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Basic Guidelines

When preparing your dinner, it might be helpful to follow some general principles in order to decide the appropriate amount of food to serve.

  • Appetizers- If you’re planning a party where just appetizers and finger foods will be served, consider that you’ll need five to eight appetizers per participant, each hour, on average. If there is a meal involved, you can reduce the number of drinks per person per hour before the meal to three or four. Provide a greater variety of appetizers to accommodate a larger gathering.
  • In the case of a party where only appetizers and finger foods are offered, estimate the number of appetizers you will need to serve per person, per hour on the basis of five to eight appetizers. Depending on whether or not there is a meal involved, you can reduce the number of people to three or four every hour before the meal. If you’re expecting a larger gathering, provide more different sorts of appetizers
  • Prepared salads- One gallon of prepared salads (potato, pasta, or other) will serve around 20-25 people.
  • Prepared salads- One gallon of prepared salads (potato, spaghetti, or other) will serve around 20-25 people
  • Fruit and vegetable trays- For fresh fruit, a half cup each person should suffice. For vegetables, one cup per person should suffice. Estimate eight to ten pieces of vegetables per person when serving vegetables. In addition, there is plenty of dip accessible.
  • When it comes to dessert, it’s preferable to serve them as individual portions so that you can quickly determine how much you need. Make sure to have extras on available in case somebody consumes a large amount of food or has an especially sweet tooth. One 9-inch layer cake serves 10 to 12 people, whereas one 9-inch pie serves 6 to 8 people.

Appetizer Amounts for a 3-Hour Party

A three-hour party is a reasonable starting point; if your party will last longer than three hours, adjust your figures to account for the additional time.

Food Up to 10 guests 10-20 20-30 30-40 40-50
Dips 1 pint 1 quart 3 pints 2 quarts 5 pints
Fruit 5 cups 10 cups 15 cups 20 cups 25 cups
Veggies 60 pieces 120 pieces 180 pieces 240 pieces 300 pieces
Chips 1 pound 1½ pounds 2 pounds 3 pounds 4 pounds
Canapés 8 per person
Punch 2 gallons 3 gallons 4 gallons 6 gallons 8 gallons
Wine 3 bottles 5 bottles 7 bottles 9 bottles 11 bottles
Coffee or Tea 20 cups 40 cups 60 cups 80 cups 100 cups

Food for Dinner Parties

Plan on a major dish (chicken, turkey, beef, pig, ham, or casserole), as well as salads, sides, desserts, and beverages to accompany the main course.

Food Up to 10 guests 10-20 20-30 30-40 40-50
Whole chicken 2 (4-pound) 4 (4-pound) 6 (4-pound) 8 (4-pound) 10 (4-pound)
Whole turkey 1 (12-pound) 2 (12-pound) 3 (12-pound) 4 (12-pound) 5 (12-pound)
Boneless beef roast 5 pounds 10 pounds 15 pounds 20 pounds 25 pounds
Pork roast or ham 5 pounds 10 pounds 15 pounds 20 pounds 25 pounds
Casseroles 2 (13×9″) 3 (13×9″) 4 (13×9″) 5 (13×9″) 7 (13×9″)
Side dishes 5 cups 10 cups 15 cups 20 cups 25 cups
Green salad 10 cups 20 cups 30 cups 40 cups 50 cups
Fruit salad 5 cups 10 cups 15 cups 20 cups 25 cups
Rolls or bread slices 20 pieces 40 pieces 60 pieces 80 pieces 100 pieces
Cakes 1 layer cake 2 layer cakes 3 layer cakes 4 layer cakes 5 layer cakes
Cookies 20 40 60 80 100
Pies 2 3 4 5 7
Wine 3 bottles 5 bottles 7 bottles 9 bottles 11 bottles

Dessert Party Foods

Desserts may be the highlight of the party, so make sure you have plenty on hand so that everyone can go goodbye on a sweet note!

Food Up to 10 guests 10-20 20-30 30-40 40-50
Cakes 1 layer cake 2 layer cakes 3 layer cakes 5 layer cakes 6 layer cakes
Pies 2 3 4 5 7
Trifle or crumbles 2 (9″ x 13″) 3 (9″ x 13″) 4 (9″ x 13″) 5 (9″ x 13″) 7 (9″ x 13″)
Cookies 3 dozen 5 dozen 7 dozen 10 dozen 13 dozen
Bar cookies 3 dozen 5 dozen 7 dozen 10 dozen 13 dozen
Ice cream 1 quart 1½ quarts 1 gallon 1½ gallons 2 gallons

Food Calculation Tips

Follow these basic guidelines to help you determine how much food you’ll require:

  • Always err on the side of caution when it comes to eating. It’s lot simpler to take leftovers home with you or send them home with your guests than it is to let folks go hungry at your event.
  • Include both “heavy” and “light” choices in your proposal. Given that some people would be hungrier than others, providing more substantial food items will allow them to fill up without consuming as much of each dish as others.
  • If you anticipate that a certain meal will be extremely popular, create or acquire extras in advance.
  • Keep an eye out for portion quantities that are indicated on packaged items. Consider whether the portions will be meal-sized or snack-sized, and then calculate how many servings are contained in each box.

Considerations to Factor In

The most significant issue is the amount of attendees, but there are a few other factors to consider as well.

How Many Guests Will Be Attending

The amount of food you’ll need for your party will be determined by the number of people that will be attending. Make sure to invite attendees to RSVP, but if you don’t hear back from someone, it’s probably best to assume that he or she will not be attending the event.

Time of Day for the Party

The sort of cuisine you’ll offer will be determined by the time of day. If the party is set at a lunchtime, for example, you’ll be expected to provide a big dinner for your guests. If your party is taking place at night or in the middle of the day, you can offer only appetizers and snacks.

Age Range of the Guests

You would not believe that the age range of the visitors would be essential while preparing a party, but consider the following scenario: Which foods would you make for a party of 10 teens and how many would you serve? Now, how much meals would you prepare for a group of 10 elderly people? In general, there might be a significant disparity in appetites across people of different ages and backgrounds.

Type of Food Being Served

In the event that you’re offering a meal, or if you’re providing a large selection of food at an abuffet table, you can reduce the number of snack foods and appetizers served at your party. If, on the other hand, you’re depending solely on finger foods to keep your visitors satiated, you’ll need to have a larger supply on hand.

Follow Guidelines for Success

The amount of food you’ll need for a party is nearly hard to predict in advance; nevertheless, using the information in this guide will allow you to get an idea of how many servings of each item you should plan for. Consider keeping a few extra servings on hand if you’re not sure how many people will be attending; it’s always better to have a few extra servings than to run out of food! All rights retained by LoveToKnow Media, Inc. in the year 2021.

Desserts for a Crowd: Planning Quantities

Desserts for a Crowd is our February series in which we look at advice, hints, and recommended recipes for elegantly and affordably arranging a large party or even a wedding reception for a large number of people. You’re hosting a large gathering of 40 or more people, and you’d want to know if you can serve them something sweet without breaking the money or losing your mind in the process. Yes, without a doubt. When arranging the type and amount of food for a large-scale dessert party, there are two primary considerations: the number of guests attending and the presentation of the food.

  • How many bites should I anticipate serving each of my guests?
  • In terms of desserts, it’s important to have a variety of colors, flavors, and textures; if you’re serving chocolate, be sure to provide something light and fruity as well.
  • This is also influenced by the manner in which they will be presented.
  • If this is the case, serving eight desserts on a tiny table will need you to replenish them on a regular basis.
  • There should probably be more diversity, so that it isn’t just a sea of chocolate cookies all of the time.
  • So, let’s get to the meat of the matter: how much should you budget each guest?
  • For those who will be served hot appetizers or a meal prior to the reception, I intend to offer 1 piece of cake or 2 small portions of different types of sweets to each visitor.
  • Take the number of servings you determined for this number of guests and multiply it by 20 percent to get the total number of servings.
  • If there will be no other food provided – for example, if this is a dessert party or reception alone – I anticipate 4-6 servings per visitor.
  • In this case, one bite-sized cookie, one mini-cup of mousse, and one tartlet will enough.

Calculate the number of servings once more and increase the number by 20%. This is how I go about things, and it has generally worked out well for me. Is there a caterer in the house? Anyone anyone have any helpful ideas for estimating food quantities?

How Much Food to Serve at a Party – Free Printable Serving Guide

There is a lot that goes into throwing a party. You’ll need to invite everyone, decorate, provide entertainment, and, most importantly, prepare food for the event. A good party may be saved by good food, but a good party that runs out of food can rapidly become a failure! As an alternative to over-preparing out of fear and squandering your money (and time), here’s a simple strategy to assist you in determining how much food to serve at your party!

How Much Food to Serve at a Party

Of course, every political party is unique. If you start your party late enough, New Year’s Eve will be essentially an appetizer-only affair, so plan accordingly. A Christmas party, on the other hand, may be centered around the main course. And, of course, the cake is the most important aspect of any birthday celebration!

Consider who’s going to be there

When preparing your party cuisine, you’ll want to take into account whatever information you have about your attendees. Is Uncle Billy a fan of greasy food? If that’s the case, you may wish to prepare additional food to satisfy his hunger. Does anyone in your party have any food sensitivities or allergies that will restrict what they can eat at your event? If you are unable to ensure that everything you serve is safe for everyone, make sure to give suitable substitutions so that no one feels left out of the festivities.

  • Then tweak your appetizers to ensure that you don’t have too many vegetarian dishes left over after everyone has eaten.
  • After that, make sure to stock up on beverages that are appropriate for children.
  • You can, however, have everything under control in 15 minutes if you sit down with a pencil, paper, and my downloadable meal serving chart.
  • Having some cellophane goody bags and disposable plastic food containers on hand will allow you to easily dispose of any remaining food when guests are about to depart.

Food Serving Guide

Make use of my suggestions above and review my guide to assist you in planning the cuisine for your party! And keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need to offer at your party (a single gathering doesn’t need serving ham, cake, and ice cream). If you know you’ll be serving cupcakes to 12 guests at a birthday celebration, you’ll know you’ll need 24 cupcakes rather than simply 12 because this is a serving recommendation. The end of this page is a link to a printed version of this guide, which also includes a link to the drink guide.

Food Amount For Every
Appetizers (when there will be a main meal) 6 pieces 1 guest
Appetizers (when there will not be a main meal) 12 pieces 1 guest
Main dish (ham, chicken, casserole, pizza, etc.) 1 + 1/2 servings 1 guest
Side dishes (salad, maccheese, rice, etc.) 1 + 1/2 cups 1 guest
Fruit/veggie platter 1 large platter 10 guests
Chips 1 16 ounce bag 10 guests
Dip 1 cup (8 ounces) 10 guests
Cake 1 6″ round cakeor1 6″ square cakeor1/4 sheet cake 10 guests
Cupcakes 2 cupcakes 1 guest
Cookies 4 medium sized cookies 1 guest
Candy 1/2 cup 1 guest
Ice cream 1 cup (2 scoops) 1 guest

Drink Serving Guide

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve calculated the appropriate amount of food to offer if everyone is thirsty! Even if all you’re serving is water, you’ll want to know how much you’ll need to stock up on. And a small group of individuals may consume an astonishing quantity of alcohol in just an hour or two! Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have enough of ice on hand, as well as plenty of cups and glasses (if you’re using glass drinkware, make sure you have backups in case any break). In addition, if there will be children present, you may need to include in some juice boxes into your estimates.

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The designated drivers and expectant mothers don’t want to be stuck drinking plain water while the rest of the party revels in your alcoholic concoctions.

Non-alcoholic beverages that are smaller in size than standard sodas (7.5oz instead of the standard 12oz) are excellent alternatives.

If you and your pals are the health-conscious kind, keep in mind that kombucha naturally includes a trace quantity of alcohol and hence may not be considered a safe non-alcoholic beverage by individuals who abstain from alcohol use.

Drinks Amount For Every
Non-alcoholic drinks (if there is also alcohol available) 1 gallon for the whole party 10 guests
Non-alcoholic drinks (when no alcohol is available) 2 gallons for the whole party 10 guests
Alcoholic drinks- wine 3 bottles an hour (dinner party), or 4 bottles an hour (cocktail party) 10 guests
Alcoholic drinks- beer 13 beers an hour (dinner party), or 15 beers an hour (cocktail party) 10 guests
Alcoholic drinks- spirits 2/3 bottle an hour (dinner party), or 3/4 bottle an hour (cocktail party) 10 guests

Follow my guides on how much food to serve at your party and you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you prep for your party!

Even if you’ve calculated how much food to offer, if everyone is thirsty, it doesn’t matter! It is necessary to know how much water to keep on hand even if all you are providing is water. An even smaller group of individuals can consume an astonishing amount of alcohol in just one or two hours. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have enough of ice and cups/glasses on hand (and, if you’re using glass drinkware, make sure you have spares in case any of them crack). In addition, if there will be children present, you may need to include in some juice boxes into your budget.

Nobody wants to be stuck drinking flat water while everyone else is enjoying your alcoholic concoctions.

Take into consideration purchasing sparkling water, juice, coconut water, sparkling juice drinks, and/or soda to complement your beverage selection.

Even if you and your friends are health-conscious individuals, keep in mind that kombucha naturally includes a trace amount of alcohol, and as such, it may not be considered a safe non-alcoholic beverage by people who abstain from alcoholic beverages.

Do you often host parties? How do you figure out how much food you’ll need?

Are you unsure about how much food to offer at your next get-together in order to avoid making a huge party faux pas? There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party and discovering that the host hasn’t planned for the amount of food and wine that would be required. Each and every one of us has gone to a party where food was promised, but when you arrive, everyone is squabbling over the single veggie tray. Seriously. BECOME THAT GUY AND STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE. While there is no exact formula for calculating how much food and drink you’ll need for a party, there are some general recommendations that will almost always result in a successful event.


Is it difficult to figure out how much food to serve at your next get-together without going overboard and becoming a big party offender? Having to attend a party where the host isn’t concerned about the amount of food or drink that would be required is the worst experience. Each and every one of us has gone to a party where food was promised, but when you arrive, everyone is squabbling over the single vegetable tray. Seriously. BECOME THAT GUY AND STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE! While there is no exact formula for calculating how much food and drink you’ll need for a party, there are some general recommendations that will almost always result in a successful event in most situations.


Take into consideration two drinks for the first hour, and then one more drink for every additional hour after that.

If you offer a buffet, you may reduce the portion sizes of the major courses by 1 to 2 ounces per person since the more alternatives you have, the less you require of each.


Make sure your Home Bar is fully operational and ready to serve guests before the party begins. Calculate 1 alcoholic beverage per attendee every hour for the duration of the party. Guests will always consume more food and beverages at night than they will during the day. Wine — A 750-milliliter bottle of wine yields five to six glasses of drinking water. Pick up one bottle for every two people you’ll be hosting. Beer – Guests will consume approximately one bottle every half hour to an hour. The following beverages may be made from a 750-milliliter bottle: cocktail Pick up a quart of mixer for every three people who will be attending.

Here are a few drink recipes that you might want to consider serving:

  • The CreamyEspresso Martini, Michelada, the FestiveMulled Wine, the Coquito Recipe, and the Margarita Mix are all delicious options.


During an appetizer-only event, each visitor will consume 4 – 6 nibbles every hour for the duration of the event. If a main course is to be served, allow for a total of 6 bites for each individual. Here are a few appetizer dishes to think about preparing:

  • Smoked brie, pulled pork potato skins, shrimp cocktail, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, air fryer pizza rolls, air fryer French fries
  • Candied jalapenos
  • Cranberry jalapeo dip
  • Air fryer French fries
  • Air fryer French fries. Smoked brie, pulled pork potato skins,


Each adult visitor should be served 6 – 8 ounces of protein (meat or seafood). For the purposes of barbecues, one hamburger patty is equivalent to one pound of ground beef. Excellent Main Dish Recipes:

  • Cooking with Carne Asada Tacos, Instant Pot Ribs, Baked Lobster Tails, Smoked Prime Rib, Garlic and Herb Prime Rib Recipe, Flank Steak Tacos, and more.


Serving Size: 1 cup pasta/potato salad per guest Half a cup of baked beans for every four guests


Small – no more than 2 per guest One piece of large (cake or pie) each guest (14 ounces).

How Much Food for a Party is Just Right? (19 Guidelines to Help You Out)

Small – no more than two per person Cake or pie in large quantities (14 oz per serving)

Details that Affect How Much Food to Serve

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are a variety of elements that will influence the amount of food you will need to prepare for your party. The quantities shown below are suggestions; nevertheless, you’ll need to make adjustments to your menu to account for items like:

The Age Range of Your Guests

When it comes to eating habits, the younger your guests are, the less they’ll consume. The numbers shown below are based on serving adults, so if you’re hosting a large number of children at your party, you’ll want to adjust the amounts accordingly.

Time of Day

Not every gathering requires a full meal. Events that take place between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. or after 5 p.m. shall include enough food to serve as a complete dinner for the guests. Sandwiches, pieces of pizza, hefty hors d’oeuvres, and other finger foods are all possibilities.

How Long the Party Lasts

It’s easy to forget, but longer gatherings will necessitate a greater consumption of food and beverages per participant than shorter ones.


In the summer, you’ll need to supply much more beverages (particularly water) than you would in the winter. In addition, people tend to consume lighter fare in the summer than they do in the winter.

The Type and Variety of Food You’re Serving

This is especially true in the summer, when you will need to supply much more beverages (particularly water). In addition, people tend to eat lighter meals in the summer than they do in the winter, according to research.

Guidelines for Calculating How Much Food to for a Party with a Buffet

The conventional ‘rule’ is that each individual should have two drinks during the first hour and one drink per hour after that.

Please note that this represents the overall amount of alcoholic beverages consumed, not the amount of each individual beverage type. Here are some suggestions to follow when determining how much to purchase for your bar or restaurant.

  • Single serving soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages (juice boxes, water bottles, soda cans): 1.5 drinks per hour for each visitor
  • 1.5 drinks per hour for each guest
  • Drinks in large quantities, such as punch, 2-liter bottles, or pitchers of drinks: 4 gallons for every 25 attendees
  • Guests should be served 7 bottles of wine for every 10 guests (serve more white than red). The following rules apply to beer bottles and cans: 1.5 drinks per hour for each visitor
  • Kegs: 4 gallons of beer for every 25 people in the party

Appetizers and Snacks:

When it comes to planning a party, appetizers are by far the most difficult to estimate since so many appetizers are offered as bulk items and because some appetizers are more popular than others. These tips should assist you in determining the appropriate quantity for your party:

  • No supper, simply appetizers: 14-16 servings (or pieces) per person (no entrees)
  • An appetizer course of 4-7 servings per person is recommended for pre-dinner appetizers. For every ten visitors, one cup of dip is served. Each individual should have 1 oz of chips, popcorn, and almonds.

Main Course:

  • Pizza: Although this website is rather good, I believe it still overestimates, particularly in the case of children. Please lower the advised number by at least one pizza and have your slices of pizza double cut by a pizza parlor, if possible. 6 ounces of meat, fish, or chicken per person
  • A cup of salad per person (greens, pasta, or potato)
  • 3-4 ounces of raw vegetables per person
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of salad dressing (per person)
  • For each participant, 1-2 slices of bread are served.


  • 1.25 per person for cupcakes
  • 3-4 pieces per person for cookies and other bite-sized sweets
  • 1 cup per person for ice cream or 1 gallon per 10 guests for ice cream
  • 1.25 per person for cupcakes
  • Cake: The size and form of the cake are determined by the shape of the cake. Check out this useful resource to assist you

Tips for Saving Money When Planning Your Menu

  1. Are you preparing a meal? Plan your party menu around dishes that can be readily repurposed as leftovers the following day
  2. Keep your menu as concise as possible. Reduce the number of menu items to 4 or 5 items that may be purchased or prepared in quantity. Make sure to just put out a limited quantity of food at a time (this will ensure that any leftovers you have will remain safe and refrigerated)
  3. Once the celebration is ended, try to stay as cold as possible. People should be filled up with affordable bulk foods as much as possible, which include items such as roll-ups or salads as well as fresh fruit. Always keep a record of the meals that you prepare for each event! You’ll be able to quickly locate your tried and true favorites time and time again in this manner.

Now It’s Your Turn

There is no single solution to the question of how much food to serve at a party buffet that is absolutely correct. It is possible to estimate how much food and drink you will require for almost any party if you consider the age of your visitors, the time of day the party is being held, and the number of people who will be attending. Remember to follow me on Bloglovin, Facebook, and Twitter to receive more updates!

how much dessert do i need for my party?

‘Thirty ladies have been invited to my milk and cookie baby shower.’” “Can you tell me how many cookies I’ll need?” The tea party will be themed on the movie Frozen, and it will be held for my daughter’s sixth birthday. Is it better to get normal cupcakes or Mini Cupcakes? “Can you tell me how many?” “Bob’s retirement celebration will be held the following week. “What size cake do I need to make to feed his construction crew of ten men?” I wonder. “Please assist me! “Can you tell me how many cupcakes I should get for my wedding?” Every day, Muddy’s caters to clients who are arranging events in the Greater Memphis Area and are confronted with difficulties like these.

I recently spoke with Emily W., the assistant manager of Muddy’s Bake Shop, who generously agreed to sit down for an interview to aid me in putting up the perfect answer to “How Much Dessert Do I Need for My Party?” According to Emily, the short response to this question, regardless of the occasion or the amount of people present, is “it depends” (drumroll please).

  1. “Plus a smidgeon of extra.” “Calculating portions is something we assist clients with on a regular basis,” Emily explains.
  2. Some people won’t eat anything at all.
  3. You’re putting up a party for 30 guests, right?
  4. That extra six points is a nice safety net.
  5. And if you’re on the fence about whether to order two dozen or three dozen, go with the three dozen.
  6. In the case of standard-sized cupcakes, it is one single cupcake.
  7. If you choose to offer cookies (which Emily recommends for any occasion, even weddings, because they are “affordable and funsies”), a traditional serving size is two cookies per person.
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Do you want to have pie served at your event?

If you are having a simple sit-down supper and don’t want any leftovers, 7″ pies can comfortably feed four people.

They do, however, generally have an idea of the amount of ideas that have been submitted; and we can work with that information as well!

There are exceptions, of course, such as smaller occasions where you have only invited extremely close friends and family members; nonetheless, you should expect around half of the people on your wedding guest list to attend the event on average.

Even if certain elements (such as the time of day and the nature of the event) may not make a difference, there are several situations in which you may want to purchase more or less treats for your visitors.

Will there be any other food available?

If you’re providing dessert after dinner, make sure to order enough for everyone to have one serving, but if it’s just cake and ice cream (or cookies and cocktails), you can get away with a little more.

Is there going to be another dessert?

Some people will only want pie, while others will only want cupcakes.

The following is an example of a typical plate at a dessert-only reception following the opening of an art exhibit: one Prozac (chocolate + chocolate) Mini Cupcake, one Plain Jane (vanilla + vanilla) Mini Cupcake, one Pucker Up (lemon + lemon) Mini Cupcake, one Lemon Dainty Cookie, and one Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  • 3.
  • At a normal wedding reception, a mixed-gender gathering with a few small children will nearly definitely equalize their consumption of the traditional “one per person, plus a little extra” dessert at your event.
  • The question is, what if you’re serving a group of teenagers or older men?
  • What about the event for children?
  • They are entertaining to eat and are easy to consume with little fingers and lips.
  • Order enough Mini Cupcakes so that each youngster may enjoy two of them.

Vanilla cake appears to be less overpowering to their growing tastes than the chocolate cake.” “Don’t forget,” Emily cautions, “that small cupcakes are also wonderful for adults!” Make sure, however, that you purchase enough Mini Cupcakes so that each of your guests may eat three to four each big person.” Keep in mind to call Muddy’s Bake Shop at 901.683.8844 to place your order right away once you have an estimate of how many people you will be feeding!

We recommend that you submit your order at least a month in advance for weddings and other major events in order to secure your spot before the date of your event is full up!

Even if you are unsure of the precise number of servings you will require, it is best to place an approximate order as soon as possible.

For additional information or assistance, contact Emily W. or one of her extremely knowledgeable colleague gnomies by phone and ask them for further information or assistance. You can count on them to assist you in making your event the envy of every other event in the city of Memphis!

Dessert for 20 people. How much should I serve?

Anna The 5th of December, 2014 It all depends on what you’re preparing to serve. Some desserts are more popular than others, in my experience as a person who prepares desserts for 20-25 people over the Christmas holiday. For example, chocolate consistently outperforms dried fruits in nearly every category. Accordingly, depending on the preferences of the audience, you may need to create 20 chocolate bombs and just 10 mincemeat tarts, for instance. I’d recommend lowering the number of sweets to make it more manageable in general:) ChefJune’s point of view is correct.

  • Three would be a lovely round number.
  • Maybe 3 or 4 in sufficient numbers, and if someone did not find something they liked, I would not be concerned about it, in my opinion.
  • In a group of 20 individuals with five different desserts served in individual quantities, it is reasonable to anticipate that some people will consume more than one dessert and that certain desserts will be more popular than others.
  • I’m in the same boat!
  • Two, maybe three, at the most, and at least one of them would have to be a delicious ice cream treat.
  • What (else) do you want us to cover in this conversation?

Cooking for a Crowd of 25 or More – Tips and Ideas

Do you have any doubts about your sanity? Don’t! A throng of 25 or more people for an aluncheon, cocktail party, or homebrunch is a significant endeavor. However, you may accomplish so with style and grace. Yes, it is possible! You’re in need of assistance. Fast! Sure, you can handle everything, but why would you want to? Recruit the assistance of your most helpful friends and family members. The most brilliant idea you’ll have all year! Make certain that everyone who will be assisting you has a strong desire or willingness to take on the task of cooking for a large group.

  1. You could even engage a culinary school student to assist you.
  2. More QAMoney Matters When It Comes to Cooking for a CrowdHelp’ Kitchen Warriors The number of attendees, the location, the style of service, the length of the party, and the type of cuisine will all be determined by your budget.
  3. It is better to start with your budget and work your way backwards.
  4. Try to come up with strategies to strike a balance between your desires and your ability to pay for them.
  5. The number of individuals who will be invited to the party will be determined by the purpose of the event.

When preparing meals for a large group of people, it is critical to get a “very accurate” head count of the number of people who will be attending before confirming the event location, the menu, food amounts, and food purchases. As an illustration:

  • Men consume more calories than women, with the exception of when only women are dining together (in my experience)
  • Children less than 10 eat very little, however the quantity of food they consume grows dramatically after the age of 14
  • Acocktail party menuis the perfect choice for a group of young professionals, and a brunch menuis an excellent choice for a wedding shower

Pages that are related 101 in the Art of Party Planning What is the goal? Who are these individuals? What is the location? The answers to these and other burning issues serve as the impetus for the party (planning). When and how to provide service Is it better to have brunch or lunch? Buffet or a sit-down dinner? What do you think about a potluck? Appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts are all appropriate for a party. The meal for the gathering is beginning to take form. When constructing a well-balanced meal, keep in mind the importance of color, texture, and flavor.

The use of a straightforward menu and straightforward dishes may go a long way toward lowering your stress levels and allowing things to run smoothly over the holiday season.

  • Choose dishes that need the least amount of preparation time. Include dishes that may be prepared ahead of time and stored in the freezer. Cook traditional favorites such as chicken, spaghetti, potatoes, and green beans to make your meal memorable. Choosing meals that can be reheated and/or kept at room temperature while still preserving their flavor, texture, and aesthetic appeal is important

Suggestions for Predicting Food Quantities Making food-quantity calculations requires a combination of “guesswork” and basic math. The reason behind this is as follows:

  • It’s nearly hard to predict how much food your visitors will consume in advance. When determining how much food to purchase, it is vital to have a broad concept of the recommended portion size of each dish. More information may be found in this food amount chart. The amount of each dish may be decided by the recipe and the number of people eating it. Consider the following example: a group of college football players will most likely consume greater servings of chili than a group of pre-teen soccer players. The serving size instructions on the side of the container should be followed when utilizing prepackaged food items (pasta, sauces, frozen vegetables, bagged salad greens, canned beans, and so on). When making pasta for a group of 25, and the box of dry pasta specifies that it serves 8, you will need at least three boxes of dry pasta. If you want to serve more people, increase the amount of food you prepare. It is preferable to have too much than not enough.

Cooking for a Large Group is at the top of the list. “Cooking for a Large Group” Here you will find a detailed guide on cooking for huge groups of people that is one-of-a-kind. For all of your important occasions and parties, you can cook with confidence! Oh, and all the while maintaining your sanity! More Assistance with Party Planning 101 in the Art of Party Planning What is the goal? Who are these individuals? What is the location? The answers to these and other burning issues serve as the impetus for the party (planning).

Buffet or a sit-down dinner?

Appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts are all appropriate for a party.

The Food & Beverage Menu When constructing a well-balanced meal, keep in mind the importance of color, texture, and flavor.

How Much Food For a Party of 15 to 20 People?

Empty your refrigerator to make room for any leftovers. When ordering food for a party, it’s important to bear in mind more than just the number of guests. Not all of the people who attend a party are made equal. In order to feed a group of 20-year-old males, you’ll need far more food than you would for a quiet cocktail party for older pals. If youngsters make up a portion of the total number of attendees, you will require fewer food and beverages overall.


Dispose of any leftovers in your refrigerator. When ordering food for a party, it’s important to remember more than just the numbers. The same cannot be said for all of the people that attend a gathering. The amount of food you’ll need will be significantly more if you’re hosting a cocktail party for a group of 20-year-old males. In the event that youngsters make up a portion of the total number of attendees, you will require fewer food and beverages in total.


Starting with an estimate of how much meat you’ll need for a sit-down supper is a good place to start. It is estimated that 1212 pounds of turkey or chicken will serve 25 people, therefore you should only need about 10 pounds to feed your party of 25 people.

To feed everyone at a barbeque, purchase seven or eight pounds of hamburger or around five pounds of hot dogs to feed the entire group. Combine four heads of lettuce and seven to eight pounds of potatoes for a salad, then serve with a variety of side dishes.


When dessert is served, it is possible that visitors will be starting to feel sluggish and full. Two cakes or three pies are enough to feed a group of 15 to 20 people comfortably. If you’re offering individual cookies or pastries, estimate that each visitor will have two or three, and purchase 40 to 50 servings total. When hosting a cocktail party when guests will not be consuming a full meal, it is possible that they would have a greater desire for dessert, so purchase twice as many desserts as usual.


In most cases, unless you’re hosting a party for non-drinkers or a luncheon, your guests will enjoy being provided wine or beer. Epicurious advises purchasing seven bottles of white wine, two bottles of red wine, and fifty cans or bottles of beer for a group of 15 to 20 persons. If you wish to provide alcoholic beverages as well, get two bottles of each vodka, gin, and rum. Purchase four to six two-liter bottles of soda, as well as two or three bottles of orange or cranberry juice to round out your purchase.

24 Dinner Party Dessert Recipes

This collection of dinner party dessert dishes will make you the most popular hostess at the table. A dinner party is one of the most enjoyable ways to commemorate significant events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just about anything else in life. Would you like to save this recipe? If you provide your your address here, we’ll send you the recipe right to your inbox! One of the most lovely aspects of eating is that it draws people from all walks of life together. Over a dinner, we have the opportunity to bond and make memories.

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However, the preparations that must be made prior might be time-consuming!

The taste of these delights will be long remembered by your friends and family, and they will want them time and time again!

1.Chocolate Cookie Skillet

A massive chocolate cookie is on the way. Sodium chloride (sea salt). Ice cream with vanilla bean flavoring. That’s all there is to it. All of your guests’ tongues will be watering as they watch the ice cream melt on top of the warm and chewy biscuit base. Even better than conventional chocolate chip cookies, this delicacy is a must-try. You won’t have to keep track of how many you ate and feel bad about yourself afterwards!

2.Sheet Pan Brownies

A massive chocolate cookie is on its way. SALT FROM THE SEA It’s ice cream made with vanilla beans. It’s all I have to say about that. Everyone’s tongues will be watering as they watch the ice cream melt on top of the warm and chewy biscuit. Unlike conventional chocolate chip cookies, this dish is much better than the original. Nobody has to keep track of how many they ate and then feel bad about themselves afterwards.

3.Chocolate Raspberry Pie

Fresh raspberries, luscious cream cheese, and exquisite chocolate are layered together in delicate layers. Mmm!

This exquisite pie will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. This light and tart dessert is the perfect indulgence without being too heavy on the calories. You should use this method if you want to spend a lot of money on meals. A scrumptious supper wouldn’t be complete without this dessert.

4.Mud Pie

Fresh raspberries, luscious cream cheese, and exquisite chocolate are layered together in a delicate layer cake. Mmm! Your visitors will be impressed by this exquisite pie. Dessert that is both light and tangy is the perfect indulgence without being too heavy on the calories. You should use this method if you want to spend a lot of money on food. A sumptuous supper wouldn’t be complete without this dish!

5.Peanut Butter Pie

If you enjoy the flavors of chocolate and peanut butter together, look no further! In this peanut butter pie, the filling is made up of a creamy and fluffy peanut butter mixture and the shell is made of Oreo cookies. The best thing is that it does not require baking! This is the ideal dish for including the younger members of the family. The kids will have a great time helping you make this pie, and they will have an even better time devouring it all.

6.Caramel Apple Tart

Looking for a delicious chocolate and peanut butter combination? Look no further! It is made up of a thick and fluffy peanut butter filling and an Oreo cookie crust, which makes for a delicious dessert. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any baking at all. In order to include the children, this is the ideal recipe. As much as they will like helping you make this pie, they will enjoy devouring it all as well if they are not watching.

7.Lemon Pound Cake

When life hands you lemons, you know what they say: eat them. Make a lemon dessert that will knock your socks off! This lemon pound cake is a cake that has been infused with lemon syrup and coated with a tart lemon glaze for the ultimate lemon flavor experience. With each bite, the invigorating citrus flavor of lemon is infused into the dish. The perfect light dessert to cleanse your palette after a night of revelry, this recipe is simple and delicious.

8.Cookies and Cream Brownies

Oreos and brownies are two of my favorite desserts. As a result, why not combine the two to produce cookies and cream brownies?! Due to the fact that the brownie portion is constructed of chocolate and Oreos, it has a fantastic Oreo flavor that you won’t find anyplace else. You guessed it, the cookies and cream topping is white chocolate that has been filled with Oreo biscuits. The concept is brilliant, and I wish that it had occurred to me on my own accord.

9.Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Is there anything better than a smooth and creamy cheesecake with a vanilla wafer crust and a delightful cherry pie filling on top? For a party, these cherry cheesecake cupcakes are the ideal dessert to serve! You may even create many variants of the same design. Make use of whatever fruit you can think of, including blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. These cupcakes are at their finest the second day after baking, so if you’re hosting a party, you may prepare them the day before. You’ll be able to devote more time to other aspects of the meal on the big day as well.

10.Almond Praline Cheesecake

Make a big statement at your next dinner party by elevating your simple and ordinary cheesecake to a new level. From the crust to the cheesecake to the caramel topping, almonds are used throughout the recipe. With this gorgeous and delectable cheesecake, there are an abundance of almonds.

The almonds give the cheesecake its trademark crunch, which contrasts well with the silky and creamy texture of the cheesecake. It is highly recommended that you try this if there are no nut allergies in your party group.

11.Cranberry Cheesecake

This is fantastic news! This cheesecake may be made any time of year, not just during cranberry season. You may just get cranberry sauce and cranberry jelly from your local grocery shop. You can be sure that this cake, which is bursting with the tangy flavor of cranberries, will be the highlight of the evening. You’ll be hearing about it for days to come. This dish is simple, despite the fact that it does not appear to be so. The elaborate cranberry garnish appears to be difficult to make, but don’t dismiss it just yet.

12.Butter Toffee

Rich chocolate, crunchy almonds and pecans, and buttery toffee combine to create a decadent treat. Please accept my invitation! Every taste will leave you dripping in sweet and crispy caramel bliss. Before you know it, you and your buddies will be addicted to these sugary confections. This homemade butter toffee recipe is quite straightforward, yet that does not imply that it is deficient in any way. This dessert will wow your guests just as much as all of the other desserts combined. These are also excellent as take-home presents for friends and family.

13.Chocolate Pudding Pie

Chocolate, almonds, and pecans, as well as buttery toffee, combine to create a decadent confection. Please accept my invitation. Thank you. Every taste will leave you dripping in sweet and crispy caramel bliss. It won’t be long until you and your buddies become addicted to these treats. The simplicity of this homemade butter toffee recipe does not imply that it is deficient in any way. As impressive as the rest of the desserts will be, this one will stand out among the rest. As a bonus, they make excellent take-home presents.

14.Brownie Mocha Trifle

Chocolate is a favorite of some, while coffee is a favorite of others. One thing we can all agree on is that the combination of chocolate and coffee is very delicious. In this brownie mocha trifle dish, rich brownies are stacked on top of a mocha whipped cream blanket to create a luxurious dessert. Despite the fact that coffee is not often associated with children, this trifle is a hit with both young and old.

15.Pecan Pie Bars

Individuals have different preferences when it comes to chocolate and coffee. A commonality among us is that the combination of chocolate and coffee is really delicious. In this brownie mocha trifle dish, decadent brownies are stacked on top of a duvet of fluffy mocha whipped cream. Coffee is not often associated with children, but this trifle is a hit with both children and adults.

16.Pineapple Sheet Cake

Travel to the Caribbean or any other tropical island of your guests’ choosing with your guests for a vacation. There is no need to purchase an airline ticket. Crisp pecan nuts and moist pineapple cake combine to make a delicious dessert. This tropical delight will transport you back to the summer heat.

Pineapple and coconut are prominent tastes in this dish, which you won’t be able to replicate anyplace else. The fact is, this is not something you get to do on a daily basis. This pineapple sheet cake will undoubtedly go down in history as a classic.

17.Apple Cranberry Crisp

It’s a delicious blend of warm and delicate apples and cranberries, fragrant vanilla and cinnamon flavors, old-fashioned oats, and a brown sugar crumble topping that’s sure to please. I’m not sure if it’s the cinnamon spice or the sweetness of the crumble, but something about this dessert brings back memories. It’s the ultimate in home-cooked comfort food. That’s most likely why this is such a wonderful companion for your holiday celebrations with family and friends. Whatever your plans for the holidays are, you’ll want to save this recipe to make it again and again.

18.Mini Strawberry Tarts

Can you imagine the most delicious strawberry tarts in bite-size portions? Count me in on this! These sweets are great for a dinner party since they can be made ahead of time. Since everyone can just reach out for their piece, you won’t have to worry about getting the cake slices just right any more! In one bite, you’ll get to enjoy all of the greatest aspects of a strawberry tart. Alternatively, four. Assuming, of course, that you are able to assist yourself. ‘Miniature, but horrible’ is the best way to describe these tartlets.

19.Apple Cider Pound Cake

When fall arrives and apple cider is in season, you should take advantage of the opportunity to bake this apple cider pound cake. When it comes to fall dishes, apple cider is a must-have component. I’m not complaining, though, because it’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of the fall season. The comforting flavors of apple cider and warm spices will leave you feeling toasty and comfortable in no time.

20.Chocolate Chip Pizza

If I tell you that chocolate chip pizza is the way to go, you better trust me when I say it. Pizza is a go-to dish for social gatherings. It’s easy to clean up, and everyone receives the same amount of food. It just makes sense to experiment with pizza as a dessert! With this chocolate chip pizza recipe, you can transform your favorite savory triangular slices into a sweet and chocolaty treat in minutes. Three components make up this recipe: a basic thin crust, a cream cheese and chocolate chip “sauce,” and a crumbled streusel top.

21.Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Cups

Crushed pretzel layers are sandwiched between creamy cheesecake filling, fresh strawberry slices, and whipped cream. It’s almost too pretty to eat. Honestly, if they weren’t so delectable, I’d just leave them as is. I could spend the entire day staring at these strawberry pretzel dessert cups. These are so simple to create, yet they look incredibly elegant. It simply takes 15 minutes to prepare them!

22.Cherry Bars

With these delectable cherry bars, you may let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. Using cherry pie filling sandwiched between cookie dough and a dab of vanilla glaze, these bars are a delicious treat.

These bars are more portable than a pie and are perfect for potlucks and gatherings since they are so easy to assemble. I have nothing but positive things to say about this wonderful gift! It’s time to put the jokes down for the time being.

23.Butter Pecan Cake

This delicious cherry bar will let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them. Using cherry pie filling sandwiched between cookie dough and a drizzle of vanilla glaze, these bars are a delicious dessert. These bars are more portable than a pie and are perfect for potlucks and gatherings because of their versatility. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful gift! Please refrain from making any more innuendo-laced remarks.

24.Ice Cream Sundae Sheet Cake

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, make this unique ice cream sundae sheet cake to commemorate the occasion! Cake and ice cream are two of the most popular sweets in the world, so it makes perfect sense to combine the two to create an incredible treat. A combination of chocolate and vanilla flavoring makes this cake the best of both worlds twice over. Provide your visitors with a variety of toppings for this dish, much as they would in an ice cream shop, and let them make their own selections.

24 Dinner Party Dessert Recipes

  • Choose your favorite recipe from the list
  • Organize all of the ingredients that will be needed
  • Preparing a delectable dessert in 30 minutes or less is possible.

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