhapsody in Blue) A semi-dry combination of vidal and cayuga grapes is used to make this wine. In celebration of our Saturday evening lawn concerts, we named the park after them. Black Raspberry is a kind of raspberry that is black in color. An award-winning sweet wine that just took home two gold medals at the Pennsylvania Wine Competition. Cabernet Franc is a red wine made from the grape Cabernet Franc.

Reid’s Orchard and Winery

Phone: 717-677-7466Address: 2135 Buchanan Valley RoadOrrtanna, PA 17353-9213Phone: 717-677-7466 Skins treated with Zinc A red Zinfandel made with double the amount of skins used in a conventional zinfandel. A robust, full-bodied, hefty flavour with a touch of raspberries in the background. It goes nicely with grilled meats and game meats. Blueberry Wine from Union Blues Created entirely from blueberries, this wine has gained popularity among both fruit wine and dry red wine connoisseurs for its unique flavor.

It’s a great pairing with chocolate.

Tamanend Winery

The address is 759 Flory Mill Rd.Lancaster, PA 17601-3251 and the phone number is 717-560-94632008. Altissimo This full-bodied red wine from Tamanend Winery, created in the traditional way, is the pinnacle of what the winery has to offer in terms of traditionally fashioned red wines. Altissimo, the name of a red rose, is used to describe a superb wine that has been specially created for our clients. With a deep maroon color and several layers of fruit flavors and a rich texture that are “hidden” in the bottle, this Bordeaux-style wine is a must-try.

  • After that, you will be rewarded with these complex tastes and aromas that will billow out of the glass in front of you.
  • The flavors of red currants and black berries remain on the palate after the wine has been consumed.
  • Patriot is the only wine that is made all year long since it is a good time to be a Patriot at any time of the year.
  • The first flavor is of blueberries, but after a few sips, the red raspberries come to the forefront.
  • Cocktail with Margarita Wine A classic Margarita is created with fresh lime juice, tequila, and other flavors, and our Margarita is produced in a similar way to those ingredients.
  • We believe this is the actual original Margarita, because ancient peoples were aware of fermentation before they were aware of distillation.

Not sweet, it’s refreshingly light and incredibly smooth, and it’s available in two sizes: in bottles and as a three-liter bag in a box (shown). It’s like having a party in a box.

Pennsylvania’s Emerging Wine Scene Surprises Even Those Closest to It

Scott Zoccolillo underwent a religious conversion around ten years ago. Scepticism gave way to wonder, which was followed by seeking, zealousness, and, eventually, evangelisation. An respect for Pennsylvania wine is something that many sommeliers have had the opportunity to witness firsthand. Va La’s Silk Rosado was used as the bottle for Zoccolillo. While working as an assistant dining room director at the Hotel DuPontin Delaware at the time, Va La winemaker Anthony Vietri presented him with the bottle as a thank you for assisting him in directing a family wedding celebration.

“The only Pennsylvania wines I was familiar with were the sticky sweets, strawberry wines, and Moscatos.

For fermentation, Vietri employs indigenous yeast, promotes sustainable agriculture, and was a pioneer in the use of Italian field mixes in Pennsylvania, as well as the production of the state’s first skin-contact wine.

The evolution of Pennsylvania wine

At least a number of Philadelphia wine merchants had begun to include Pennsylvania wines on their wine lists as early as the mid-1990s. Sommelier Marnie Old recalls tasting Pennsylvania wines at the Four Seasons’ initial form of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as the Fountain at the Four Seasons, which has since been closed. With too few bottles that were both inexpensive and good enough to be served by the glass, the state’s wines were never able to achieve their full commercial potential.

  1. In my unsuccessful attempt to get Philadelphians to try them, I wrote: More than a decade after Old championed the state’s Chardonnay and Chambourcin, Zoccolillo began to incorporate the state’s selections into his menu at Nectari in suburban Berwyn, where he now operates.
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  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Policy Regarding Personal Information “It was a watershed moment for me,” recalls Alexandra Cherniavsky, an advanced sommelier from Chester County who grew up in the area.
  5. Photo courtesy of Ted Nghiem and Alexandra Cherniavsky Old’s opinions about the state have even shifted as a result of the annual taste.
  6. When I was younger, I believed that Chardonnay had the most potential in Pennsylvania.

However, I believe that Riesling and Grüner Veltliner have the most potential for excellence right now.” The state of Pennsylvania, like many other growing wine regions, continues to produce a fair amount of sugary clunkers, as well as wines made from overseas varietals like as Cabernet Sauvignon, which do not thrive in the state’s microclimates.

Galer Estate and Maple Springs are two wineries that produce award-winning Albarinos.

The hardy hybridChambourcinhas long been recognized as one of the state’s greatest successes.

In Chester County, just west of Philadelphia, winemakers are cultivating Italian varietals such as Nebbiolo (red), Barbera (white), Malvasia Bianca (white), Fiano (white), and more.

Wines made from Merlot and Cabernet Franc have showed potential, while on the more esoteric side, Fero Vineyards’Saperaviwas voted one of the state’s best red wines at the 2019 Pennsylvania Sommelier Competition.

Local roots, global influence

It’s been over 50 years since Mario Mazza’s family has been making wine near Erie at Mazza Vineyards, and he’s witnessed a shift in goals and techniques throughout that period. Many have brought in competent winemakers from other areas of the world to join their teams. In other instances, locals have traveled to another country to further their education before returning home. Prior to returning to his family’s vineyard, Mazza worked as a winemaker in Australia’s Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills, where he earned a master’s degree in enology from the University of Adelaide.

Originally from New York State, Erin Troxell obtained a Bachelor of Science in viticulture and enology from Cornell University, followed by a Master’s degree from the Vinifera EuroMasterprogram in Germany and France.

She has completed internships in Nahe, Napa, and New Zealand, as well as numerous years of employment with E.J.

According to Mazza, “the second and third generations of winemakers, as well as newcomers to the profession, are deliberate and have considerably more concentrated plans than their predecessors.” Approximately 15 years ago, Jennifer Eckinger, current executive director of the Pennsylvania Winery Association, began working for the organization.

There are now more than 300 of them.

Bloomsday’s beverage program is overseen by Tim Kweeder, who was one of the first sommeliers in Philadelphia to advocate for natural wines and educate customers on their benefits, tales, and charms.

“They’ve become phrases that people are familiar with, like when someone says, ‘I want your IPA or Cabernet.’ “There are still a significant number of wineries catering to traditional tastes and claiming that everything is strongly oaked,” says the author.

“When it happens, we’ll be able to communicate more easily.” The Bloomsday Cafe’s beverage director/general manager, Tim Kweeder, says Kweeder has observed some wineries, like Wayvine andVox Vinetimove toward lower-intervention winemaking approaches in the recent several years, including In part, this is due to the free communication that exists between those winemakers and sommeliers.

“However, a significant number of vineyards are on the correct track.

Pennsylvania’s by-the-glass revolution

Mary’s Fishtown neighborhood in Philadelphia’s Marthain district has developed a beverage program that is based on the notion of microbiological terroir (a.k.a. natural fermentation). Martha’s offers a large range of local beers as well as a wine list that is primarily comprised of selections from Pennsylvania. Jon Medlinsky, the man responsible for compiling the list, searched out tiny wineries and persuaded them to sell their products to the bar. “It’s part of the progression that I’m discovering these wines,” Medlinsky explains.

Pinnacle Ridge’s grapes are in full bloom / Photo courtesy of the Pennsylvania Winery Association Every wine served at Martha may be ordered by the glass.

“One of the reasons we sell wines by the glass is that we don’t want Pennsylvania wines to become a rarefied commodity,” says Medlinsky.

The growing conditions are too difficult, and land is too expensive to be profitable.

Cherniavsky’s crew at The Love in Philadelphia is ready to serve samples for visitors who are afraid to buy Pennsylvania wine. According to her, “people are always receptive to a drink.” An introduction to wine tasting with the employees at The Love, in Philadelphia / Photo by Kelly Smith

Rewriting outdated liquor laws

In 2016, the state made changes to several of its more obscure liquor regulations. In one amendment, brewers were able to seek for licenses to sell wine and liquor for a quarter of the cost of a standard liquor license, as long as the goods were sourced from Pennsylvania-based suppliers. Therefore, Evil Genius and Human Robot Beer in Philadelphia, Tired Hands in Ardmore, and Levante Brewing in West Chester are all serving Pennsylvania wines by the glass as a result of this legislation. Kelly Peterson Bates was forced to return to her hometown of Pittsburgh as a result of the new rules.

  1. You can see it in their faces every time,” says the author.
  2. For such wines, she spends her weekends travelling throughout the Pennsylvania countryside in search of excellent growers and bottles, much like Medlinsky.
  3. “People continue to inquire as to whether or not we have Kim Crawford,” adds Peterson Bates.
  4. “You can see it in their expressions every single time,” she adds of the men.
  5. It is the most significant development opportunity for wineries such as Mazza, which produces both high-end wines and “cheap and cheerful” bottlings aimed at grocery store customers.
  6. Aside from being the state’s sole privately owned liquor shop, this establishment also serves as a distributor for restaurants and bars.

So far, fourteen wineries, as well as a few mead makers, have committed to participating.

Big state, bigger dreams

The new Pennsylvania Libations location is expected to offer consumers to a greater choice of the state’s wines once it opens its doors. It might also assist in getting small-scale manufacturers’ bottlings into restaurants. While restaurants are able to purchase directly from vineyards, the process is not always straightforward. Wineries and AVAs are dispersed across vast areas, making travel difficult. Va La does not provide shipping. The crew at Waltz Vineyards in Manheim volunteered to travel halfway to Pittsburgh to drop off bottles with Peterson Bates, but she couldn’t afford to take two hours out of her week to pick up the cases of wine she needed.

Photo credit Pennsylvania Winery Association (Pennsylvania Winery Association) In Pennsylvania, for example, “you have to realize that you’re working with a farmer who might have a three-person operation, and deliveries might come every couple of weeks,” says Steve Wildy, beverage director for Urban Outfitters’ portfolio of restaurants.

  1. Wildy poured Karamoor from kegs at Alla Spina for the first time eight years ago.
  2. “It’s a significant obstacle in any wine scene,” Wildy adds.
  3. It’s considered to be uncool.
  4. The newer generation of sommeliers is beginning to recognize that they may have these kinds of direct ties.
  5. “It’s a significant obstacle in any wine scene.” You have a group of young purchasers who have built a wall around themselves against everything that is local.
  6. “I was in the same boat as you.” The beverage director of the URBN is Steve Wildy.
  7. Millworks, a restaurant in Harrisburg, serves wines from the state of Pennsylvania.
  8. She predicts that the latter will have perhaps 20 Pennsylvania wines on its 150-label roster.
  9. Stephen Wood is the beverage manager of The Pressroom, one of Lancaster’s oldest restaurants, which has been in operation for almost 100 years.
  10. In recent years, Wood has noticed an increase in the number of guests who are willing to explore local wines.

” But it’s important for people to realize that they aren’t the only wines produced in Pennsylvania.” At the moment, I’m quite enthusiastic about it, and for the first time, I have the option to make purchasing selections that will teach not just our clients, but also our bartenders and waiters, about Pennsylvania wines.”

Our Wines

One of Stone Mountain Wine Cellars’ many specialties is the manufacture of their outstanding Norton grape and fruit wines, among other things. It is situated in the scenic Stone Mountains of Central Pennsylvania.

Red Wines – Listed Dry to Sweet

NORTON 2013A well-balanced, youthful dry wine with good acidity. Bronze Award at the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show, and Bronze Award at the 2017 Pennsylvania Wine Competition. $12.00 Norton Reserve (Norton 2015) Dry red wine with a significant wood component. The grapes used to make this wine are Norton and Merlot. 17.50 Norton Dry Red Wine from 2016 $11.00 $Norton 2017Dry Red Wine2020 Silver Award at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Norton-Marquette blend (11.00)Norton-Marquette blend Petite Pearl (priced at $12.00) Tannins that are distinct and well-balanced; dry MERLOT 2015 – $12.00 Wine that is still relatively young, yet has a significant oak component.

  1. $12.00 TERRY’S TEMPTATION is $12.00.
  2. Black Creek Red is $11.00.
  3. $10.00 “GINGER” A mix of Marquette, Norton, and Muscat grapes is used to make this semi-sweet red wine.
  4. Bettie is a sweetheart!
  5. ELEGANT ORCHARD BLUSH (11.00)Niagara and Fredonia grape mix with a mild, sweet, and fruity flavor.
  6. Other awards have been given out at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, including a silver in 2016, bronze in 2017, and a silver in 2016, as well as a silver in 2016, and a bronze in 2017.
  7. Red RUMBLE SEAT $11.00RUMBLE SEAT A sweet blend of Cayuga and Niagara grapes, this is a delicious treat.
  8. RICO SUAVE 12.00 RICO SUAVE “Port style wine” is what we call it.
  9. 20 percent of the total amount of alcohol ($10.00 (375ML)|$18.50 (1000ML) (750 ML)

White Wines – Listed Dry to Sweet

CHARDONNAY This is not a left-coast rip-off, but rather a nice, fruity Chardonnay drinking experience. I’m completely naked and completely dry. $11.00LA CRESCENTA cold-hardy varietal is used to create this product. Aromas of apricot, muscat, pineapple, and citrus are present. It’s getting close to being dry. Salads, shellfish, poultry, and pig are all good matches for this wine. The Pennsylvania Farm Show has awarded a bronze medal for 2020. 12.00RIESLING Fruit and mineral flavors are well-balanced in this light-bodied blend.

  1. $11.00VIDALAn off-dry light varietal white wine with a hint of sweetness.
  2. It costs $10.00.
  3. $12.00MOSCATO-2015 We made this somewhat sweet crisp wine from our Muscat grapes, which is a popular choice among our customers.
  4. Bronze medalist in the 2019 Pennsylvania Wine Competition $10.00VIGNOLESA bright, fruity white varietal with a sweet finish that is perfect for summer.
  5. 2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show Bronze Award, 2013 Pennsylvania Wine Competition Gold Award, and 2018 Pennsylvania Wine Competition Silver Award are all honors that have been bestowed upon them.

$12.00Sunset An aromatic blend of muscat and strawberry that is somewhat sweet. The Gold Medal in the 2020 Pennsylvania Wine Competition. Bronze Award at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show $12.00

Fruit Wines

APPLEA is a semi-sweet delight that is fresh and clean with a subtle apple flavor. $10.00BLACKBERRY Made entirely of blackberries, this wine is full-bodied and fairly sweet. Perfect for drinking during the summer. OUT OF STOCK $12.00BLUEBERRY Made entirely of blueberries, this wine has a delightful fruity character. $12.00CHERRY Morello cherries have a semi-sweet taste that is brimming with flavor. Bronze Award in the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show. Bronze medalist in the 2020 Pennsylvania Wine Competition.

  1. OUT OF STOCK $13.00JALAPENO-APPLET The fact that it is completely out of the box also makes it a good culinary tool.
  2. 8:00 a.m.
  3. (375ML) PEACHA semi-sweet combination of many different peach cultivars.
  4. $10.00PLUMA delicious combination of plum types ranging from Early Golden to Santa Rosa; a sweet mix of plum cultivars.
  5. $10.00RASPBERRYA sinfully sweet blend of red and black raspberries in a deliciously sweet sauce.
  6. $13.00STRAWBERRYA semi-sweet “Strawberry Blonde” variant of the classic.
  7. In the summer, serve cold; in the winter, serve warmed.
  8. Golden dessert wine with a sweet, full-bodied flavor.
  9. The 2019 Pennsylvania Wine Competition received a Bronze Award, while the 2020 Pennsylvania Wine Competition received a Silver Award.
  10. Hard Cider with a sweet, bold flavor that is slightly effervescent.
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Our Wines

The following is a comprehensive list of our wine offerings. From sugar-free dry to dessert sweet, you’re sure to find a favorite among the many options. Prices may differ depending on where you are.

The Best Wine in Pennsylvania!

When we first began making wine for our friends and family more than 10 years ago, it was just as a recreational activity. The farm and the winemaking environment have provided us with a chance to refine our abilities throughout the years. When we discover that our tiny pastime has blossomed into a huge passion and a profitable business, we have to pinch ourselves a little bit more. Occasionally, it takes a life-changing experience for us to recognize exactly how far we have come.

One of those occasions occurred recently at the American Wine Society Conference, when we discovered that three of our wines had been recognized with honors, including one for having the finest wine in the state of Pennsylvania!

Bliss (Dry)

  • Produced with Vidal Blanc grapes and aged in wood barrels
  • Citrus and melon notes are present
  • Finish with a dry, crisp feel
  • This wine goes nicely with shellfish. It’s best served slightly cold.

Aurore (Semi-Dry)

  • The flavor is crisp and fruity, with hints of citrus and green apple. This wine goes nicely with white fish and mild cheeses
  • Serve it slightly chilled.

Mountain Goat White (Semi-Sweet)

  • The wine is made from Cayuga grapes and is light and fruity. Excellent wine for sipping
  • Best served cold, this wine goes nicely with chicken, white fish, and cheesecake.

Niagara (Sweet)

  • Niagara grapes are used to make this wine, which is also known as “White Concord.” Deliciously sweet and fruity
  • Excellent as a sipping wine
  • Goes well with fresh fruit or desserts
  • Best served chilled.

Wild Mountain Rose (Semi-Dry)

  • Unoaked CatawbaBaco Noir blend
  • CatawbaBaco Noir blend Serve with grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, or fish for a delicious meal. It’s best served slightly cold.

First Blush (Semi-Sweet)$17.99

  • This wine is made from the Catawba grape and goes well with sweets like strawberry cheesecake. When served with ham or turkey and cranberry sauce, it is particularly delicious. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Passion (Dry)

  • It is made from a Chambourcin mix and is a dry red wine with a smooth finish. It goes well with pasta and red sauce and should be served at room temperature.

Petite Pearl (Dry)

  • Tannins that are firm and a medium body
  • Intense scents of raspberries and blackberries
  • Combine with stuffed mushrooms or grilled tuna for a delicious meal. Ideally, it should be served at room temperature. Although it is ready to drink, it has outstanding age potential.

Noiret (Dry)

  • Between a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Oak-aged
  • When served at room temperature, it goes particularly well with steak or smoked gouda.

Timeless (Dry)

  • With a trace of wood in the background, this wine has been aged. When served with steak or dry-rubbed ribs, it is particularly delicious. Ideally, it should be served at room temperature. Cherry and dark chocolate aromas are present in a subtle way.

Fruition (Semi-Dry)

  • This sauce has a perfect balance of flavors and goes well with pulled pork, pizza, or steak. This recipe makes a refreshing summer sangria. Mulled wine is made with this recipe and is wonderful in the winter. Serve either slightly cold or at room temperature, as desired.

Split Rail Red (Sweet)

  • It goes nicely with a smoked cheddar burger or steak and is made from a blend of three Pennsylvania grapes. Allow to sit at room temperature or slightly cold

Mountain Goat Red (Sweet)

  • The wine is made from Concord grapes and is fruity
  • It goes nicely with chocolate wrapped strawberries or chocolate cake and is best served cold.

Bliss Bubbly (Dry)

  • Produced from Vidal Blanc grapes, with citrus and melon notes. The finish is crisp and dry. The perfect accompaniment to toast – best enjoyed cold

LaCrescent (Dry)

  • Apricot, peach, and green apple flavors abound in this wine made with LaCrescent grapes. The perfect accompaniment to toast – best enjoyed cold
  • The American Wine Society has awarded it a Silver Medal.

Blush Bubbly (Semi-Sweet)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon and Cayuga grapes are blended together to make this wine. Pretty pink hue
  • Bright and fruity flavor
  • Not too dry on the palate. This dessert is not too sweet and is best served cold.

Black Magic

  • Made from Foch grapes and aged in oak barrels in the style of tawny port
  • Fortified with Randy’s Brandy. 20 percent by volume of alcoholic beverages

Red Rapture

  • Split Rail Red aged in stainless steel
  • Ruby port style
  • Split Rail Red aged in stainless steel Randy’s Brandy is used to fortify the drink. 20 percent by volume of alcoholic beverages

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