About Us

About Sweet Nectar Dessert Kitchen

Robin Broughton-Smith is a renaissance woman.  A former accountant (for Jay-Z!) turned baker.  An entrepreneur.  A go-getter.  A mother.  A wife.  A lover of music.  A gourmand.  Her path toward opening Sweet Nectar Dessert Kitchen was an unlikely one.  If it were a recipe it would be one-part exceptional math skills, two parts most glamorous accounting gig ever, and three parts love of creating simple and elegant desserts.

At her first accounting job in New York as an assistant, she was able to land Jay-Z as a client for her firm.  In her 12+years of working for him, her job took on many forms which allowed her to travel the world and experience everything at its best – including food.  On working for Jay-Z, Robin says, “It was a great experience that gave me a lot of confidence and taught me to trust my instincts and my taste.”

In her last two years of working as an accountant, Robin’s life evolved quickly.  She got married, had her first child and moved to Philadelphia.  She and her family traveled to France and ate their way through Paris.  She began seriously baking and taking baking classes.  She launched her first bakery, Sweet Nectar Cupcakery, in Stone Harbor on the Jersey Shore, where she loved being next to the beach and providing the community with delicious, high-quality, elegant treats.

At Sweet Nectar Dessert Kitchen, Robin looks forward to providing an experience in elevated simplicity.  She’s guided by the desire to make people happy with delicious treats made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients.  The dessert kitchen will be influenced by Robin’s love of the beach and will also offer baking events and classes for children and adults.  Most importantly, Sweet Nectar will offer high quality tasty desserts daily, and for happy occasions!