How To Do Man Buns

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Tie a Man Bun at Home

When hair is pushed back into a bun at the back of the head, or tied at the top of the head, a man bun is created, which is also known as a top knot in some circles. Man buns have been around for hundreds of years, dating back to the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and the Edo Period in Japan, respectively. It is now mostly associated with hipsters and celebrities such as Gareth Bale, Harry Styles, and Jason Momoa. Creating a man bun may appear to be a difficult style to learn, but the good news is that mastering it is deceptively simple to accomplish.

Four alternative approaches to teaching you how to tie a man bun have been developed, each with its own basic man bun instructional.

Don’t forget to stop by the store to pick up some essentials like hairbands and a brush to complete your outfit.

  • Basic Man Bun, Half-Up Man Bun, Messy Man Bun, Twisted Man Bun are all examples of man buns.

How to Make a Basic Man Bun

Verity is to be credited. Jane Smith is a fictional character created by author Jane Smith. You’re likely to see the man bun alongside some of the most popular men’s haircuts today, whether it’s on the street, the runway, the red carpet, or Instagram. Allow me to go right into learning how to do a man bun, shall we? First, we’ll have a look at what to do.

Prep Your Hair.

Begin by lightly brushing your hair with a brush or a comb to get a feel for it. This will help to eliminate any tangles or knots in your hair, making it simpler to style your hair in the future. Step No. 2

Get a Small Amount of Product.

Next, take a little quantity of a matte texture product, such as the Toni Guy Men’s Workable Matte Paste (about the size of a fingertip), and apply it on your face. Take care not to overuse this product. A little bit of it will go a long way, and you can always add more if necessary. Step number three.

Apply The Product.

Warm the product between your palms, ensuring that it is properly distributed over your hands and fingers. As soon as the product has been warmed between your hands, rake it through your hair, paying particular attention to the mid-lengths and ends. Make sure to open your fingers as you push the product into your mane to ensure that it is distributed evenly and that it is easier to handle. Step number four.

Gather Your Hair.

Following the application of your product, it is now time to learn how to tie a man bun. Gather your hair into a loose ponytail that is about in the center of your crown, and get a hair band ready to lock it in place with. Step number five.

Secure Your Hair Tie.

To keep your ponytail in place, wrap your hairband around it a number of times. On your last wrap, pull the ponytail only half-way through to make a loop, with the ends of your hair pointing down and towards the back of your head (see illustration). Don’t be concerned about the stray hairs; they just contribute to the overall undone coolness of this look. Step 6: Organize your thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Final Look.

Congratulations, you have now mastered the art of tying a man bun!

Adjust the size and location of your ‘do as needed to give it a fuller appearance if necessary.

How to Make a Half-Up Man Bun Tutorial

Now that you’ve mastered the man bun’s fundamentals, it’s time to introduce you to its more fashionable sister, the half-up, half-down top knot. According to Sean Frank and Louis Smith, it is the ideal technique to keep hair out of your face while yet displaying your long locks. First, we’ll have a look at what to do.

Prep Your Hair.

In order to sport a top knot, you’ll want your hair to seem voluminous and thick, rather than thin and flat! In order to get this look, start by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, such as theTRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness ShampooandConditioner, and then allowing your hair to air dry naturally. Step No. 2

Section Your Hair.

Make a half-up top knot with your hair at this point. Simply separate your hair in half horizontally, starting at the level of your eyebrows. This is a simple technique. Step number three.

Create a Ponytail.

After that, collect the hair that you previously sectioned into a ponytail and bind it with a rubber band. Afterwards, twist your ponytail, as this will make it simpler to style into a top knot in the following step! Step number four.

Create Your Half-up Top Knot.

Now wrap your twisted hair around the base of your ponytail, until you’ve produced a nice top knot shape, locking it in place with a hair tie and some bobby pins, if required. For curly or wavy hair, a tiny bit of theVO5 Matt Fibre will help to smooth out any flyaways and smooth the hair. Step number five.

Final Look.

Once you’ve made a tidy top knot shape, wrap your twisted hair around the base of your ponytail, holding it in place with a hair tie and/or several bobby pins, if necessary. Curly or wavy hair? A tiny bit of theVO5 Matt Fibre can smooth out any flyaways and make your hair look more manageable. Five-point plan:

How to Make a Messy Man Bun Tutorial

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed and unassuming, why not try a sloppy, low bun? Creating messy bun hairstyles may appear to be a no-brainer, but there are a few secrets and tools to the trade that can help you get the appearance you desire. There is a lot of texture in this dishevelled, lived-in look, which makes it look really stylish. First, we’ll have a look at what to do.

Prepare Your Hair.

To begin, shampoo and condition your hair using the Dove Daily Moisture 2-in-1 ShampooConditioner. Allow your hair to air dry or use a hairdryer to ensure that your strands are at least 90% dry before you begin. To get that “second-day” appearance, you’ll want to preserve some structure in your hair, so finger combing through your mane is recommended. Step No. 2

Create a Low Ponytail.

After that, brush your hair back and collect it into a low ponytail that you may wear at the nape of your neck or wherever else that feels most natural. Make sure you collect every strand and check in a mirror to see if there are any flyaways that have escaped. Step number three.

Create a Loop.

When tying your ponytail, leave your hair looped halfway around the hairband the last time you attempt to draw your hair through. Take your time with this step since it will serve as the foundation for your messy bun. Step number four.

Use Hair Pins.

You might be wondering why your man bun never stays in place during the day.

You’re not pinning your hair back! Simply attach hair pins around the base of the bun to keep it in place, as these small style tools are your new best friend. Step number five.

The Final Look.

Applying wax or pomade to your bun as required will assist to maintain it in place and will also smooth out any frizz that may have developed. The result is a sloppy, low man bun that was completed in record time!

How to Make a Twisted Man Bun

Looking to spice up your man bun hairdo with a little something extra? Why not experiment with this twisted man bun style to elevate your appearance from ordinary to extraordinary? With this twisted man bun design, you can transform your standard man bun into a more stylish updo that is appropriate for any occasion. First, we’ll have a look at what to do.

Prep Your Hair.

Make sure you’ve prepared your hair by washing it with theTRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness ShampooandConditioner before attempting to create your twisted low man bun. This will make your hair appear larger and thicker, which will serve as the perfect foundation for your man bun hairstyle to be created. Step number three.

Brush Your Hair.

Organize your hair by creating a side parting and brushing it with a natural bristle brush. This will help smooth your hair and work the product further into your hair. Step number four.

Twist Your Hair and Create a Low Ponytail.

Starting with one portion at a time, divide your hair into two halves and begin twisting each segment of hair from your ear backwards and towards the nape of the neck. When you get to the center, join the two pieces and knot them together into a low ponytail to finish. Step number five.

Create Your Bun.

Twist the tail of your pony before wrapping it around the base of the pony’s body. Once you’ve produced a bun shape, fasten it with a bobby pin in an inconspicuous location. Step 6: Organize your thoughts and feelings about the situation.

The Final look.

And there you have it: a straightforward but quite effective twisted man bun hairdo. Purchase the piece of writing

  1. Hairbands
  2. Brush
  3. Toni Guy Men’s Workable Matte Paste
  4. TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Shampoo
  5. TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Conditioner
  6. VO5 Matt Fibre
  7. Dove Daily Moisture 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner
  8. Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream
  9. VO5 Matt Fibre

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A number of retro-inspired haircuts have come into popularity throughout the years, and we’ve seen a number of them over the seasons. Styles like as the undercut, the side part, and thecomb over are all influenced by the stylish, vintage appearance of men from the 1950s. A hairstyle that proudly violates all of these conventions and stands on its own is the man bun, which is described below. It appears that this man bun craze is either liked or despised, with some people going about chopping off man buns).

What Is A Man Bun?

For some, the man bun might be a bit perplexing. What exactly is a man bun, and how do you get one? Are there any differences between it and the “top knot” hairdo that everyone is raving about? The simplest definition of a man bun is the buning of one’s hair into a tight bun. It appears to be basic, doesn’t it? No, not in the traditional sense. Even while it appears straightforward, there are precise ways for styling hair into various types of buns, which is where the confusion stemmed from. As an example, the term “men bun” typically refers to a more circular knot of hair.

The expression “top knot,” on the other hand, refers to a little knot of hair that is normally tied near the crown of the head. Are you still with us? Great. Let’s have a look at the many sorts of man buns (because of course there are categories).

What Do I Need To Create A Man Bun?

If you want to get this style, you will need two things: hair ties and patience. If you don’t already have long hair, we recommend that you grow it out until it’s at least 6 inches long, preferably longer. A nice man bun requires only a small amount of hair; otherwise, you will not be able to tie up all of your hair properly. The length of a medium-sized man bun will be between between 10 and 16 inches in length. You may keep your hair as long as you like, but bear in mind that the more hair you have, the more difficult it will be to organize your appearance.

How To Get The Man Bun

Do you still have those hair ties? The initial step is to locate the area where you will be forming the man bun with your hair. This is the part of the head where the majority of man bun hairstyles are worn. The majority of men have a cowlick in this location. It is important not to make the bun too high on the head. The upper portion of the back of your head is an excellent location for a man bun. Gather all of your hair into a fist-sized ponytail at the beginning of your hairdo. Make sure to remove any stray hairs that may be hanging out the sides or bottom of your hairstyle before you begin.

During the second pass, make a pit stop halfway through to pick up a bun.

(Alternatively, if the hair tie is really elastic, you can run the hair through it twice and form the bun on the third pass.) If you’re new to tying your hair up, you may need to experiment with different bun formations to find one that works for you.

How To StyleMaintain The Man Bun

Those hair ties are in your possession. In order to make the man bun, the first step is to choose where it will be formed. A man bun is usually worn on top of his head, near his crown. A cowlick may be found in this area on the majority of men. Try not to make the bun too high on the top of your head! Ideally, the man bun should be positioned at the top of your back of your head. Gather all of your hair into a fist-sized ponytail at the beginning of your hair-do. Make careful to remove any stray hairs that may be hanging out the sides or bottom of your hairstyle before continuing.

To get a bun on the second pass, take a break halfway through.

When using a hair tie that is particularly stretchy, you may alternately run the hair through the band twice and form a bun on the third pass.

If this is your first time tying your hair up, you may need to experiment with different bun formations. YouTube comes in handy for this method since it allows you to see someone else perform it.

Types of Man Buns

Man buns are classified into seven primary – and most popular – categories.

How to Do a Man Bun

Currently, there are seven primary – and most popular – varieties of man buns to choose from.

  1. 1 Wash your hair and condition it. When your hair is clean, a man bun will look its finest. Shampoo your hair as you normally would, and then add conditioner when you’ve finished shampooing it. Using this method, you may improve the health of your hair and keep it from drying out.
  • It is possible for man buns to appear unsightly if the hair is greasy or filthy. Because oily hair requires regular shampooing and conditioning, it is possible that you may need to do so every day. If you have naturally dry hair, shampooing it more than three times a week may cause it to become brittle and break.
  • 2After you get out of the shower, comb or brush your hair to smooth it out. To make your hair as smooth as possible, you should remove all of the knots from it. Getting rid of the knots first can make your man bun appear cleaner and more organized. Advertisement
  • s3 You may either use a towel to dry your hair or allow it to air dry. When drying your hair with a towel, pat it down rather than rubbing it. Excessive rubbing of your hair with a towel might cause it to become frizzy. 4 Apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to your hair and leave it in for a few minutes. A dime-sized quantity of leave-in conditioner or hair oil should be placed in the palm of your hand for application. Rub your hands together and work the moisturizer into your hair, working it from the roots to the ends.
  • To use your leave-in conditioner, spray it all over your hair (if yours comes in a spray bottle).
  1. 1 Run your fingers through your hair and pull it back into a bun at the back of your neck. Pull out as much hair from the front and top of your head as you can using your hands. Draw the top of your hair back and gather it underneath the crown of your head.
  • Depending on your preference, you can either leave your hair on the back of your head hanging or knot it up into a bun.
  • Draw your hair halfway through a hair tie to secure it. By the time you reach the halfway point, your hair should have folded in half and formed a ponytail. If you have shoulder-length or shorter hair, this style will look best on you
  • Otherwise, avoid it.
  • If your hair is longer, tucking your ponytail into a bun may appear too sagging to be considered a bun.
  1. 1Take the hair tie again and twist and wrap it around the bun a second time. Twist and wrap the hair tie around the bun while the hair is still pulled halfway through. The second time you wrap the hair tie around the bun, it will tighten it and keep it in place. In a hurry and in need of putting your hair up quickly, this is an excellent alternative for you. Advertisement
  1. 1Make your hair as long as possible, preferably 9–16 inches (23–41 cm). A complete man bun makes use of all of the hair on your head and so requires more hair than the other hairstyles on this list. If you don’t have hair that is 9–16 inches (23–41 cm) in length, you should select an alternative style. A full man bun is the greatest sort of bun to wear for formal events since it is the most formal of the bunch. 2 Take a section of your hair back and gather it up at the crown of your head. The crown of your head is the point at where the back of your head and the top of your head meet. The majority of buns will be placed anywhere between the top of your head and the middle of the back of your head, or somewhere in between. Using your fingers, run them through your hair and gather it all together in the region where you want your man bun to be. This will include all of the hair on the back and sides of your head, as well as your eyebrows.
  • Make sure not to pull your hair back too firmly, since this may cause discomfort. To avoid a sloppy bun, comb your hair through before styling it.
  • 3Twice wrap the hair with a hair knot to secure it. Draw the hair that you are holding in your hand through a hair tie, then twist the hair tie and pull your hair through the new hole that has been created. Essentially, this will give you a ponytail
  • 4 Twist the hair tie a third time and draw the hair through half way into the knot. Instead of pulling the hair all the way through the hair tie as you did before, only pull it halfway through the hair tie. This should result in a tight bun on the top of your head. A section of your hair will be twisted into a loop, while the remainder will be left as loose ends.
  • You may need to draw your hair through the hair tie a third time before pulling it through halfway on the fourth time if the bun isn’t tight enough to keep it in place.
  • 5 To conceal the elastic band, wrap a couple of strands of hair around it. This will give your bun an even more polished appearance, although it is not always necessary. To finish the bun, leave one or two strands of hair out and wrap them around both the bun and the hair tie to form a loop. Pulling the additional section of hair through the tightened hair tie will help to keep it in place.
  • If your hair is too short or straight to stay wrapped around the bun and hair tie, you might add a strong hold hair spray or a pomade to keep it in place
  • However, this is not recommended.
  1. It is possible to use a strong hold hair spray or a pomade to hold the bun and hair tie in place if your hair is too short or straight to stay wrapped around the bun and hair tie.
  • When you tie your hair in a top knot, it should be placed near the middle of your head. In order to construct this bun, you just need 6–7 inches (15–18 cm) of hair.
  1. 2Pull the hair back and secure it with a hair tie. Pull the hair through an elastic hair tie and secure it with a rubber band. 2Make sure the tie is snug against your head
  2. 3twist the hair tie and draw your hair through the newly formed loop. Following the second time you wrap your hair around the hair tie, it should appear like a ponytail or a rattail on top of your head, as shown in Figure 4. 4Twist the hair tie once more and draw your hair halfway around the loop as shown in Figure 5. A little bun on the top of your head should result if you do not pull the hair all the way through the new loop. Your top knot man bun is complete after the bun is fastened in place. Advertisement
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  • In response to the question, how long does it take to get a Man Bun? Laura Martin holds a license as a cosmetologist in the state of Georgia. Hair stylist since 2007, cosmetology instructor since 2013, she has been in the industry for a decade. Expert Answer from a Licensed Cosmetologist An easy man bun should take no more than five minutes to put together. Question: If you have really short hair, it might take 12-18 months to grow it long enough to pull off a man bun. What is the proper way to use a hair tie? Laura Martin holds a license as a cosmetologist in the state of Georgia. Hair stylist since 2007, cosmetology instructor since 2013, she has been in the industry for a decade. Expert Answer from a Licensed Cosmetologist The majority of hair ties are in the form of a loop. Draw hair through the centre of the loop, then fold the loop over upon itself and pull hair through one more to complete the design. Repeat until the hair tie has just a little amount of slack and the bun or ponytail is tight. Question What is the best way to achieve the ideal messy bun? Laura Martin holds a license as a cosmetologist in the state of Georgia. Hair stylist since 2007, cosmetology instructor since 2013, she has been in the industry for a decade. Expert Answer from a Licensed Cosmetologist In order to achieve a wonderful messy bun, start by forming a smooth, clean bun, then loosening and pulling sections free with your fingers or with a comb. This will allow you to have complete control over the look. When you’ve achieved the look you desire, spritz it with hairspray to seal it in place. Question What is a hair bun, exactly? Laura Martin holds a license as a cosmetologist in the state of Georgia. Hair stylist since 2007, cosmetology instructor since 2013, she has been in the industry for a decade. Expert Answer from a Licensed Cosmetologist When you draw your hair into a ponytail, twist the ends of it to join them, and wrap this twisted hair around the ponytail, you will produce a circular shape that is similar to the shape of a dinner roll. Question Is it possible to have a man bun for everybody, or is it only for those with certain types of hair or something? Yes. A bun can be worn by anyone who has enough hair
  • Question Is it possible for me to do this as a female? Of course, you can make a bun that looks similar

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  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • A comb or brush
  • A towel (optional)
  • Hair ties with elastic bands

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Abstract : To create a man bun in the classic, top knot style, begin by drawing your hair back and gathering it towards the top of your head. (See illustration) After that, put your hair up in a high ponytail using an elastic hair tie to finish. Make a bun shape by folding your ponytail in half and wrapping the hair tie around the base of your ponytail. To get a sloppy appearance, leave the bun as is, or twist and wrap the hair tie over it for a tighter, more organized bun Continue reading for additional tips from our Cosmetology reviewer, including how to prepare your hair before completing a man bun.

The writers of this page have collaborated to create this page, which has been read 396,068 times.

Step 1: Condition Your Hair

The majority of guys do not alter their hair care regimen as they grow out their hair, which is not the ideal method, to be honest with you. Mens long hairstyles disclose a great deal, and if your hair has any defects or seems dry and unhealthy, you can be sure that everyone will notice. It is critical to begin with conditioning in order to avoid injury. The oils and moisture in your hair are stripped away by hair wash, whereas the oils and moisture are restored by conditioner.

Step 2: Play With Hair Products

Having previously grown out your hair for a top knotbun, it’s time to reevaluate the products you’re using on your hair to keep it looking polished. Even the most simple top knot will be rendered ineffective if it is not styled with the proper cream or oil. Remember, you won’t notice any change in the way the makeup lasts, but the appearance will speak for itself. Your hair will have more substance and any flyaways will be tamed as a result of this treatment.

Step 3: Put A Bun On It

Finally, all of the pre-styling steps have been completed, and we are ready to go on to the manbun styling stage. But, all of a sudden, you’re back where you started. Do you have a headache because there is such a large selection of man buns? Hopefully, our recommendations will be of assistance to you. In the ideal situation, your hair bun should be knotted at eye level. This style is generally flattering on all people of all ages. To be on the safe side, if you feel like doing something a little more cheeky and theatrical with your hair, knot it at the crown of your head.

If you’re thinking of getting a low man bun that is produced at the shoulder area, it’s best to reconsider. This bun style is just too sloppy and feminine for my taste.

How To Tie A High Man Bun (Tutorial)

You’ve learned how to construct a bun, which is a step toward growing your hair long, and you now have a complete head of hair that’s ready to be dressed up or down. What comes next? The logical question that arises is how to properly tie a bun in a bow. In order to respond to this question, we’ve created a step-by-step instruction on how to style your hair in a bun.

  1. To do this, use a brush and brush your hair against the grain, ensuring that the hairs are smooth and tangle-free
  2. In order to add more volume to your hair, tilt your head forward, turn your hair to one side, and delicately brush it through it. Repeat the process on the opposite side. Use a product that will give your hair more volume and a matte finish, such as a sea salt hairspray. Blow-dry your hair in all directions to add volume, shape, and height to your appearance. Run your fingers through your hair and gather it all together toward the region where the future bun will be. Begin by twisting your hair into a wisp, working your way down from the roots to the ends of your hair When the wisp begins to curl, begin wrapping it around the base of the bun until it is created. Make a bun and secure it with an elastic band or a hair tie.

Putting your hair in a bun is merely one of several techniques, and after you’ve mastered one, you’ll be welcome to learn the others. ASOSMenswear may be found on YouTube.

How To Do A Man Bun With Undercut (Top Knot)

  1. Use a comb to smooth back your hair after it has been washed and towel dried. Apply a hair styling product to your hair above, such as a matte texture paste, and style as desired. Spread it evenly throughout your hair, concentrating the most of the product at the back
  2. Make a point of brushing the hair back to keep it smooth and tangle-free
  3. Take an elastic band in one hand and use the other hand to put the hair back into place
  4. Pulling your hair through the elastic band until there is just one loop left is an excellent technique. Using some extra product, pull the hair through the elastic band half-way and smooth down any flyaways.

Alex Costa, courtesy of YouTube

How To Make A Half-Up Man Bun (Tutorial)

Man buns can be styled in a number of different ways. They differ according on the style, hair length, texture, and the ambiance that they should be used to complement the hair. You could go for a half up guys bun if you want a hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face while yet allowing you to show off your long hair. So, here’s how to do a half-up man bun the right way:

  1. Preparation is the first step. Make sure your hair is clean and well-conditioned before applying the product for the greatest results. As a result, wash it with a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type and condition it with a moisturizing conditioner. Step 2: Section it off with a towel to soak up any excess moisture and let it to dry naturally. Divide your hair into two portions so that you can see what you’re going to be working with after you’re done. Using a hair brush or your fingers, separate the top layer of your hair at the level of your brows, and brush it either with a hair brush or your fingers for a messier appearance
  2. Step three: tying. Pull all of the hair on the top of your head together and tie it into a ponytail at the crown of your head. The ponytail should be twisted and looped around the ponytail’s base at this point. You shouldn’t be concerned if it doesn’t come out perfectly straight. Step 4: Secure the bun with an elastic band and bobby pins
  3. Step 5: Complete the look. Finish by smoothing out any flyaway hairs with a hair moose to provide a flawless finish. That’s all there is to it. Now that you know how to man bun half up in a few simple steps, you can try it out.

GrahamsNaturalCurls has provided this video via YouTube.

Is The Man Bun For You?

It is entirely up to you whether or not man bun hairstyles are for you; if you feel like trying one, why not?

How To Choose The Right One

There are various different ways to knot a bun, as well as several other variations on this theme. It is possible to wear a semi- or half-bun depending on the length and cut of your hair as well as your personal preferences. A knot or half bun is the best option if you have a short or long undercut that allows you to use only the top hair. This technique is also effective for a man bun fade. For a more informal, homelike medium-length look, collect the majority of the hair into a bun while leaving a few strands loose at the top.

Finally, here’s the entire bun, which is sleek, bold, and voluminous all at the same time.

Instagram user @hairraribarber provided the image.

Man Bun Mistakes To Avoid

That was the end of the dos. What about the do’s and don’ts? Here is a list of the most frequent mistakes that may be made while styling long hairstyles for guys, ranked from most to least common: Instagram user @spizoiky provided the image.

  1. Don’t tie your hair up if it’s unclean, uncombed, and greasy. When it comes to arranging a bun, don’t rush things. Please take your time and carefully go through all of the phases. Do not tuck your hair into your buns too tightly. Use only a little amount of product
  2. If your hair is too short, don’t attempt to make a bun.
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You’ll be able to achieve a faultless man bun if you keep all of these suggestions in mind. Because the man bun may be styled in a variety of ways, we are really pleased with its development. Basically, with a little work and the right equipment, anyone can get this appearance. Take advantage of this by getting your elastic band and going for it, guy.

How to Do a Man Bun

Long-haired gentlemen, expand your styling options with a low-key man bun that keeps you cool while keeping your mane under control. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to style a man bun in four distinct ways.

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  • Interested in learning how to do a man bun? Here are four different types of man buns, as well as four different ways to do a man bun.

Wondering How to Do a Man Bun?

The man bun is a men’s hairstyle that you will either love or despise depending on your personality. It is your responsibility to yourself if you find yourself in the first category and your hair is long enough for a man bun (or bro bun, dude bun, or samurai top knot). Fortunately, this type of long hairstyle for guys is really simple to get. After a few minutes, you’ll have mastered the man bun. It is possible to wear a man bun in a variety of styles. Some males want a simple man bun, while others prefer a messy man bun, a twisted man bun, or a half-up man bun.

Whatever your intended appearance is, we’ll teach you how to get it step-by-step in this tutorial.

There are very few haircuts that can be altered to achieve such a wide variety of appearances.

The options are virtually limitless!

Creating a superb man bun is simple – all you need to know is the proper style methods and the items that will be required. Every aspect of your life is taken care of by us. Let’s get this party started!

4 Types of Man Buns

Identifying the sort of man bun you want should come first before learning how to construct one yourself. The basic man bun, the messy man bun, the twisted man bun, and the half-up man bun are the four most common forms of man buns. Because each one is somewhat different, let’s take a closer look at each design.

Basic Man Bun

Juninatt/Shutterstock When most people think of a man bun hairstyle, the first thing that springs to mind is the classic man bun haircut. It’s nothing fancy – it’s just a simple method to get your hair up and away of your face and neck when you’re running late. The most basic man bun is achieved by pulling all of the hair up (typically to the crown area) and styling it into a bun. Male buns are unquestionably a favored style, and every long-haired man should know how to create one. For those in-between wash days, terrible hair days, and sweltering summer days when you’re eager to keep your cool, you’ll be grateful to have another fast style in your repertoire.

Messy Man Bun

courtesy of Cookie Studio/Shutterstock The sloppy man bun is a stylish hairstyle that appears to be casual and cool. It’s just as simple to put together as a standard man bun. A sloppy man bun may be worn with any hair type and texture, but it looks especially good with wavy or curly hair. This simple hairdo benefits from the addition of texture, which adds interest as well as a laid-back feel. Messy man buns are typically worn in a more informal context. They’re excellent for those days when your hair is a bit dirty, when it won’t cooperate enough to be left down, or when it’s hot outdoors and you want to keep it a little cooler than the standard man bun.

Soon, we’ll teach you how to use these techniques.

Twisted Man Bun

AJR photo/Shutterstock It is possible that the twisted man bun will appear somewhat more polished than the standard man bun. A twist and wrap technique is used to bind the hair, rather than just drawing it back into a ponytail and shaping it into a bun by pushing it halfway through the elastic. The fact that the twisted man bun can serve two purposes is one of our favorite things about it. Take your twisted man bun down and you’ll be left with gentle waves that have formed while your hair has been in the twisted bun for a few minutes.

It also has the additional benefit of better fastening and preserving your strands than other hairstyles do.

Half-Up Man Bun

Photograph courtesy of Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock If you have short or medium-length hair that isn’t long enough to twist into a complete bun, the half-up man bun is a terrific alternative for you. It also works well for males who prefer to leave some of their length hanging down. It helps you to show off the texture of your hair while also wrapping portion of it in a fashionable man bun. If you have really thick hair, a half-up man bun may be the ideal option for you because thick hair in a bun can become quite heavy.

The half-up bun is a stylish look that may be worn all year round. In the summer, it lets you to wear part of your hair up to be cool while remaining stylish. In the winter, let your hair down might assist to keep your neck warm by insulating it.

How to Do a Man Bun 4 Different Ways

Having looked at a few different sorts of man buns, we’re going to demonstrate how to make a man bun in four distinct methods for your convenience. Take control of all of these techniques, and you’ll never be stuck wondering what to do with your lovely, long locks again! If you have “day 2” hair that isn’t squeaky clean, we recommend starting with that. Before styling your hair, you should fully untangle it to avoid risking breakage when styling it. You may untangle your hair with a boar bristle brush, spritz it with detangling spray, or apply a little amount of hair milk to detangle, nourish, and define any curls or waves in your hair.

Let’s have a look at it!

1. How to Do a Basic Man Bun

The classic man bun is the most straightforward style to achieve. You’ll begin by collecting your hair into a ponytail in the direction in which you want your bun to be located. To complete the look, you’ll partially weave your hair through the elastic to form a loop of hair behind your neck. A simple man bun is demonstrated in this video.

  1. To create the man bun, comb your hair through with your fingers and collect it into a ponytail at the height you like. The ponytail should be placed at the crown of the head if you are unsure of the placement
  2. Ponytails should be secured with a firm elastic that is wrapped around the ponytail 2 or 3 times. However, it should not be so tight that you are unable to wrap it again
  3. It should, however, feel secure. When you reach the third or fourth wrap of elastic, slightly pull the ponytail through so that it forms a loop

You may play with with how much of the ponytail you pull through in step 3 to see how it looks. The difference between pushing just a little amount through and dragging more of the ponytail through on the last wrap is that the smaller bun is more defined.

2. How to Do a Messy Man Bun

The sloppy man bun is a lot of fun to accomplish and allows you to express yourself a bit more freely. If you have any texture in your hair — waves, curls, or coils – it makes a significant difference in the outcome of this style. Here’s how to style your hair in a sloppy bun.

  1. Make a ponytail out of your hair and place it where you want your messy bun to be. Messy buns look their best when they have a little height, so try to aim towards the crown region. Secure the ponytail with a firm elastic hair tie, wrapping it securely, but not as tightly as it will go, to keep it from falling down. For the majority of people, this will be two or three wraps. Make sure you don’t pull the ponytail all the way through the third or fourth wrap. Pull it through only partially to leave a loop of hair on the other side (this becomes your man bun). It’s important to leave a little hair hanging down behind the bun — this will help to get the “messy” effect. Pulling down a few face-framing strands with your fingertips is a very delicate process. To give some more volume and structure to the front area of your hair, pinch little strands of hair with your fingers and gently drag them forward and upward.

Making the bun appear unkempt takes a few more steps, but the rewards are worth it since they look beautiful and may last all day. By beginning with a spritz of sea salt spray all over your hair, you will be able to get a style that has greater hold and more texture.

3. How to Do a Twisted Man Bun

While the basic and sloppy man bun is still acceptable, the twisted man bun is a touch more secure. Due to the fact that the hair is twisted and looped over itself before being fixed for all-day hold, this is the case. In addition, it gives you waves that are natural-looking when you pull the bun down later. Twisted man buns provide a more refined appearance that can be worn for practically any occasion without seeming out of place. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. To create a bun, tilt your head back and collect your hair into a ponytail at the desired height. Strong elastic should be used to hold your ponytail in place. Grasp the ponytail with one hand and begin twisting it in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction until it forms a coil and starts to curl
  2. At the base of your ponytail, wrap the curved coil over itself many times. Maintain control of the twist during the process to maintain it tight
  3. Another elastic band may be used to secure the twist by wrapping it around the base of the twisted bun. To finish off the twisted bunby, use a couple bobby pins to hold it in place.

By tugging on portions of the fixed bun, you may transform the twisted man bun into a sloppy twisted bun and vice versa. The bun can also be fluffed by grasping both edges of it and gently spreading or tugging the bun outward from the center. To create a twisted man bun in less time, simply turn your head upside down, gather your hair into one palm, and twist it into a coil around itself. One elastic will hold the twist in place, and a few bobby pins will help to keep it in place. The security of this version is not as high, but if you’re in a hurry, it will suffice.

4. How to Do a Half-Up Man Bun

Man buns that are half-up are quite easy to style.

You’ll follow the same general techniques as you would for a basic man bun or a twisted man bun, with the exception that you’ll only be placing half of your hair into the bun instead of all of it. Here’s how to style your man bun half-up.

  1. Separate the top half of your hair from the bottom part of your hair with a comb. The bottom piece of hair should be secured with an elastic to keep it out of the way while you style the upper section of hair Make a ponytail out of the top area of your hair and tie it at the height you want your man bun to be
  2. Select either a loop bun (such as the basic man bun) or a coiled bun (such as the twisted man bun) for your hairstyle.
  1. Using an elastic, wrap your hair around itself many times to form a loop bun. Don’t pull the ponytail all the way through when you’re through with it. Pulling the ponytail through to make the loop bun is only half of the job. Coiled buns are created by twisting the ponytail you’ve created into a coil until it begins to curl in on itself. Apply elastic and a couple bobby pins at the base of the ponytail to keep it in place.
  1. Loosen the lowest portion of hair that you had previously tied and continue styling the hair that was left down

Depending on your hair type, you may discover that you don’t actually need to put half of your hair inside the bun to get this look. It may only be necessary to grasp a little bit of hair at the crown to get a stunning half-up style if you have thick hair. The half-up man bun looks fantastic when paired with an undercut for more contrast.

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Man Bun

Now that you’ve learned how to style four distinct man buns, here are some useful pointers to keep in mind the next time you’re bunning it up.

  1. Begin with hair that isn’t quite squeaky clean. Because freshly shampooed hair lacks the grip and structure of hair that has been in the sun for more than two days, you want to start with hair that is slightly filthy. Not oily or disgusting, but workable texture in your hair is essential for creating a beautiful man bun that will stay in place
  2. Detangle your hair thoroughly but gently before proceeding. When you don’t have any knots in your hair, putting your hair into a bun is a lot less difficult to do. Detangled hair is what prevents laid-back styles such as the disheveled man bun from appearing as though the hair has been neglected. Don’t drag the brush through so forcefully that it snaps or breaks in the process of being pulled through. Start at the ends of your hair and gradually work your way up toward the roots, using the appropriate hair ties. Use rubber bands or elastics with metal connections instead of genuine rubber bands or elastics. This will save you time and money. If you want to prevent hurting your hair with man bun styles, look for elastics that are branded as “ouchless,” “seamless,” or “no-metal.” These elastics are available in a range of colors for purchase. If you want a less visible look, we recommend picking up some that are comparable to your hair color. Dry shampoo may also be used as a bun enhancer. Because man buns require slightly unclean hair for greater texture and workability, dry shampoo is an excellent product to utilize as a companion product. Simply shake the bottle well before aiming the nozzle towards your roots and spraying. Allow it to remain for a minute or two to absorb any excess oil, then spread the dry shampoo evenly around your face and neck with your fingers or a brush. After that, you may style your man bun with more volume, a new aroma, and improved grip
  3. Change the way your bun is placed. It is possible that placing your bun in the same spot every time puts an excessive amount of tension on the follicles in that portion. To avoid this, try switching up the positioning of your buns. It’s the same concept that drives farmers to rotate their crops. It is possible to better regulate the stress bun styles place on your scalp and hair if you make certain that you are not overstraining hairs in one part of your head.

You now understand the top four man bun designs, how to create a man bun, and a few styling tips and methods to help you get the nicest buns possible. With or without flowing locks down your back, the man bun is a flexible design that you’ll want to wear again and over again in any situation. Once you’ve successfully styled your first man bun, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to begin sporting this popular, appealing, and easy style. Eventually, it’ll become one of your go-to casual styles, and if you can master the twisted man bun, it can even be worn in a more formal environment.

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Once you give it a shot, you’ll see what I mean!

Man Bun 101: How To Wear The Man Bun

In its second decade, the man bun has evolved from being a hairstyle reserved for yoga instructors and your wife’s tennis coach to being a hairstyle worn by university students who have had it since “before they were cool.” The man bun has endured its fair share of criticism and has established itself as one of the most fashionable hairstyles for men. It is also known as the high bun and the top knot, and it is a hairstyle that requires an incredible amount of patience to achieve. After all, you’ll need to give your hair some time to grow out before you can draw it back and secure it in place with a hair tie.

Nonetheless, just like with any other men’s haircut, there are various varieties of the man bun that you may try out, each with their own distinct style that can make or break your entire appearance.

While the Fabios grow their hair for the pleasure of preening and primping for hours on end, having a flawless mane that is long and luscious isn’t a practical or significant goal for the majority of the world’s population.

All of this precise styling is eliminated with the man-bun, which allows you to just take your hair and wrap it up without any bother.

Half-Up Top Knot

It is no longer considered a men’s hairstyle reserved for yoga masters, your wife’s tennis coach, or the guy at university who has had one since “before they were cool.” The man bun has endured its fair share of criticism and has established itself as one of the most fashionable men’s hairstyles available today. It is also known as the high bun and the top knot, and it is a hairstyle that requires an incredible amount of patience to pull off successfully. After all, you’ll need to give your hair some time to grow out before you can draw it back and secure it with a hair tie around your neck.

Nonetheless, just like with any other men’s haircut, there are several varieties of the man bun that you may try out, each with their own distinct style that can make or break your entire appearance.

While the Fabios grow their hair for the pleasure of preening and primping for hours on end, having a flawless mane that is long and luscious isn’t a practical or significant goal for the majority of the world’s inhabitants.

It also doesn’t have a particularly macho sense about it either. All of this precise styling is eliminated with the man-bun, which allows you to just take your hair and wrap it up without any bother. However, they are not without their own sense of fashion.

Beach Chic

The perks of beach hair, which include being windswept and salty, extend to the man bun. The surf and sun are excellent thickeners and lighteners of hair strands, which may then be gathered up into a man bun and kept away from the face after a swim. Creating a big bun at the back of the head, which is loose and at a mid-to-high level, is the cornerstone of this appearance. Expect a few fringe strands to fall out along the way, adding to the illusion of having just gotten out of a surf wave. For an even cooler look, try the ninja knot but without the undercut, so that you have hair length flowing at the back of your head and a little bun wrapped perfectly on top of your head.

Bun And Beard

Body hair is one of the few things that may be considered truly manly. So if you have follicular prowess, you should take use of it and flaunt it to the world. That’s where the man bun and beard come into play, as you might expect. The burly guy hairstyle is one of the most popular that you’ll see, and if you can grow long hair on your head as well as away from your face, you’ll be the embodiment of hefty. Yes, this man bun hairstyle may conjure up images of hipsters, but it’s a great haircut nevertheless, and one that you should absolutely explore if you believe a man bun is right for your face shape and personality.

Men with all hair types, including straight, curly, and long wavy hair, can benefit from this technique as much as women.

Business Bun

However, while the man bun isn’t the most corporate-friendly men’s hairdo on the (stock) market, the business bun manages to make it function. Nothing should be shaved or sheared here, and the man bun should be kept low and midway up the back of the head to avoid drawing attention to itself. Sleek styling with a little hair oil to hold the pieces in place, or a matte, dry finish with hair paste are both alternatives. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the oil, Mr Grease.

Mini Samurai Bun

Men who want to achieve a full-fledged version of the infamous hairdo will first try the little man bun, which is the shortest variation of the haircut. Once your hair has grown past your ears, or at the at least has reached the bottom of them, you should be ready to begin your man bun trip with a hair tie. However, while you will likely see some men tie their mini bun knot high up on the back of their heads, this man bun hairstyle performs far better if the knot is kept a little lower on the head.

Another option is to match the little man bun with an undercut, which will leave only a few inches of hair on top of your head. In this situation, a man bun knotted higher up is a) the only choice available and b) a very fashionable one.

How To Tie The Bun

Pull the hair back with an elastic band or a neutral-colored hair tie, starting from the forehead and working your way down to the back of your head, aiming for a smooth swoop at the back of your head. A ponytail will be left once you have gathered all of your hair at the place where you want your man bun to develop; this will be your final product. Draw up your hair and thread it through your ponytail elastic band, just like you would for a standard ponytail. Pass the hair through the elastic band a second time, but stop when the knot portion of the bun has been completed (roughly half the distance of the end of the scooped hair).

Taking Care Of Your Bun

You must have long hair in order to pull off the man bun. And taking proper care of one’s hair is essential to having long hair (even if you do make it messy). Getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis helps to avoid excessive dryness at the ends of your hair, which can cause split ends and fuzziness. Pour your morning shower, invest in some high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you apply enough product to cover all of your hair, particularly the ends. Also beneficial for the ends are deep conditioning treatments, and using a leave-in conditioner on a monthly or fortnightly basis is something you can do to help keep your hair looking healthy.

Once again, pay close attention to your ends because many of the natural oils produced by the scalp are unable to make their way to the ends of your hair shaft.

Man Bun FAQ

It indicates that you are in touch with your sensitive side and that you are a man of the people.

Who wears a man bun?

Manly yuppies, hippies, and the destitute are all represented.

How long does it take to grow a man bun?

A man bun will take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to develop. 4/585/586/589/58 10/5811/5812/58 13/5841/5824/58 22/5823/5824/58 25/5826/5827/58 31/5832/5833/58 40/5841/5842/58 43/5844/5845/38 46/5847/5848/58 49/5850/5851/58 52/5853/5854/58 55/5856/5857/58 58

The Man Bun Guide: What Is It & How Do You Wear It?

We’re quite aware of what you’re thinking. Man buns are a horrible thing. Terrible. A felony against one’s appearance that carries a mandatory minimum penalty of five years of scorn. This is understandable, especially when they are co-opted by footballers with about as much taste as Liberace in a Poundland supermarket (hey, Andy Carroll). Don’t allow a few mediocre Premier League players and your local irritating barista turn you off entirely, though. Other well-known people have demonstrated that it is possible if you follow the guidelines.

In the HBO series Game of Thrones, Jon Snow had one for a while as well.

It can even be a little bit, *gulp*, attractive. Yes, the man bun will always be a difficult sell, and there is a huge margin for error involved. But if you do it correctly, you’ll be able to unravel the most difficult men’s hairdo in the book.

What Is A Man Bun?

Let’s get the definitions out of the way right now. A man bun is a hairstyle that is most commonly seen on men with long hair and that involves a ponytailor knot of hair that is gathered up somewhere on the crown. It is commonly referred to as a topknot when the bun is put quite high on the top of the head. There are several distinct types of man buns, some of which are more or less acceptable than others. Essentially, a shaggy “full bun” is merely long hair that has been wrapped back into a loose knot, similar to the way your girlfriend’s hair looks when she goes to the gym.

An undercut is another variation on the man bun, in which the hair is kept long on top but shaved tight on the back and sides of the head.

Other times, males just maintain enough hair on their heads to tie their hair back into what most people would consider a terrible rodent-style tail.

A Little Bit Of History

In 2008, a hipster web designer in Williamsburg came up with the idea for the man bun. If you believe that, you’re mistaken. It is not a recent development. They’ve been around for a very long time — at least 2,000 years. If you need evidence, look no farther than the fact that every member of the Terracotta Army has one, many of which have ornate topknots. However, we should not give all of the credit to the Chinese. Sail east, and man buns were also popular choices for samurai warriors throughout the Edo era of Japan’s history.

  1. A long time before guys who worked in organic coffee shops had the idea to adopt this look, sumo wrestlers did as well, eager to emulate the power of the samurai.
  2. Topknots were regarded a barbarian style during the time of the Romans — the club-wielding grunts of eastern Europe and the Scandinavian north – and were as a result avoided by civilized society.
  3. From then, demand in the man bun skyrocketed as David Beckham debuted his own version of a man bun.
  4. Chris Hemsworth felt the same way.
  5. And, while the man bun has been a source of controversy in the past, all five of these gentlemen are solidly on the right side of fashion.

Who Suits A Man Bun?

Although A-listers have been known to sport one, this does not give us commoners permission to do the same. The man bun is no exception, since different hairstyles are best suited to different facial shapes. In fact, Carley McGuire, stylist atPall Mall Barbers in Pall Mall, adds that a topknot is especially appropriate for persons with less defined bone structure since hair may make the face look longer. In addition, the topknot complements a beard, which will help to masculinize the look. The type of hair is equally as significant.

“Really thick hair can be difficult to manage and can give the appearance of a more rounded facial shape,” says the stylist.

“On the opposite end of the spectrum is extremely thin hair, which can be as troublesome because receding hairlines will be more noticeable when the hair is pushed back.” As a result, follicles that are in the center of the road are your best hope for a man bun.

Anything else will result in a crop that is either too wild or simply too scant in appearance.

How To Get It

You have the right facial shape. You’ve got the guts to do it. All that is left is for you to choose a hairdo. An unruly man bun is impossible to produce without a lot of length, and no, the marble-sized joke perched on the top of your head does not count. According to Stevens, if you need to grow your hair out quickly, there are techniques to expedite the process. “To keep your hair in the ideal condition, I’d recommend getting it cut on a regular basis. Healthier locks tend to grow more quickly.” And, while it may seem counterintuitive to give up an inch in the pursuit of more, doing so will prevent any damage that might hinder your growth in the future down the road.

It is also critical to use the proper product.

Although it’s hardly rocket science, many men forget the significance of using a conditioner to repair their hair after they’ve shampooed.

How To Style It

Give yourself a hearty pat on the back now that your hair is at least shoulder length: you’ve completed the first leg of the race to achieve a respectable man bun. Crossing the finish line, on the other hand, requires sound technique. The initial portion of hair should be brushed back to the point where you want your bun to sit, advises Nat Angold, a stylist at the London-based barber chain Ruffians. To achieve the best results, aim for the top of your head: too low and you’ll appear like a Greenpeace activist, too high and you’ll appear like an Essex girl.

Then repeat the process with all of the portions around the head until your hair is held in the free hand.

To produce a loose ponytail, Angold recommends tying the band around the hair once, twisting it, then looping it over again.

Once everything is wrapped, tuck any loose ends below the band to keep it in place.”

How To Keep It

Generally speaking, the more hair you have, the more attention it need for its proper care. To remain on top of the knots, you’ll need to use more product and keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Hair Repair by L’Oreal Professionnel Absolute Repair “Lipidium is excellent for treating dry ends, difficult knots, and flyaway hairs,” adds Angold of the product. With longer hair, you’ll be more likely to come across these three situations. The use of sea salt spray may give your hair mild grip and structure, while a small amount of matte clay can smooth out stray loose ends after you’ve tied your hair back.

“You should always cut your sideburns and nape hair, especially if you’re attending a formal event when your man bun should be slicked back with no stray hairs,” says the expert.

Moreover, if you’re unsure of the exact amount of time you should wait between appointments, Angold suggests a trim every nine weeks.

The Best Man Bun Hairstyles

This style, which is sometimes referred to as the “man bun,” has a negative reputation, but for males with long hair, it is a practical solution to protect flyaway strands from blinding them. It may also be dressed in a variety of ways, including shaggy and smart (both low-effort), depending on what’s on your schedule.

Low Bun

The low bun is a style that is more relaxed and less affected than highly groomed topknots, and it is an easy style that gives a touch of beach-bum nonchalance to the metropolis. Pull the hair back in a loose bun, secure it with a hair band, and forget about it.

Afro Hair Bun

Men with afro hair have a variety of intriguing (and possibly the trendiest) man bun choices because of the texture of their hair. Make like A$AP and ask your barber to give you an undercut if you have braids; if your hair is long all over, try a dramatic reggae-inspired pile-up if you don’t have braids.

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