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Mount Bethel Winery

A Few Words About Our Company This original photograph, which has been on display at our winery for decades, depicts our family plucking grapes in the early 1900s in the area where the winery is located, and has been there for decades. It has been passed down through the centuries that Mount Bethel Winery is a family owned and run company. The Post family has a long history in the winemaking industry, and presently, all eight of Eugene Post’s children assist him in the operation of the winery and vineyards.

A tasting room is also available where you may come and taste our wine, take a tour, or simply sit and chat with Peggy, Kasey, or Peggy Ann Post.

It is our pleasure to share our love of wine with others at our family-oriented institution, which is filled with happiness and excitement for the beverage.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide shipping information for any wine you buy if you are unable to see us in person.

An introduction to our wines: We at Mount Bethel Winery make a wide range of wines from our vineyards in Altus, which are used in our production.

Some of our varietals are native to America, including Cynthiana (also known as Norton), Muscat (also known as Norton), Niagara (also known as Concord), and Muscadine (also known as Concord).

We also have some of the best Port wine in the world, which we feel is worth mentioning.

Contact Information

If you are interested in purchasing our products or have any questions about them, please contact us at the following address: 479-468-2444 is the number to call. Altus, Arkansas 72821 Postal Address: 5014 Mount Bethel Drive, Altus, Arkansas 72821 E-mail: [email protected] General Information: Customer Service: [email protected]

POST Winery – The Best Muscadine Wine, Muscadine Juice, Grape Plants for sale, Post Vineyards and Winery, Altus, Arkansas

The grapes we plant in our river valley have been grown here since the 1870s, when this part of Arkansas was inhabited by Europeans who practiced a wine-drinking lifestyle that included a daily glass of wine. Since then, we’ve been producing wines from grapes grown in our own backyard. Niagara, Cynthiana (Norton), Ives and Chambourcin, Enchantment, Seyval, and the Muscadines are some of the most famous American grape varieties in the world. Post’s winemakers were able to significantly increase their table wine offerings during the 1960s and 1970s thanks to advancements in winemaking technology.

  • Western Arkansas is considered to be the outside border of the Muscadine producing area; the stress placed on the vines has resulted in superior fruit as a result.
  • During this time period, we planted Ives (Ives Noir), a heritage grape variety from the United States, as well as Seyval Blanc, Vignoles, and other commercially accessible varieties.
  • Post is particularly excited about the potential of the Enchantment and Opportunity grapes, and he has already produced some excellent wines from each of these varietals.
  • Mary’s Mountain Road, includes a retail store and a wine tasting bar, which is operated by Post.
  • It is a pleasure to taste both the 100 percent Muscadine grape juices and the full-fruit Red, Pink, and White Muscadine Wines produced by the vineyard.
  • POST WINES are available in our retail location in Altus, or you may inquire at your local Package Store or choice Grocery Store in Arkansas and Oklahoma for more information.
  • We will no longer be able to send wine directly to consumers in the following states as of March 2021: Arkansas; California; Florida; and Minnesota.
  • We transport our grape juices to customers all around the lower 48 states.

to 5:00 p.m. (EST). Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST). On Thursday, the hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The following hours are in effect on Friday: 9:30 AM to 5:15 PM Saturday hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Altus, AR 72821-1700 Saint Mary’s Mountain Rd. Sunday hours: closed

Norton Wine Ratings & Reviews

Norton’s background Norton is a red grape that is indigenous to the United States and is mostly grown in the country’s eastern and midwestern areas. Arkansas, Missouri, and Virginia are arguably the most important growing locations for Norton, while it can also be found in Indiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, and even California, among other places. Aside from that, it’s a pretty unknown and obscure grape that isn’t extensively grown elsewhere in the world. Vinifera grapes like as Norton are known for being strong and full-flavored, with high acidity and a moderate amount of tannin.

  1. Norton wines, in general, have large, intense flavors of blackberries and cherries, as well as earthy notes and undertones of chocolate and vanilla, according to wine experts.
  2. Dr.
  3. Cynthiana is another name for this plant that is used in some locations.
  4. Although Norton is not thought to have this issue, wine produced from non-Vitis vinifera grape species can have an unpleasant “foxy” quality, which is similar to animal fur, when tasted blind.
  5. They are resistant to a wide range of vine diseases and other growth difficulties, such as downy mildew, powdery mildew, and bunch rot, among others.
  6. This is extremely beneficial to the winegrower since pests and disease may wreak havoc on the vineyard and severely reduce the amount and quality of the harvest.
  7. Our database has hundreds of evaluations written by our experienced tasters, and it will assist you in identifying the precise bottle that will best suit your preferences as well as the occasion.
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Arkansas Wine Trail

Vineyards owned by the Post Family


Arkansas wine is a natural consequence of the agricultural industry. Two European families relocated to the Arkansas River Valley, drawn by the region’s fertile sandy soil and temperate temperature to begin their lives. Jacob Post, who arrived to the United States in 1872, and Johann Wiederkehr, who relocated to Altus, Missouri, from Switzerland in 1880, were among the early pioneers of the American wine business. Arkansas’s viticultural circumstances were so similar to those of Germany’s and Switzerland’s good wine-making areas that they each decided to build vines, marking the beginning of viticulture in the state.

Aside from that, winemaking has returned to locations such as Tontitown, which has a long history of Italian immigration and winemaking. Additionally, it has expanded to other parts of the state, creating a trail that is well worth exploring for some delectable entertainment.

An Enchanting Evening Winery, Wedding Venue and Luxury Log Cabin

Roland Located 20 minutes from downtown Little Rock, this fully equipped luxury log cabin boasts a stacked rock fireplace, hammered copper double slipper tub, home entertainment system with surround sound, a king-sized bed with a pillow top mattress, board games, magazines, books, an iron and ironing board, a hair dryer, and a walk-in shower with rainfall shower head for two. Pinnacle Mountain and Lake Maumelle may be seen in the distance from the deck, where there is an outdoor hot tub for two people to relax in.

The maximum number of people allowed to stay is two.

There is a winery on the premises with a tasting facility.

BoBrook Farms and River Bottom Winery

Roland BoBrook Farms is a 235-acre working farm and event facility in Roland, North Carolina, just a few miles from Pinnacle Mountain State Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains. In May and June, you may select your own blueberries and blackberries, and in October, you can harvest your own pumpkins, winter squash, and gourds from a pumpkin patch. In-house River Bottom Winery, which specializes in fruit wines from the farm and is open year round, is a must-stop on your visit. Outdoor weddings, birthday parties, field excursions, special events, and other gatherings are common at this popular event site.

  1. There is enough space for 500 visitors and 300 automobiles.
  2. Chardonnay vineyard outside of California, and the largest Zinfandel planter in Arkansas.
  3. Bus trips should make a reservation in advance.
  4. Project Sustainability comprises a recycling program, the use of sustainable goods, the use of environmentally friendly cleansers, and the utilization of water drainage from the vines.
  5. A bell collection and bell towers are housed in a private chapel on the grounds of the estate.
  6. Weddings can be hosted on the grounds of the property (but not in the chapel).

Dahlem Vineyard

Altus James Dahlem comes from a long line of grape growers, with his grandpa owning and operating a bonded winery and him growing up in the vineyards. In 1996, James made the decision to acquire his own vineyard. His first year was a huge hit with the locals, who were eager to come out and harvest fresh grapes by the pound from his orchard. James also sells his grapes to grocery shops and vegetable booths, as well as to individuals. Dahlem Vineyard has survived to this day and continues to prosper.

Grape Country RV Park is a place to stay if you’re traveling by RV.

Dionysus WineBrew LLC

Altus Dionysus WineBrew is a small boutique winery that is owned and maintained by a local family. At the Wiederkehr Winery in Altus, Arkansas, hidden in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains, co-founders SharlaDennis Wiederkehr and Dennis Wiederkehr make masterfully blended wines, drawing on their combined 60 years of expertise in the wine and hospitality sectors. On-site gift shop and tasting area, featuring home brewing kits, brewing materials, and Dionysus’ own handmade beers to be released in the near future.

Hosting parties and special events is something I like doing.

Keels Creek Winery

Eureka Springs produces a diverse range of wines from grapes produced at Keels Creek Vineyards as well as other Arkansas-grown grape varieties. This category contains predominantly dry white and red wines, as well as lightly sweet wines. The tasting area is housed in a Spanish-style structure that also houses an art gallery featuring the work of regional artists and craftspeople. With a more than 100-year-old legacy of wine manufacturing, bottling and tasting, as well as tours; various classic grape wine kinds as well as several speciality wines created from Arkansas-grown fruit such as blueberry and strawberry; gift store; Altus Historic cellar ​

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Neumeier Winery

Wiederkehr Village is well renowned for its Muscadine wine, which is distinguished by its distinctive dryness. Located high on Saint Mary’s Mountain in the heart of Arkansas’s burgeoning wine industry, this vineyard is a must-see. Custom pottery created by a professional artisan and fired on-site by the customer.

Movie House Winery, LLC

Morrilton Fine handcrafted wines produced in small batches; tasting room; winemaking training and supplies; gift shop It is located in Altus, Arkansas, which is a part of the Altus Viticultural Area, and has the Altus Post Winerygift shop. The facility has a commercial kitchen, which allows it to hold tea room-style meals and small parties. The Trellis Room provides on-site eating. ​

Tontitown Winery

Tontitown Wine Tastings are offered for free seven days a week. The Taldo House, which was completed in 1917, serves as the venue. Wines created on site using grapes cultivated on Ranalli Farms in the surrounding area and utilizing traditional methods. Since 1923, the Ranalli family has been involved in the winemaking industry. Live music will be performed on the terrace on Wednesday and Friday nights (May through October).

Sassafras Springs Vineyard, WineryEvents Center

Springdale Drink in the outstanding wines from the comfort of the lovely tasting room, the covered patio next to the fireplace, or one of the many spacious decks. Create lifelong moments in the stunning Chapel Ruins and assemble in the recently refurbished Stables, which has a total floor area of 3,500 square feet for a variety of events.

Railway WineryVineyards

Eureka Springs is a town in the U.S. state of Arkansas. Winery on a small farm south of Eureka Springs, near Beaver Bridge, that produces small-batch artisanal wines and sells locally sourced items such as jellies, coffee, wine accessories, and more. There is a tasting area, and the vineyards grow 14 different types of grapes as well as numerous fruits. GROUPS: Group tours and special events are offered with advance notification. Since 1880, Wiederkehr Village has been family owned and run. Swiss heritage, vineyard excursions, free wine tasting cellar tours, a gift shop, and the Wiederkehr Village WineSpirits store are all available year-round, seven days a week in the Wiederkehr Village.

It is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the restaurant is located in an original hand-dug wine cellar from 1880. The restaurant serves award-winning continental cuisine and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Itineraries and journeys

Vacation Ideas

Check out the video.

Discover our signature.

That binds history and terroir together, as well as skill and passion.

Discover ourVINEYARDS

At present, Bodega Norton has five vineyards that are spread across the most important terroirs of the province of Mendoza, which are located in the Andes foothills. All of these vineyards are located within a privileged zone known as the First Zone because of the high quality of the grapes produced there. Our wines’ quality is influenced not only by their geographical location, but also by the age of our grapes. We have a big number of hectares planted with vines that are over 80 years old, although the average age of our vines is approximately 30 years.

Bodega nortonVISIT US

When wine is consumed in a stunning setting, it tastes much more delicious. Come and visit us to learn about our 125-year winemaking history and to take in the beauty of our setting in the foothills of the Andes mountains. Learn about the process of making your favorite vintage, have a delicious lunch at our La Vid Restaurant, enroll in a cooking lesson, embark on a photography safari through the vineyards, or tuck into a special gourmet picnic overlooking the vineyards and the snow-capped Andes.

Take a look at our wine excursions.

Buy Wine Online

When wine is consumed in a stunning setting, it tastes much better. Our picturesque position in the foothills of the Andes, as well as our 125-year winemaking history, invite you to come and see us. Enjoy a delicious lunch at our La Vid Restaurant, learn about the winemaking process, participate in a cooking lesson or embark on an exciting photography safari through the vineyards. You may even treat yourself to an exquisite gourmet picnic overlooking the vineyards and snow-capped Andes. There’s also the option of a private taste of the vineyard’s most renowned wines in the Selected Cellar, where you may pretend to be a winemaker for a day and develop your own mix.

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How is Wine Made?

Wine is formed from fermented grapes, water, aromatics, alcohol, malic and tartaric acids, and malic and tartaric acids. The process of creating wine is not an easy one to master. In order to produce high-quality wine, the producers must follow a number of steps, which are stated below:

  • Harvesting
  • sCrushing
  • sPressing
  • sFermentation
  • sClarification
  • sAgingbottling

What are the 4 Types of Wine?

There are many different varieties of wine to pick from, and drinking a cold glass of wine will help to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day. Examine the numerous varieties of wine listed below and select your favorite from the list: Red Wine is a kind of wine that comes from the grape genus Vitis vinifera. Red wine is produced by fermenting the juice of grape types that are dark in color. Drinking red wine that has 5.5 percent to 20.5 percent alcohol by volume reveals a traditional palette of flavors, smells, and tastes that are unique to red wine.

  • White Wine is a type of wine that is made from grapes that are grown in a vineyard.
  • As a result, several shades of white wine are available, including straw-yellow, yellow-gold, and yellow-green.
  • This is one of the greatest varieties of wine to keep on hand as a back-up option.
  • Sparkling wine is a type of wine that contains a decent amount of carbon dioxide in it.
  • In addition, because it contains 12 percent alcohol by volume, you will taste tastes of fruits and flowers on the tongue.

If you’re looking for something sweet to drink, theRoseBlush wineshould be at the top of your list! The roseblush wine has a taste profile that includes vanilla, rose, and fruit notes, making it an excellent choice for a romantic event or as a gift.

What type of food can I pair with Wine?

In light of the fact that there are several varieties of wine available, you can pair your favorite wine with the following foods:

  • Champagne pairs well with salads, while red wine complements smoked or grilled chicken. Pasta with a white sauce and a dry red wine go well together
  • Desserts like cake pair well with a sweet wine. Fruits go well with white wine.

Where to buy Wine near me?

If you’re searching to buy wine online, GotoLiquorStore provides one of the most comprehensive wine collections available. Purchase wine online by picking the appropriate bottle, the most convenient store from the list of accessible nearby wine stores displayed on the product page, and then placing your purchase.

How to order Wine for delivery?

In terms of wine shopping online, GotoLiquorStore provides one of the most comprehensive collections available. Purchase wine online by selecting the appropriate bottle, the most convenient store from the list of available nearby wine stores displayed on the product page, and completing the purchase transaction online.

Which are the top Wine brands?

GotoLiquorStore has a wide range of wine brands, from the most affordable to the most costly. The following is a list of some well-known wine brands that you might want to consider purchasing.

What are some facts about wine?

If you intend to purchase wine online, you should be aware of some of the facts regarding the beverage. Additionally, it will assist you in learning more about the wine you are now drinking:

  • Red wine can only be prepared from grapes with purple or blue skins, whilst white wine can only be made from dark-colored grapes once the grape juice has been removed from the grape skin. The yeast and sugar have to contact with each other for at least 15 months before the wine starts to ferment and produce carbon dioxide. Furthermore, once carbon dioxide is created, it causes bubbles to form within the container. A vintage wine is a type of wine that is prepared from grapes that were picked in the same year as the wine is produced. The wine is only half-filled in the glass since the remaining space is where the scents are produced. There are around 1000 different varieties of grapes that are utilized to make wine.

What should fitness geeks know about Wine?

If you are a health-conscious individual or if you have a medical condition, you should seek for low-carb wine brands or low-sugar wine brands. Here are some of the reasons why low carb wines are a good choice:

  • It helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level in the body, as well as a healthy sugar level. It makes you feel more energized and stress-free

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now! Find the nearest liquor store with the GotoLiquorstore app, and stock up on your favorite bottle of red.

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