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Black Desert Pets and Pet Food Guide

The following is a guide to pets and the process of manufacturing pet chow in Black Desert Online.

Pet Basics

The use of pets makes it simpler to loot enemy corpses after you have beaten them, as the pets will collect the treasure for you and instantly transfer it to your inventory. This saves you the time and effort of physically looting corpses. Pets also have some semi-useful abilities, such as the ability to locate and mark hostile players, gather resources, and hunt down rare and elite monsters, which can come in handy.


Pets may only be obtained through the Pearl Shop, which is presently the sole means of acquiring them in Black Desert Online (F3). Pets are now available for purchase for 900-1100 Pearls apiece, which is around $8-10 USD. As a bonus for purchasing a pet, you will also receive 20 Nutritious Feeds, which are not the greatest pet food you can produce, but are enough. Currently, there are three main sorts of pets in the game, each with a unique special talent.

  • Canine companions are capable of detecting adjacent hostile players every 5 seconds up to a range of 48 meters
  • Feline companions are capable of detecting gatherable resources every 10 seconds up to a range of 34 meters. Hawks are capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every ten seconds.

Canine companions are capable of detecting adjacent hostile players every 5 seconds up to a range of 48 meters; feline companions are capable of detecting gatherable resources every 10 seconds up to a range of 34 meters; Hawks are capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every ten seconds; they are also capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every ten seconds.

  • The ability for dogs to discover close enemy players every 5 seconds up to a range of 48 meters
  • The ability for cats to find gatherable resources every 10 seconds up to a range of 34 meters. Hawks– Capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every ten seconds

Pet Usage

Dogs are able to identify adjacent hostile players every 5 seconds up to a range of 48 meters; cats are able to detect gatherable resources every 10 seconds up to a range of 34 meters. Hawks– Capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every 10 seconds;

  1. Canine companions are capable of detecting adjacent hostile players every 5 seconds up to a range of 48 meters
  2. Feline companions are capable of detecting gatherable resources every 10 seconds up to a range of 34 meters. Hawks are capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every ten seconds.

Canine companions are capable of detecting adjacent hostile players every 5 seconds up to a range of 48 meters; feline companions are capable of detecting gatherable resources every 10 seconds up to a range of 34 meters; Hawks are capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every ten seconds; they are also capable of detecting elite/rare mobs every ten seconds.

  1. Select “Paw” from the drop-down menu, and the pet images will appear on your computer screen. To see all of the command functions for a pet, left click on it. Click on the Pet Command: Special Button (which should be greyed out at this point) and it will illuminate

You may have the special talents of all of the pets you have out in play at the same time; you simply need to activate each one individually every time you check them out in the game. One thing to keep in mind regarding cats and their specific gathering resource marker is that they will only mark gathering resources that can be gathered with the instrument that is presently in your possession. Thus, while you have the Gathering Hoe equipped, the herb will only label the Wild Herbs you come across.

So if you’re wondering why your cat isn’t marking anything, it’s most likely because you’ve got something like a Butchering Knife in your possession.

If you are not actively employing your pets, you should bring them in since their satiety (hunger) diminishes every time they are allowed to roam about free. However, if you want to level up your pets as quickly as possible and have the food to feed them, you should leave them out of the game.

Pet Levels

Pets can have levels ranging from 1 to 10 within a tier. Because to their higher level, they have shorter looting cooldowns, as looting speed drops to 4-4.5s at level 10 compared to 10s at level 1 for tier 1. Higher tier pets earn levels at a slower rate than lower tier pets, as predicted. In order for pets to level up, you must feed them food. Therefore, the quicker their hunger gauge depletes, the faster they will level up. So, if you want to level up a pet more quickly, simply let them outside and feed them on a regular basis.

Pet Tiers, Buffs and Breeding

Pets purchased from the Pearl Shop are Tier 1, and they only begin to provide bonuses after they reach the level of ten. In order to obtain talents at low levels, you must breed them such that they progress through Tier 1. Swap of Pets of the Same TypeBreeding allows you to exchange two pets of the same type (i.e. two cats). The children will die as a result of this, but they have a chance to rise a tier or possibly many tiers. Tier 4 is the most advanced pet tier. It is not possible to breed two pets that are more than one tier distant from each other.

  1. To breed two pets, you must first check them into the facility.
  2. By clicking on the breeding icon, you may choose which two dogs you wish to breed.
  3. It is possible to choose which one of your pet’s parent’s buffs you want the child to inherit if your pet has any talents that grant player boosts.
  4. Despite the fact that levels are still a component, the system is largely reliant on randomness.
  5. However, I have obtained Tier 3 dogs by mating two level 1 Tier 1 pets, so if you are in a hurry and have a lot of money to spend, levels may not be as important as they appear.
  6. As an example, I crossed a Tier 2 Shepard dog with a Tier 3 Batian Dog and produced a Tier 4 dog with a distinct appearance and personality.
  • Tier 1/2 has one talent, Tier 3 has two skills, and Tier 4 has three abilities.

When you summon these pets, you will be able to view the bonuses they have received in the pet window. The following are some examples of what my tier 3 test cat has granted me: It is possible to have numerous pets summoned at the same time, and their bonuses will stack if they are similar. For example, if I summon three cats, each of which has a +3 percent alchemy XP bonus, I will receive a total of +9 percent alchemy XP. However, the same pet cannot have two talents that are the identical, thus a tier 3 cat cannot have two +3 percent alchemical XP bonuses, for example, on the same character.

My Testdog2 grants me a bonus of 3 percent Processing XP and 3 percent Farming XP when I use him.

Pets’ bonuses are now also dependant on the sort of pet they are.

Almost every pet has a good probability of gaining their primary and secondary talents.

They do, however, have a very tiny probability of picking up the special abilities of another pet (i.e. cat with ability to detect hostile players, which is a dog ability or cat gaining the monster taunt special ability which is unique).

  • Domestic (Dog, Cat, and so on): Cooking/Alchemy/Processing/Farming XP +
  • Aves (Hawk, and so on): Fishing +1, Fishing/Hunting/Training/Trade XP +
  • Monster (Snowman, and so on): Gathering +1, Gathering XP +
  • Common: Combat XP Increase, Karma Recovery Increase
  • Common: Gathering +1, Gather

It is fixed at 3 percent for XP buffs from pets, however it is possible to achieve as high as 9 percent for a single ability if you have three pets, each of which has a 3 percent XP bonus boost (i.e. 3 pets with Gathering XP 3 percent can give you 9 percent Gathering XP)

Pet Food

As previously stated, each pet has a hunger gauge (at Tier 1, cats have a hunger gauge of 120, dogs have a hunger gauge of 150, and hawks have a hunger gauge of 200). When their hunger gauge is depleted, they will cease picking up items and will no longer be able to use their special skills. They will continue to follow you around, but they are otherwise quite ineffective. When this occurs, the red blinking pet button on the top left of your screen will indicate that something has happened. When your dogs are out and about with you, even if they aren’t doing anything, the hunger gauge begins to drain faster.

However, because pets only level when they are fed, letting them out all of the time will help to deplete their hunger gauge and allow them to level up more quickly.

  • Plus six points for low-cost feed, thirty points for nutritious feed, forty points for good feed, and seventy points for organic feed.

Pet Feeding Order

When you provide pet food to your pets, the food will be given to the pet that has the lowest hunger indicator first. As soon as that pet’s hunger gauge reaches the same level as the others, it will be moved down the pet list in accordance with who is now in first place. If you have a satiety meal with a +30 satiety factor and the first pet only need 25 to be satisfied, the food will skip to the next pet. So, if you have a favorite pet that isn’t on the top of the list, just check the others in and take only that one out to feed.

Cheap Feed

You may purchase Cheap Feed from the Stable NPCs located across the various towns and cities. It costs 500 silver each piece and provides just +6 satiety. The amount of silver required to fully refill an average cat pet with a hunger gauge of 120 is around ten thousand. Doing this should only be done when you are unable or unwilling to cook and have an abundance of coinage to spend.

Nutritious Feed

Stable NPCs may be found in each town/city and can be used to purchase Cheap Feed. There are only +6 satiety points for every 500 silver spent on each of these things. For example, to fully refill a cat pet with a hunger gauge of 120, you will require around 10k silver. This is something you should only do if you are unable to cook and have a large amount of money to spare.

Good Feed

There are two tiers of pet food you may make, with this being the lesser tier. You will requireApprentice I in Cooking, which can be earned very easily if you just prepare Beer in large quantities for your employees. It provides an additional 40 minutes of satiety and only requires a few easily obtained components. You must be able to fish, which is best accomplished through AFK fishing, as catching fish manually may be time-consuming and frustrating. You want to buy a fishing rod from a merchant near the docks in Velia/Heidel and then just press space to start fishing and leave it alone for the rest of the day.

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It is not recommended that you check.

If you don’t have the other ingredients to prepare the Good Feed, I would consider drying the fish since if you wait too long, the fish will expire (you have around 24 hours from the time the fish is caught) and will be unable to be utilized.

This can yield anywhere from 1-3 Dried Fish, depending on your processing abilities.

To produce the Good Feed, you’ll need an apprentice in the kitchen, and then you’ll need to put the following ingredients in the cooking utensil. Recipes for Good Feed might yield anywhere from 1 to 5 servings, depending on your culinary ability.

  • 6x meat (deer, lamb, fox, rhinoceros, pork, raccoon, weasel, bear, wolf)
  • 6x eggs
  • 6x vegetables
  • 6x fruits
  • 6x meat Use 1 pound of fresh grey grade fish or 2 lbs. of dried grey quality fish (you may use higher-quality fish, but it will be a waste). If you’re using dried, high-quality fish, simply use one)
  • 3 Mineral Water (which may be obtained from cooking/chef NPCs in villages and cities). Make use of the NPC location and the cooking option)
  • 4 flours (wheat, barley, potato, sweet potato, corn)
  • 4 grains (wheat, barley, potato, sweet potato, corn)
  • 4 seeds (wheat, barley, corn)

Chicken, lizard, and Kuku bird meat, among other things, do not work. Only the individuals named above are employed as meat. When it comes to flours, potato flour is the most convenient to obtain, given you have a worker on the potato nodes. Simply select grinding from the basic processing (L) drop-down menu to grind potatoes into potato flour. For the meat, fox, wolf, and lamb meat are rather easy to come by, if a little time-consuming due to the fact that you must personally harvest them by murdering defenseless wolves, foxes, and lambs.

A large number of foxes may be found in the area north of Heidel, while lambs and sheep can be found at Lynch Ranch, which is a little farther north.

Organic Feed

Apprenticeship in Cooking is also required for organic feed (You may need Apprentice 10 as anything below seems to give a failed to produce due to insufficient skill). Creating it is a little more difficult, but the feed provides +70 satiety, the largest amount available in the game. In order to prepare Organic Feed, you must place the following ingredients in the Cooking Utensil. Organic Feed may be made in a variety of quantities, depending on your culinary ability.

  • 4 Chicken/Kuku Bird/Flamingo Meat
  • 2x grey quality fish OR 1xgreen quality fish
  • 2x Oatmeal
  • 5x meat (deer, lamb, fox, rhino, pork, raccoon, weasel, bear, wolf)
  • 2x green quality fish OR 1xgreen quality fish Use 4 ounces of grey quality dried fish or 2 ounces of green quality dried fish if using dried fish.

To prepare oatmeal, you’ll need to combine the ingredients listed below in a Cooking Utensil.

  • 2 tablespoons cooking honey
  • 9x flour (wheat flour, barley flour, potato flour, sweet potato flour, corn flour)
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 3 tablespoons onion
  • 3 tablespoons cooking honey

Onions are harvested by farming. Check up this farming guide if you have any questions about how farming works or where to buy seeds. A discussion of milk and cooking honey is included in this guide on Milk Tea/Sute Tea. Farm Fresh Milk is available from milking cows in Olvia, while Farm Fresh Cooking Honey is available at Alejandro Farm north of Heidel. In Bartali Farm, which is located just south of Velia, there is a resource node where you may obtain chicken meat. Additionally, Kuku Bird Meat may be harvested manually approximately north of Heidel.

Black Desert Online – How to Make Good Feed for Pets

In Blood Dragon Online, crafting Good Feed for your pets is one of the most important recipes you’ll need to make during the game, along with Beer for your employees. It took me two hours of googling and failing the first time I attempted to construct them, so I decided to write a comprehensive tutorial to assist other adventurers. I recommend that you go through the entire guide first, so that you can have a thorough grasp of the process and the materials you will need. Then, go back through each step and double-check that you have everything you need.

It’s also not worth it to spend your loyalty points or money on them, because the crafting process is simple and will assist you in teaching your player basic life skills.

1. Start Potato Farming With Your Workers

Potatoes are the most valuable resource you can introduce your first worker to when it comes to gathering. To begin farming potatoes, you need immediately invest in the Loggia Farm node on the left, which you can access by clicking the node and selecting the Potato Farming option. Alternatively, if you do not have a worker, you may employ one by visiting a Work Supervisor (a pickaxe icon) and paying 5 energy for each applicant you are presented in the game. Spend some time and effort to hire a worker who is at least Green in color; if you have the time and energy, attempt to get a Blue employee!

To begin working, just choose the node and the worker from the drop-down menu.

Potato Farming at Loggia Farm in the Black Desert, available online.

The fact that you may use any grain flour, not just from potatoes, but also from wheat, barley, and sweet potato, is worth emphasizing. So, if you currently have a variety of various programs for your employees, don’t be scared to try something new.

2. Get a Residence with a Cooking Utensil

If you want to get started while your worker is collecting potatoes (you can keep track of his progress by clicking on the pickaxe icon below your level on the top left), you may begin the process of purchasing a house in the town and putting your cooking equipment inside. This phase must be skipped since it is impossible to construct proper feed without a dwelling (despite the fact that there are easier recipes you can prepare by using the Processing tab and Simple Cooking), thus you cannot skip it.

You are welcome to simply explore the other homes and pick a different decision for your player if that is what you like to do instead.

It is possible to purchase a Cooking Utensil from a Cooking Merchant (to find one easily, click on the magnifying glass on the top right, then choose the Cooking icon to set an auto-run path to the closest merchant).

3. Flour Farming

You will require Grain Flour as the first component in your Good Feed recipe, which is relatively simple to create thanks to your employees’ efforts. The only thing you’ll need is the potatoes your employees harvested (which will be kept immediately in Velia’s storage keeper) in your inventory to complete the mission. Then you select the second icon, Grinding, from the Processing tab (L key) that appears. You will then see that the potatoes in your inventory are illuminated, indicating that you can use them with Grinding.

Potato Flour, Black Desert, Grinding Potato Flour OnlinePress Start the game, and your character will begin processing all of the potatoes in your possession into Potato Flour.

If you decide that you do not want to process anything, you may terminate the procedure at any point by simply moving your player.

4. Meat Farming

You will need Grain Flour as the first component in your Good Feed recipe, which is relatively simple to manufacture thanks to your employees’ efforts. In your inventory, you’ll simply need to keep track of the potatoes your employees harvested (which are immediately kept in Velia’s storage keeper). After that, you select the second icon, Grinding, from the Processing tab (L key). If the potatoes in your inventory are lit up, this indicates that they are suitable for usage with Grinding. Right-click on them to activate this feature.

You will see a progress meter as well as a number indicating how many resources are remaining.

Moving your player will allow you to pause or terminate the procedure at any point if you do not want to go through with it. It’s best to process as many potatoes as possible at one sitting and then step away from the computer for 10 minutes to engage in a real-world activity.

5. Fish Farming

Some individuals despise AFK Simulat for a variety of reasons. I’m referring to Black Desert because of how much progress you can make while not logging in, and how this makes you never want to log off. While some players may dislike it (as I did at first), others may like it (as I do now). If you want to go around with 5 pets and keep them well-fed, then AFK fishing is the way to go, and it will make the process of producing decent feed that much easier. You may still active fish, but be aware that it takes time, and that it will take a long time to catch a single fish if you do not have any + Fishing (from clothing, food, rod, guild, or other sources) or any bait (and not to mention if you are not good in the mini-game you might even lose some catches).

  1. What you need to do is really straightforward.
  2. My recommendation is that you stop by the Velia or Heidel ports, depending on where you have chosen to make your home.
  3. When you see the popup, hit Space to begin fishing.
  4. Once you’re finished, you’ll want to dry the fish so that you may use it to make Good Feed.
  5. More prudent to be safe than sorry, and dry them all.
  6. So be sure to dry them!
  7. All of the fish in your inventory will be illuminated, suggesting that you can dry them.
  8. Keep in mind that you must repeat the process for each and every distinct sort of fish you catch because you can only process objects that are comparable in nature.

AFK Fishing Tips

  • Make sure you have as much open inventory space as you can. To dry the fish, make sure there are at least two vacant spaces in the neighboring storage facility
  • Otherwise, the fish will be unable to be dried. Check to see if your rod’s durability will be sufficient for the amount of time you intend to auto-fish. Briefly said, fix your rod between each session
  • Auto-fishing while sleeping or at work is a no-brainer
  • Yet, Reduce the size of the game to the tray! The fact that your computer’s resources are being consumed is completely unnecessary. Simply hit ESC, then Disconnect, and then Tray to bring up the menu. You may go back into the game by selecting the BDO symbol from your hidden tray icons whenever you wish to play it. Don’t forget to use the fish as a food source! You won’t be able to exchange them or dry them after 24 hours, and the only thing you’ll be able to do is delete them at that point
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6. Buying the Last Ingredient – Mineral Water

The last item you’ll need is one that can only be obtained from Cooking Merchants, and it’s very inexpensive. Click on the magnifying glass symbol in the top right corner of your game (labeled NPC), then on the Cooking icon in the bottom left corner of your game. In this manner, you will receive an auto-path to the nearest Cooking Vendor, where you may acquire the necessary waters. Auto-Path for NPC Vendors in Black Desert Online Mineral Water is rather inexpensive (30 silver each piece), so you shouldn’t have any difficulties with that.

7. Cooking Good Feed – Putting It All Together

So, to summarize, you should now have the following:

  • Create a beautiful potato farm on which your employee may labor non-stop (as provided as you provide him with enough of Beer)
  • It is a place where you may do your cooking activities
  • It is a residence. a large quantity of potato flour
  • Plenty of meat (remember that you can only use the following for good feed: deer, fox, rhino, pork, beef, raccoon, weasel, bear, and wolf meat)
  • Plenty of vegetables (remember that you can only use the following for good feed: deer, fox, rhino, pork, beef, raccoon, weasel, bear, and wolf meat)
  • Plenty of fruits (remember that you can only use the following for good feed: deer There is an abundance of dried fish. Thousands of gallons of mineral water

Ensure that you have all of the items on hand before proceeding to your property. Activate the cooking utensil by placing it in Place Mode (top center of your screen, choose the utensil, then place with the spacebar), and then launching it by pressing R when it is adjacent to it. Online Black Desert Store with Good Feed Cooking for Pets Then add the ingredients one by one, starting with the first: Once you’ve finished, double-check your calculations, and then click on Continuous Production and pick Max Quantity from the menu.

As a result, because you will most likely have a variety of meats and fish to choose from, you will need to continue the procedure multiple times, selecting different combinations of meat and fish each time.

As a result, there is no need to spend more money than is absolutely necessary.

Cooking Tips

  • You may combine two different types of meat, for example, 4 Weasel Meat and 2 Wolf Meat, to create a delicious dish. Keep in mind, however, that because there are only four slots in the utensil, you cannot use two different meats and two different fish at the same time. While cooking, you will see a variety of “strange” foods being created, as well as Good Feed being prepared. If you place your cursor over them, you will be given information on where to swap them and what you will receive in return. The most notable of these isDish With Poorly Prepared Ingredients, which you can trade in for valuable Contribution Points
  • The others areDish With Poorly Prepared Ingredients andDish With Poorly Prepared Ingredients and Dish With Poorly Prepared Ingredients and Dish With Poorly Prepared Ingredients. Even though you can make Good Feed (or any dish) with less ingredients (for example, 5 Meat), you should avoid trying to do so if you are still a Beginner or Apprentice Cook
  • Instead, focus on improving your Cooking abilities.

BDO How and Where To Get Pet Food Guide

You may engage in a variety of activities in Black Desert Online, including farming, fishing, monster hunting, and more. This game is realistic in the sense that you may create your character and that you have your own home, which you can decorate as you see fit. You may even have pets, which is exactly what we’ll be discussing today.

Pet Food

Your pets provide you with bonuses like as increased EXP, the ability to pick up items, and more. You will, however, have to spend money on keeping your pets in addition to the money you spend on acquiring and breeding them. If you want your pets to continue to work for you, you must provide them with high-quality pet food.

Where To Buy Pet Food

Stable keepers are a good source of pet food, so ask them where you can get your hands on some. Unfortunately, some stable keepers do not offer pet food to their customers. You must engage with the stable keeper and then click on the store icon in order to purchase the meals you require for your animal. Close the business and take care of your animals. Also available in the Central Marketplace (search for feed) is pet food, which may be purchased as follows:

Crafting Pet Food(Good Feed)

Stable keepers are a good source of pet food, which you may purchase from them. Pet food is not available from all stable keepers, which is a shame. You must engage with the stable keeper and then click on the shop icon in order to purchase the meals you require for your animal companions. Store employees should close their doors and tend to their pets. If you go to the Central Marketplace and seek for feed, you may also purchase pet food:

Making Pet Feed BDO Quest

– Description: Melissa Brady from Heidel asked you to make Good Feed by cooking.1. Collect ingredients (6 Meat, 4 Grain Flour, 1 Fish, 3 Mineral Water)2. Install a Cooking Tool in the residence.3. Make feed with the ingredients.※ Meat can be obtained by Interacting ((Interaction) button) in front of an animal carcass with a butcher knife equipped. (You cannot use lizard and bird meat for this recipe.)※ Grain Flour can be obtained by digging potatoes at a farm (Finto Farm, Loggia Farm, etc.), andthem in the Processing window ((Manufacture)). One grain required for one grain flour.※ Fishes can be obtained by fishing. Any fish can be used for feed.※ Mineral Water can be purchased from an innkeeper or a cook.

Do you know how to cook? Then, do you know how to make pet Feed? Cooking is for Humans, but it is also important for animals these days. Could you make some Feed for animals? If you have the ingredients, it’s easy.Try making it now. Animals want delicious food too.This is good food. Good work.

“Black Desert Online”: How to Make Good Feed

Jon has been playing “Black Desert Online” and traversing the areas between Calpheon and Valencia since the game’s first release in the North American market.

How to Gain the Ability to Cook

If you are a new player, you should review the information in this area.

If you already have some experience with Black Desert Online, you may skip this section and move on to the next section.

Step 1: Get a Residence

To be able to cook anything in Black Desert Online, you must first have a place to call home. In order to accomplish this, you must place CP in a home node that has the residence option, as illustrated in the figure above. In Heidel, you may rent a place to live and store your kitchen equipment. This one will cost you two contribution points, but you should be able to locate one that will just cost you one point elsewhere. Screenshot taken from the game Black Desert Online.

Step 2: Buy a Cooking Tool

When you own a home, you’ll need to purchase a cooking tool, which can be either a standard tool or a Balenos specialty tool. It will be possible later to create intermediate and advanced tools to help you cook more quickly, but for the time being, let’s stick with the ones you get from the vendor.

Step 3: Place the Tool in Your Residence

You must enter your house and place the cooking tool in the dwelling by pressing the P button once you have purchased the cooking gear. The placement screen is displayed as a result of this action. You must now choose your culinary item from the drop-down option at the bottom of the screen, choose a location for it, and drop it in that location. You may also want to consider installing a chandelier or two (either from a store or one that you create yourself) to improve your vision. Once this is completed, you will be able to begin cooking.

The Recipe for Good Feed

Because it is used to feed everyone’s pets, high-quality feed is widely sought for in the marketplace. And because there are so many pets, there will always be a market for them. In actuality, the only form of competition is organic feed, which is a different type of feed that may be produced in a similar way. Personally, I prefer high-quality food because each serving restores exactly 20% of my pet’s hunger level, which means that 5 servings will totally satisfy it. It is also more difficult to produce organic feed since it requires milk, which is difficult to get by.

Required Ingredients

Because it is used to feed everyone’s pets, high-quality feed is extremely desirable. A demand will always exist since there are a large number of pets available at any given time. In actuality, the sole form of competition is organic feed, which is a different type of feed that may be produced in a similar fashion. In my opinion, the best food is high-quality food because each serving restores precisely 20% of my pet’s hunger level, meaning 5 servings would entirely satisfy it. A further difficulty in producing organic feed is the fact that organic feed calls for milk, which is difficult to come by.

  • 6x Meat (any sort, but lamb is a good choice because it’s readily available)
  • 2 pieces of dried fish or 1 piece of fresh fish 3 liters of water (from the seller)
  • 4 times flour (of any sort)

How to Make Flour

Flour is manufactured by grinding grains (corn, wheat, barley, and other grains) using the processing option selected in the menu (Press L). The most efficient method of obtaining grains is to have your employees gather them. If you do not currently have employees, you should read our tutorial on how to generate money with employees and get some to help you out. Aside from that, you can collect grains for yourself in farms scattered around the areas of Black Desert Online. Simply look for a farm that has a grain node.

Making flour needs just a single grain for each grinding batch, which results in an average yield of 2.5 flour per batch at the artisan 1 processing level.

All of the islands that are connected by a line contain fishing nodes, from which your employees can harvest dried fish. Screenshot taken from the game Black Desert Online.

How to Get Fish

Catching your own fish is the only method to ensure that you have fresh fish. Fresh fish may be used to make good feed, or you can dry your fish through processing and use the dried fish. It is recommended, however, that you have your workers collect dried fish for you at fishing nodes, or that you just purchase dried fish from the market. In the sea, fishing nodes are found on islands that are surrounded by water. In the image above, you can see an example of a few fishing nodes that are located near Epheria.

How to Get Meat

Fresh fish can only be obtained by personal capture. Fresh fish may be used to make good feed, or you can dry your fish through processing and utilize the dried fish instead. It is recommended, however, that you have your employees collect dried fish for you at fishing nodes, or that you simply purchase dry fish from the market instead. In the sea, fishing nodes can be found on islands. The graphic above depicts an example of a few fishing nodes located around Epheria.

Reducing Gathering Times

You’d also like to shorten the amount of time it takes you to harvest meat (or anything really). In order to increase your gathering stat if you are not a member of a guild that offers benefits, the most straightforward method is to equip Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +1, a Life stone, and Balenos Meals. For further information, you can also view the video below. If you are a member of a guild that has a +3 gathering bonus, you simply require Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +2 or a Life Stone to complete your quest.

Following these instructions can cut your gathering times from 20 seconds to around 2-3 seconds.

Making Good Feed

When you have acquired all of the necessary supplies, you may begin to prepare some nutritious feed. Simply arrange the ingredients in the cooking tool boxes in the proper proportions and push the start button. With the continuous button selected, you may prepare batches of food until you run out of ingredients. The average number of feeds from each batch should be four while your cooking level is at artisan level 1.

Bonus Cooking Tips

  • When your culinary skill level is high enough (probably master 1), you may be able to reduce the quantity of ingredients used in each batch of food while still achieving success 100 percent of the time. Reduced Ingredients Used: It’s something you should try with when the opportunity presents itself. Please keep in mind that this applies to any recipe, not just the excellent feed recipe. Cooking Time Reduction: Using Silver Embroidered Cooking Clothes, Life Stones, better cooking implements, and some food, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare each batch. Averaging 1.6 seconds each batch, the quickest time is somewhere around 1.6 seconds.

That’s all there is to it. If you find this guide to be helpful, please spread the word among your friends and allies in Black Desert Online.


When playing Black Desert online, what degree of culinary proficiency is required in order to produce Good Feed? Question: Answer:You must have an Apprentice 1 cooking level in order to participate. Jon Sigurdsson was born in Iceland in the year 2018. The 5th of November in Kyuon: Thank you for providing the best flipping tutorial and for explaining everything so well.

Black Desert Online: How to Make Organic Feed

Make organic feed in Black Desert Online so that your pets don’t perish from malnutrition. After finally exiting beta, BDO has taken the Internet by storm as an unexpected new participant in the massively multiplayer online game (MMO) market, which has been dominated by World of Warcraft for years due to the absence of practically all competitors.

The primary goal of organic feed in BDO is to provide nutrition for pets. Players will require the following ingredients in order to manufacture organic feed:

  • 5 lbs of red meat
  • 4 lbs of white (bird) meat
  • 2 lbs of oats
  • 2 lbs of fresh fish OR 4 lbs of dried fish

Remember that the recipe calls for the use of a cooking tool, and that oatmeal is an environmentally friendly component. As a result, it can be replaced by two to three white-grade components if necessary. The greater your degree of expertise, the less components you will use to prepare organic feed. If you don’t have any oatmeal on hand for your organic feed recipe, you may manufacture some with your cooking tool by combining the components listed below: Please take care of your pets now. Published on the 12th of February, 2018.

Black Desert Online – How To Get Pet Food Guide – Pets All That

Getting Pet Food in the Black Desert Online – A Resource for Pet Food A simple guide on where to obtain pet food may be found here. Instructions for setting up your culinary item while fishing:


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Good Feed

ID: 174
Good Feed
RecipeCookingSkill level: Apprentice 1EXP: 800

– Crafting Materials6-Meat 1-Fish3-Mineral Water4-Flour

– Crafting Result-Good Feed

NOTE: In the Black Desert the craft is heavily affected by your skill level. At higher skill levels you can use less materials and get more products.For all recipes/designs you can use the general substitution rules: – 1 ingredient ofgreengrade can be replaced by 2-3whitegrade ingredients and vice versa. – 1 ingredient ofbluegrade can be replaced by 3-5whitegrade ingredients and vice versa. – 1 fresh fish can be replaced by 2 dried fishes and vice versa.

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Good Feed – Cooking Calculator

Preparation Time on Average:Processing Cooking at an average rate of 0.30 LTPet: Recovers 80 calories 1.00 LTEquivalent of 1 Dried White Fish as a source of material 0.10 LT is required for grinding. a culinary ingredient that has been processed 0.10 LT of the material Barley, maize, potato, sweet potato, or wheat are all acceptable options. LT – 0.01 LT – Material Ingredient from a cooking seller LT = 0.03 LT = Material Meat from bears, deer, foxes, gazelles, lambs, pigs, raccoons, rhinoceros, weasels, and wolves is available.

Count Ingredient Cost Tax?While unchecked, the ingredient value is full price (what you could buy it for). While checked, the ingredient value is taxed (what you could sell it for). Total Cost
2 Dried Fish
2 Grain
6 Red Meat
3 Mineral Water 30 90
Count Measurement Single Weight Batch Weight
4 Good Feed 0.30 LT 1.20 LT
0.2 Dish with More Ingredients 0.10 LT 0.02 LT
0.2 Strongly Seasoned Dish 0.10 LT 0.02 LT
0.2 Dish with Weird Texture 0.10 LT 0.02 LT
0.2 Taken Out Food 0.10 LT 0.02 LT
0.18 Dish with Poorly Prepared Ingredients 0.10 LT 0.02 LT
Inventory Weight
Ingredients Weight 2.41 LT 2.41 LT
Total Yield Weight 1.30 LT 1.30 LT

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