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Who Created Dessert Pie

History of Pies Walt McNamee/Corbis/Getty Images courtesy of Walt McNamee Perhaps we believe that making pies is a demanding task. The truth is that they are not difficult to make if you have a good recipe and a rolling pin. A excellent place to start is the new cookbook “365: A Year of Everyday Cooking […]

What Is West Virginia’s State Dessert Shoofly Pie

West Virginia – Shoo-fly Pie – We’re in West Virginia, eating Shoo-fly Pie, and it’s a beautiful day. Because of the huge number of Amish settlers in West Virginia, we picked this pie as the state’s official dessert. Even though some could argue that Shoo-fly Pie is more strongly identified with Pennsylvania, we have […]

What Is A Ghost’s Favorite Dessert Boo Meringue Pie

How To Make Boo Meringues For Halloween These Halloween boo meringues are deliciously sinister! Make these frightening fun meringue cookies for your favorite ghouls that are excellent for sharing or trick-or-treating at your house this Halloween season. These delicious meringue ghosts will quickly become a favorite Halloween treat for your entire family! These frightening sweets […]