How To Do Cute Buns With Long Hair

How to Do a Messy Bun? 10 Easy Bun Hairstyle Tutorials for 2021

When your alarm clock goes off half an hour ago and you have less than 10 minutes to get dressed and be on time, it’s an embarrassing situation to be in. God rescue the sloppy bun, top knot, or «I ain’t got time for this today» bun from becoming a thing of the past! Whatever you choose to name it, one thing is certain: we can’t get enough of these quick and simple messy buns. What is the best way to style a sloppy bun? This quick, cute, and uncomplicated hairdo can suit your comfort demands for an evening exercise or a barbecue weekend, will fit the dress code for the office, and will showcase your charm on a date with your significant other.

How to – Easy Messy Bun Tutorials 2021

Follow me on Instagram: cravemyvibess You can get lost in the sea of do-it-yourself hair bun lessons on Instagram, but here’s how to make a messy bun that won’t fall apart. TikTok videos, Missy Sue life hacks on how to do easy hair buns for beginners, and YouTube messy bun videos are all examples of what you may find. So, what is the step-by-step procedure for creating a messy bun? Are you still perplexed? Please have a look at our super-easy instructions for all hair types. Additionally, you may view this video instruction.

How to Make the Cutest Messy Bun in 3 Minutes or Less!

Is it just me, or does it appear like when I try to do a lovely messy bun for work or while doing errands, it looks dreadful, but when I toss my hair into a messy bun when lounging around the house, it appears to look amazing? What is the reason behind this? Isn’t it odd how much work we put into being effortless that we end up looking like we don’t? You can’t walk without unraveling it because it’s either too high, too low, too tight, or too loose. After all, a bun hairstyle is supposed to be simple and uncomplicated, correct?

The Perfect Messy Bun

Tips and tricks for achieving the “perfect” messy bun every time, no matter how many times you do it!

  • Yes, I did said it: dirty hair. Using hair that hasn’t been washed in one or two days, you may create the ideal bun. Don’t use a brush or a comb to style your hair. Pull your hair up with your fingers, and yes, side bumps are very OK
  • In fact, you should embrace them. This may be used as a shampoo or a texturizng spray to give fine hair the texture it needs while also improving the grip of your hair tie. You may also use a volumizing mousse and apply it with your fingertips to create volume. It is preferable if the ends have texture rather than being excessively smooth. Pull a few strands of hair over your face to elevate your bun appearance to the next level of adorableness.

Messy Bun Tutorial in less than One Minute

This one-minute buntutorial simply takes a few minutes and doesn’t get any simpler than that. Only a few goods are required, and you will be out the door in no time. Isn’t Alexsis Mae’s cute appearance adorable? Don’t you think so?

How to do a Messy Bun for Long Hair

I’ve recently chopped my hair and hope that I could wear my bun this high on my head to show off my new look. The way this looks, but whenever I try it, I end up with too many strands hanging down, giving the impression that I just woke up, which is not nice. However, if you have long hair, you should check out this bun method from It’s quite simple to follow and is ideal for those of you with long hair. These simple instructions will assist you in rocking a lovely sloppy bun.

Messy Low Bun

Here are three adorable messy bun tutorials that are suitable for medium to long hair. These lessons can be completed in just 3 minutes, and depending on how you dress them up, you may wear them to work, on a date night, or even to a more formal occasion such as prom or a wedding!

Messy Buns for Short Hair

This lesson for a bun is quite simple to follow. As a result of cutting my hair short, I needed to learn how to style it into a lovely bun, which is especially useful when I’m in a hurry and need to get out the door.

All you’ll need are a few bobby pins and a pony tail holder to complete this look. It’s that simple! Perhaps you’d be interested in ” Curly Hair Tips for Luscious Locks ” as well.

How To Do A Messy Bun For Long Hair

Having long hair means you have a lot of length to work with, which is a blessing. Long hair, on the other hand, necessitates the expenditure of more time and effort in maintaining your mane, which is not always a pleasurable task to undertake on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are a variety of lengthy hairstyles you may choose from that are basic and straightforward to execute, like as an amessy bun. The great style for days when you don’t feel like doing much with your hair but yet want to appear put together is a messy bun.

This page has four various variations of messy bun hairstyles for long hair, as well as tips and product recommendations for creating your messy bun hairstyle.

4 Messy Bun Hairstyles

Not every updo necessitates the use of an expert’s skill set. Before you begin working on your hair, it is critical that you gather all of the things you will require in order to make the entire procedure as simple as possible. For a messy bun hairstyle, you’ll need a brushes, comb, bobby pins, hair elastics, dry shampoo, and hairspray, among other accessories. Follow along with these four methods for creating a domed bun hairstyle at home.

Style1: The Classic Messy Bun

The traditional sloppy bun is a great option for creating an easy style that is full of volume and substance. Begin by spraying your hair with L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Air Volume Dry Shampoo, which will leave your hair feeling clean and giving it a full-bodied appearance. Use a comb to tease your hair at the roots to build volume. Shake the container thoroughly before spritzing it into your strands. To create a sloppy ponytail, gather your strands and knot them together. Next, gently twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with a few bobby pins — but remember, the more disheveled it seems, the better.

Editor’s Tip: Finish the appearance by laying down your edges in the front of the hair.

Style2: The Disheveled Low Messy Bun

Try wearing your hair in a messy low bun for a more refined look. If you don’t want to wear a high bun all of the time, this is a perfect option for you. Prepare your hair by spritzing it with the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Air Volume Dry Shampoo throughout your lengths and roots. Use a comb to tease your strands and give them more body, then collect your hair into a low ponytail with your hands. To finish, twist the ponytail into a low bun that is held in place with an elastic band or several hairspray bobby pins.

Style3. The Wet Hair Messy Bun

This next messy bun hairstyle is perfect for those lazy summer days spent lazing by the pool or on the beach. It’s easy to do. Because this is a wet hairstyle, you’ll need to start with damp hair in order to achieve the desired result. Take a hairspray with wave-enhancing properties and spritz it through your damp hair.

Next, using your hands, gather your lengths into a bun and secure them with a hair tie to keep them in place. Pulling off a few strands can give the hairdo a more unkempt appearance. Editor’s Note: Don’t forget to top off the look with a few hair clips or hair jewelry to make the ‘do pop even more.

Style4. The Dutch Braids Low Messy Bun

In some way, braids just seem to boost every look—and this specific style mixes twoDutch braids with a sleek sloppy bun for a polished finish. Preparing and splitting your hair for the two braids (which you can learn how to do in our article, How to Dutch Braid Your Hair) should be your first step. Make two separate braids on the opposite sides of your head and secure them with a little hair elastic to finish the look. Then, combine both braids into a low ponytail and tie it into a bun for an elegant finish.

Using your fingers, gently pull apart some of the strands once you’ve finished braiding them to give them a little texture.

Want 5 Cute Yet Insanely Easy Messy Buns?

It seems like you’re the only one who can’t seem to get a handle on this whole sloppy bun thing, no matter how hard you try, does it? Or perhaps you’ve worked it out to some extent – but you don’t exactly look spectacular. Instead, you appear to be more like a homeless person standing at an interstate exit with a cardboard sign, which is not always the intention. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve got it down — at least in part. The perfect level of messiness takes around 43 attempts, and who has the time for that?

  • After all, isn’t this meant to be a quick and easy process?
  • I’m going to tell you all you need to know to appear all disheveled and lovely in no time.
  • Otherwise, you’ll discover 12 other messy bun types demonstrated in the movies below, each with a step-by-step tutorial and cheat sheet.
  • That was the action that I thought stood out the most in terms of distinguishing that particular bun from the others.
  • Who knows when they will come in helpful.
  • Dry shampoo, hairspray, a hairbrush, maybe a pick (optional), bobby pins, and hair ties are all essentials.

We have everything we need. Anyway, here’s a look at the naughty dozen. Section Navigation with a Single Click

  • 1 Big, Loopy, and Messy
  • 2 Understated Elegance
  • 3 Tightly Twisted Tresses Turmoil
  • 4 Messy “Fan” Bun
  • 5 Understated Elegance Mayhem on a grand scale and in a mucky mess
  • 8 Classy Top Knot Hair Free For All
  • 7 Low Bun Imperfection
  • 8 Classic Top Knot Hair Free For All
  • 6 Low Bun Imperfection
  • 7 Classic Top Knot Hair Free For All
  • 6 Low Bun Imperfection 9 Twisted Sophistication
  • 10 Elegant Bun Bedlam
  • 11 Long Hair Messy
  • 12 Short But Really Big and Messy
  • 9 Twisted Sophistication
  • BONUS: Seven really useful tips and tricks

Remember that any of these somewhat disheveled-yet-still-gorgeous updos are fantastic for second-day hair, which is excellent for the general health of your tresses.

While still leaving you with the appearance of a hair model on the sidelines. So, are you all set? I certainly hope so. Because this first video will show you four various methods to get elegantly dirty in a fashionable manner.

4 Easy Messy Buns

It’s usually a good idea to brush out your hair first to get rid of knots before doing your makeup. As for your hair, because you’re most likely working with second-day hair, use your favorite dry shampoo to cover up any oiliness that may be hiding beneath the surface of your strands. That being said, to get things started, the first one is both simple and the essence of a completely unkempt appearance.

Big, Loopy and Messy?

  • Pull back the rest of your hair into a high ponytail MAKER OF DIFFERENCE: Using an elastic band, wrap your strands once around your head, but do not pull the hair fully through. Flip the hair around, gather up the remaining ends, and use your elastic to fix all of the loose ends. Consequently, you will have a large clump of hair on the top of your head. Any loose ends should be tucked back beneath the elastic. In order to get the desired level of messiness, fluff and Bobby pin items in place. Loosen the remainder of your hair to give it a more voluminous appearance.

Understated Elegance

This style, while not as as sloppy as some of the others, provides you a more professional appearance if that’s what the occasion requires.

  • Part your mane to the side as you normally would
  • Tease the hair beneath the part on each side of the part to give it a little more body and movement
  • This time, pull your hair back into a low ponytail
  • MAKER OF DIFFERENCE: Make a knot in the ponytail and wrap it around your finger or over itself without twisting
  • After that, tie your hair back with a hair tie. Allow the hair surrounding the bun to be a little looser and finger styled for a more carefree look.

Tightly Twisted Tresses Turmoil

The goal with this one is to have plenty of volume, so begin by teasing softly to achieve this goal quickly and easily. Then…

  • Bending at the waist and flipping your hair over your head are good examples. Your hair should be pulled up into a high ponytail on the top of your head. (If necessary, get inspiration from Atroll Dollas.) MAKER OF DIFFERENCE: This one requires you to tightly twist all of your hair from the ends to the roots
  • After that, wrap the twist over itself and tie it with your trusty elastic
  • Loosen the remainder of your hair, as well as the bun itself, like you did before. Using a bobby pin, secure the bun against your head. Hairspray should be used to complete the look.

Messy “Fan” Bun

This one is even more densely packed with content than number three, and it returns to the theme of tickling your origins — only in a more intense way.

  • Gather your hair into a loose high ponytail in the same manner as you did for the first bun
  • By teasing the ponytail down to the elastic, you may add volume and body to the ponytail itself. MAKER OF DIFFERENCE: Reposition the hair tie slightly higher on your head so that you may make a “hole” in the hair with your fingers. Thread the remaining of your ponytail through it approximately halfway, resulting in a compact bun that resembles a fan. Loosen the bun a little bit. Whatever loose ends you may have need to be tucked back under the elastic band in order to keep them out of the way. In order to make it easier to incorporate those ends into the bun, make the hair tie a little looser. Pin the bun in place when it has been fluffed to your liking.

In any case, that’s four. Here are six more for your consideration.

6 More Easy Messy Buns

High messy buns like this one may be great for ladies who have thick hair that is heavier and hence more difficult to “bun up.”

  • Pull your entire head of hair back and up
  • MAKER OF DIFFERENCE: Wrap your elastic once around your waist. You’ll want to leave a few loose ends here and there. Then wrap it around the bun a second time to secure it completely. After then, pull the bun apart in all directions almost to the point where it begins to come out. Don’t worry, you’ll pin it in place as required from there to keep it from moving about. The hairstyle, on the other hand, needs a little oomph. With eyebrow gel, you can keep any flyaways under control. Finish by pulling some hair out of the base of the bun with your fingers, while keeping it in place, to loosen and give some poofiness to the style, which will soften the look. (More on this in a moment.) To soften the appearance, pull out some stray strands to frame your face, which is something you’ll likely want to do with all of these.

Bam! One relaxed and enjoyable look.

Low Bun Imperfection

This second one is placed lower on your head, allowing your portion line to be seen.

  • Using your fingers, gather your hair up into a ponytail, being sure to leave your part visible. Once around with an elastic band
  • Make a difference by wrapping it a second time and just pulling your hair half of the way through the second time to leave some hair out of the bun you’ve just formed. (With this photo, you can clearly see how much of the hair has been left out of the bun.) After that, tug at the hair in the bun to produce a messed-up look. The objective is to form the bun in the manner in which you want it to appear. When shaping, you can find it beneficial to pull on it from opposing sides to get a better shape. Finish by loosening the hair that is not in the bun, using all of your fingers to relax the appearance
  • Once again,
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I’m aware of the situation. This second one isn’t all that dissimilar from the first. The most noticeable change is that it rests lower on your head and your natural part is preserved. For a smoother finish, it may be preferable to brush your hair back instead of using your fingers when gathering and tugging it into the ponytail. Yet another tip: if your hair becomes too sagging, you may raise the entire bun and fasten it to your head with bobby pins liberally applied. In reality, you could find yourself in need of the bobby pin substitutes described in the hacks below.

We’ll go on to the next one.

Classic Top Knot

  • Turn your hair in an upside-down fashion. In order to bring the ponytail up as high as possible on your head, gather it all together and tie it into a bun that is high on your head. Troll dolls could come in help in this situation as well. When wrapping the hair tie, this time leave a little loop with the long ends of those strands hanging down. THIS MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Make a SECOND loop just behind the first one by gathering the ends and tucking them back inside the elastic
  • This gives you two loops to loosen and work with instead of just one. Pin as many pins as you need to your hair to get this gorgeous disarray

Classy Top Knot Hair Free For All

  • Pull your hair back and secure it with an elastic as previously
  • This time, the aim is to construct a small donut form with your hair and wrap it with an elastic band to make a difference. Take note of the fact that the ends have been left dangling. Make a slack in the bun and then tuck the loose ends back inside the elastic band. Remove the lowest section of your hair off your head and you’ve got yourself a messy bun number four in this video

Twisted Sophistication

This one is great for those days when you want to seem a little more put-together than usual. In this video, I present a slightly different approach to the twisted method that was demonstrated in the previous video.

  • Pull your hair back in the same manner as previously
  • Twist the threads together
  • Twist the knotted hair over itself to secure it. Wrap a hair band around the twisted bun to secure it. Loosen the bun as well as the remainder of your hair to your preference.

This following one is my personal favorite from the entire video.

Elegant Bun Bedlam

  • Prepare to wear a high ponytail with a hair tie to keep your style in place
  • MAKER OF DIFFERENCE: That pony has been divided into three pieces. Take each portion and divide it in half, so that you have two smaller sections to work with. Tie together both of the smaller portions by twisting them around each other. Snip a tiny section of hair and while holding it at the end, move the remainder of the hair down towards your head in order to scrunch it all up
  • As you would with a braid, pull apart the already scrunched-up hair to relax it and make it look larger than it is. This may be wrapped loosely around the elastic and pinned in place with the rest of your hair
  • Then repeat the process with the remaining two portions. Each one should be wrapped around the piece of hair that has already been wrapped to make your bun in three phases
  • Gather any stray strands and tuck them into the bun with your fingers. Using a bobby pin when necessary

You should finish this style by wrapping one scrunched-up part around the front of your hair to conceal the hair tie, if you can do it. On one of the sides, there’s another. And then there’s the third one around the back. When you’re finished, the elastic should be tucked up neatly. So there you have it: six additional methods to arrange your sloppy bun so that you finish up with an attractive style that will not be mistaken for a sprouting onion. Phew! As you can see, there was a lot to take in.

This is especially true if you have longer locks.

Because, while perhaps a bit more time-consuming, this following video displays a slightly different, and dare I say more voluminous, approach to bun bedlam than the previous one. It’s a style that could be best suited for people with long hair. Why not have a look if it describes you?

Long Hair Messy

  • Make a high ponytail out of your hair
  • Allowing the remainder of your hair to cascade around your palm while holding it at the root
  • DIFFERENCE MAKER: Now is the time to collect all of your drooping hair into a bun form and secure it with an elastic band. As she points out, with all of the ends dangling, it should have the appearance of a mop on your head. In order to tidy it up, tuck all of the loose ends underneath the hair tie. This creates the appearance of a ring of tucked-in hair around the initial bun, or a bun inside a bun impression, depending on your preference. Bobby pin it in place all around to keep it in place. Depending on your hair type, you may wish to cross pin some sections to keep everything in place.

Simply said, that’s all there is to it.

Short But Really Big Hair Messy Bun

Fortunately, this video demonstrates how to deal with shoulder-grazing length hair – so you can expect a messy bun instruction for shorter hair from someone who really has shorter hair. If you have chin-length or longer strands, I believe this approach would work well for you. As you can see, when styling shorter hair like this, there are really just two portions to think about. As a result, there are extra phases in this process. One last point to make. Second or third day hair is ideal for styles like this because it has the necessary grit and texture to hold the style in place, which is critical.

  • Working with newly washed hair, dry shampoo and hair spray may be used to provide the necessary texture to create the desired look. After applying the dry shampoo, run your fingers through your hair and spritz it all over, scrunching it as you go to make it seem incredibly disheveled and texturized. Gather your hair at the crown of your head and fix it with a hair tie to finish the look. It is important to note that the tie is wrapped over the collected hair, giving it the appearance of a bun. To put it another way, don’t draw all of the ends completely through the knot — the aim is a jumbled tangle of imperfection. Tugging and loosening the hair on the top of your head around the bun can give it more volume. The use of bobby pins may help to neaten things up by pinning ends, pieces, and odd bits of hair sticking out into the bun while also loosening the bun as you proceed to get the desired form

The little sections in the back above the nape of the neck that were not long enough to tie into a messy bun are a reality for those with shorter hair, and it makes sloppy buns more difficult to achieve. Here’s how to deal with the situation.

  • Spritz the bottom strands with hair spray, then brush them through to smooth them out. Make a little ponytail with your hair and secure it with a clear hair scrunchy towards the end. Utilize two or three bobby pins to lock it in place while working it into the rest of your hair in the back to conceal it as much as possible

To summarize, this is an ingenious trick that shorter haired females everywhere should admire. For a last touch, run a hot iron over the baby hairs framing your face to create a more finished appearance if you so choose. So, you guessed it, it’s true. It takes a little effort to appear effortless, but it is possible. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. With that, you now have a total of 12 distinct methods to style your hair. Unless you’re a complete novice, none of these recipes should take more than a few minutes to put together.

Okay, we understand that this appears to be a simple task at first sight.

In order to do this, let’s quickly go through seven or eight tricks to keep in mind when building your messy bun.

BONUS: Seven Extremely Helpful Hacks

The first hack is a stroke of absolute brilliance. Was it really necessary to apply an eyebrow gel to keep any flyaway hairs from sprouting up and standing tall everytime you tie your hair back into buns like this? An excessive amount of flyaways or baby hairs is usually not what you’re striving for in terms of style. So apply a thin layer of clear eyebrow gel to your brows and then brush it over your strands to slay them. Something like NYX Control Freak Eye Brow Gel, which will cost you $6 or $7 at your local CVS or Target and should work nicely, will cost you $6 or $7.

  1. Another effective one is to untangle the hair that has been pulled back from your head.
  2. You may, of course, have a different perspective.
  3. Any ponytail, top knot, or updo may benefit from a little piecy-ness, and this is a great way to do it.
  4. In addition to not being freshly cleaned, dry shampoo should provide plenty of grip for whatever bobby pins you want to apply.
  5. Obviously, you should feel free to make these buns as high or as low on your head as you choose, depending on your preference.
  6. For number five, it has been said to perform well for those with long, thick hair who use so-called ” spiral bobby pins ” or ” spin pins “.
  7. Goody produces some that could be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you have particularly long or thick and heavy hair, you may want to consider using more than one hair tie.

HINT: Divide the ponytail in half and you’ll have the perfect look!

However, according on the positive feedback received, this strategy at the very least has a potential of being beneficial if you are working with a thicker mane.

Towards order to get a more natural-looking volume, you might tease the hair in the front of your head slightly.

Another wonderful technique that some people who have perfected the messy bun utilize without even thinking about it is the twisted bun.

Wasn’t that at LEAST seven hacks in all, didn’t it?

Okay, so maybe at this point you’ve gathered enough information to feel confident in your ability to pull off a perfectly wearable messy bun.

That holds true even if all evidence points to the fact that you did not inherit the gene necessary to perform a procedure on your own. What are your thoughts? Please follow our popular pins board on Pinterest if you want to see more adorable style ideas like these.

How to Make a Messy Bun With Extremely Long Hair

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation An ever-popular hairstyle, a sloppy bun is constantly in trend. If you have excessively long hair, here is a simple technique that will assist you in taming your Rapunzel-like mane!

  1. 1Exercise detangling techniques on your hair by brushing it out (washing it first will yield greater effects)
  2. Make a bun the size of an apple out of your hair (the size may vary depending on how long your hair is). 3Twist the remainder of the hair around the bun until it reaches the final strand of hair (this will help to cover the wrapping a little). 4. Tie a little section of your hair at the back of your head with a hair tie (you could also use another hair band to support your overall appearance in general)
  3. 5Finished
  1. 1Lightly gel the tips and central area of your hair to give it a more polished look. As a result, your strands will stay together and your bun will not collapse. Hair should be pulled back and held up using a ponytail holder. 3Place your hand where the ponytail holder is located on your head. This holds it firmly in place
  2. With your other hand, twist the ponytail until it twirls up against your head
  3. 5th, secure it with a hair tie. 6Use hair gel to lightly gel up the corners of your hair around the hair tie
  4. 7carefully pluck out little strands of hair. Hairspray can be used to establish the appearance
  5. However, it is not required. 8Finished

Create a new question

  • Question What is the best way to produce a great hairstyle for long hair? You may just twist your hair into a bun and begin tugging some strands, or even loosen it up. Then you’re finished
  • Question What is the best way to make a great bun? After a little practice, you’ll have no trouble with it. Perfect practice leads to perfection. Question Is it possible to get some advice on how to deal with hair that extends past one’s rear? My hair is around 4 feet in length. This article is appropriate for women with any length of hair. If it continues to fall, apply a strong hair band to hold it back. Is it preferable to use a bun net instead? It all depends on your reason for wearing your hair up. For example, if you were participating in vigorous exercise, you would most likely want a net to be placed over your bun to keep it safe. However, if you are wearing it for leisure or to go out somewhere, it is OK to omit the net because it looks beautiful even when hair is a bit unkempt
  • Is this a good product for curly hair? Most likely, it will. As an alternative, consider flat ironing your hair before forming the bun. About 3 feet of extremely long and dense hair covers my entire head. What can I do to prevent the buns I bake from toppling over? A Rainbow in Your CloudCommunity Response First, pull your hair back into a high ponytail. Also, here’s a little secret: if your hair is getting greasy, sloppy and high buns are ideal styling options. The oil aids in the stability of the bun. Please don’t forget to hairspray the bun
  • Question What is the length of exceptionally long hair? A Rainbow in Your CloudCommunity Response Very long hair is typically longer than the waist or belly button, and at least one and a half feet in length.

Question When styling long hair, what is the best way to get a stylish look? Alternatively, you might just tie your hair up in a bun and begin tugging some strands, or even loosen it. This brings us to the end of our discussion. Question What is the best way to make a beautiful bun? After a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time. Putting in the time will pay off. Question Possibly someone could provide some advice on how to style hair that reaches beyond the crotch. With my hair, I have around 4 feet in length.

  1. Utilize a heavy-duty hair band in the event that it continues to fall; When should you use a bun net and when shouldn’t you use one.
  2. When participating in vigorous exercise, for example, you would most likely want a net to be placed over your bun to keep it from falling down.
  3. It is most likely going to happen!
  4. What is the best way to prevent my buns from toppling over?
  5. Also, here’s a little secret: if your hair is getting greasy, sloppy and high buns are ideal.
  6. It is essential that the bun is hairspray protected.
  7. a rainbow in your cloudCommunity Response Very long hair is typically longer than the waist or belly button, and at least one and a half feet in length;
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  • Prevent pulling out too much of the dough since this can cause the bun to collapse. Don’t go overboard with the hairspray and gel. When you want to take a shower or go to bed, it will be quite difficult to get out of bed. Ensure that your hair is thoroughly brushed (so that it is not knotted when you run your fingers through it) before beginning the bun
  • In order to achieve a messy bun, you should insert your fingers into the bun, move them about, and then remove your fingers from the bun. Purchase a quality tie to help keep your entire appearance together.

Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration!

Things You’ll Need

  • Hair tie(s) for each bang
  • Hair gel and hairspray
  • An optional hairband or hair clips for the bangs

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If you have long hair, a messy bun is the perfect way to show off the volume in your locks. Muddled buns will never go out of style, and with good reason! If you have long hair, we have lots of messy style bun variations that are completely lovely and simple to attempt on your long hair this season!

How to Style Messy Bun for Long Hair

Firstly, the texture of your hair should be taken into consideration while designing a sloppy bun. Would you want a straight bun, waves, or perhaps curls, or something in between? Once you’ve made your decision, add a heat protection to your hair and blow dry it. From there, you may style your hair in gentle waves or straighten it with a flatiron if that is what you like to achieve. Pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Although the height of your bun is entirely up to you, keep in mind that high buns are really fashionable right now, so you really can’t go wrong with this look.

  1. If you do this, your hair will have a small lift and a beautiful texture.
  2. It’s now time to concentrate on the ponytail.
  3. Then, using a second hair tie to wrap around the ponytail and make a little teardrop bun, leaving the majority of the hair out, finish your look.
  4. Once you’ve completed the ponytail piece, pull some hair on the top of the head in the same manner as you did on the ponytail portion to give the bun texture.
  5. This will provide to the loose and loopy appearance that is essential for this style.

Last but not least, don’t forget to drag a few wispy bits down to frame the face with your hair. This delivers the perfect unkempt, casual look to your hairstyle. Give your hair another short spritz of hairspray if you’d like, and you’ll be ready to face the day!

How To Do A Messy Bun With Long Hair?

Contrary to what you may have heard on the internet, it is feasible to wear a sloppy bun with long hair in a professional setting. A little more effort is required, but if you follow a few easy guidelines, you’ll discover that a sloppy bun and long hair are not mutually incompatible styles. For those of you who are attempting to plan for a busy day when you won’t have a lot of time to worry about how your hair looks or who want to get that effortlessly disheveled appearance, keep reading to find out the best method to make this exquisite style work with your hair.

There Are Different Kinds Of Messy Bun

There are a plethora of sloppy bun types to choose from. We’ll go over each of these one at a time, going over the steps involved in each one before moving on to the next step.

The Low Messy Bun

You’ll have no trouble pulling off this look if you’re striving for easy cool.

  1. While your hair is down, use dry shampoo to cleanse the roots of your hair. Apply the shampoo with care, one part at a time, over your entire head, and rinse well. Take all of your hair and draw it back into a low ponytail, which you can fix with a decent scrunchie. Continue to loop your ponytail through the scrunchie a second and third time. If you have really long hair, you might be able to loop it halfway through a third time. Your ponytail should now be snugly above the scrunchie, with the scrunchie resting comfortably on your neck. To conceal the elastic scrunchie, take a tiny part of your hair (14 to 12 inches wide, or 1-2 finger widths) and secure it underneath the bun
  2. The rest of the bun should be secured so that it lays low on the back of your head, just above the collarbone
  3. The ends should be softly fanned Spritz your hair with a medium-hold hairspray, allowing a few loose strands to fall about your face if you so wish

The Messy Bun For Bangs

This messy bun with long hair is perfect for individuals who already have bangs or those who want to seem as though they had bangs but do not actually have them.

  1. Immediately following the use of dry shampoo, gather all of your long hair and tie it into a high ponytail
  2. In the case of people who do not have bangs, take a little portion of their ponytail and pull it forward so that it falls just over the top of their forehead. As a result, a fringe will appear. hairpins on the top of your head to hold your fringe in place
  3. Fancifully fan out your brand-new bangs. Take what’s left of your ponytail and divide it into two half, as seen below. Wrapping each part around itself to form a high bun is simple. Bobby pins at the base of your sloppy hairdo will keep it in place. A person’s total quantity of bobby pins will differ from one another. Straighten the fringe with a flat iron, taking care to bend the fringe under just a little bit as you go
  4. And Using a hairspray with a low hold, style your hair.

The High Messy Bun

The sloppy bun with long hair is the preferred style for individuals who seek a casual look. Begin by letting your long hair hang down and totally damp. Spray the roots of your hair with a volumizing mousse and blow-dry it with a low-speed hairdryer to get the desired volume.

  1. Hair should be curled using a 1 12 inch curling iron. Dry shampoo may be used to treat your roots. Determine the portion of your hair at the top of your head where the messy bun will be placed. Using a fine-tooth comb, tease the hair. Make a smoothing motion with the teased hairs
  2. Using a broad tooth comb, tease the remainder of your hair more vigorously. Spritz the midpoints and ends of the teased hair with a medium-hold hairspray to set the style. Take care to allow the hairspray to dry completely before moving on to the next stage in the process. This might take up to five minutes
  3. However, Gently collect all of your hair and draw it up to the middle of your crown of the head. Only one time should you fold your hair over. The base of an elastic hairband should be wrapped two times around the base of the bun to keep it in place. The bun should now be gently stretched to meet your own desire. To further improve the contour of your head, place your fingers behind the hair that has been collected on top of your ears and raise it gently
  4. Allow a few strands of hair to hang free. It is them that will be used to frame your temples. Place your fingers behind the hair at the back of your head and lift just a little to relax the style
  5. Hairspray should be applied one last time.

Style An Elegant Messy Bun With Long Hair

It’s not that tough to coerce your long hair and a messy bun into a state of peaceful cohabitation. It only takes a few more minutes and the correct style products to achieve this look. When done correctly, a sloppy bun with long hair provides a style that is at once relaxed and elegant without being overdone. Anyone of these styles will have you turning heads in no time, whether you’re simply looking to switch up your appearance a little before a hard day at the office or getting ready for your friend’s wedding.

Here are 30 of the best messy buns for ladies with long hair that we’ve gathered for you to enjoy.

1. Messy Bun withPastel Pink Hair

Many women choose hair colors that are outside of the typical color palette of blondes, browns, and burgundies, and this is not uncommon at all. Here, we have a stunning long messy top bun with beautiful pink accents that is great for the season. Gather all of your hair at the crown of your head and pull it into a ponytail carefully. Consider the look of a superhigh ponytail. Now, wrap your hair around the hair tie and tuck it inconveniently, not caring about the stray hairs that have appeared.

2. LooseMessy Bun

If you want to wear a messy hair bun to prom or as a bridesmaid, this variation is done with such panache that it is suitable for both occasions. Small sections of hair should be created first, followed by delicate waves running down the length of your hair, with a bit more curl towards the ends. More volume may be generated with a curling rod in this sloppy bun for long hair, which is an attractive style.

While dividing your hair into two sections, one below the other, in such a way that the buns overlap, you should create two buns. Twist and tuck both of your buns loosely together until they look as though they are connected. Hairspray should be used to set the hairstyle.

3. Accessorized Top Bun

Have you been given a hand-me-down hair brooch for your wedding? There’s no better way to wear it than as an accessory to a messy bun. Long ombre hair is the best method to show off your vibrant hues, and there is no better way to do it. Maintain a subtle wave at the bottom of your hair while keeping the bulk of your hair straight and smooth throughout the rest of your hair length. Gather your hair into a top bun and tuck it in at the base. Make use of your hair brooch to help support the tucked-in sections of your hair while also serving as a stunning highlight for your hair.

4. Long Messy Bun withFishtail Braid

Combining an abraid with a bunis gives you the best of both worlds and results in a one-of-a-kind and magnificent appearance. For women with long hair, this incredibly romantic haircut is simple to do and is ideal. Begin by creating a fishtail braid from one side of your hair a few inches ahead of your crown region in such a manner that the braid makes a tiara and stopping halfway down the hallway to where you want your messy bun to be. Tuck in your hair as necessary and begin with a huge bun at the bottom.

Using this method, you’ll get the ideal sloppy bun for your long hair.

5. Knotted Top Bun

It’s the best of both worlds when you combine an abraid with a bunis; it’s a truly unique and magnificent combination. For women with long hair, this very romantic haircut is simple and ideal. Starting from one side of your hair, build a fishtail braid a little ahead of the crown region in such a manner that the braid creates a tiara and continue down the hallway to where you want to construct your messy bun. Adjust your tucking and begin with a fantastic bun at the bottom of your hairstyle. Viola!

6. High Volume Bun

Make a sloppy bun with a lot of volume that’s excellent for a wedding or to match with a garment that has a gorgeous back detail. This bun is ideal for women with long, wavy hair. Begin by gathering a section of your hair from the front and fixing it at the crown area, then creating a sloppy bun. Curl the tendrils that are dangling from the sloppy hair knot using a curling iron to give them a little additional oomph. A single rose or a few smaller flowers may be used to add a floral touch to your hairdo as an additional finishing touch.

7. Side Parted Hair with Top Bun

With this excellent long messy bun, you may get an athletic image. Even if you are a complete novice when it comes to hair styling, it is fairly simple. A simple headband that wraps around your head will complete this appearance. Starting with the headband, create a side divider and place it on your head. Tuck and pull smaller sections of hair from the headband so that they fall on each side of your face, and use the remainder of your hair to make a top bun on top of your head.

8. Top Bun withCurly hair

If you believe that fine curly hair cannot be fashioned into a professional-looking bun, you are completely mistaken.

When done on long curly hair, a basic sloppy bun will look much better than when done on short hair. Furthermore, the natural curls give the bun a voluminous appearance. To finalize the appearance, gently pluck any stray strands of hair on the sides.

9.Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

With this creative half up half down hairdo, you can show off your long, lovely tresses while still sporting a messy top bun. This sloppy bun for long hair looks great on both wavy and straight hair, and it’s easy to do.

10. Messy Bun with Tiara

This is one of those untidy buns for long hair that also serves to draw attention to your face features. Make a high bun and wrap a tiara over it to complete the look. Hair strands that have fallen out of your hair can also be tucked into your tiara.

11. Bun with Ombre Highlights

A messy bun is an easy way to show off ombre highlights on long hair in this straightforward variant. This is a style that, on the other hand, fits well with long, straight hair. As a result of the way your straight hair falls loosely on either side your face as part of your bun, you have a lovely disheveled appearance all over.

12. High Volume Knotted Bun

This looks quite similar to the untidy knotted bun. Except that you must use the ends of the bun as strays instead of just adhering to the front hair, which is more difficult. Make a criss-cross pattern with the ends of your messy bun in the crown area, and make sure they are visible from the front.

13. Twin Buns

Why settle for a sloppy bun when you can have a pair? Choose a center division and leave a few hair strands in the front on either side of the face. Continue to style your hair in top messy buns with long hair on either side, remembering to maintain your hairstyle untidy rather than fixing the textures.

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14. Elizabethan Low Bun

Consider the low buns from the countryside of the past as an example. This loose haircut is ideal for women who are in a hurry and like to make things as simple as possible. To complete the style, twist your long hair into a sloppy bun and secure it with a hair stick.

15. Sleek and Top Bun

Pull your hair securely into a high ponytail, then use the remainder of your ponytail to make a sloppy bun with the rest of your hair. Twist and tuck your long hair into a loose bun to make a sloppy bun for your long locks. This top bun mixes a tightly tied hairstyle in the front with a highly sloppy bun in the rear for a completely different look. This untidy hair bun with long hair looks great on ladies who have a lot smaller face than the rest of the population.

16. Loosely Braided Bun

Begin with a traditional loose braid from the front and work your way back to a loose messy bun at the back to complete the look. Don’t forget to untangle any stray strands of hair from the bun as well as from behind the ear as well.

17. Waterfall Braided Bun

A sloppy bun that is virtually hard to describe as messy because it is so flawless. If you’re wondering how to achieve a messy bun with long hair, we’ve got you covered there as well. In order to create your loose tendril, first part a little section of hair at the front of your head. Begin with a waterfall braid that will be used as a braided tiara and lay it aside for now. Gather your hair into a ponytail and tuck it into a bun using a volumizing foundation to give it some oomph. Take the braided section of hair and tuck it into the bun as shown.

18. Bun with Long Loose Strands

In order to get an extremely voluminous messy high bun, you must form numerous ponytails over your scalp and then mix them together.

The less short layers you have in the front, the better. Long hair can function as loose tendrils, and don’t be scared to take more than three segments of stray hairs from a single section. Make use of a sufficient number of bobby pins to fix your high volume bun.

19. Knotted Messy Hairdo with Brooch

When it comes to untidy buns for long hair, hair brooches are the most popular accessory. Using your fingers, tie a knotted bun at the bottom of your hair that is loosely collected at the top. Pull the bun rather than tug it to produce a voluminous bun. To tuck your hair and embellish your bun, use a succession of little hair brooches to tuck it in. It is ideal for weddings and romantic dates when the bun is a little sloppy and the hair is long.

20. DenselyBraided Updo

Begin by braiding your hair thickly from one side of your head to the other, starting at one end and terminating at the other. You may pull on your braid to make it appear heavier if you like. After that, aim for a sloppy finish on the top bun. If you want to beat the beautiful braid at the front of this bun, you have to make it the messiest you possibly can. Simple, stylish, and utterly useful, this long haired messy bun style is perfect for any occasion.

21. Twin Braided Low Bun

Begin by creating two braids on either side of your head, starting a few inches above your ear, and securing them with a bobby pin in the middle. Create a low bun out of the remainder of your hair, including the braids, to get a supermessy look for the occasion. Some loose tendrils at the front of the hairstyle will complete the look.

22. Braided Half Up Hairstyle

To make the top bun, gather your long hair into a half-up half-down hairdo and tie it off in the back. While the rest of your hair is let to hang freely, braid a section of your hair to match your long messy hair bun on top, which will look great. Mesmerizing Half braided hairstyles for black women have become increasingly popular.

23. Simple High Volume Loose Bun

In order to accomplish this messy bun for long hair to obtain a girl next door style, you’ll need a hair tie and a puffy bun base. This look is excellent for a tough workout or a day at school, so be creative! After you’ve finished styling your ponytail, gently wrap your hair over the bun base and pin it in place on the inside using bobby pins. Make sure the ponytail is loosely collected, and allow some strands to fall on your temples to complete the look.

24. Multiple Messy Buns

Simply divide your hair into pieces vertically and begin with messy buns on each segment to complete the look! You may create up to four messy buns with this multiple messy bun hairstyle, which is simple to style even if you have long hair.

25. Low Messy Bun withMiddle Part

Make a center parting and wear your hair in a low ponytail that you can simply adapt into a sloppy bun with ease. This sloppy hair bun style is ideal for women who have long, thin hair that lacks volume and is lacking in body.

26.Dutch Braidwith Side Bun

Using your long hair, start with a side dutch braid and carry it all the way around to the other side to make an extremely messy side bun. Depending on your desire, you can braid the hair freely or securely. As an additional touch of decoration, you may use little flowers. Side French Braid Hairstyles for Women that are hypnotic

27. Loose Top Knot Bun with Flowers

In order to highlight your long hair, this basic sloppy top bun is finished with faux flowers at the bottom of the bun.

28. The PerfectBrunetteBun

Make an extremely voluminous messy bun with your long hair by starting with a bun base and building up from there.

Make use of loose tendrils a bit over the back of your neck and to the side of your head to complete the look.

29. Uneven Bun

This runway-ready style is surprisingly simple to pull off. Simply ensure that your hair is uneven at the front and that your top bun is sloppy in the rear. Make use of a setting spray to keep your hairstyle in place.

30. CurledBridal Bun

Work your way through a low bun, removing a few stray strands from the bun as you go. Applying pressure on the loose strands with a curling iron, curl them tightly and tuck them into the bun. Long-haired brides may look stylish in a sloppy bun! No matter what sort of hair you have, these sloppy buns for long hair may be fitted into your style with relative ease. In the event that you discovered your favorite from the list, try it on and wear that untidy hair bun!

How To Do A Messy Bun With Long Hair: The Lazy Girl’s Guide

In the event that you do not know how to create an elegant bun with long hair, you are missing out! Due to the fact that it is ideal for all hair types and can be completed in a matter of minutes, it has become one of our go-to styles when we are short on time. The messy bun creates the idea that you’ve rolled out of bed in the morning and scraped your hair back into a fuss-free yet stunning bun. It’s a cooler, less polished variant of the traditional ballerina bun. However, if you’ve ever attempted to achieve this look on your own, you’ll know that there is a certain level of skill required to master the art of creating a sloppy bun with long hair.

Take a look at our tried-and-true styling guide and step-by-step lesson, which are all included below.

Refresh your tresses.

Let’s face it: sloppy buns look their best when worn with textured, thick hair. A spray of dry shampoo can help to eliminate extra oils that can cause hair to get weighed down. Oh Bee Hive! Spray theTIGI Bed Head with the Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo should be applied straight to the roots, particularly at the hairline, and combed through to ensure that all of the product is absorbed. As you proceed, run your fingers through your hair to ensure that the substance is evenly distributed. Step No. 2

Add texture.

Using a texturising spray, you may give longer locks more depth. We recommend that you use theVO5 Dry Texturising Spray to get a sloppy, carefree look and feel. After spraying evenly over the mid-lengths and ends while holding the can around 30cm away, gently tousle the hair with your fingers to distribute the product evenly. Not only will this approach revitalize dull tresses, but it will also provide grip to your sloppy bun, allowing it to remain in place longer. Step number three.

Backcomb your crown.

Backcombing your crown will help to lift heavier, longer locks from their roots. In this way, you may prevent the rest of your hair from being pulled flat against the top of your head due to the weight of your untidy bun. First, begin by pulling a segment of hair from the crown and, using the back of a tiny comb, gently pushing the hair towards the scalp. It’s critical to take your time to ensure that your backcombing remains in place throughout the day. Step number four.

Pull the hair into a ponytail.

Check to see that you’re satisfied with your parting and make any necessary adjustments. Make a low ponytail with all of your hair, a few inches above the nape of your neck, and secure it with a hair tie.

Secure your ponytail firmly, but leave a little wiggle room in the style so that it does not sit too flat on your skull. A looser ponytail will make your bun appear more casual and less polished, while a tighter ponytail will make it appear more formal. Step number five.

Twist it up.

Maintain one hand on the hairband that secures your ponytail while twisting your tresses in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise manner with the other hand. To finish your ponytail, grab the end of your hair and pull it upwards, wrapping it around the top of your ponytail for a finished look! Step 6: Organize your thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Pin your bun into place.

As soon as you’re satisfied with the way your bun is resting and it feels comfortable, secure the appearance with an elastic band. To fan out the bun and hold any too untidy flyaways in place, use as many bobby pins as you need to secure it in place. If your updo is appearing too flawless, use your fingers to tease and tear apart little portions of it with your fingertips. A sloppy bun is what this is intended to be, after all! Step 7 – Organize your time and resources.

Perfect your messy mane.

You should think less ballet and more bohemian when it comes to designing your untidy bun. By wrapping a few strands of hair around your face, you may give the look a more unfinished feel. Separate your hair into little parts and allow them to hang loosely about your face or tucked behind your ear as you work your way up your hairstyle. It’s vital to work gently, gradually adding more and more hair as you go until you’re satisfied with the result. In this eighth step, you will learn how to use a comma to separate the words “and” and “and not.”

Finish with hairspray.

Finally, but certainly not least, it is time to lock in the look. Spray the VO5 Invisible Ultimate Hold Hairspray all over your hair, starting with the loose strands at the front and working your way back to your bun to get the desired hold. Mist it evenly all over your locks, emphasizing on your bun to hold it in place as the day progresses, then rinse well. Ladies, take a bow, you’ve officially mastered the art of the beautiful messy bun!

Got curly or fine strands? You can still master how to do a messy bun with long hair:

The more muddled the better! Image courtesy of iStock

Step 1: Use a texturising spray

Before we go into how to do a messy bun with long hair, it’s important to note that messy buns look their best on hair that hasn’t been washed. Yes, you read it correctly: this is one of the few styles that actually encourages unkempt hair! Consequently, if you’ve pushed the snooze button on your alarm one too many times and have ran out of time to wash your hair, you may take a deep breath and relax. Having said that, it is still feasible to pull off this look if your hair is fluffy and newly cleaned, as well as other factors.

This will give your hair the much-needed structure it requires, as well as giving your bun additional grip.

Photograph courtesy of

Step 2: Create a ponytail

We have now reached the most exciting part: it is time to actually begin creating your easy messy bun for long hair! Pull your hair back into a high ponytail and loosely secure it in place with a hair tie. You can use your fingers to do this (or a brush if you prefer a smoother finish). Credit:@sarahangius Editor’s recommendation: Do you have fine hair? When you backcomb your ponytail before twisting it, you will help to create masses of volume and the appearance of thicker tresses!

When learning how to do a messy bun with long hair, this is an absolutely necessary step. There are few hairstyles that can be both casual and chic at the same time, and this is one of them! Photograph courtesy of Dvora

Step 3: Twist and wrap

So far, so straightforward, right? In order to create this messy bun for long hair, the following step is to build the actual bun itself. You just twist your ponytail into one large strand and wrap it around the base of your ponytail until it becomes a loosely twisted bun, as seen in the picture.

Step 4: Secure with pins

Until now, everything seems straightforward, doesn’t it? In order to create this messy bun for long hair, the following step is to make the bun. You just twist your ponytail into one large strand and wrap it around the base of your ponytail until it becomes a loosely twisted bun, as seen in the photo.

Step 5: Frame your face with tendrils

What is the secret to pulling off a sloppy bun with long hair? Taking the bun out of the oven. Make some loose parts of hair around your hairline and at the nape of your neck in order to give your style a more slept-in, bedhead appearance. In addition, if your bun appears to be a bit on the little side, you may try tugging it apart slightly with your fingers to give it a more voluminous appearance. Credit:@ashley moore_

Step 6: Finish with hairspray

And it’s really as simple as that! Make sure you’re satisfied with your bun before finishing it with a light hold hairspray, such as theVO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray, to give it a natural appearance. It is ideal for this style since it is easy to brush out when you are finished and does not leave your hair feeling stiff or sticky after application. Editor’s recommendation: You’re short on time, yet you still want to give the impression that you’ve put in some effort. Why not experiment with braiding your bangs before forming your bun?

Reads that we recommend: When it comes to styling long hair, there are four styles that are actually doable.

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