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Chrysalis Vineyards – Wines – Norton Wines

Borboleta is Chrysalis Vineyards’ Port-style wine, composed entirely of Norton grapes and fortified with Norton neutral sprits. It is produced in small quantities. It’s a delicious aperitif that’s both rich and sweet! It is the first sparkling wine from Chrysalis Vineyards, as well as a novel take on Norton that is inspired by an old technique. The natural microflora found on the skins and rachises of the grapes cultivated on the Locksley Estate is used to make this whole-clustered pressed Norton wine, which is 100 percent whole-clustered and unfiltered.

This wine is made entirely of Norton grapes and has a smooth, rich mouthfeel with a nice tannic structure and acidity as a consequence of the unusual fermenting process.

It is smooth, rich, fragrant, fruit-forward, and accessible even at a young age, despite its youth.

Featuring the front fruit and bright color of Norton, this blend is balanced out by the structure and Old-World characteristics of Tannat and Petit Verdot.

This Norton is a fantastic introduction to the Norton varietal since it is lighter in body than some of our other Nortons.

It is a semi-sweet wine with a hint of spritz that is pleasant and food-friendly.

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Riverwood Winery Wines

The Wine List at Riverwood We make our wines in small amounts in order to provide the highest possible quality for our customers. Either at our tasting room site or at our vineyard location are the steps involved in making our wines: fermentation, barreling, aging, blending, and bottling. For our barrel-aged wines, we employ oak barrels built in Missouri – Missouri wine aged in Missouri oak, to be precise. We offer something to please everyone’s taste buds. Please stop by and sample some of our locally produced, handmade wines.

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To find out where you may buy our wines, click here.

Our wine selection varies on a regular basis as the previous year’s supply is depleted and new wines are introduced.

Check our website for updates, or give us a call to verify whether a certain wine is now available.

White Wines​Riverwood Oaked Chardonnay-Aged in Bourbon Oak Barrels for 2 months, adding flavors and aromas of vanilla, butter, and oak. The oak aging adds character to the wine, giving it a deeper complexity and a long finish. Excellent with heavy pasta dishes like Chicken Alfredo, aged cheeses, grilled salmon, or lobster.$19.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.Riverwood Riesling-Crisp, aromatic and deliciously refreshing! Has fresh, fruity flavors and aromas of apricots, peaches, and pears. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. Well-balanced and pairs wonderfully with spicy foods!$19.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.Red Wines*Limited Stock* 2019 Riverwood Estate Marechal Foch-Rich and full-flavored, the Riverwood Marechal Foch is made solely from hand-picked grapes from Riverwood’s vineyards in the scenic bluffs of the Missouri River. Aged in Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Barrels for sixteen months, this 2019 vintage has notes of dark cherry, chocolate, and subtle hints of whiskey. Excellent with grilled meats and vegetables.$23.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.*Limited Stock 2018 Norton- -This full-bodied wine is made from hand-picked Norton grapes from the Riverwood Estate Vineyards. Bold and complex, with full, fruity aromatic notes. Delicious flavors of dark berry, spice, a pleasant earthy touch of tobacco, and a lingering finish. Excellent with assorted cheeses, grilled meats, and BBQ. A truly local wine with a genuine “Taste of Place!”$23.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.Riverwood Cabernet Sauvignon- A nice medium to full-bodied red wine with a deep purple color and notes of cherry and spice! Pairs great with beef, lamb and tomato-based dishes. The perfect wine to sip and enjoy in the fall and winter seasons!$19.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.*Limited Stock Riverwood Red Blend-Approachable yet elegant, the Riverwood Red Blend has flavors of rich, dark fruit and subtle hints of oak. Made from a bold blend of Marechal Foch, Norton and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, this wine is full-bodied with a silky-smooth mouthfeel and a long, satisfying finish. Excellent with anything from the grill or dark chocolate!$23.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.Fruit WinesRiverwood Cranberry-Made entirely from cranberries, the Riverwood Cranberry has a beautiful ruby red color. It is sweet and delicious and full of bright cranberry flavor! It is great as a summer spritzer mixed with lemon-lime or club sodas!$18.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.Dessert or Port-Style WinesRiverwood White Eminence- Sweet and delicious, our White Eminence is a rich dessert wine made with a blend of Chardonnay and Riesling! Fortified with grape spirits, this wine has notes of honey and toffee, with subtle flavors of vanilla, dried raisins, and caramel. Full bodied with a smooth, nutty finish. Excellent with Toffee or Angel Cake.$27.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.Riverwood Red Eminence-A rich, warm red Port-style wine, made with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, and Norton grapes! Aged with Oak chips. A nice wine to enjoy with chocolate after dinner or anytime!$27.99/btlClick here to have wines SHIPPED to you.
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Our wine selection varies on a regular basis as the previous year’s supply is depleted and new wines are introduced. Keep an eye on our website for updates. Inquire about our discount pricing on cases (12 btls) or half cases (6 btls) of a single variety or a combination of varieties now!

Susan Constant Dessert Wine

NortonVA – Other$ 32.95/ 500 mL Bottle Hampton Roads WineryNortonVA – Other 100% Norton grapes are used to create this fortified dessert wine that has a port-like flavor. Sweet, fruity, with a hint of American oak in the background. Hampton Roads Winery is a small family-owned farm winery in Surry County, Virginia, that produces a variety of wines. From the historic Williamsburg and Jamestown areas, we are only a short free boat trip away. Hampton Roads Winery6074 New Design RoadElberon,VA23846 Hampton Roads Winery6074 New Design RoadElberon,VA23846

More from Hampton Roads Winery

Bottles of 750 mL are $19.95.

2020 Cabernet Franc

Bottle (750 mL): $19.95

2020 White Oak White

$14.95 per 750 milliliter bottle

2020 Hog Island Sweet Red

$19.95 for a 750 mL bottle

2019 Simply Seyval

Price: $20.95/750 mL BottleSold Out!

2020 Goat Tower Merlot

Bottle of 750 mL for $21.95

2020 Saga Mead Winter Cheer

$47.95 per bottle of 750 mL

2020 Norton Blush

Bottle (750 mL): $21.95

2020 Crisp Apple Saga Mead

$21.95 for a 750 mL bottle

Goat Tower Multi-Pack

Bottle of 750 mL for $21.95

Norton Wine Ratings & Reviews

Norton’s background Norton is a red grape that is indigenous to the United States and is mostly grown in the country’s eastern and midwestern areas. Arkansas, Missouri, and Virginia are arguably the most important growing locations for Norton, while it can also be found in Indiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, and even California, among other places. Aside from that, it’s a pretty unknown and obscure grape that isn’t extensively grown elsewhere in the world. Vinifera grapes like as Norton are known for being strong and full-flavored, with high acidity and a moderate amount of tannin.

Norton wines, in general, have large, intense flavors of blackberries and cherries, as well as earthy notes and undertones of chocolate and vanilla, according to wine experts.

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Cynthiana is another name for this plant that is used in some locations.

Although Norton is not thought to have this issue, wine produced from non-Vitis vinifera grape species can have an unpleasant “foxy” quality, which is similar to animal fur, when tasted blind.

They are resistant to a wide range of vine diseases and other growth difficulties, such as downy mildew, powdery mildew, and bunch rot, among others.

This is extremely beneficial to the winegrower since pests and disease may wreak havoc on the vineyard and severely reduce the amount and quality of the harvest.

The online Buying Guide provided by Wine Enthusiast may be used to locate top-rated Norton wines. Our database has hundreds of evaluations written by our experienced tasters, and it will assist you in identifying the precise bottle that will best suit your preferences as well as the occasion.

Red Velvet (Red) Fortified Dessert Wine

For Harvest Day, three of my children, my sister, and three dearest friends offered their time. I never imagined that my time spent helping would turn out to be such a great experience! Our chats revolved around family, husbands, and “remembering the good old days”! The wine was outstanding; the Boriana White and Yukari were both highly recommended. The meal that was given was so excellent and tasty that we inquired for the recipe after we finished eating. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for being a part of our special day, Mark and Sandi.

“Five Star Experience”

‘If you’re looking for a beautiful day with the ambiance of the North Georgia mountains and a phenomenal vineyard, Stonwall Creek is the place to be. We spent a glorious morning harvesting grapes and learning everything we possibly could before Mark and Sandy gathered us all on the terrace for a delicious lunch and wine tasting.’ “Once again, a five-star experience.”

“Best winery in North Georgia.”

This is a genuine Georgia gem because of its location, landscape, tasting room, service and, of course, the wines! ” I visited in the fall and again a few weeks ago, and the views from the tasting room terrace are just spectacular both times. It is only the wines that are more enjoyable than the scenery! All of them are wonderful, and I can honestly state that it is a rare occurrence for me to enjoy all of the wines made. This establishment’s personnel is extremely knowledgable, pleasant, and engaging.

“My Happy Place.”

This is a great Georgia treasure because of its location, landscape, tasting room, service and, of course, wines!” A few weeks ago, I went back to the tasting room terrace, which has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. It is only the wines that are more enjoyable than the view here! Every single one of them is outstanding, and I can honestly state that it is a rare occurrence for me to enjoy every single one of the wines that are created. There is a lot of expertise and friendliness among the personnel.

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