How Much Are Hot Dog Buns

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How Much Do Hot Dog Buns Cost?

The most recent update was made on August 14, 2018. Hot dog buns, a form of bread that has been specifically made to house a hot dog, will hold the hot dog itself as well as any condiments that will be served with it, if any. The price of hot dog buns will vary greatly depending on the brand and the place where you purchase them.

How much does a pack of hot dog buns cost?

A pack of 8-12 buns can cost you anything from $1 to $5, depending on the quality of the buns. Hot dog buns, which are frequently available in the deli department of a grocery store or bakery, will cost between $3 to $5 per eight-pack, although the more popular processed buns from name brand firms will cost less than $3 per eight-pack. An 8-pack of hot dog buns costs around $2, according to a pricing comparison between Walmart and Target conducted by As previously said, the price varies based on the brand and the location where you acquire it.

At Whole Foods Market, the typical pack costs between $3 and $5 per item.

Factors that affect the price

Brand It is important to know what brand of hot dog buns are being used. If you want to buy well-known buns, you will almost certainly pay more money than if you buy store brand buns. Kind Hot dog buns are more than simply bread, and the price of a hot dog bun varies depending on the sort of bun you choose. Potato buns made with fresher ingredients, for example, may be more expensive than a retail brand made with preservatives. In the same way, a bakery selling a freshly baked batch of buns might be described as “fresh.”

Tips to know:

Check the “sell-by” or “use-by” date printed on the packaging of hot dog buns carefully before consuming the product. In the event that you are unable to consume all of the hot dog buns before the expiration date written on the packaging, you can freeze the remainder. Simply remove them from the freezer an hour or two before you intend to use them. Hot dog buns are typically sold in packages of eight or twelve, but wholesale clubs may be able to provide you with packages of 24 or more. Because hot dogs are also sold in eight-packs, purchasing an eight-pack is frequently the most cost-effective alternative.

Hot dog bun nutrition

Instead of going to your local grocery shop, consider going to a neighboring bakery. Bakeries are more affordable than supermarket shops when it comes to costs for their products. Furthermore, the freshness will taste far better than hot dog buns that have been sitting on the shelf for days.

  • Considering that this is a frequent item that is often on sale, especially during summer holidays such as the Fourth of July, it may be worth your while to experiment with store brands if you are not already a fan of them. When it comes to store brands, the brands that are less than $2 are the most common
  • Like with any food product, the more that you get at once, the more money you save. Make your own hot dog buns for pennies on the dollar by following this recipe. When creating handmade bread, the only components you’ll need are milk, water, butter, and flour
  • The same goes for this recipe.
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Average Reported Cost:$0

This is a recipe that I’ve been cooking for a number of years. If you have a bread maker, it will be even simpler. All you have to do is toss everything into the bread maker, being sure to softly beat the egg first. Set it on the dough cycle and let it do its thing. Once it is completed, proceed with the rest of the recipe starting with step 3. More information can be found at

Most helpful critical review

Overall, this dish was nice; however, it was not quite as good as some of the reviews I had read previous to cooking it. The rolls were a touch heavier in weight than I had hoped for when I ordered them. I did discover that, as other reviewers have indicated, you must allow them to rise for much longer than the recipe calls for; I let mine rise for 2 hours. I made 12 hamburger buns, but they weren’t quite as large as I would have liked them to be. Next time, I’d just create nine to obtain the exact size I’m looking for.

  • 5star ratings received: 746
  • 4star ratings received: 180
  • 3star values are 79, 2star values are 28, and 1star values are 31.

This is a recipe that I’ve been cooking for a number of years. If you have a bread maker, it will be even simpler. All you have to do is toss everything into the bread maker, being sure to softly beat the egg first. Set it on the dough cycle and let it do its thing. Once it is completed, proceed with the rest of the recipe starting with step 3. More information can be found at

  1. I began a baking and culinary company, and I created them to go with shredded barbecue beef for sandwiches as part of my first batch of orders.
  2. After the dough has been prepared and kneaded, I allow it to rise in a greased and covered basin for approximately one hour.
  3. I roll them into balls and place them on a prepared baking pan, flattening them.
  4. After they have risen, I brush some egg white on four of them and sprinkle with sesame seeds before baking them according to the package directions.

To make these, I simply add 2 Tablespoons dried minced onion and 1/2 Teaspoon onion salt (reduce regular salt to 1 Teaspoon) to the flour mix (before adding the milk and eggs), and after the second rising, I brush them with egg white and sprinkle them with additional dried minced onion before baking.

  1. Allow it to prove before adding it to the recipe, and allow for two rises.
  2. I replaced one cup of white flour with the following ingredients: half cup whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup oat bran, and 1/4 cup flax meal.
  3. It has a whole different flavor and is a little thick, but it is still delicious and far superior than store-bought!
  4. ***TIP*** After kneading the dough, place it all in an oiled basin, cover it, and set it aside for an hour in a cold oven (without turning on the oven).
  5. then pull it out and shape it whatever you like (they also make excellent rolls) on a pan or on a cookie sheet (you can also bake them in the oven).
  6. Remove them from the oven, uncover them, and brush them with melted butter or an egg wash before turning on the oven and allowing it to warm.
  7. In my opinion, this bread is the most wonderful and soft bread I have ever had.

The ideal temperature is reached when the combination is quite heated, but not too hot to the point where you can stick your finger in it without burning yourself.

*** 1 tablespoon of instant yeast is equal to 1 package of instant yeast.

So, if you’re not using the packets, you can just use a spoonful of the mixture.

I made these using the dough cycle on my bread machine, and they turned out perfectly.

After that, I allowed the buns to rise for 35 minutes.

The rolls were a touch heavier in weight than I had hoped for when I ordered them.

I made 12 hamburger buns, but they weren’t quite as large as I would have liked them to be.

Continue readingAdvertisement This is a fantastic dish!

I won’t be purchasing anything from a store any longer.

I would retest the recipe with a little extra yeast this time around.

It yielded eight hamburger buns that were flat and solid in texture.

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