How To Make Pigtail Buns

Two Buns Are Better Than One: Double Bun Hair Tutorial

As we all know, two buns are always preferable to one, which is why today’s DIY hair lesson is a double bun! Despite the fact that this hairstyle is a little more whimsical than others, it is also really utilitarian due to the fact that it is extremely secure. So you could wear it for a casual day with friends or something more active like doing errands, exercising, or playing double dutch with a group of pals. Put yourself in touch with your inner Miley Cyrus with this 5-minute double bun DIY.

How to achieve the look.

Lightly tease each ponytail and then wrap each pigtail into a bun and fix it in place with bobby pins.

Pull pieces out slightly that appear to be being pulled tightly in the bun and fix them with hair pins to hold them in place in order to make each bun a bit broader.

Amelia Tatnall is a model represented by Rachel Brewer.

For anyone wondering why today’s hair tutorial appears to be familiar, it’s because I gave you a sneak peak at it when I posted thesunny striped DIY nailstutorial a few of weeks ago.

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How to Do Space Buns

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation The ultimate updo if you’re searching for something a little more out of this world than a ponytail or a top knot, space buns are the way to go. Space buns are casual, fun, and fashionable, and they look excellent whether you’re attending a music festival or watching Star Wars with your buddies. Seeing as it appears that space buns will not be departing our planet anytime soon, we’ve put together this guide to walk you through the process of making space buns from scratch.

Don’t be concerned; making space buns isn’t rocket science at all.

  1. Using a comb, brush your hair and part it down the center. Comb your hair until it’s smooth and free of knots or tangles, then style it as desired. And make a center part for your hair, use the handle of a rat-tail comb to run it down the middle of your head from your forehead to your nape
  2. 2 Make two pigtails in a row. Choose whether you want them to be high on the top of your head or low on each side of your nape—experiment to find out what works best for you. Smooth down the hair that will be pulled into the pigtails so that they are smooth and neat when they are finished. Hair ties in the color of your hair should be used to secure the pigtails.
  • Allow a few strands around your forehead to hang free for a smoother finish.
  • 3 Tease your pigtails if you want to add additional volume to your look. Start by lifting up your first pigtail and combing it a few times, starting at the tips and working your way down to the end of the hair tie. This should be done with the second pigtail as well. If you have thin hair, this is a fantastic idea since it will make your hair look thicker and result in larger space buns at the end of the day.
  • If you like, you may wrap three-combhair extensions around the base of your pigtails as an alternative option. This will assist you in getting a bit greater volume
  • 4Make your initial pigtail into a rope by twisting it over itself. Take one of your pigtails and twist it away from your face, forming a rope around your neck. The tighter you twist the rope, the sleeker and smaller your bun will come out
  • 5Circle the rope into a bun and secure it with a hair band to keep it from falling down. Wrap the rope around the base of the pigtail to secure it in place. To avoid damaging your face, wrap the scarf away from you rather than towards it. Tuck the end of your hair into the bun, and then wrap another hair tie around the base of the bun
  • 5 To make the second bun, repeat the procedure. Twist the second pigtail into a rope, then wrap it into a bun to finish it off. Secure the bun with a hair tie after tucking the ends of the rope under it 7 Make any necessary adjustments to your buns. Here’s where you may let your imagination run wild. Using your fingers, gently tug on the outside edges of the buns to loosen the strands if you want them to be messier or more voluminous. To add even more volume to your buns, gently tug on the hair that is being pulled into them to loosen it up. Consider the hair on the top of your head and the sides of your head
  • If you accidentally left strands out of your buns, straightening them with a flat iron may be an option. Allowing them to have a wispier appearance by bending the iron towards your face rather than straight down
  1. 8Spray the space buns with hairspray to hold them in place. If your buns are feeling a little loose, use bobby pins to hold them in place. You can use as many bobby pins as you need. To finish your look, spritz it with hairspray and let it to dry.
  1. 1Brush your hair and then make a center part with it. Make sure your hair is lovely and silky by combing it. The handle of a rat-tail comb may be used to create a center part in the midst of your hairstyle. Begin at the top of your head and work your way down to the nape of your neck. Using your left half of your hair, drape it over your left shoulder, and your right half over your right shoulder
  2. 2 Pull one-half of your hair up into a loose bun to keep it off of your face and out of your way. Take the right part of your hair and bind it up with a hair tie to keep it in place. You can wear your hair in a loose bun or even pigtails. This is irrelevant
  3. The aim is to keep this part of your hair out of your way while you work on the other half. 3 On the left side of your head, pull your hair into a half-up ponytail. Create a horizontal portion on the left side of your head, about at the level of your eyebrows. Make a center part in the rear of your head, beginning at the hairline and finishing at the center part in the front of your head. Organize the hair above the part into a high ponytail and tie it off with a hair knot.
  • If you want to wear your ponytail on the top-side of your head, rather than the back-center of your head, do so like a dog ear.
  • 4If wanted, tease your ponytail a little. Because you will be dealing with less hair than you would while constructing a standard space bun, it would be a good idea to tease your ponytail a bit before you start working. Backcomb your ponytail towards the hair knot with a brush after lifting strands of hair from your ponytail
  • 5 Twist the ponytail into a bun and bind it with a hair tie to finish the look. To begin, twist the ponytail away from your face to form a rope with your hair. After that, coil the rope around the base of the ponytail to form a bun with the hair. Tuck the ends of the rope beneath the bun and secure it with a hair tie at the base
  • If you twist the space bun tightly enough, it will become smaller and sleeker in appearance.
  • 6Untie the temporary bun from the other side and repeat the process on the opposite side. Return your attention to the right side of your head and remove the loose, temporary bun you formed previously. Create a second half-up ponytail, tease it, and then wrap it into a bun for another look. Another hair tie should be used to secure the bun. 7 If you like, you can tease the remainder of your hair. You are not have to do this, but it is a fantastic way to complete the vintage 90s style in your wardrobe. Alternative: If your buns are beautiful and smooth, you may straighten the remainder of your hair instead.
  • Even more volume may be achieved by loosening the hair that is being pulled into the buns. During this stage, you should concentrate on the sides and top of your head
  • It is fine if the section in the back-center of your head disappears. You don’t require it any more
  1. Finish by misting the space buns with hairspray after you’ve made any last adjustments. If your buns are feeling a little loose, use bobby pins to bind them to your hair. Once you’re satisfied with the overall appearance, softly spritz your hair with hairspray to finish it off. Allow the hairspray to dry completely before heading out
  1. Using a comb, brush your hair and part it down the center. Make sure your hair is lovely and silky by brushing it out. With the handle of a rat-tail comb, part your hair along the center from your forehead to your nape
  2. 2 Pull your hair into two pigtails and knot them together using hair ties to finish the look. Here’s where you may let your imagination run wild. It’s possible to wear two high pigtails at the crown of your head, or two low pigtails at the base of your neck. In order to get a Princess Leia-inspired style, you can even put the pigtails on the sides of your head, just over your ears.
  • If you’re looking for something a little more complicated, consider half-up pigtails.
  • 3 Braid the pigtails and bind them with clear hair elastics to complete the look. The initial pigtail should be divided into three equal sections. Cross the left and right sections over the central strand to form the braid. Once you’ve used up all of your hair, bind the braid with a clear hair elastic wrapped around the end of it. Repeat this procedure with the other pigtail as well.
  • Instead, a 2-strand rope braid can be used to create a more distinctive design. This method is very effective for natural hair.
  • Instead, a 2-strand rope braid can be used to create a more distinctive effect. If you have natural hair, this is very effective.
  • If you used a 2-strand rope braid, you may skip this step. It is important not to pull too hard or the braid will come undone.
  • 5 Tie the braids into buns and fasten them with hair ties to keep them in place. Pick up the left braid and wrap it around the hair tie to form a bun on the top of your head. Tuck the braid’s end beneath the bun, and then wrap another hair tie around the bun’s base. Repeat with the other braid. Then repeat the process for the other braid.
  • If you want to make a regular bun, do not twist the braids into a rope like you would for that.
  • 6 Make any necessary adjustments to your hair, then spritz it with hairspray. If your buns are feeling a little loose, pin them down along the side borders to the rest of your hair, using as many bobby pins as necessary. As soon as you are satisfied with the appearance of your space buns, spritz them with hairspray and allow the hairspray to dry
  • Straightening the remainder of your hair for a smoother look is recommended if you wore braided half-up buns.

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  • QuestionWhat should I do if I have really curly hair? Straightening procedures that do not require heat are available (check out How toStraighten Your Hair Without Heat). In fact, I believe that messier, curlier buns look better than perfectly straight ones. I’ve seen folks with really curly hair pull it off without having to straighten their hair beforehand. In the event that it is really difficult to create an even part or to get the hair to twist, dry the hair rather than leaving it moist. Question How can I accomplish this with hair that is prone to tangling? There are a plethora of solutions available to help you untangle your hair. Aside than that, I recommend moving extremely slowly and gently, combing your hair and untangling any tangles as you go
  • Question Is it possible to braid the pigtail instead of twisting it? Certainly, braid the ponytails, then wrap them around like buns and put them in place with bobby pins
  • Question What is the best way to get my hair straight without brushing it too hard? Mackenzie RomeroAnswer from the Community You may always use a straightener, but be sure to maintain the heat on a low setting. It is not required to be perfectly straight. If it doesn’t function on low, try increasing the volume one notch. Question What is the best way to make bigger buns? Making the buns looser will make them look larger, and this is something you can do
  • Question Is it still possible for me to do it if I have really long hair? EmmaLee HudginsAnswer from the Community Yes, it is possible. They may appear larger, though, depending on how tightly you twist or braid your hair
  • Question What can I do to make them seem more even? Make sure your middle parting is equal and straight. As a last suggestion, I’d suggest utilizing a large number of bobby pins and beginning by placing them in pigtails. Question Is it possible to accomplish this with short hair? It is recommended to use low buns instead of high buns if the length of your hair is insufficient to reach high up onto your head
  • Question How can I make them even and ensure that they don’t wriggle around? Use bobby pins to keep them from wriggling, and if you don’t have any bobby pins, use more hair ties to keep them in place. Take your hair and equally divide it down the center, using the middle hair line, to get an even distribution. Question Is it still possible to do space buns if my hair is barely up to my shoulders? A half-up, half-down style, as seen in part 2, should be doable with your current amount of hair.

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  • Make the space buns as clean and elegant as you like, or as loose and sloppy as you want
  • The choice is yours. Make some streaks in your hair with hair chalk before you begin to give it a more vivid appearance.

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Things You’ll Need

  • Hairbrush, rat-tail comb, four hair ties, Bobby pins, hairspray
  • Hairbrush, rat-tail comb, four hair ties, Bobby pins, hairspray
  • Hairbrush, rat-tail comb, 4 hair ties, 2 clear hair elastics, Bobby pins, hairspray, and a hair tie holder

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Summary of the ArticleXTo style your hair into space buns, part your hair down the center. Then, using hair ties, knot each part of your hair into a pigtail on the other side. Twist one of the pigtails with both hands to make it a little more secure. You will achieve smaller and firmer space buns if you twist your hair in a tighter manner. Continue wrapping the twisted hair around the base of the pigtail many times until you have around 4 inches (10 cm) of hair remaining. Put the end of your pigtail below the bun you’ve just created, and secure the bun by putting a bobby pin in the end of your hair where it tucks under the bun and through the bun.

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Finally, spritz your space buns with hairspray to ensure that they stay in place throughout the day.

Continue reading for more information, including instructions on how to create braided space buns. Did you find this overview to be helpful? The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 552,003 times.

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After all, why limit yourself to one bun when you could have two buns? Space buns are another term for the two bun hairstyle that was made popular by Star Wars heroine Princess Leia (therefore the other common name for the hairstyle: space buns). After then, it became fashionable in the 1990s thanks to celebrities such as the Spice Girls and Gwen Stefani (during herNo Doubtdays). Fast forward to the present day, and this haircut can be found pretty much anywhere—from festivals to your local streets to the red carpet and runway, and everywhere in between.

the festival hair queen!) to demonstrate how to get them.

First, we’ll have a look at what to do.

Divide your hair into two sections.

Begin by dividing your hair (down the center) into two equal portions with a comb or your fingers, then styling them as desired. Next, bind each portion into two low ponytails using hairbands to complete the look. To make your double low buns seem especially smooth and sleek, apply a serum such as theTONI GUY Shine Gloss Serum to help slick down any flyaways and give shine to your hair. Step No. 2

Tease and twist your pigtail.

It’s now time to get down to business! Take your first ponytail and gently twist it all the way down to the end of your hair. Repeat with your second ponytail. Step number three.

Create a bun.

To make a bun form, begin by wrapping your hair around the base of the ponytail and continuing to wrap until you have a bun shape. Once you’ve achieved the desired shape, pin it in place with as many bobby pins as necessary to keep the style in place. Step number four.

Create your second bun.

To construct your second bun, tease and twist your second ponytail like you did with the first. Step number five.

Your two buns hairstyle is complete!

The result is a pair of sparkling double low buns that will steal the show at your next gathering! Suggestions for styling: Worried that your perfectly coiffed buns may come undone? Put some VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray on them and they’ll be ready for any party you can throw. In addition to helping to keep your buns in place all day, this fast-drying hairspray will also protect your hair from frizz and humidity. Isn’t that interesting?

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Please allow us to express how totally fantastic it is that the ’90s are finally back in vogue, once and for all. (With the exception of JNCO pants, body glitter, and bowl haircut, of course.) Chokers, thigh-high black stockings, and half-up topknots are all a resounding yes, in a million variations. But what is our very favorite item of all? The pigtail buns, of course.

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Our affection for pigtail buns knows no bounds. Moreover, just in case you haven’t noticed, they can be found virtually everywhere, on everyone, and in every photograph. Even as you read this post, you could be sporting a pair of double buns to keep your hair from falling out. But if you haven’t already, we urge you to try out this trend as soon as possible so that you, too, can grasp our obsession. Fortunately for you, they’re really simple to dress up or down. Depending on your hair kind, here’s how to keep them in place: You should use a texturizing spray on your hair (from root to tip!) before tying your hair into two high pigtails if you have straight, slick hair that tends to slide out of even the tightest of hairbands.

  • Using pins, secure the edges of your hair, and finish with a spritz of hairspray that is not too heavy.
  • To create a casual look, rake your hair into two topknots with your fingers, allowing baby hairs and short layers to fly free for a casual vibe.
  • In order to avoid having your buns seem too much like Shrek’s ears, consider fastening them in place with bobby pins rather than elastic instead of using it.
  • It is possible to secure the buns with twists and pins, or if you have short, kinky curly hair, you may knot your hair into pigtails and, when pulling the hair through the elastic, pull it just halfway through, making a loop.

Glue or pin the loops in place, or let them hang freely as small puffs as an alternative.

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Do you require some further inspiration? Scroll down to discover the 20 cutest and entirely doable pigtail buns that are currently making waves on social media. Image via Pinterest. Photo courtesy of Instagram user @lilysbeautybarnja Photo courtesy of Instagram user Photo courtesy of Instagram user @justinelefleur Photo courtesy of Instagram user @den.aparicio Photo courtesy of Instagram user @khloekardashian Photo courtesy of Instagram user @brittni.thehairstylist Photo courtesy of Instagram user @kristyjgreen Photo courtesy of Instagram user @hairwithlinda Photo courtesy of Instagram user @gabrielaalegre Photograph courtesy of Instagram user @ theredheadedhairdresser_

Messy Pigtail Buns

Do you require some further inspiration? Scroll down to discover the 20 cutest and entirely doable pigtail buns that are currently making waves on social media. Image via Pinterest. Photo courtesy of Instagram user @lilysbeautybarnja Photo courtesy of Instagram user Photo courtesy of Instagram user @justinelefleur Photo courtesy of Instagram user @den.aparicio Photo courtesy of Instagram user @khloekardashian Photo courtesy of Instagram user @brittni.thehairstylist Photo courtesy of Instagram user @kristyjgreen Photo courtesy of Instagram user @hairwithlinda Photo courtesy of Instagram user @gabrielaalegre Photograph courtesy of Instagram user @ theredheadedhairdresser_

Recommended Supplies For Styling Girls’ Hair

Do you require some further inspiration? Scroll down to discover the 20 cutest and entirely doable pigtail buns that are currently making waves on social media. Image via Pinterest. Photo courtesy of Instagram user @lilysbeautybarnja Photo courtesy of Instagram user Photo courtesy of Instagram user @justinelefleur Photo courtesy of Instagram user @den.aparicio Photo courtesy of Instagram user @khloekardashian Photo courtesy of Instagram user @brittni.thehairstylist Photo courtesy of Instagram user @kristyjgreen Photo courtesy of Instagram user @hairwithlinda Photo courtesy of Instagram user @gabrielaalegre Photograph courtesy of Instagram user @ theredheadedhairdresser_

  1. Spread the hair evenly along a center part all the way down the back of the head, using a rat tail comb to accomplish so. Use a hair tie to split off the part of the body that isn’t being worked on to keep it from interfering
  2. Tie each side of the hair into a high ponytail, just pulling the hair halfway through the hair tie on the last loop
  3. Then wrap the end of the pigtail around the base of the pigtail and secure it with a bobby pin. Split the top pigtail loop in half and wrap another hair tie around the pigtail to secure it. Pull out and gently loosen parts of each bun according to personal preference
  4. And Accessorize your look with a small hairbow.

And that’s it! As a result, I created a short movie to describe the procedure, which I think will assist in demonstrating the many phases listed above.

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The 30 Pigtail Braids to Try as an Adult in 2021

Pigtails and braids were undoubtedly fashionable when you were a youngster. and now they’re back in style again! However, this time with a more sophisticated and sophisticated adult atmosphere. They’re a welcome departure from your ponytail, which you probably wear way too much these days. Continue reading to see a collection of 30 of our favorite pigtail hairstyles.

Best Pigtail Braids Ideas

If you’re looking to switch up your style and are interested in pigtail braids, we’ve done some research and searched the Internet to come up with a list of our all-time favorite pigtails that will catch everyone’s attention this season. Here they all are, all twenty-five of them.

1. Short Pigtail Braids

This fashionable design has short braids with long tails, which gives it a more grown-up appearance and a more mature vibe. Furthermore, the bangs appear to be side-swept and pinned to one side. Make your way over to The Shine Projectto see this and two more fantastic pigtail inspirations.

2. Pigtail Hairstyle – Buns

With its laid-back appearance and disheveled sophistication, this playful style has a bit of a bohemian feel to it. Simply collect your hair into pigtails and twist it into sloppy twists to complete the look. More photographs and an in-depth instruction can be found on Andrea Clare’s website, so go over there now.

3. Iggy Azalea Braids

The popular style of singer Iggy Azalea was the inspiration for these eye-catching pigtails. Those are, in fact, reverse French braids, but they look much better on the woman since her hair is so long. If yours isn’t, try using extensions! Check out Gina Michele’s how-to video for more information.

4. Pigtail Buns Double Top Knots

This lighthearted look has a cartoonish appeal, and it’s also rather simple to accomplish. Make a high chignon by dividing your hair in half and twisting each side together. Leave the tails hanging free for a more laid-back appearance. More information about this style may be found on Cara Loren’s official website.

5. French Braid Ponytail Pigtails

This lovely look was discovered on Instagram, and it is quite simple to recreate! If you know how to French braid, you’ll have no trouble with this. Make two loose ponytails with your hair and braid them to your neck. Leave the remainder of your hair in two loose ponytails. See the original post for more information.

6. Ribbon Pigtail Braids

Each braid is embellished with a different color ribbon to create this vibrant pigtail effect. This is a terrific way to add a pop of color to your clothing or to show your support for your favorite team. Visit Seventeen to learn how to achieve this whimsical trend in your own hair.

7. No Part Pigtail Braids

Using a new type of part and some bright red dye to give some color to the traditional, this lovely style is a modern take on a timeless look. One of the most important aspects of this style is to conceal the part by dragging hair from one side over to the opposite side. VisitHair Romance to see how to do this look yourself.

8. Oversized Pigtail Braids

You’ll be the talk of the town if you dare to try these out-of-this-world braids! These are essentially reverse French braids as well, but the secret here is to relax each braid part with your fingers once you’ve finished braiding it. Kassinka’s blog has the whole instruction, which you can view here.

9. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are a playful variant on the classic style that lends a fairytale-like feel to any ensemble. And, despite the fact that they appear tough to achieve, they are actually fairly simple. You can see more summer hairstyles like this on StyleCaster, where you can also find a variety of other options.

10. Criss-Cross Braids

It is more sophisticated, so you will undoubtedly receive oohs and ahhs when you head out on the town in this style.

Although the approach isn’t very tough, you will require some more time. Visit Hair Romance to see the technique, as well as some helpful hints and suggestions.

11. Embellished Pigtail Braids

Despite the fact that this hairstyle is hard for the faint of heart and will take you a long time to complete, the final result is very stunning. Using large and tiny braids, with imitation pearls interwoven through the smaller ones, this design is a favorite of mine. This was discovered on The Viking Queen’s Instagram account.

12. Tiny Pigtail Braids

The following is an alternative style for those of you who have shorter or thinner hair. These little pigtails look wonderful twisted into teeny buns and worn on top of the head. Head on over toWhippy Caketo see the video instruction and get some useful tips and tricks.

13. Pastel Pigtail Braids

These creative top knots look fantastic in this blondish purple hair, but they would look equally as well with any other hue as well. The idea here is to side sweep your bangs and finish with a lot of hairspray to achieve this look. Make your way over to Gothic Life to see what they have to say.

14. Fabric Braids

Long strips of cloth are weaved between the braids to create this lovely design, which also serves as a headband in the process. Simply swap out one piece of the braid on each side with a piece of fabric, and you’ll have a finished product. More information on this style can be found atHair Romance.

15. Fishtail Pigtail Braids

This style differs from other fishtail pigtail styles because the braids are placed on the back of the head. If your hair is short, you might want to consider temporary extensions. Take a look atYet Another Beauty Siteon Instagram for more information.

16. Bridget Bardot Pigtails

Bridget Bardot is credited with popularizing this sophisticated aesthetic. The presence of huge waves is the most notable feature of this one. Create a lot of volume in your hair with side-swept bangs, and then add brightly colored ribbons to split it into pigtails to finish the look. Take a look at it over here.

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17. Pin Curl Pigtails

This retro hairstyle has a lot of little pin curls on top, followed by short pigtails on the sides. Don’t forget to accessorize with a wispy headband to draw attention to the curls! Check out the technique for this entertaining look at atVa Va Voom Vintage.

18. Edgy Pigtail Braids

And now for something altogether different: a new style of appearance. Three pigtails are braided together using the reverse French braid method to create this edgy look. In addition, a few strands are left out on the underside to provide texture to the piece. To see it, go toEmilyRoseShannonon Instagram and follow her.

19. Voluminous Two-Tone Pigtail Braids

There’s nothing subtle about its one-of-a-kind appearance. To achieve that kind of volume in your hair, a significant quantity of teasing and hairspray is required. Furthermore, the half-and-half color job adds even more intrigue to this already unique design. Make your way over here to have a look at it.

20. Wavy Pigtail Braids

You’ll appear like you’ve just gotten out of bed and put your hair into pigtails with this style since it has a “undone” feel to it. Of course, it takes more effort than that to achieve success! Blow-dry your hair to give it a lot of volume, then curl it with a large barreled curling iron to give it some waves. You can see it here.

21. Bandana and Hair Ties Pigtail Braids

Using hair ties to create different portions in each of these contrasting black and blond pigtails, this structured hairstyle has a highly structured look to it.

And to cap it all off, a black and white bandana! To see more amusing haircut ideas, visitBiker or Not.

22. Fishtail Twists

Because of its intrinsically disheveled appearance, this style appears to be a breeze to achieve and maintain. Begin with two fishtail braids, and then twist them into two little buns on either side of your head to complete the look. Finish by pinning them in place and spraying them with hairspray. Take a look at it right here.

23. Casual Twisted Pigtail Braids

This stunning style is best achieved with really long hair, which allows you to create lengthy twists that drop down the back of your neck. Work your way down your hair, starting with the twists at the top and working your way down. Leave some wavy strands out to frame your face with. This and many additional examples may be found here.

24. Crimped Pigtail Braids

Even though this distinctive style has more of a runway feel to it, it may easily be applied to everyday situations. Create as much frizzy volume as possible in your hair using a crimper, and then gather your hair into two pigtails at the very top of your head to complete the look. This was discovered at The Beauty Insiders.

25. Spiral French Braid Ponytails

This magnificent hairstyle is created by forming French braids in a spiral design, which is the final but surely not the least. Those of you with extensive hairstyling skills should give it a shot! All you’ll need is a little time and a lot of hair to get it off. Take a look at it over on Tumblr.

26. High Top Pigtail Braids

These pigtails are very stunning if you have long enough hair to pull them back. The ponytail is created by starting at the top of the head and tying a few strands around the base of the braid. The pigtail falls wonderfully.

27. Half Braided Pigtails

In order to get a bohemian style, a few of braided pigtails will look just stunning on your head. Adding a hat to this hairdo will look really lovely because the braid begins below the ear and the hair is pretty loose.

28. Braided Pigtails

If you vary the braid styles, a few of braided pigtails might look quite stunning. If you start with a standard set of braids and then switch to a fishtail once you reach the neck, you’ll achieve a stunning result. In this case, the impact is even more stunning because we’re talking about pigtail braids.

29. Colorful Pigtail Braids

These pigtail braids in a variety of colors are just gorgeous. We adore the way they look and how much fun they are to play with! The use of specifically colored braids is obviously required, but it is possible to pull it off.

30. Thick Pigtail Braids

You may achieve a beautiful hairstyle by plaiting your hair in thick plaits. Add a little pouf to the top of your haircut and it will instantly become more sophisticated. Wear it with a business dress or a pair of jeans for a polished look.

Final Thoughts on Pigtail Braids

Which of the pigtail braids shown above would look the best on you? Do you have a sense of inspiration, and do you intend to do something new? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.

10 Cool (and Easy) Buns That Work for Short Hair

As a girl with bob-length hair, I understand the frustration of waking up late and wanting nothing more than to toss your hair up in a messy bun, only to find yourself unable to do so because you don’t have enough hair to do so. Please do not misunderstand me. I really enjoy having short hair. However, the messy-bun existence is one that I occasionally yearn for. There is some bad news, though, in that buns with short hair aren’t nearly as straightforward as they are for people who have 12 inches of hair to play around with.

In fact, it’s more than probable that this will happen.

For all of my short-haired sisters out there, this one is for you.

On the days when you don’t feel like pulling out your curling iron or straightening iron, simply refer to this list for inspiration. Continue reading for a step-by-step approach to successfully pulling off buns for short hair.

Braided Topknot

Getty 1.Distribute a dry texture spray, such as Obrie’sDry Texturizing Spray($22), evenly throughout hair to provide more grip. 2.Pull your hair into a super-high ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Don’t be concerned about making things seem nice! 3.Pull the ponytail all the way down and secure it with a clear elastic band at the bottom. Using a bobby pin, bind the braid around itself, starting at the base and working your way up the length. 5.After the braid has been coiled all the way up into a bun, fasten it with a couple more bobby pins to finish it off.

7.Spray your hair with a flexible-hold hairspray.


Sporty Space Buns

Getty1.Space buns are all the rage this summer, and now it’s your opportunity to show off your own style. To finish, part your hair down the center and spray all over with Rusk’sTexture Dry Finishing Spray ($25). 2.Pull the hair from either side of your head into a high, tight ponytail on one side. Wrap each ponytail around itself and tie it with a couple of bobby pins to finish the look. 4.The more muddled, the better! Pull each bun outward to add volume, then pull out a few loose strands to frame your face with a few loose strands.

Boho Double Knot

Image courtesy of Getty1. A dry shampoo, such as Living Proof’sPerfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo ($25), or a greattexture spray is the key to this casual summer style. Spray evenly from the middle of the shaft to the ends. 2.Split your hair into four equal portions, two on either side of the front and two on either side of the back, and pin them up in a high ponytail. 3.Take a portion from the rear of the bun and coil it around the base to form a bun shape. Bobby pins can be used to keep the hair in place.

You should be left with two areas that have not been touched up front.

Roll the tail of the front piece over the rear bun and secure it with a safety pin.

Take a few face-framing items and you’re ready to go!

Bedhead Bun

Getty1.Have you not heard the news? Compared to the topknot of yesteryear, the low bunis is incomparably cooler and colder to wear. To create the desired effect, softly back-comb the hair at the top of your head to give it lift. Make a loose, sloppy ponytail at the back of your neck and tie it off with an elastic band.

Simply hold it in place for the time being; do not bind it with an elastic. (3) Twist the ponytail around itself using your other hand to form a bun shape, and fasten with pins. 4.Tousle the top of the hair and leave a few short strands in the front for a no-frills bedhead appearance.

Messy Half-Knot

Getty1.For short-haired girls, this is the ultimate bun to achieve. Begin with strands that have not been washed. It doesn’t matter how filthy the environment is. Using your hair, create two sections on either side of your crown. Keep the components as straight as possible because they will be apparent in the final product. 3.Make a high ponytail out of the hair between the two pieces and place it exactly on top of your head. Make sure not to drag the ponytail through the elastic on the final loop; otherwise, you’ll end up with a loose bun.

Instead of leaving the ends sticking out the bottom of the bun, just wrap them around the base of the bun and pin them in place!

Modern Milkmaid Bun

Getty1. Although this is more of an updo than a classic bun, it still serves the purpose of keeping your hair out of your face in a stylish manner. Begin by splitting your hair down the center and dividing it into two equal parts with your fingers. To give your hair near the crown of your head a little additional volume, back-comb it a few times. 3) Create a French braid on one side of your head, starting near to your face and working your way out to form a braided pigtail. 4. Clear elastic is used to keep it in place.

Using a bobby pin, pin the end of the first French braid behind your head to keep it in place.

7.Spray the braid with a medium-hold hair spray, such as L’Oréal Tecni, to keep it in place.

Classic Ballet Bun

This laidback variation on the traditional ballerina bun is polished and easy, as shown in the image above by Getty1. In order to begin, pull your hair back into a ponytail at the very top of your head. In the event that you have shorter pieces that fall out, pin them up at the back of your head with a bobby pin. Secondly, open the elastic and draw the hair up halfway through to form a loop to give the topknot a larger appearance. 3.Take the excess length that was left over from the loop and coil it around the base of the loop to conceal the elastic band.

Sleek Low Bun

Getty1.A slicked-back hairstyle that screams “cool chick” will have you looking as effortlessly elegant as Rihanna. This is one of the few occasions in which Rihanna wore her natural, blown-out hair without the use of extensions. Before you begin, smooth your hair back into a bun with a boar bristle brush, such as the DenmanBoar Bristle Ceramic Brush ($26). Secondly, let some of your flyaways and sideburns to dangle loosely. Don’t be concerned with everything being in exactly the right position.

3.Pull your hair back into a ponytail with the help of an elastic. Make a coiled, twisted ponytail out of the ends of your hair. Take a second elastic band and wrap it around your topknot to secure it.

Embellished Top Knot

Getty1. Hair ornaments are timeless and will never go out of style. Furthermore, they quickly transform any bun from plain to badass. Take inspiration from Issa Rae’s Black Panthermoviepremiere performance. Begin by parting your hair into three sections in the center of your head with a rattail comb, such as Krest’sPintail Combs ($5). 2.After that, braid three little cornrows and tie them together at the crown of your head or wherever you want your bun to end up. 3.Put your hair and the ends of your three braids into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.

Using circular motions, wrap your braid around the rest of your hair to form a braided topknot.


Install gold cuffs throughout your braid to give it a little extra flair.

Backwards Braided Bun

Getty1.If you have piecey bangs and want to style them in a lob or bob, this is the style for you. Allow your bangs to hang loosely in the front and frame your face in the back. Begin by dividing your hair into three medium-sized portions at the back of your head. 2.In the back of your head, braid three medium-sized cornrows, halting at the crown of your head and braiding in the direction of your ponytail. 3.After that, pull your hair into a ponytail. Using a rubber band or a hair tie, pull your braids into a ponytail once you’ve completed braiding them.

Don’t be concerned about further flyaways.

spray of Sexy HairSmooth Sexy Hair SmoothSeal Anti-FrizzShine ($20) to add a modest sheen to your style and to give it a polished finish.

40 Space Bun Hairstyles That Ooze Sassiness

Women’s hairstyling trends in recent years have included space buns, which are definitely a show stopper. ‘Space bun’ is defined as a ‘hairstyle sported by Princess Leia in the Star Wars film A New Hope’ according to the urban dictionary. This wonderful haircut is also worn and admired by many Hollywood celebrities, whom we will not mention here. It has that ’90s feel to it (think Gwen Stefani and Björk), and it has made the most beautiful comeback in recent memory. Piggytail buns are a lot of fun to wear since they are simple and completely effortless.

Where Does the Name Space Buns Come from?

The spacebun hairstyle has a long history, even if you don’t believe it yourself! We now have one of the most popular haircuts in the world, thanks to the Star Wars saga and Princess Leia’s signature look. Carrie Fisher ignored her mother’s warnings not to take parts that required her to wear unusual haircuts, despite the fact that she had been warned. We have the advantage of having to contribute something. However, in a recent interview, George Lucas admitted that he had a difficult time coming up with a distinctive haircut for Princess Leia to wear in the film series.

Lucas stated that he drew influence from ancient Mexican literature and history.

She embodies the traditional revolutionary appearance that George Lucas envisioned for Princess Leia.

There are no surprises here! Several years later, fan investigations revealed that the hairdo may potentially be associated with the Native American Hopi tribe. Squash blossom was the name given to this hairstyle in the past.

How to Do Space Buns

You may obtain a fantastic haircut that will allow you to travel into space in a matter of minutes by following a few simple steps. You’ll need bobby pins (which we always seem to misplace), hairbands, and a brush for this. If you want your buns to linger longer, you may spray them with hairspray as well. Do you think you’ve got it all? Let’s get this party started!

  • 1st step: Comb through your hair, making sure to brush it all the way down to the ends
  • Second step: Step 2 – At this point, you can separate your hair. If you want to make your buns appear even more fascinating, part your hair in a zig-zag pattern. Normally, ladies part their hair in the middle. It is entirely up to you
  • To make side ponytails, use your brush to separate the two sections of your hair that are separated by your brush. Make sure your ponytails are positioned high on your head, in the centre of your face
  • Step 4 – Tease your ponytails with a brush if you want to add additional volume to them. Fifth, twist and coil your hair into a string, and then wrap it around your head in a bun
  • And To complete the appearance, secure your hair with an extra set of elastics and a few bobby pins that are fastened under the elastics.
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Watch the following video to learn how to create a DIY space bun hairstyle in a quick and simple manner.

How to Style Braided Space Buns

Braids are a stylish enhancement to the traditional space bun. There are no rules about whether you use fishnets or traditional ones; nonetheless, they will unquestionably make your haircut more fascinating. Whether you choose a top knot or wish to braid your hair in the back, the results will be spectacular! We have to agree that this is a more difficult hairstyle to do, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to take it off.

  • Step 1: Create a central parting in your hair and divide it into two equal halves. Step 2 – Begin braiding your right side of the head by taking a section of your hair and dividing it into two halves
  • 3rd step: you should tear off a little section of hair from the outside of your left hand
  • Fourth, cross this hair across and incorporate it into the right-hand part. This process should be repeated once again, but using the left-hand hair section
  • Step 6 – Take a portion of loose hair and cross it over your shoulders. It should be placed in the right-hand portion of your hair. 7. Repeat the previous steps on the opposite side of your hair, until you reach the middle of your head, then stop. The eighth step is to stop adding loose hair and just finish the fishtail braid once you reach the center of your head
  • To finish, tie your hair into two ponytails on either side of your head. To give the braids more volume, you will need to incorporate some of your loose hair into them. Make two buns with your hair by wrapping them over your shoulders. The final step is to leave your braids down or utilize them to conceal the elastic band

Watch the video below to learn how to create and style a braided space bun hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles with Space Buns to Try

Having discovered where the name of this hairstyle originates, as well as the secrets to making it appear absolutely stunning, it is now time to be inspired. Here are some of the most beautiful space bun hairstyles you should attempt right away!

1. Voluminous Braids

This braided hairstyle will give you the right combination of volume and chicness. You can easily make braids if you follow the instructions in this article. Half-up space buns are a great way to make your hair seem more voluminous. Isn’t it simple and stylish?

2. Rainbow Ends

It is imperative that you get this hairstyle right now if you are a lover of pastel balayage for hair! A rainbow end, a double bun, and some short braids will be all that you need to make a grand entrance.

3. Simple yet Beautiful Buns

It goes without saying that this is the perfect hairstyle for you if you want something that is both simple to construct and stunningly attractive in appearance. Half-up, half-down space buns are a great option for everyday use.

4. ReverseBraided Space Buns

Perhaps you were unaware of the fact that space bun hairdos are a fantastic alternative for all of those sporty people out there. In addition to keeping your hair in order, this inverted down French braidsbun hairstyle will also make you appear trendy, whether you are heading to the gym or going for a run.

5. Lilac Buns

If you want to try something new and different, you should absolutely experiment with violet hair to the extreme. We are confident that it will generate a great deal of good feedback. Purple is stunning, but when styled in braids and space buns, it becomes even more fashionable!

6. Space Buns with Bangs

Space buns are no longer exclusively for youngsters, thanks to the addition of elegant long bangs that conceal the earlobes. Secure them slightly over your ears, and don’t be afraid to leave a few free tendrils here and there.

7. Space Buns for Thin Hair

A side bang is the perfect form of fringe to go with braided space buns if you have thicker hair. These are tightly twisted in order to achieve a tiny form.

8. Micro Box Braided Space Buns

Micro braids are a popular hairstyle for many Black women who are transitioning from their natural hair to a more polished look.

In the interim, experiment with different colors such as purple and blonde, and then twist your hair into enormous space buns.

9. Red Space Buns

Bright red hair may be used to lend a flash of electrifying color to long, straight hair. Creating two ponytails and wrapping the hair around the base of the bun takes only a few minutes and takes no time at all!

10. Vintage Space Buns Style

A splash of electrifying color in brilliant red can be added to long, straight hair. Space buns may be simply constructed in minutes by forming two ponytails and wrapping the hair around the base of the bun.

11. Space Buns with Flowers

Besides long black hair, braids, and buns, is there anything more you could possibly need to make this pigtail bun hairstyle seem absolutely stunning? Yes, you absolutely do! Using flowers as a hair decoration will never go out of style.

12.Pastel PinkHighlights

Dark roots and accents in purple and pastelpink hues are really stunning together. Two buns are added to the equation to create a unique and wearable adolescent hairstyle that is great for everyday use.

13. Festival Ready Buns

Although pastel green hair dye may not be the most appropriate color for everyday or business wear, it is ideal for music festivals. You will be the main attraction at any occasion if you have long hair with space buns on top and a little glitter in your hair.

14. SequinedUpdo with Braids

Do not be afraid to go overboard with the sequins if you are attending Coachella or another music event. They are more than welcome to do so! You may separate your hair in the center and create two Dutch braids, which you can then twist into a space bun and decorate with a lot of glitter. Don’t you think this is a perfect style with a bohemian vibe?

15. Chic Low Buns

These gorgeous low buns are a sophisticated and stylish take on the traditional top bun. You can construct these very quickly and simply by braiding two strands of hair and wrapping them into two low buns.

16. Loose andLong Hair Bun

To get the ultimate boho look, braid only pieces of your hair while creating two small buns on the top of your head. This hairdo is ideal for summertime wear, music festivals, and just about every occasion in your life.

17. Holographic Hair

If you use a hairspray that contains light-changing sequins, you can get the ultimate galaxy look. Parties, night outs, and music festivals like as Coachella are all excellent occasions for this hairstyle with space bun.

18. Zig-Zag Sequins and Buns

When styling your hair, instead of splitting it along the center, sling sections of it in opposite directions to create a zig-zag pattern. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some glitter in the centre of your space buns once you’ve finished them with braids.

19.Curly Hair Buns

Anyone who has curly hair would never have believed that space buns could look this good. We haven’t been informed, to put it mildly. If, on the other hand, you are having trouble shaping your curls, simply pull them into buns and don’t bother about it.

20. Glitter on your Hair

If glittering your face isn’t enough for you, try putting it in your hair as well. You will be the light of the entire universe! Parties and festival season are ideal occasions for this half-up, half-down hairdo.

21. Buns onShort Hair

For those of the females who believed it was impossible for them to create a bun hairdo, you were completely incorrect.

When you have short hair, this is how a space bun appears — it’s fantastic!

22.Short Curly Hair

In addition, how adorable do these half-space buns look on wavy hair? If you have a hairdo like this, give it a shot — you won’t be disappointed with the results!

23.Wedding Appropriate Buns

Pigtail buns may not seem like a hairdo that would be ideal for a wedding, but that is not fully accurate either. As you can see, these buns would look stunning on your wedding day, especially when decorated with white fresh flowers and stylish waves.

24. Cute Double Buns

Space buns are a popular hairdo for traveling, according to many female travelers. Because the hairstyle is so convenient, you can even do it while on the move.

25. SideCornrow Braids

For this hairstyle to work, you will just need three little traditional braids and two buns, which will take care of everything. It will add a surprising twist to your ordinary appearances and make them more interesting.

26.Waterfall Braid

For this hairstyle to work, you will just need three little traditional braids and two buns, which is all you will need. With it, you may add a surprising touch to your usual ensembles.

27. Bun Cuffs

Adding bohemian bun cuffs to your buns will make them even more eye-catching. Everyone who sees you will be taken aback by the tassels!

28.Teal Blue Hairstyle

Deep blue dye with a bright accent is perfect for rebellious young ladies! You shouldn’t be afraid to put a little glitter in the centre of your head and wear your hair in space buns.

29. Boho Vibes Buns

You might be surprised to learn that tattoos are no longer restricted to the face and torso. Summer tattoos in gold and turquoise tones look fantastic on your hair! It is possible to get the ultimate bohemian beach style with a space bun and double French braids.

30. Ribbon Ties in your Hair

If you’re attending a black-tie event, try to emulate this look. When it comes to styling and making your buns seem even more professional, ribbons are essential.

31. Curly Space Buns

A half-up space bun hairstyle is the ideal approach to show off your curls while yet maintaining a fashionable appearance. Make a central part before making these little space buns for a sleek symmetrical appearance.

32. Space Buns for Asian Women

Put your natural Asian straight hair up into these lovely braided space buns instead of leaving it flat and limp as you normally would. A few hairs around the face help to lighten the overall look.

33. Twisted Space Buns

Begin by rolling the hair from either side of your head into two low space buns with a twist. Secure with a hair tie, then wind the hair around the base of the ponytail to finish it off.

34. Space Buns for Round Faces

You might not believe that calling attention to your round face is a good thing, but there are some hairstyles, such as space buns, that are incredibly attractive on round faces. Before constructing the buns on top of the head, you only need to do a center part in your hair.

35. Space Buns for Thick Hair

Space buns are a terrific way to draw attention to your thick hair and make it stand out. Instead of firmly looping the hair around the base of a ponytail, attempt to let it a little free to create the jumbo shape to give it more volume.

36. Space Buns on Long Hair

Extremely long hair that is almost waist-length should be flaunted and celebrated.

Alternatively, little space buns can be worn at the top for a beautiful half updo look.

37. Space Buns for Little Girls

Much if you’re used to merely giving your little daughter a ponytail or low braids for school days, she’ll appreciate it even more if you offer her two high space buns instead.

38. Space Buns with Crochet Braids

If you have natural black hair, there is no reason why you couldn’t appear beautiful while still preserving it: create a half updo with two little space buns and you can sport this playful micro-braided style.

39. Bow Space Buns

It’s possible that you’ll need to follow a bow hair guide to get this space bun style, but the end result will be well worth it. Two long tendrils should be left to frame your face.

40. Dreadlock Space Buns

Two high space buns that are enormous in form are a terrific go-to hairstyle for ladies who have thick dreadlocks and want to keep their look simple and stylish.


Q. Is it possible to do space buns on thin hair? Ans:Of course it is possible! Despite the fact that you won’t be able to achieve much volume or texture, your space buns can nonetheless look fantastic. Making them look a little unkempt can give the impression of more volume to others around you. The key to making your buns appear voluminous is to avoid pulling them into a ponytail. Dry shampoo should be used immediately after you have divided your hair into two equal sections. Brush your hair and then twist the section you want to construct a cord with until you have a cord.

If you want even more volume, tease all of your hair before you begin twisting it up at the ends.

Ans:Ballet buns are for females who prefer to seem polished and quite sophisticated in their appearance.

Space buns, on the other hand, may be both unkempt and well polished.


Ans:Since Ariana Grande debuted her two buns, many fans have speculated whether or not the ponytail period has come to an end completely.

Ariana has had half-updos as well as the classic double bun hairstyles in her career.

She flaunted it on the runway and in public.

Our message is directed at her!

Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, there is always someone who adores to wear them.

Space buns can be braided or conventional in style; the choice is entirely up to you. We can only say that they may be both casual and elegant at the same time, as well as quirky and elegant. There aren’t many haircuts that are as functional as this one.

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