What Winery In Pennsylvania Sells Chocolate Dessert Wine

Lacrima Dolce tops list of decadent regional dessert wines

Delicious dessert wines from Crossing Vineyards in Bucks County, as well as from Penns Wood Winery in Chester County, are shown in this image. (Photo courtesy of Paul Vigna/The Wine Classroom) The rail that accompanied the Vintages story that appeared in the January-February 2014 issue of Central Pennsylvania magazine is seen here. The arrival of the new year heralds the arrival of a delicious assortment of dessert wines to complement your entrées. Here’s a selection of dessert wines from Pennsylvania and Maryland that you might enjoy.

Chocolate Cherry Truffles are a type of truffle that is made from cherries.

Washington Crossing is a $20 fee.

(.750 mL bottle; 17.5% alcohol by volume).

  • Eddystone is worth $36.
  • The tongue is enticed by flavors of ripe, juicy cherry that are followed by a long, silky finish that includes notes of chocolate and cinnamon.
  • Late Harvest White is a white wine made from the harvest of the previous year.
  • By the time the grapes are plucked, they have decreased in size, allowing the tastes to become more concentrated.
  • (15 percent alcohol;.375 mL; 14 percent alcohol) Limoncello liqueur is a kind of Italian liqueur.
  • With this classic Italian beverage, served chilled from one of Maryland’s few distilleries, there’s no better way to cap off a dish of pasta or meat than with a glass of wine from an ancient family recipe.
  • Sinistra a visit to Basignani Winery in Sparks, Maryland, for $25 A brandy-infused red dessert wine made from the same grapes that go into the high-end Lorenzino Reserve (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot) and infused with the same brandy.
  • (12 oz bottle, 20 percent alcohol) (750 mL bottle, 12 oz bottle, 20 percent alcohol) Starboard Knob Hall Winery is a winery in the town of Knob Hall, in the town of Knob Hall.
  • He described it as “very silky” and said it was one of the most popular wines produced by the western Maryland winery.

Bottle contains 18.5 percent alcohol (.500 mL). * As quoted at the time of publishing. Please keep in mind that if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a fee.

Cullari Vineyards and Winery

Cullari Vineyards and WineryA Pennsylvania Preferred WineryMain Tasting Room1251 East Chocolate Ave., Hershey, PA 17033717-533-8985 Cullari Vineyards and WineryA Pennsylvania Preferred Winery Tuesday: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday from 12:00pm till 5:00pm Monday is a holiday. Brickerville Specialty Shops2 E. 28th Division Highway, Lititz, PA 17543717-568-2210 Brickerville Specialty Shops2 E. 28th Division Highway, Lititz, PA 175437 Brickerville Specialty Shops2 E.

  1. 28th Division Highway, Lititz, PA 175437 Wednesday: 12:00 p.m.
  2. Tuesday-Thursday: 1:00 pm-5:00 pm Friday: 12:00 p.m.
  3. Saturday: 11:00 a.m.
  4. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are all closed.
  5. We are also closed on Mondays for any holidays that are observed on that day, as we are not normally open on Mondays in general.
  6. WINES IN THE COLOR WHITE (Listed Dry to Sweet) 1.Vidal Blanc ($12.99) is a sparkling wine.
  7. This wine is a fantastic alternative to Chardonnay.

Crisp, refreshing, and tasty, this dry white wine is perfect for summer!

Citrus in a bottle, if you will.

It’s an excellent wine to serve as an aperitif at gatherings.

An Italian-style dry white wine that’s perfect for sipping over the summer.

4.Dry Riesling (13.99 dollars).

This wine goes well with a wide variety of dishes.


Try it with Asian chicken recipes for a unique flavor combination!

A light, crisp, and clean white wine that is neither too sweet nor too dry, but just right.

7.Semi-Riesling (13.99 dollars).

It’s one of the most adaptable wines, and it goes well with a variety of things including spicy meats, pig, sweet and sour dishes, and even Mexican food.


You won’t get this anywhere else but here, and it’s our most popular white color!

It’s light and refreshing!

Serve it with fresh fruit, such as peaches or strawberries.

This wine is similar to a white sangria, but it’s even better!

It has the same same flavor of a Margarita!

Deliciously sweet and delicious!

This is an excellent drinking wine that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Pink Orchid ($12.49) from ROSÉ WINES12.

Big Apple ($12.99) is one of the most popular fruit wines.

This 100% Pennsylvania apple wine, which has a slight spiciness to it, is similar to sipping apple pie.

This product contains genuine pink grapefruit.

Strawberry Fields ($12.99) is the fifteenth track.

Allow us to transport you back in time!

Raspberry Delight ($15.99) is the sixteenth dessert.


A crimson wine with a sweet-tart flavor.


Tutti-Frutti is an Italian phrase that translates as “every fruit,” and that is precisely what you get with this wine.

This wine will have you wanting to get up and dance!

Blackberry and Pinot Noir are two of my favorite flavors.

Avoid waiting since it sells out very soon.

Sing along with the song if you remember it!

Unless otherwise stated, all bottles are 750mL.

This dry red combination, which includes Malbec, has a lot of tannins and is quite flavorful.

The 22nd item is Simply Red Number 3 ($14.99).

My Pennsylvania Bordeaux, if you will.

It pairs well with grilled meats and strong blue cheese.

The wine is dry, with only a faint note of wood.

It’s also delicious when paired with cheddar or blue cheese.

A dry wine with a medium body and a lot of fruit.


The initial taste has a fruity flavor, while the last sip is dry.

Old Country Red ($13.99) is the number 26.

A dry wine with a silky texture and a long aftertaste.


Because we couldn’t, we changed the spelling.

My Daily Red ($12.99) is number 28 on the list.


Alternatively, enjoy it on its own!

“Sideways!” is a film about a young man who becomes a hero.

31.Simply Red Number 2 ($12.99) is a bright red color.

This one-of-a-kind wine is semi-sweet and very oaked!

A wine that is sweet, fruity, and unique.

It goes very well with aged cheeses.

The sweetness of this wine makes it a superb after-dinner drink, whether served on its own or with sweets.

Flaming Red ($12.99) is number 34 on the list.

It’s every bit as good as it sounds!

Discounts on wine: 6-eleven bottles = 5 percent discount; 2-to-three cases = 10 percent off.

Bring your tasting room glass with you on your next visit and you’ll earn half off your tasting charge!

SWEET KISS ($8.49/375mL) is a SPECIALTY WINES35.

A sweet opening is followed by a smokey finish.

– 36.Derry Berry ($15.99 for 500mL).

Don’t leave the house without it.

Since its introduction in 2011, this has been our best-selling wine!

You may serve it at room temperature or cold.

Ours is the finest of the best!

Thirty-eighth, Blueberry Bubbly ($17.99).

Despite its semi-sweetness, it has a strong blueberry taste.

Nothing compares to the sweetness of a summer’s day.

* The red wines numbered 21-29 are all dry.

The prices shown do not include the 6% PA SALES TAX.

A118Harrisburg, PA 17111-3346717-558-6494 PALMYRA SHOPPING CENTER1200 Market St.Lemoyne, PA 17043-1417717-731-7143 WEST SHORE PLAZASHOP 901 E.

12Palmyra, PA 17078-1923717-473-1213 901 E.

12Palmyra, PA 17078-19237 The CLEONA SQUARE475 W.

Penn Ave., Suite 3ACleona, PA 17042-3140717-273-5811 KMART SHOPPING CENTER1737 Quentin Rd.Lebanon, PA 17042-7435717-228-6487 SHOPPES AT KISSEL VILLAGE1036 Lititz PikeLititz, PA 17543-9328717-625-7080 The KMART SHOPPING For more information, please contact the respective sites directly.

Sweet Wines Get Their Due

Ask Scott Zoccolillo, wine director at Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, who has over 20 years of experience (and recent drinking buddy ofOlympian Johnny Weir). ‘Our second best-selling wine by the glass is actually a sweet wine,’ he explains further. Given that we are a steakhouse, Cabernet Sauvignon is unsurprisingly our most popular wine by the glass. Secondly, Brachetto, which is a red Italian grape that is essentially a red Moscato, is our most popular selling wine. It’s a good way to introduce people to the world of wine.

  1. According to a fantastic recent story inEdible Jersey, his observations are still relevant today.
  2. According to the survey results, 45% prefer semi-sweet wines, while 36% prefer dry wines.
  3. The grape varietals Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc, and Riesling are among Zoccolillo’s favorite sweet wine grapes because they grow well in Pennsylvania’s climate.
  4. Winemakers will find these grapes to be hardy in the field and exciting to work with in the winery.
  5. In Zoccolillo’s opinion, two of the best pairings for a sweet or off-dry wine are high-acid dishes (ceviche, salad with a particularly zippy vinaigrette) and sweet desserts.
  6. Here’s a key piece of advice for pairing wine and dessert: It is important to ensure that the wine is sweeter than the dish, or else the wine may taste bitter.
  7. The most exciting and well-made sweet wines have a high level of acidity to balance out the sweetness of the wine.

“It’s extremely palate-cleansing,” he continues.

Another reason why people enjoy dessert wines so much is the sensation they get when they drink them.

Sweet wines have a reputation for being inexpensive or poorly made in some circles.

The fact that these wines can frequently be found at a more affordable price point is due to the fact that they are generally less expensive to produce.

In addition, many sweet wines are sold immediately after fermentation in order to maximize their bright pop; the fact that they do not need to be stored and aged also helps to reduce costs.

The opposite is true as well: some of the most expensive and special wines in the world are actually sweet, such as Port-style wines and Ice Wines, which are produced only when the weather conditions are favorable and are hand-picked from grapes.

In fact, these sweet wines are among the few types of white wines that benefit from aging in the bottle or barrel.

In the end, whether you prefer sweet or dry wines, the most important thing to remember is to keep tasting. According to Zoccolillo, “don’t get stuck in your rut.” “Experience something different. “You might be surprised at how well you do.”

Here are some sweet wine grape varietals that thrive in Pennsylvania:

With subtle berry and fresh fruit flavors, Catawaba has a bright, silky finish that lasts for a long time. Flowers and subtle fruity overtones characterize Catawba wines created in the “methode Champenoise” — which makes sparkling wines similar to those developed in Ohio nearly 200 years ago — and are found in many of the region’s wines. CAYUGA: These white wines are crisp and fresh, with robust notes of lemon, apple, peach, grapefruit, and lemon. Cayuga is a region in New York State. Cayuga wines are sweeter and fuller-bodied when picked later in the fall, and they begin to show flavors of ripe pineapple, honey, and a trace of foxiness as the grapes ripen.

  1. It is also widely produced as a garden crop in the United States.
  2. Delaware Wines: The tastes of candied apples, strawberries, honey, and grapefruit are prominent in Delaware wines.
  3. (While we’re on the subject of perfume, Delaware is highly regarded as a table grape in South Korea and Japan, mostly because of its smell.) The wines have a medium body and a strong acidity, which serves to balance out any sweetness in the blend.
  4. Despite the fact that the flavor of that tropical fruit is acidic and vivid, the scent is a little milder, evoking fragrant rose and ripe pear.
  5. When it comes to flavor, the fresher tastes — lime and lemongrass — take center stage, despite the fact that the wines have a relatively low acidity.
  6. The aromas and flavors of this medium-bodied white wine are reminiscent of fresh grapes and tropical fruit, with a somewhat acidic finish.
  7. It boasts a clean, fruity, and lengthy aftertaste.
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When you open the bottle, you can expect to smell the scents of raspberry, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon, and chocolate sauce to greet you.

You may expect to find scents such as citrus, green apple (green apple juice), peach (apricot juice), mango (guava), honey (rose flower), cut green grass (cut green grass juice), and petrol in the usual tall, slim container.

With this variety, there is a lot of potential for experimentation among winemakers, since it may be produced into sparkling wine, matured in oak barrels, and blended with other grapes (often with Chardonnay).

These pink vintages have cherry tones with a hint of cinnamon in the background.

Traminette: Traminette, like its parent grape, Gewürztraminer, is a versatile and enticing grape variety.

The aroma of this cultivar is so unique that it just takes a single taste to get addicted to it.

When the wine is matured on wood, notes of orange peel, vanilla, and almond are introduced to the mix.

Vignoles: These wines, like other cold-weather whites, have a strong aromatic character.

Baked pineapple, ripe apple, and orange marmalade are some of the flavors that come to mind when it is semi-sweet.

Ice wine made from this variety is becoming increasingly popular.

Late-season The juice from Vignoles grapes is rich and honeyed, with a hint of sweetness and a backbone of acidity to keep everything in balance. The flavors of citrus, apricot, papaya, and, of course, pineapple can be found in this dessert wine, so be prepared to be surprised.

Altoona, PA Wine Selection SalesOak Spring Winery

With subtle berry and fresh fruit flavors, Catawaba has a bright, silky finish that lasts for a very long time. Flowers and subtle fruity overtones characterize Catawba wines created under the “methode Champenoise” — which makes sparkling wines similar to those produced in Ohio nearly 200 years ago. CAYUGA: These white wines are crisp and fresh, with robust notes of lemon, apple, peach, grapefruit, and lemon. Cayuga is a region in the United States. Cayuga wines are sweeter and fuller-bodied when picked later in the fall, and they begin to show flavors of ripe pineapple, honey, and a trace of foxiness as they mature in the barrel.

  • A large amount of it is also produced as a garden crop in large quantities.
  • Delaware: The tastes of candied apples, strawberries, honey, and grapefruit are prominent in Delaware wines.
  • (While we’re on the subject of scent, Delaware is highly appreciated as a table grape in South Korea and Japan, mostly because of its perfume.) The wines have a medium body and a strong acidity, which serves to balance out any sweetness in the grapes’ juice.
  • A fragrant rose and ripe pear are among the scents that come to mind when you think of that tropical fruit’s taste, which is tangy and sharp.
  • Even though the wines have a relatively low acidity, fresher tastes such as lime and lemongrass come to the fore when it comes to the taste.
  • Tasting flavors of fresh grapes and tropical fruit characterize this medium-bodied white, which finishes somewhat acidic.
  • Pure, fruity and with a lingering finish, this wine is a pleasure to drink.

When you open the bottle, you can expect to smell the scents of raspberry, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon, and chocolate sauce to fill the air with sweetness.

Citrus, green apple, peach, apricot, mango, guava, honey, rose flower, cut green grass, and petrol are just a few of the flavors that may be found in the conventional tall, slim bottle of cologne.

Because it can be produced into sparkling wine, matured in oak barrels, and blended, this variety offers a great deal of versatility to winemakers (often with Chardonnay).

Steuben: berry aromas, as well as hints of cinnamon, may be found in these pink vintages For fans of white zinfandel/blush who are looking for something different, Steuben is a terrific alternative.

With lychee, apricot, and honey notes, it has spicy and flowery scents as well as flavors of apricot, lychee, and honey.

The Vidal Blanc grape is named after the French word for white wine, Vidal, which means white.

Aromatic notes of orange peel, vanilla, and almond are brought into the mix after being aged in wood.

Wines made from Vignoles are exceptionally fragrant, as are many other cold-weather whites.

Baked pineapple, ripe apple, and orange marmalade come to mind when the flavor is semi-sweet.

With the growing popularity of ice wines, the variety is becoming increasingly popular.

Late-season The juice from Vignoles grapes is rich and honeyed, with a hint of sweetness and a backbone of acidity to keep it all in proportion. The flavors of citrus, apricot, papaya, and, of course, pineapple can be found in this dessert wine, so be prepared to be delighted.

Light and refreshing wHITE wines to clear your pallet

  • A dry white wine called Vidal Blanc Reserve, which costs $13.95. $14.95 for a Gewurztraminer with a spicy fragrant fragrance and a medium body
  • Riesling – $13.95, semi-dry with aromas of peach and apricot
  • $10.95 for Niagara, which has wine strong grape flavor and fragrance
  • Game Day White – $13.95, for times you want a Vidal Blanc that’s a bit more dry than usual.

Smooth and savory red wines to pair with dinner

  • $ 20.00 for Cabernet Sauvignon that is lightly oaked and full-bodied
  • Merlot – $20.00, smooth and full-bodied with a subtle wood flavor
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – $20.00
  • Harvest Red – $12.95, a full-bodied wine with scents of cherries and blackberries
  • Concord – $12.95, a semi-sweet red wine with a grape scent and taste, and a grape aroma and flavor

Beautiful and delicious rose wines to enjoy any time

  • Award-winning Steuben – $9.49
  • Lovely pink hue
  • Steuben is available in two sizes. A semi-dry Catawba blush wine (Horseshoe Curve, $12.95) is available. ‘Holiday’ is a $19.95 spiced concord blush that’s like Christmas in a bottle.

Flavorful fruit wines for dessert or to pair with something sweet

  • Strawberry and raspberry fruit wine ($15.95), a mix of the two fruits
  • Pennsylvania fruit wine (sweet) with peaches – $15.95, Best in Show Pennsylvania fruit wine
  • Apples with cinnamon in a spiced apple sauce for $13.95. $16.95 for a glass of fresh and unique cranberry wine that is semi-sweet and pleasant to enjoy
  • Fermented, vine-ripened, whole blueberries are used to make the Blueberry ice cream ($19.95). Blackberry – $19.95, which is made entirely of Blackberry
  • A combination of cherry wine and all-natural chocolate for $19.95
  • Sweet Apple – $17.95, made entirely of apples harvested in the local area
  • Berry Sweet Cranberry – $19.95, ice-style Cranberry Wine
  • Cranberry – $19.95

The biggest wine tasting room in the state of Pennsylvania is located here, and we produce over 6,500 cases of wine annually for your enjoyment. Get in touch with Oak Spring Winery now at 814-946-3799 to take advantage of our 10% OFF wine cases promotion, or visit our website for more information about our wine tasting events or about Oak Spring Winery in general.


Take 10% discount when you purchase a case of wine in bulk.

Private Wine Tasting Parties

The party will be held in our tasting room, which is the largest in Pennsylvania. Capable of dealing with groups of any size!

award winning wines

Your taste buds will be delighted by the flavor of our award-winning wines, and your nose will be delighted by the powerful fragrances.

spacious wine shop

After your tour and tasting, you can purchase some of our great wine to take home and share with your friends and family.

Home Brewing Shop

Everything you’ll need for winemaking, as well as a few beer-brewing materials.

Wines from Glatz Wine Cellars

This rich, dry red table wine created from Lemberger grapes has a robust, peppery scent and a silky finish, making it a good match for Merlot in terms of strength. Its vivacious personality will go well with spicy cuisine and substantial red meat dishes alike. $18.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

With its peppery fragrance, firm tannins, and earthy black berry taste, this wine has a substantial body to match its full-bodied character. Serve it with red meats, fresh fruit, and light cheeses to round off your meal. $16.00 Malbec All items have been sold. This dry full-bodied wine has soft tannins, gentle acidity, and a smokey finish, and its powerful dark fruit tones of tart currant, plum, and black cherry complement the wine’s dry full-bodied style. Serve it at a temperature slightly below room temperature with a nice steak or other red meat of your choosing to complete the meal.

AmethystSold Out

This silky smooth, rich, lingering red wine created from Frontenac grapes is refreshingly dry with a rich, lingering aftertaste. Amethyst is a purple form of quartz that is regarded to be the stone of royalty. It is said to have the ability to banish evil ideas, increase intelligence, and aid in meditation. It will not only pair well with red meats and pasta, but it will also pair well with Cajun, Mexican, and Thai cuisines as well. $14.00 Tanzanite All items have been sold. Featuring overtones of cherry and raspberry, this pale-red wine created from the Fredonia grape is palatable and delightful.

Tanzanite is referred to be a “Stone of Magic” in Celtic mythology, and it is believed to provide the perfect symmetry of human strength and actualization.

It goes well with grilled meats, strong cheeses, pasta dishes, and pizza wings, making it the ideal picnic wine.

$10.00 Pearl with a rosy tinge Beautifully colored in pink coral, this wine has a fresh, soothing scent that is complemented by subtle floral notes. Barbecue and this excellent blended wine go along like peanut butter and jelly! Pearls are known as the “Queen of Gems” or the “Queen of Gems.” $12.00


This is a sweet, but well-balanced red wine with a big mouth feel, a prominent fragrance, and a taste reminiscent of freshly picked concord grapes, according to the winemaker. According to mythology, Noah hung a big Garnet in the Ark to serve as a light source. Nighttime guidance and protection from nightmares are claimed to be provided by this crystal. In addition, the Egyptians believed that garnet had a unique connection with the blood. It is ideally served as a “Aperitif,” with salty cheese, appetizers, salads, and lighter fare, such as sandwiches.

Our Blackberry Wine, often known as “PennsylvaniaBlack Gold,” has a deep, rich color and a taste that is unmatched.

It goes nicely with a variety of foods like chocolate, fruit, and cheese.



Fresh Concord grapes are used to make this sweet, yet well-balanced red wine. It has a large mouth feel, unique scent, and flavor that reminds you of fresh concord grapes. According to mythology, Noah hung a big Garnet in the Ark to serve as an illuminated vessel. Nighttime guidance and protection from nightmares are claimed to be provided by this stone. Also believed to have a unique connection with the blood was garnet, according to the ancient Egyptians. Serving it with salty cheese, appetizers, salads, and lighter fare makes it a great “Aperitif.” $12.00 ​Raspberry Traditionally recognized for its blood and digestive system-healing properties, the blackberry is a superfood packed with minerals and antioxidants that may be consumed in large quantities.

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Despite the sweetness of the wine, it retains the tartness of the cherry.

Allow to cool before serving.


In this crisp, dry white wine with a golden hue, the flavor is reminiscent of pears, which represents the richness of the Edelweiss grape’s flavor. Seafood, poultry, and chocolate are all excellent pairings. $14.00


Featuring subtle citrus notes, this lovely, smooth and traditional German-style white wine is off-dry and delectable. Fruits and desserts go well with seafood, pig, spicy meals, and other sweet dishes. $16.00

Turn on some Barry White and inhale the rich scent of vine-ripened grapes combined with a rush of chocolate in this deliciously rich, sweet, and velvety delicacy that will be sure to brighten your spirits no matter what the weather is like.

If you want to serve it cold, pair it with chicken and mole sauce, a snack of spicy dried sausage and smoked Gouda, or even a chocolate fondue. A decent movie and a bowl of popcorn will also do the trick! Chocolate was referred to be “food of the gods” by the Mayans. $16.00


A feast for the eyes, ears, and taste buds! Featuring a robust grape taste and perfume that will transport you back in time to your backyard grape arbor, this lovely white Niagara wine is delightfully refreshing and mildly sweet. This is a fantastic wine for sipping on a casual basis. The name “Topaz” comes from the Greek word “to shine,” which means “to light brightly.” The ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone provided them with strength and healing properties. Additionally, it was said to calm tempers, cure sleeplessness, and help people regain their sanity.

  1. $10.00Diamond Diamond, like its name suggests, is a rare pleasure, and it is renowned for its beautifully fragrant properties, as well as its rarity.
  2. Diamonds have long been associated with eternal love, purity, and trust, owing to the outstanding physical attributes of hardness and beauty that they possess.
  3. $10.00Voted “Best of the Valley” by the community Beaver County is located in Pennsylvania.
  4. To come to a halt, press and release the enter key.

Wines – Christian W. Klay Winery

BLANC DE LAFAYETTE® is a flowery, light-bodied dry white wine with a floral bouquet. Unlike SAUVIGNON BLANC, this wine has a lovely citrus aroma that lingers on the palate. White – $18.00 (plus tax and shipping). This diamond-brilliant, buttery, dry CHARDONNAY is great for pairing with meals of fish and poultry, apples, and any cheese you can think of. FORT NECESSITY®– White – $18.00 (plus tax and shipping). NORTON– A lovely, gently oaked, smooth, dry red wine created from Norton grapes that is a pleasure to drink.

This medium-bodied dry red wine, soft and round in texture with a black cherry scent, complements beef, game, and lamb dishes.

Red – $20.00 (including tax).


BUTTERSCOTCH CHARDONNAY® — A semi-dry, barrel-aged Chardonnay with caramel and vanilla flavors, as well as a butterscotch finish, produced by the Butterscotch Chardonnay Company. White – $22.00 (including tax). WASHINGTON TAVERNWHITE® is a semi-dry German style white wine that goes well with poultry, fish, cheese, and fruit, among other things. White – $14.00 (plus tax). Similar to BEAUJOLAIS, WASHINGTON TAVERN RED® is a fruity, medium-bodied semi-dry red wine that pairs particularly well with pasta dishes, veal, venison, and dry Italian cheeses.

Price: $16.00 for red. THE WINE WITH THE NEMACOLIN CASTLE® NAME– The wine with the NEMACOLIN CASTLE® name is semi-dry, dazzling in clarity, and has a trace of violets in its bouquet. Riesling and Gewurztraminer are similar in style to this semi-dry white wine. White – $14.00 (plus tax).


In this semi-sweet white wine, the fruit undertones of the summer’s abundance are nuanced and rich, yet the wine is delicate and elegant. Pair with semi-soft cheeses and fresh fruit for a delicious meal. White – $16.00 (plus tax and shipping). With a hint of tropical fruits, the FAYETTE SPRINGS WHITE® is a semi-sweet white wine with a hint of tropical fruits. White – $14.00 (plus tax). SUNSET® CHESTNUT RIDGE® – This delicate, semi-sweet crimson blush with a hint of cherry scent pairs well with a broad variety of dishes in the manner of WHITE ZINFANDEL.

  1. Stony House Red® (also known as LAMBRUSCO)– A semi-sweet rose’ with a rich fruity scent and flavor that is ideal for Spanish and Asian cuisine, cheese platters, or simply for a peaceful time.
  2. COLD OR OVER CRUSHED ICE – RASPBERRYFROST® is a dessert style, semi-sweet blush wine with a rich raspberry taste that pairs well with Asian food, mild cheese, and other desserts.
  3. Try sprinkling it on top of a slice of watermelon!
  4. The spiced apple is semi-sweet and delicious served over crushed ice or cooked with a cinnamon stick in a crockpot.
  5. Fruit costs $18.00 per pound.
  6. Fruit is $22,00 in price.


Infused with a taste of black cherries, this sparkling sweet wine refreshes the palate with a rush of grape flavor and a burst of fizz. Pour over vanilla ice cream for a delicious float! Keep your cool! Price: $22.00 for red. LAVENDER MIST® is a semi-sweet white wine that is infused with our culinary lavender. It is a sparkling semi-sweet white wine. Keep your cool! White – $22.00 (including tax). TWELVE SPRINGS PEACH® is a sparkling sweet peach dessert wine that may be enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite dessert for a special occasion.

Fruit costs $22.00 per pound (Sold out) A sparkling sweet/tart seasonal dessert wine created entirely from Cranberry fruit, Cranberry Crinkle® is a favorite among wine enthusiasts.

Fruit costs $22.00 per pound.

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ If you live outside of Pennsylvania, you can place your purchase here.

Pennsylvania Wine Trail Tasting Notes

Infused with a taste of black cherries, this bubbly sweet wine refreshes the tongue with a blast of grape flavor and a rush of effervescent. Make a delicious float by mixing it with vanilla ice cream. Relax and enjoy yourself. Red – $22.00 (plus tax and shipping). Infused with our culinary lavender, LAVENDER MIST® white wine is a sparkling semi-sweet white wine with a crisp finish. Relax and enjoy yourself. White – $22.00 (plus tax and shipping). PEACH DESSERT WINE FROM TWELVE SPRINGS®– A sparkling sweet peach dish wine that may be enjoyed on its own or served with your favorite dessert.

Fruit is $22.00, while vegetables are $15.00.

Relax and enjoy yourself. Fruit is $22.00, while vegetables are $15.00. You may place an order by calling 724.439.3424 if you reside in Pennsylvania. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ When ordering from a location outside of Pennsylvania, go here. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

Nissley VineyardsWinery Estate

The address is 140 Vintage Dr.Bainbridge, PA 17502-9357, and the phone number is 717-426-3514. Rhapsody in Blue (Rhapsody in Blue) A semi-dry combination of vidal and cayuga grapes is used to make this wine. In celebration of our Saturday evening lawn concerts, we named the park after them. Black Raspberry is a kind of raspberry that is black in color. An award-winning sweet wine that just took home two gold medals at the Pennsylvania Wine Competition. Cabernet Franc is a red wine made from the grape Cabernet Franc.

Reid’s Orchard and Winery

Phone: 717-677-7466Address: 2135 Buchanan Valley RoadOrrtanna, PA 17353-9213Phone: 717-677-7466 Skins treated with Zinc A red Zinfandel made with double the amount of skins used in a conventional zinfandel. A robust, full-bodied, hefty flavour with a touch of raspberries in the background. It goes nicely with grilled meats and game meats. Blueberry Wine from Union Blues Created entirely from blueberries, this wine has gained popularity among both fruit wine and dry red wine connoisseurs for its unique flavor.

It’s a great pairing with chocolate.

Tamanend Winery

The address is 759 Flory Mill Rd.Lancaster, PA 17601-3251 and the phone number is 717-560-94632008. Altissimo This full-bodied red wine from Tamanend Winery, created in the traditional way, is the pinnacle of what the winery has to offer in terms of traditionally fashioned red wines. Altissimo, the name of a red rose, is used to describe a superb wine that has been specially created for our clients. With a deep maroon color and several layers of fruit flavors and a rich texture that are “hidden” in the bottle, this Bordeaux-style wine is a must-try.

  1. After that, you will be rewarded with these complex tastes and aromas that will billow out of the glass in front of you.
  2. The flavors of red currants and black berries remain on the palate after the wine has been consumed.
  3. Patriot is the only wine that is made all year long since it is a good time to be a Patriot at any time of the year.
  4. The first flavor is of blueberries, but after a few sips, the red raspberries come to the forefront.
  5. Cocktail with Margarita Wine A classic Margarita is created with fresh lime juice, tequila, and other flavors, and our Margarita is produced in a similar way to those ingredients.
  6. We believe this is the actual original Margarita, because ancient peoples were aware of fermentation before they were aware of distillation.

Not sweet, it’s refreshingly light and incredibly smooth, and it’s available in two sizes: in bottles and as a three-liter bag in a box (shown). It’s like having a party in a box.

Buy Dessert Wine from Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria MN — Carlos Creek Winery

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Our beloved Tawny Port has been reintroduced! Our port wine is produced in the traditional manner and is matured in oak barrels for a minimum of three years. We next strengthen our wine with grape spirits that have been steeped in chocolate, raisins, and coconut, imparting rich, but not excessively sweet, characteristics to the finished product. This wine is great for those chilly winter nights or for summer evenings spent relaxing on your porch. Pairs well with dark chocolate and bleu cheese, among other things.


The result is a rich, fruit-forward dessert port wine created from delicious, unaged red wine and grape spirits. Made in the typical red port style with Minnesota grapes, this port is delicious. This port is bursting at the seams with the tastes of fresh berries and a touch of cinnamon. This is a fantastic dessert wine to enjoy after a heavy dinner. It goes perfectly with milk chocolate and mild cheeses such as havarti, among other things!


A nicely balanced dessert wine with qualities that are akin to those of a “ice wine.” Made with Vidal Blanc grapes imported from New York, which happens to be the country’s most productive ice wine producing region. Smooth notes of apricot and honeysuckle are followed by sparkling notes of meyer lemon and honey at the end of the fragrance’s progression. Enjoy with a light dessert of fresh cheeses or a dish that is heavy on the honey and cinnamon. If you’ve previously had a substantial meal, try it as a lighter dessert on its own!

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The following is a comprehensive list of our wine offerings. From sugar-free dry to dessert sweet, you’re sure to find a favorite among the many options. Prices may differ depending on where you are.

The Best Wine in Pennsylvania!

When we first began making wine for our friends and family more than 10 years ago, it was just as a recreational activity. The farm and the winemaking environment have provided us with a chance to refine our abilities throughout the years. When we discover that our tiny pastime has blossomed into a huge passion and a profitable business, we have to pinch ourselves a little bit more. Occasionally, it takes a life-changing experience for us to recognize exactly how far we have come. One of those occasions occurred recently at the American Wine Society Conference, when we discovered that three of our wines had been recognized with honors, including one for having the finest wine in the state of Pennsylvania!

Bliss (Dry)

  • Produced with Vidal Blanc grapes and aged in wood barrels
  • Citrus and melon notes are present
  • Finish with a dry, crisp feel
  • This wine goes nicely with shellfish. It’s best served slightly cold.

Aurore (Semi-Dry)

  • The flavor is crisp and fruity, with hints of citrus and green apple. This wine goes nicely with white fish and mild cheeses
  • Serve it slightly chilled.

Mountain Goat White (Semi-Sweet)

  • The wine is made from Cayuga grapes and is light and fruity. Excellent wine for sipping
  • Best served cold, this wine goes nicely with chicken, white fish, and cheesecake.

Niagara (Sweet)

  • Niagara grapes are used to make this wine, which is also known as “White Concord.” Deliciously sweet and fruity
  • Excellent as a sipping wine
  • Goes nicely with fresh fruit or sweets
  • Best served cold.

Wild Mountain Rose (Semi-Dry)

  • Unoaked CatawbaBaco Noir mix
  • CatawbaBaco Noir blend Serve with grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, or fish for a delicious meal. It’s best served slightly cold.

First Blush (Semi-Sweet)$17.99

  • This wine is made from the Catawba grape and goes well with desserts like strawberry cheesecake. When served with ham or turkey and cranberry sauce, it is particularly delicious. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Passion (Dry)

  • Made from a combination of Chambourcin grapes
  • A dry red wine that has not been aged
  • Finished in a smooth manner
  • When served with spaghetti and red sauce, it is really delicious. Ideally, it should be served at room temperature.

Petite Pearl (Dry)

  • A mix of Chambourcin grapes is used to create this wine. a dry red wine that hasn’t been soaked with tannins. Final result is smooth
  • With spaghetti and red sauce, this dish is delicious. Ideally, normal temperature should be used

Noiret (Dry)

  • Between a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Oak-aged
  • When served at room temperature, it goes particularly well with steak or smoked gouda.

Timeless (Dry)

  • Oak-aged, between a Shiraz and a Cabernet. When served at room temperature, it goes particularly well with steak and smoked gouda.

Fruition (Semi-Dry)

  • This sauce has a perfect balance of flavors and goes well with pulled pork, pizza, or steak. This recipe makes a refreshing summer sangria. Mulled wine is made with this recipe and is wonderful in the winter. Serve either slightly cold or at room temperature, as desired.

Split Rail Red (Sweet)

  • It goes nicely with a smoked cheddar burger or steak and is made from a blend of three Pennsylvania grapes. Allow to sit at room temperature or slightly cold

Mountain Goat Red (Sweet)

  • The wine is made from Concord grapes and is fruity
  • It goes nicely with chocolate wrapped strawberries or chocolate cake and is best served cold.

Bliss Bubbly (Dry)

  • Produced from Vidal Blanc grapes, with citrus and melon notes. The finish is crisp and dry. The perfect accompaniment to toast – best enjoyed cold

LaCrescent (Dry)

  • Apricot, peach, and green apple flavors abound in this wine made with LaCrescent grapes. The perfect accompaniment to toast – best enjoyed cold
  • The American Wine Society has awarded it a Silver Medal.

Blush Bubbly (Semi-Sweet)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon and Cayuga grapes are blended together to make this wine. A lovely pink hue
  • It is bright and delicious
  • It is not too dry. This dessert is not too sweet and is best served cold.

Black Magic

  • Made from Foch grapes and aged in oak barrels in the style of tawny port
  • Fortified with Randy’s Brandy. 20 percent by volume of alcoholic beverages

Red Rapture

  • Wine made from Foch grapes that has been aged in oak in the style of tawny port
  • Fortified with Randy’s Brandy containing 20% by volume of ethanol

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The Wineries & Vineyards Trail of Greater Philadelphia

Bishop Estate Vineyard & Winery, which debuted near Perkasie in 2017 and offers 16 distinct varieties of wine, is a newcomer to the area. Visitor may have a glass of cabernet sauvignon aged in whiskey barrels or a fermented Niagara grape wine made with cranberry juice while wandering around the farm, which has been in the Bishop family for more than a hundred years. —Photo courtesy of E. Frizzelle for Visit Philadelphia. The family-owned company has been in operation for more than 50 years. In addition to being one of the state’s oldest agricultural vineyards, Buckingham Valley Vineyards Winery is also the only winery in Bucks County that produces Methode Champenoise sparkling wine.

On the 40-acre estate, which includes picnic sites and other amenities, there is a homey atmosphere.

Continue reading—Photo courtesy of Visit Philadelphia Crossing Vineyards and Winery, which has a facility and grounds on a 200-year-old estate less than a mile from the spot where George Washington crossed the Delaware River in 1776, takes pride in producing restrained, European-style wines that have garnered more than 250 awards since its founding in 1996.

  1. Private parties, weddings, summer concerts, wine education activities, and unique happenings for singles, wine virgins, and others are held at the winery on a regular basis.
  2. Visitors visiting the estate are welcome to sample the winery’s reds, whites, fruit wines, and speciality wines, which include chocolate orange port and Cappavino, which tastes like espresso.
  3. Ed and Lisa, a husband and wife partnership, bought 22 acres in central Bucks County in 1986 and planted an acre of French-American hybrid grapes and native grapes on the property.
  4. Today, the winery is supported by more than a dozen distinct varietals, as well as a port that is made in the traditional manner.
  5. The site, which overlooks the Delaware River, has a cliff-side castle, which holds a 7,000-square-foot basement, where all of the winemaking takes place.
  6. There are two additional Taste sites, in Phoenixville and Warrington, that provide meals to go with their wine by the glass selection.
  7. A small parcel of land adjacent to the barn is home to winemaker Richard Adamek, who attended winemaking school in the former Czechoslovakia and grows his European grapes there.
  8. In 1965, the estate began manufacturing sod.

Landenberg’s1723 Vineyards, which is located on extensive territory that was originally partially owned by Benjamin Franklin, is operated by Sarah and Ben Cody, who are fifth-generation farmers from the Midwest.

  • Cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, vidal blanc, sauvignon blanc, and other varieties that flourish in the Mid-Atlantic region are among the Codys’ specialties, as is chardonnay.
  • Throughout the year, both Black Walnut’s vineyard and its offsite tasting room in downtown Phoenixville offer a variety of events, including live music, at their respective locations.
  • Fusco photographed this scene for Visit Philadelphia.
  • There is a tasting area adjacent to the fermentation chamber, as well as a terrace overlooking the chardonnay vineyard, where you may sample the wines.
  • Makioffers samples of sparkling wine by the glass in its attractive tasting area, as well as chardonnays, Gewürztraminers, Syrahs, and ice wine, among other varietals.
  • He has been making wine ever since.
  • During the summer and fall, a music series is held in the tasting room of this winery.
  • Paradocx Vineyard, which is nestled among rolling hills and produces dozens of wines, employs grapes cultivated on the property.

Stargazers Vineyard and Winery, owned and maintained by Alice and John Weygandt, is located on the Brandywine River near the Stargazers Stone, where Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon utilized celestial navigation to map the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland in the 18th century.

  • Stargazers is a seasonal winery that allows guests to roam through its vineyards and into its production facility.
  • Solar panels and tasting room floors made from locally harvested trees are among the many environmentally friendly features of the facility.
  • read more — Image courtesy of Steve Belkowitz is an American businessman and philanthropist.
  • Winemaker Anthony Vietri divides his little vineyard into four plots, each of which he co-cultivates with the earth and allows the land to choose what the grapes produce.
  • Despite the fact that their wines are primarily of European origin, they do produce Carmine, a deep red variety that was established on North American soils.
  • TheDelaware Countywinery, which is nestled among the rolling hills of the Brandywine Valley between Longwood Gardens and theBrandywine River Museum of Art, conducts wine-and-food pairings, live music events, and tastings in addition to offering tours and tastings.

Grace Winery and Sweetwater Farms are located on 50 acres in Delaware County, along the Brandywine Valley wine trail.

  1. The picturesque site, which includes a vineyard, winery, and inn, accommodates overnight guests in its Manor House and cottages and invites visitors inside a refurbished 1750 bank barn that has been transformed into a winery, tasting area, and event space.
  2. Gino Razzi, a former wine importer and Abruzzese winemaker, has more than 40 years of expertise in the wine industry.
  3. Visitors may sample his products in the tasting room, shop for locally sourced honey, chocolate, and candles in the gift store, and practice yoga in the winery’s vineyard.
  4. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own food to eat while sampling classic reds and whites, semi-sweet whites, blushes, and fruity wines, all of which are available on the patio and in the winebar.

A visit to Boyd’s Cardinal Hollow Winery will provide customers with the opportunity to try more than 25 different wines, some of which contain odd ingredients such as mango, spiced strawberry, agave nectar, and cranberry.

Hazelnut port, jalapeno wine, and whiskey mead are among the favorites among open-minded oenophiles.

At this vineyard on the border of Bucks and Montgomery counties, making wines from Pennsylvania-grown fruit and French-American hybrid grapes is a family affair.

The location provides live bands, yoga classes, and other activities in a dairy barn built in 1856.

City Winery, Philadelphia’s first urban winery, is located in the Fashion District of Center City and provides tours, tastings, and live music.

The winery has additional sites in different cities around the United States.

Explore Wine Trails in Philadelphia’s Surrounding Counties

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