What Does One Need For A Wine N Dessert Bar

How to Open a Dessert Bar

Dessert bars allow customers to divert their attention away from the main savory course to indulge in a sweet delight. They are frequently used as a gathering space for customers to socialize, chat, and spend quality time together. Make sure you have a good company strategy in place so that you can capitalize on the market while also serving the demands of your clients.

Choose Your Dessert Bar Business Structure

Consider the legal framework that you will choose for your dessert bar with great consideration. This may vary depending on the type of business you’re starting, how many partners you have, and the amount of cash you’ll need to get started. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, C corporations, and S corporations are all common business forms in the restaurant industry. Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website to learn more about which business structure is best for you and how to file your paperwork with the government.

Get the Right Licenses and Inspections

For your dessert bar, you will need to obtain the necessary federal, state, local, and county licenses from the proper authorities. If you plan on selling alcoholic beverages, for example, you will need to obtain a federal license. The state, on the other hand, will govern the licenses and permissions that you will require to operate a restaurant. To obtain your licenses, go to your local Small Business Administration office or your state’s business licensing agency. When selling food, it is critical to consider the health and safety of the customers.

It will also be necessary for you and your employees to be trained on food safety measures.

Write a Thoughtful Business Plan

A business plan can assist you in obtaining the financing you want for your initial capital investment as well as your early operational expenditures. As a bonus, it will aid you in the development of an all-encompassing corporate plan. Ensure that you investigate and incorporate the following information in your business plan:

  • Business plan, including a description of the company, market and industry analysis, customer analysis, product and service offers, operational and marketing plans, financial predictions, and expense estimates

Focus on the Menu When Opening a Dessert Bar

When planning to start a dessert bar, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is what you will be serving as dessert. Your decision will be based on what your target market want, where you are located, and your business objectives. Is it your intention to provide multiple variations of a same type of product, such as a cheesecake bar, for example? Were you planning to include a variety of desserts on the menu? Make a decision on whether or not you will provide savory choices for clients who do not have a sweet desire.

Make sure to take into consideration the competitive environment so that your dessert bar can stand out as a distinctive offering.

Pick the Perfect Location

Location of your brick-and-mortar dessert bar is vital since you want to be as convenient as possible for your consumers when they visit. Consider whether there are restaurants within walking distance so that clients may visit them after a night on the town or after a supper out. Consider the structure of the building and whether or not it contains the ingredients necessary for a professional kitchen and restaurant operation. Other sales channels that you might use to improve your revenue will be determined by your geographic region.

For example, would you form a partnership with neighbouring companies in order to supply them with sweets to sell? What plans do you have for partnering with mobile app delivery services so that your consumers may enjoy your sweets in the privacy of their own homes?

Source Your Ingredients

The type of desserts you provide at your dessert bar will determine the type of ingredients you’ll need for your dessert bar. Whether you’re creating everything from scratch or getting frozen treats from vendors, it’s important to know what you’re doing. Does it matter to your consumers whether or whether you utilize high-quality local products, or do they prefer low-cost and straightforward desserts? Examine the wholesale costs, payment terms, and credit policies of the merchants and suppliers you intend to utilize for your dessert bar before deciding which ones to hire.

Hire the Right Staff

If you are creating a dessert bar, the quality of your chefs, culinary staff, and front of house personnel is of vital significance. Your pastry chef, in particular, must have the necessary experience to manage a dessert bar kitchen operation. The waiters, bartenders, and other members of your staff will be entrusted with addressing the demands of your customers, so it’s critical that you choose individuals who recognize the value of providing a positive customer experience.

This new Cambridge wine and dessert bar has a no-cellphone policy. Here’s why – The Boston Globe

Owners Alexandra Whisnant and Bobby MacLean of Zuzu’s Petals pose in front of their wine racks and a wall of Polaroid images of family and friends, which they created themselves. Submitted by Barry Chin/Globe Staff And “worldly” is a good way to describe it. Besides the high ceilings, the area also features blue tables and pink chairs, as well as quirky artwork (including a collection of Polaroids of family and friends) on the walls and a fireplace. In order to foster dialogue, there is also a no-cellphone policy in place.

  1. “This is the bar of my dreams.
  2. Zuzu’s Petals, a new wine and dessert bar in Inman Square, serves a clafoutis, a baked almond-tasting custard with fresh local blackberries that is topped with whipped cream.
  3. The clafoutis, a baked, nutty custard topped with fresh blackberries from the region, is a fruitier alternative.
  4. Nonetheless, the couple’s attachment to their food does not stop with the sweets.
  5. Even the truffle chips were discovered in Formaggio Kitchen, where they were originally discovered.

Submitted by Barry Chin/Globe Staff In his words, “it’s all about curating the extra unique item that tastes so much better than anything else.” “Generally speaking, more effort has been put into it, so that’s what you’re getting to taste.” Each dessert is accompanied with a wine recommendation, which is all served by the glass.

According to MacLean, 35, “I wouldn’t allow any wines to be served in here that didn’t either send you to tears or bring you back to your childhood or simply make a great impression.” In order to make them memorable, Whisnant says they should be foods that can be tasted for weeks after they are prepared.

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The little space is frequently packed, and the pair’s ideal situation is when a consumer walks in alone and ends up remaining late into the night, engaging in discussion with them or the other patrons in the room (and, just maybe, Whisnant or MacLean slip them an extra glass of vino or a dessert).

  • ‘It reminds me a lot of France, I guess, in that manner.’ “It’s so crowded in here that the tables are talking to one another,” MacLean said.
  • Because they have landlines, they were able to give up their gadgets following the birth of their now-3-year-old daughter, and they chose to adopt the same screen-free atmosphere for their restaurant.
  • Zuzu’s Petals, a new wine and dessert bar in Inman Square, hosted a wine tasting on Aug.
  • Submitted by Barry Chin/Globe Staff On the contrary, they rarely have to remind customers to put their telephones away – the policy has proven to be a success.
  • We have been really busy lately, I believe, since people have come here to get away from their phones.
  • 17 as part of their preparations for the grand opening.
  • Whisnant and MacLean aim to open Zuzu’s outdoor terrace in the fall, as well as to begin giving seminars on cheese and wine, as well as to host private parties.
  • It’s a reference to the 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in which the main character, George Bailey, who is down on his luck, is shown by a guardian angel what life would have been like if he had never been born, and why the world is a better place because he is here.
  • Many people describe it as “those moments when you’re with your pals and you’re having the nicest bottle of wine you’ve ever had while also eating some fantastic chocolate dessert” (source).

That represents the peak of human achievement for some of us.” Dana Gerber may be reached at the following email address: [email protected].

Bittersweet Wine and Dessert Bar: Compliments to the pastry chef

Death By Chocolate Cake, a favorite dessert at Bittersweet. Bittersweet Wine and Dessert Bar provided the image for this post. What a great surprise to come atBittersweeton a Tuesday night and discover a queue snaking out the door. Everyone, including us, seemed to be taking advantage of the LivingSocial deal that was about to expire, which offered a dollar off dessert. Was everyone now in an attitude of “Life is short… ‘Should I start with dessert?’ A packed house on a Tuesday night — often a slower night in the restaurant industry – says eloquently about the establishment.

  • THE SENSE OF THE ROOM: Warm, small and inviting, with cream- and chocolate-colored walls and pink accents.
  • The bar features tall, comfy cushioned stools, as well as space for roughly a dozen extra customers who are trying to satiate their sugar cravings.
  • LIQUID ASSETS:A few beers by the bottle and a list of roughly 40 wines, accessible by the bottle or glass (two pour sizes, 2 ounce and 4 ounce) (two pour sizes, 2 ounce and 4 ounce).
  • THE MENU: There are more than a dozen sweets to choose from, all of which are created by pastry chef Lucia Barbieri, sister of restaurant owner Patrizia Barbieri.
  • DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS: In the end, after much deliberation over the wine and dessert menus, Robert and I agreed that I should have a glass of Montevina white Zinfandel from California, as my preferred wine of choice (a French rose), was not available.
  • I placed an order for the Whipped & Cream Puffs (which I was not planning on baking at home), but was quickly informed that they would not be ready that evening.
  • Bittersweet’s Carrot Cake (on the left) and Creme Brulee (on the right).

It was moist and had a beautiful texture, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg and flecked with a few nuts on top.

If you’ve never tried crème brulee before, this is an excellent spot to get your first taste of it.


AMOUNT OF DAMAGE:$35 plus change for two desserts, one beer, three glasses of wine (including tax and tip), plus tax and gratuity WOULD WE GO BACK: Without a doubt.

At the end of the day, fresh local berries will be in season in just a few short weeks (hint, hint!).

VITALS: Bittersweet is located at 121 W. Fayette St. in the heart of downtown Syracuse, NY. From 11:30 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday, and 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday, the restaurant is open for business (closed Sunday). For more information, call 315-474-9463.

8 NYC Dessert Bars Where Treats and Booze Go Hand in Hand

While wine and cheese may garner the most attention as a combo, there’s something special about drinking a hard drink while you satisfy your sweet craving. Here are several bakeries, ice cream parlors, and cafés that prove there is no longer any need to pick between a post-dinner nightcap and a double scoop of ice cream: they all do both. IN CONNECTION WITH: 15 Things to Eat and Drink in New York City This image from July is courtesy of Morgenstern’s

Morgenstern ‘ s

Morgenstern’s West Village location changes into a booze bar on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 6 p.m., serving sundaes and drinks to customers. In addition to classics like the banana split and butter pecan sundae, more inventive options like the Vietnamese coffee tiramisu and the black-and-white profiterole, which is only available in New York, can be found on the dessert menu. Drinks have a whimsical twist as well: an old-fashioned is made with salted pretzel syrup, and a highball is made with banana-durian puree, for example.

Houston St.; www.morgensternsnyc.com


The Brooklyn offshoot of Petra and Robert Paredez’s much-lauded pie business offers something that the original location on the Lower East Side does not: alcoholic beverages. With a piece of pie or savory alternatives such as muffaletta on house-made bread or cheese and charcuterie platters, you may choose from a range of wines, beers, and drinks. Petee’s Pie is located at 505 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. Thanks to Patisserie Chanson for their generosity.

Patisserie Chanson

In addition to the croissants and macarons in bright colors that you see in the display cases, this Flatiron bakery offers a variety of other baked goods. In the upstairs café, pastry chef Rory Macdonald showcases his fine-dining roots with a menu of prepared sweets that includes seasonal options (such as passionfruit rum baba or smoked PB J) and beverage pairings. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the Dessert Bar below hosts a unique six-course tasting experience. the address is 20 West 23rd Street; the website is patisseriechanson.com

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ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

Founded in 2003 by pastry chef Chika Tillman, this landmark dessert bar has been serving up sweets and libations ever since. The prix fixe menu, which includes an optional wine pairing, is comprised of a rotating selection of exquisite dishes that are always evolving. In Tillman’s hallmark dish, the airy Fromage Blanc Island Cheese Cake, there is a notable exception. CHICKALICIOUS, 203 E. Tenth St.; chikalicious.com


ButterScotch began its start in Smorgsburg and grew into a boozy establishment when it opened a brick-and-mortar location in Crown Heights. Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth create delectable baked delicacies to go along with amusingly titled cocktails, shots, and alcoholic shakes, all of which are available for purchase. (There are even matching options, such as a slice of birthday cake and a glass of bubbly.) Drinking for a good cause is encouraged at this women-owned establishment, with a dollar from each drink going to help Planned Parenthood.

Butter and Scotch is located at 818 Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn and can be found online at shop.butterandscotch.com.

Patisserie Fouet

At this Union Square café, pastry chef Yoshie Shirakawa combines the tastes and techniques of Japan and France in his creations. A yuzu green tea cake, strawberry mochi mousse, and other treats are available everyday until 4 p.m., when the menu extends to include plated sweets (Earl Grey soufflé, hjicha crème brûlée), as well as optional pairings such as vermouth and Japanese whisky. The address is 15 East 13th Street; the website is fouetnyc.com.


The Upper East Side may appear to be an unexpected location for an ice cream speakeasy, but there is one on Second Avenue that is worth visiting for the ice cream. UES., with its pink tiles and waffle-cone decor, appears to be a typical scoop store from the outside, but behind a wall of pint containers is a complete bar serving a variety of drinks. In the rear area, you’ll discover tufted banquettes and cocktails named after iconic New York City locations, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Marble Dessert Bar

Alums of ChikaLicious A new restaurant will debut in the fall of this year, thanks to the collaboration of Maya Sittisuntorn and Eugenio Mauro Pompili. Desserts at the West Village restaurant will reflect the chefs’ fine-dining expertise and passion for seasonal ingredients. For example, a pineapple and apple dessert will be paired with moscato, and a beet and strawberry dish will be coupled with an Italian sparkling wine. Marble Dessert Bar (27 Bedford St.; marbledessertbar.com) OTHER RELATED:10 New NYC Bakeries Every Carbohydrate Addict Should Visit

Leave Your Phone at Home to Enjoy Zuzu’s Petals, Cambridge’s New Wine and Dessert Bar

If you make a purchase after clicking on an Eater link, Vox Media may receive a commission. See our code of ethics for more information. Alexander Whisnant and Bobby MacLean want to offer you a glass of wine that will make you weep (joyfully), coupled with a dessert that may also make you cry — possibly an ultra-rich chocolate mousse or a beautifully prepared tiramisu — and they want to do it with a smile on their faces. The owners of Zuzu’s Petals, a new smartphone-free wine and dessert bar in Cambridge’s Inman Square, hope that you will be able to eat them totally in the moment, away from the brightness of your mobile screen and the distractions of the internet.

In order to provide assistance, Whisnant and MacLean welcome you to their bimonthly meeting.

To make online payments, there are no QR codes to scan, and there are no online payments to be made.

In creating Zuzu’s Petals, Whisnant, the founder of the exceptional Somerville chocolate and dessert shopGâté Comme Des Filles, and MacLean, the founder of local grocery store PicnicPantry (formerly known asIn Season Food Shop), which are both located atBow Market, have combined their respective strengths and talents.

There’s also a cheese board, which includes hearty portions of several local cheeses (MacLean is a particular fan ofJasper Hill’s Oma), salami by Vermont-Table, basedBabette’s paprika nuts from Cambridge’sNüssli118, cherry rosehip hibiscus jam from Vermont’sV Smiley, and a baguette from one of the best breadmakers in town, Waltham-basedBread Obsession, among other A number of lesser options are also available for individuals who don’t want to go overboard with their choices.

Babette’s Table is “the greatest maker of salamis you can possible find,” according to MacLean, and it’s an excellent illustration of the Zuzu’s Petals philosophy: “We believe in giving back to the community in which we live.” There are other superb salamis available at lesser rates, but MacLean and Whisnant aim to give the finest examples of great workmanship that they can find in their travels.

  1. Using tonka beans (don’t ask where they come from), she’s infusing her crème brulee with a “magical almondy” taste that she describes as “magical.” Zuzu’s Chocolate Mousse is identical to the one she serves at Bow Market, which is a fan favorite.
  2. A chocolate souffle could also make an appearance on the menu at some time.
  3. For wine, there are only by-the-glass options available, including reds, rosés, oranges, and whites from a number of countries (including Whisnant’s mother’s country of Croatia) and at a variety of pricing points (including a few bottles for under $10).
  4. According to Whisnant, “we wanted to create extremely royal wines, wines that had been honed for hundreds of years.” In my opinion, you may come in and receive a glass of really, really fine wine, and that is plenty; it is really rewarding.
  5. Whisnant describes herself as “more of a curator” than a sommelier, and she is a fan of wines that “come to life” in the glass, as well as wines that she thinks about for days after she has consumed them.
  6. “Cellphones are something we don’t like,” MacLean adds.
  7. If you go into a room full of people looking into each other’s eyes, says MacLean, you’re in the right place.
  8. In addition to the records, we have bottles of wine, as well as cheese and bread.
  9. Weekend evening hours are only available for the next several weeks on Friday and Saturday evenings; visit the Zuzu’s Petals website to book a reservation or sign up for the newsletter to receive information on this fascinating new attraction in Inman Square.

In the words of MacLean, “This is a gathering point for everything that people care about.” “These are the wines that will make you cry; these cheeses, salamis, and jams are the things that make life worth living.” For activities like this, as well as for not using a screen and for human connection,” she said.

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Zuzu’s Petals

Phone: (617) 945-7749 204 Hampshire Street, Boston, MA 02139 Pay a visit to the website

Crave Dessert Bar

This location has a fantastic sense of charm. Food, pastries, hookah, and beverages are available. Perfect for a romantic evening, a night on the town, or simply to unwind. There is certainly a feeling about the environment. The personnel is kind and inviting, and they are equally as stylish as the interior design. I would highly recommend going for the experience as well as the intricate devil cupcakes and bourbon pecan cheesecake!

Eric Hardy

It was a really relaxed and one-of-a-kind experience. Although a tad pricy, this is an excellent spot to take a date. You should be able to really converse to each other if it is not too loud. The management team is exceptional! Some of the most impressive work I’ve seen recently. They are the reason why I will absolutely come when I am in the region again in the future. Excellent work, gentlemen! M

Garrett Carpenter

This is an excellent location. Due to its location being out of the way for many of the walking populace, it is not as as congested as other areas of the city. Wine and dessert are served in a relaxed ambiance, and hookah is available to be delivered to your table. It’s definitely worth checking out. Plan ahead of time, though, because parking in the vicinity is a nightmare.M

Amanda L

My buddies and I came here on Wednesday night after supper to celebrate our friends 23rd birthday! Some of us had never been here before, and our initial impression was that it was a really pleasant and mellow environment. The host was really nice and accommodating to our group’s needs. We had Veronica as our server, and you must make a special request for her! She’s the loveliest and most amusing server you’ll ever meet. It was a little overwhelming at first because there were so many options to pick from, but Veronica was there to assist us and recommended her favorite sweets as well as which flavors were ideal for hookah smoking.

Stalker Island

This is neither an ice cream shop or a dessert establishment! You should be aware that this is more of a hookah bar with alcoholic beverages than it is a dessert and ice cream shop, among other things, before you go. The term “dessert” does not required to be included in the name of this establishment. I’m not sure whatever restaurateur ding dong came up with the name for this establishment, but it’s completely misleading for customers. The craving dessert bar was a lengthy walk away from the spectrum center, and we were surprised to discover that it was really an alcohol-serving hookah lounge.

To the management: Thank you for sending us on a wild goose hunt late at night due of the absurd name of your restaurant/bar.


Miloolivebread with beurre de baratteolive oil is a traditional dish in Italy. Smoky dates with 9castelvetrano olives, wild fennel and anchovies empress dates, paprika oil, pickled onion, and feta cheese 10VIP Snackslavender almonds, olives, curry cashews, corn nuts15lavender almonds10curry cashews9corn nuts8marketcruditéalmond hummus12VIP Snackslavender almonds, olives, curry cashews, corn nuts


Butternut squash with a curry sauce Toast points with herbed oil, pepitas, and vegan bisque 10Caesar salad (with a small gem, pecorino, boquerones, and garlic croutons) 10 16th, add chicken +6, and finally, add avocado +3 lettuce, radish, pomegranate, fine herbs, toasted pepitas, and other market salad ingredients 13Increase the amount of chicken by 6, and increase the amount of avocado by 3.


Any sandwich may be improved by adding a side salad +4 and a side of soup +6. Arugula, arugula salad, jambon beurreprosciutto di parma, baguette 15-vegetable sub sandwich On ciabatta, grilled pepperonions, almond aioli, and baby arugula are served. 13th, add avocado and three more tartine de champignons Shiitake mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms, hen of the woods mushrooms, broccoli pesto, goat cheese sec. 14saucisson sec. Sausage, mortadella, rigani loukaniko salami, romesco sauce, stone-ground aioli and baguette The meatballs are cooked with grana padano cheese and grass-fed beef.

Add prosciutto di parma +6 to the 17-cheese grilled cheese add raclette, provolone, pecorino, bechamel aioli, milo, and olive oil to the 16-cheese grilled cheese


Esters has a pleasant lunch A side salad and two charcuterie selections from the chef are included in the price. +10vegetable frittatas (sunchokes, pepper, snap peas) +20glass of white wine Romesco peaspepita is a kind of romesco. 12smoked kielbasaolympia supplies, dijon mustard, and house pickles are included. Market plate from 18esters Salad with almond hummus, pepita romesco, broccoli pesto, marinated and pickled veggies, and pane carasau


Choose from three cheese plates (35), three charcuterie plates (36), or two cheese plates (35). 2 charcuterie platter (number 46). the plank: all of the meatscheeses175 different cheeses to choose from Eachog kristal gouda from the Belgian business Cow, kaasfineurs van Tricht (cow firm). the fromager d’affinois, brie cow, the fromager, the francegruyere, the semi-firm, the austrian alps, the swiss Alps El valle, Spainmeats à la carte: percorino toscano, semi-firm sheep, pier franco, italymiticana, soft goat, quesera montesinos, spainmanchego, percorino toscano, firm cow a total of 12 each the rigani loukaniko, the olympic requirements, and the state of California ccalabrese, olli, and the state of California The following items are available: wild boar salumi, creminelli, utahchorizo del rey, olympia provisions, californiamortadella with pistachios, leoncini, Italybreasaola,brooklyn cured, new york DOP, prosciutto di Parma, duck prosciutto di Italia, angels salumi, california


Our Drinks Page has a comprehensive list of beer and wine available by the glass or bottle.


Bloody Mary with Esters Organic vodka, sesame, tomato, soy sauce, lemon, salami, and olives are garnished with this cocktail. 16 You may choose between limitless orange or grapefruit juice and prosecco mimosasorgente prosecco fifteenth by the glass fifteenth by the bottle 50 Esters’ Fall Old Fashioned (bourbon infused with lavender and chamomile, fall spices, and angostura bitters) 16 Negronigin, quinquina, gran classico, bitter aperitivo made from barrel-aged Negronigin. 16 The Woodsman (japanese whisky, lillet blanc, amaro nonino, orange bitters) is a cocktail made using a variety of ingredients.

18 The restaurant adds a 4 percent service fee to all checks in order to assist us in providing fully insured healthcare to our staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Thank you for your contribution to a healthy workforce.

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