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Perfect Pie Recipes That Will Be the Star of Any Celebration

Ethan Calabrese is an American actor and director. When the crisp fall weather arrives and the want to bake strikes, you’ll need a tried-and-true recipe to fall back on when the mood strikes. Especially in the cooler months, there’s nothing quite like a warm pie straight from the oven—though, to be honest, we’ll be baking these pies all year long. Blueberry Pie by Emily Hlavac Green1of 23 This is unquestionably a show-stopper. Get the recipe from the websiteDelish. Park Feierbach2of 23Chocolate Pudding Pie by Park Feierbach This is unquestionably aperfectpie.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie by Ethan Calabrese3of 23Homemade Pumpkin Pie A pumpkin pie is a must-have for every Thanksgiving gathering, and this recipe is A+.

Ethan Calabrese4of 23Apple Pie is a writer and musician.

well, quite wonderful.

  • A sweet potato pie to serve alongside your sweet potato casserole, created by Ethan Calabrese5of 23.
  • Park Feierbach6of 23Shoofly Pie Park Feierbach This one’s for the molasses enthusiasts out there.
  • Ethan Calabrese7of 23Pecan Pie is a chef and baker.
  • Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.
  • Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.
  • Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.
  • Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.

Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.

Pumpkin Pecan Pie (number 12 of 23) If you’ve ever been torn between having pumpkin pie or pecan pie for dessert, this will be your new favorite slice of heaven.

23Chess Pie is owned by Parker Feierbach13of 23.

Think of it as a more substantial version of Buttermilk Pie.

Ethan Calabrese14of 23Reese’s Tiger Pie is a member of the team.

Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.

Candy bars are usually better when they are baked into pies.

16-year-old Jonathan Boulton of 23Buckeye Pie Everything about buckeyes and everything about them is beyond measure in our hearts.

Pie with Peanut Butter Banana Pudding and Cheesecake by Brandon Bales17 of 23 Who doesn’t enjoy a good banana pudding recipe?

This one’s a definite winner.

23Death By Chocolate Pie is written by Ethan Calabrese, who is 18 years old.

Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.

Rachel Conners20of 23Pie with Maple Bacon and Walnuts Bacon lends a savory, smokey taste to this walnut pie that is hard to ignore.

The Cannoli Pie by Chelsea Lupkin21of 23We adore cannolis, and this pie provides all of the taste in an even more convenient to consume form than usual.

Jon Boulton22of 23Twix Pie is a member of the 23Twix Pie community.

Please accept my invitation!

Jonathan Boulton is a 23-year-old member of the class of 23.

Get the recipe from the websiteDelish.

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51 Delicious Pies to Bake Any Time of Year

Pies are fantastic treats since they are simple to prepare (particularly if you use a pre-made pie crust!) and are enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. There’s something for everyone in this collection of easy-to-follow recipes, which range from classics like apple, blueberry, and lemon meringue to the unexpected (toffee banana caramel pie, anyone?) and everything in between. So go ahead and make a pie, cut yourself a slice, and savor the deliciousness of this classic American delicacy.

  • Cara Cormack’s The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who falls in love with a tree. A delicious pie with a buttery, simple crust to top it off. If you master this recipe, you’ll be in excellent condition to bake each and every pie on this list. Using a homemade pie crust is not required all of the time, but it is a useful technique to have in your toolbox, especially around the holidays when you want to impress family and friends with your pie-baking abilities. Will Heap is a fictional character created by author Will Heap. -Photo courtesy of Getty Images It’s a classic for a reason, after all. Especially during the fall months, this traditional recipe for an old-fashioned double-crust apple pie is as tasty as it is attractive, and it is always a welcome addition to the dinner table. Cara Cormack’s The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who falls in love with a tree. An abundance of fresh fruit, lemon juice, and just a hint of nutmeg combine to create this delicious summer pie. Although the recipe calls for a homemade butter crust, you may use a store-bought crust if you like. Photograph courtesy of Lew Robertson/Getty Images This decadent cream pie will have you going wild. A generous amount of fruit and toasting coconut are included, and the dish is then topped with whipped cream or whipped topping for a gorgeous finishing touch. Please read on until number 5 of 51 below. Cara Cormack’s The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who falls in love with a tree. This simple one-crust recipe yields a flaky and buttery crust that can be used for any sort of tart or pie filling you can think of. Alternatively, the pie crust can be prepared ahead of time using pie weights or utilized in any recipe calling for a pie crust. Simply double the recipe to make a double-crust or lattice-crust pie, such as a peach pie or a blueberry pie. Diana Rattray is a British actress. Squash isn’t simply for eating in the fall. This inventive dessert pie is constructed with cooked summer squash, eggs, and butter, and it has a custard-like texture. It serves as evidence that unexpected mixtures may produce delectable consequences. The Spruce / written by Leah Maroney Taking inspiration from the iconic campfire dessert, this S’mores pie dish comes together quickly. It has a 5-minute baked graham cracker crust, a cooked pudding filling, and a marshmallow topping that is only broiled for a few minutes after being baked. Diana Rattray’s dish is truly a no-bake dessert. Buttermilk pie is a simple custard that receives a pleasant tang from the ingredient that gives it its name: buttermilk. This is a great recipe to have on hand for when you need to whip up a wonderful dessert with only a few basic ingredients—the majority of the components are probably already in your refrigerator and pantry! Please see below for number nine of fifty-one
  • Kristina Vanni’s novel The Spruce This chocolate pecan pie recipe, which starts with a chocolate crust and is topped with a chocolate filling and pecan halves, is a great choice for those who want a double dosage of chocolate. For an extra touch of elegance, serve each slice with a dollop of chocolate ice cream
  • Otherwise, serve as is. Diana Rattray is a British actress. The following recipe for fresh blueberry pie creates a delicious treat to serve on any occasion. Fresh berries are delicious when they are in season, but frozen berries are also delicious when you want a taste of summer in the cooler months. Sour cream is a type of dairy product that is used to make sour cream. This pie is made even more remarkable by the custard filling and streusel topping
  • The Spruce Tree It would be impossible to make a handmade pumpkin pie without using a healthy dose of comforting fall spices. Ground ginger, cinnamon, and a touch of nutmeg are used in this recipe to help bring out the naturally sweet flavor of the pumpkin. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream and, if desired, an additional sprinkling of cinnamon on top. Photograph by Steve Mcsweeny/Getty Images Cherry cheesecake pie is an all-American favorite, and this recipe does not disappoint when it comes to taste. There are many layers of luscious cheesecake and tart cherry filling between a graham cracker crust and a graham cracker crust. Continuation to number 13 of 51 below
  • Julia Hartbeck’s novel The Spruce Blueberry pie is a traditional American dessert that is ideal for Fourth of July celebrations and summer cookouts. With its juicy texture and cinnamon-spiced flavor, this rendition is guaranteed to wow your family and friends. Armando Rafael’s The Spruce is a novel about a young guy who falls in love with a tree. This silky butternut squash pie, which is flavored with brown sugar and cinnamon, is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. At your next Thanksgiving dinner or winter gathering, try it in place of pumpkin or sweet potato pie. The Spruce (Diana Rattray, author) This absolutely scrumptious caramel pie is impossible to resist. In addition to the wonderful, gooey dessert, a sweetened meringue is the ideal finishing touch. Kristina Vanni is the author of The Spruce Eats. Despite the fact that this recipe calls for mixed berries, aslab pie may be made with a variety of ingredients. Instead of creating many pies, this recipe fills a sheet pan and yields 16 huge portions, making it an excellent choice when you need to feed a large group of people quickly. Continue to page 17 of 51 below
  • Continue to page 18 of 51 below
  • Kristina Vanni is the author of The Spruce Eats. Raisin pie is a fantastic dessert option for any occasion, whether it’s an autumn dinner party, the holidays, or just because. It will smell delicious as it bakes, thanks to the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter
  • You will love the soothing scent that will permeate the kitchen while it bakes. Diana Rattray is a British actress. Preparing and baking this popularapple crumb pieis a breeze. It’s possible to make the filling and pastry from scratch, or you may use store-bought ingredients if you’re in a hurry. The pie is completed with a simple butter and brown sugar crumb topping that elevates it to an entirely new level. Kristina Vanni is the author of The Spruce Eats. Vinegar pie is a recipe that has been around for quite some time. It was a go-to dessert during the Great Depression when money was scarce, and the flavor will astound and delight you. Located within the buttery crust is a custard-like substance created with apple cider vinegar, walnuts and raisins, as well as warming spices and herbs. A unique approach to provide your family with a delectable piece of American tradition
  • It’s worth trying. Photo by Jeremy Liebman, courtesy of The Image Bank -Photo courtesy of Getty Images To make a creamy custard that is fully vegan, silken tofu is used instead of eggs. It’s infused with sour key lime juice and baked in a crispy graham cracker crust, so there’s no need to bake it. Go ahead and continue to number 21 of 51 below
  • Ulyana Verbytska’s The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who falls in love with a tree. It was in the Southern United States that chess pie first appeared as a method to transform modest ingredients into a delightful dessert. This variation mixes buttermilk, eggs, cornmeal, and lemon to create a zesty filling that will be a hit with everyone
  • This version is gluten-free. The Spruce Tree Only six ingredients are required for this silky smooth chocolate mousse recipe, making it a terrific first pie for both novice bakers and chocolate enthusiasts alike. There is no baking necessary in this recipe. The Spruce (Diana Rattray, author) The addition of Baker’s chocolate and fresh whipped cream to this decadent chocolate pie makes it much richer than it appears. Diana Rattray is a British actress. Think blueberry lemonade is pleasant on a hot summer day? Just wait till you taste it baked into a cake or a pie. The filling takes only a few minutes to prepare, after which you can place the entire thing in the freezer until you’re ready to serve it at your next barbeque. Continue to the next page, number 25 of 51. Kristina Vanni is a model and actress. Using this recipe, you may combine two of your favorite desserts: pie and chocolate chip cookies! A basic chocolate chip cookie mixture is placed into a pre-made pie shell and cooked until golden brown, about 30 minutes total time. Lastly, add a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. Katarina Zunic’s The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who falls in love with a tree. Apple pie is a classic dessert that everyone enjoys. This quick vegan recipe uses a pre-made pie crust and only a few ingredients, making it not only simple to cook but also tasty for everyone, regardless of their dietary choices and requirements
  • Kristina Vanni’s novel The Spruce Just try not to eat the entire deliciousfrozen peanut butter cup pie in one sitting! It is a quick and easy dessert or weekend treat that is excellent for hot summer days. It takes around 15 minutes to create. Diana Rattray is a British actress. Everything pumpkin is in season in the fall, and pumpkin pie is especially popular during Thanksgiving. Considering that the oven is frequently in use over the Christmas season, the Instant Pot is certain to come in useful. All of the traditional pumpkin pie flavors—cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg—come together in this tasty and visually appealing pie made in an Instant Pot. The finishing touch is a dollop of freshly whipped cream, which is produced from scratch. Continuation to number 29 of 51 below
  • Diana Rattray is a British actress. This old-fashioned pie, topped with a creamy vanilla custard filling, really brings out the flavor of the graham cracker crust. Finish it off with a fluffy meringue to transform it from a simple dessert into a party-worthy dessert. Kristina Vanni is a model and actress. Make this German chocolate pie for a decadent chocolate dessert that is quick and simple to prepare. It’s a German chocolate cake in a buttery pie shell made with coconut and nuts, according to Jessie Sheehan of The Spruce Eats. Without ever turning on the oven, you can wow your guests with this rich and creamy Nutella pie in minutes. Chocolate cookie crust is covered with a chocolate and hazelnut custard and whipped cream, and the whole thing is finished with whipped cream. Make it ahead of time so that it may cool in the refrigerator before serving
  • Diana Rattray is a British actress. Key lime pie is a popular dish that receives its refreshing flavor from key lime juice, which can be obtained fresh or in a bottled form. An optional meringue topping is placed on top of the thick lime custard after it has been baked in a prepared graham cracker crust. Continuation to number 33 of 51 below
  • Diana Rattray is a British actress. Lemon cheesecake pie is a delectable treat for citrus fans everywhere. This zesty delight is made with cream cheese, fresh lemon juice and zest, and a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper. The boozy kick in this ultra-decadent chocolate walnut pie comes from Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Whether you reside in the South or somewhere else in the globe, this classic dessert dish is guaranteed to become a family favorite. Getty Images is offering a Free-for-All moment. Summertime means peaches, and there’s no better time to make this pie than when they’re at their ripest and most delicious. For even more summer taste, a pie shell is filled with fresh sliced fruit and finished with a vanilla-scented peach glaze. YinYang-Collection-E+-Getty Images YinYang-Collection-E+-Getty Images This classic Southern pecan pie is made even better with Kentucky bourbon, making it a delightful holiday treat that everyone will enjoy. Continuation until number 37 of 51 below
  • Diana Rattray is a British actress. Lemon meringue pie is unquestionably one of the most popular desserts in the world. To create an absolutely stunning dessert, this winning recipe calls for fresh lemon juice and a fluffy meringue topping. Teena Agnel’s novel The Spruce Pecan pie, especially when cooked in a graham cracker crust, is a sweet, gooey, and delicious dessert that is easy to enjoy. Here’s a straightforward recipe that will assist you in whipping up this downhome delight quickly and easily
  • Photograph by Capelle.r/Getty Images With a wonderfully familiar flavor that your family will like, this orange meringue pie is a delightful departure from the traditional lemon meringue pie. It’s a wonderful pie to serve over the holidays, especially if you want to surprise your visitors with a tasty treat. Diana Rattray is a British actress. The addition of cardamon and ground ginger to the handmade pie crust in this exquisite pear pie enhances the taste even further. The warming spices assist in bringing out the most in the vital fall fruit, which is especially delicious when served warm from the oven. Continuation to number 41 of 51 below
  • Diana Rattray is a British actress. It is a great blend of two famous tropical ingredients: coconut and pineapple, which are used in this pie. Alternatively, you may bake one for a summer pool party—or even in the cooler months when you need something delectable to distract you from winter storms. Diana Chistruga’s novel The Spruce This fresh plum pie, which is a delightful dessert to serve at summer meals, parties, and other events, is enhanced by the addition of cinnamon. Julia Hartbeck’s novel The Spruce When you cross a pumpkin pie with a pecan pie, you get a delectable hybrid dessert. It tastes just as wonderful as it looks and is the ideal dessert if you can’t decide which dessert to cook for Thanksgiving
  • It’s also a great way to use up leftover pumpkin. Cara Cormack’s The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who falls in love with a tree. This cheesecake pie will surprise everyone who tries it, from the handmade cinnamon-spiced graham cracker crust to the delectable double layer of pumpkin filling. Continuation to number 45 of 51 below
  • Diana Rattray is a British actress. Before supper is through, you’ll be shooing away eager hands from devouring this pie! There’s something seductive about this classic dessert, which features a thick molasses filling and a crumbly brown sugar coating. Ulyana Verbytska is the author of The Spruce. Do you have a glut of rhubarb from your garden? Using a store-bought pie crust, you can whip up a delicious rhubarb custard pie in little more than 15 minutes
  • The Spruce / Diana Rattray. Have you ever tried an old-fashioned sugar cream pie with whipped cream? Easy custard-style pie with butter, vanilla, and nutmeg flavors that will quickly become a family favorite is what this recipe is all about. Photographs courtesy of Getty Images Strawberries and cream are a dessert pairing made in heaven, and this is no exception. In this excellent dish, which contains a custard filling and a store-bought pastry crust to save you time, they all come together nicely! Continue reading to page 49 of 51 below. The Spruce Tree The next time you’re searching for a crowd-pleasing fall dessert, this recipe should be at the top of your list. Using a filling made with butter and mashed sweet potatoes that has been flavored with vanilla and cinnamon as well as Watermelon Rinds, this old-school recipe stays true to Southern traditions. EyeEm and Getty Images images courtesy of Paulo Simao. The summertime sweet filling for this inventive double-crust pie is made from chopped watermelon rinds that have been sweetened and simmered with spices, raisins, and nuts
  • The Spruce As a gracious host, you want to ensure that your holiday gatherings include desserts that are delicious and meet the needs of everyone in attendance. It’s hard to believe that this handmade vegan pumpkin pie is dairy-free, but it’s equally as delicious as the traditional version.
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40 Incredibly Easy No-Bake Pies

I enjoy the flavors of chocolate, caramel, and hazelnuts, so I created a recipe that incorporates all three. If you don’t have a food processor, combine the crust ingredients in a zip-top freezer bag and pound with a rolling pin until crumbly. Mt. Angel resident Debbie Anderson shared her thoughts. 2/40

Fluffy Key Lime Pie

Try this no-bake Key lime pie recipe for a taste of paradise without the hassle of baking. It’s low in fat, sugar, and hassle, and it tastes great. This is, without a doubt, the finest Key lime pie recipe ever! • Frances VanFossen from Warren, Michigan. 3/40

Cherry Almond Mousse Pie

Treat your family and friends to a decadent pie filled with chocolate, cherries, and almonds and topped with a creamy vanilla mousse. This delicacy is both sweet and refreshing at the same time. — Dorothy Pritchett of Wills Point, Texas, is a writer. 4/40

Cherry and Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

As a frozen dessert, we elevated the classic cherry pie to a whole new level. This pie, which is filled with a decadent layer of chocolate fudge, is very amazing. Newnan, Georgia resident Scarlett Elrod writes: 5/40

Creamy Hazelnut Pie

Peanut butter has always been a personal favorite of mine. It wasn’t until I discovered the chocolatey Nutella hazelnut spread that I became addicted. Even one of my all-time favorite pie recipes was altered as a result of the substitution of that component. Lisa Varner from El Paso, Texas, sent in this photo. 6/40

Frozen Banana Split Pie

Peanut butter has long been a favorite of mine. It wasn’t until I discovered the chocolatey Nutella hazelnut spread that I realized I was addicted! Because of this substitution, I was able to modify one of my all-time favorite pie recipes. Lisa Varner, of El Paso, Texas, sent in this picture of herself. 6/40

Frozen Peach Pies

A light, peachy filling paired with a buttery graham cracker shell make for a very refreshing dessert. This pie can be frozen for up to three days, according to my research. — Athena M. Russell of Florence, South Carolina, submitted this entry. 8/40

Easy Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie

In a graham crust, three basic ingredients are blended together and let to work their magic while your freezer does the rest. Prepare this pie ahead of time and freeze it overnight or for up to a week. If you’d want to change up the fruit, go right ahead! 9/40 —Debbie Glasscock from Conway, Arkansas.

Toffee-Peach Ice Cream Pie

You can’t go wrong with a sugar cone with brickle crust, fresh peaches, and vanilla ice cream. To finish, drizzle hot caramel over the top for a wonderful frozen treat. — Kim Ciepluch of Kenosha, Wisconsin, submitted this entry. 10/40

Easy Crunch Berry Pie

This is a new and straightforward technique to preparing a pie that is worthy of serving to guests.

The whimsical Cap’n Crunch cereal crust is a delight to bite into, and it’s the ideal match to the no-bake mixed berry filling in this recipe. Kitchen 11/40, Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Limoncello Cream Pie

Our favorite way to chill down after a large Christmas feast is to indulge in a frozen lemon pie. Each smooth, creamy slice is infused with a touch of refinement thanks to the use of Limoncello. — Jessie Grearson-Sapat of Falmouth, Maine, submitted this entry. 12/40

Blueberry Pie with Graham Cracker Crust

Given that we live in blueberry country, this pie is a wonderful way to exhibit these delectable fruits of the earth. When we had a death in the family some years ago, a neighbor cooked this pie for us for the first time. It is something that our entire family likes. —Ricks from Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S. 13/40

Easy Confetti Pie

When you combine a lovely, creamy no-bake confetti filling with a sugar cone crust, the result is a pie that tastes like birthday cake. — Taste of HomeTest Kitchen14 out of 40 stars

Contest-Winning Raspberry Cream Pie

This dish is equally excellent when made with either fresh or frozen raspberries. As a result, you may prepare it all year round. With just one piece of raspberry pie, you can suddenly transform the season from winter to summer. — Julie Price of Nashville, Tennessee, submitted this article. 15/40

Peanut Butter Cream Pie

Having a fluffy, no-bake peanut butter pie on hand during the summer months is a welcome treat. This pie comes together in minutes. This pie, which is bursting with flavor, is devoured even after a heavy dinner! The writer, JesseAnne Foust, of Bluefield, West Virginia 16/40

Cool and Creamy Watermelon Pie

On hot summer days, this simple pie is so refreshing that it doesn’t stay long in the refrigerator. It’s a delicious dessert that doesn’t require much work because it’s made using watermelon and a few convenience products. The writer, Velma Beck of Carlinville, Illinois 17/40

Frozen Grasshopper Pie

When I first started experimenting with cream pies, this looked like the perfect recipe to develop for a family that like chocolate. I was correct. I was correct in my guess. This pie is more of an adult New Year’s Eve dessert, although some people have made it for Christmas dessert, which they serve after the kids have gone to bed! Mrs. Lorraine Caland of Shuniah, Ontario, provided the following statement: 18/40

Frozen Hawaiian Pie

Mom’s cool summer pies are one of her signature dishes. This variation has pineapple, maraschino cherries, and walnuts, all of which are blended into a light and airy cream cheese frosting. It’s a no-bake dessert that’s simple to make but also delicious. Jennifer Mcquillan lives in Jacksonville, Florida. 19/40

Frosty Pumpkin Pie

No one would suspect that this frozen dessert is produced using low-fat ingredients since it is so delicious and creamy. The typical pumpkin pie does not compare to this tiered delicacy, which we really prefer to serve at Christmastime. Jennifer Jackson of Homedale, Illinois, sent in this message: 20/40

Creamy Coffee Pie

Making this tempting frozen treat is as simple as stirring in micro marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and crumbled sandwich biscuits to coffee ice cream until everything is combined. —Cherron Nagel, a resident of Columbus, Ohio 21/40

Arctic Orange Pie

This icy orange pie is really simple to prepare.

Instead of orange juice concentrate, I’ve experimented with lemonade, mango, and pineapple juice concentrates, and my family like each of them. • Marie Przepierski from Erie, Pennsylvania • 22/40

Rocky Road Freezer Pie

Make this simple chocolate pie the day before and you’ll feel like a pro when you serve it on the big day of the party. Texas23/40 —Addrenne Roth, Donna, Texas

Easy Pink Lemonade Pie

I enjoy bringing something sweet to a potluck, but I don’t want to spend the entire day in the kitchen preparing it. A no-bake strawberry lemonade filling with a tart-sweet strawberry lemonade crust is really delicious. 24-hour food editor Gina Nistico, Taste of Home Food Magazine24/40

Pumpkin Chip Cream Pie

This rich and creamy pie is the perfect dessert for any fall gathering. The use of a pre-made graham cracker crust makes this dessert a breeze to put together. — Maria Regakis of Somerville, Massachusetts, is the author of this piece. 25/40

Layered Lemon Pie

This is a delicious way to conclude practically any dinner that both children and adults will appreciate. My husband always enjoys the creamy lemon filling that is baked into the cake. Elisabeth Yoder of Belcourt, North Dakota contributed to this article. 26/40

Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie

My favorite dessert is coconut pie, while my husband’s favorite fruit is raspberries. Here’s a tiny stroke of inspiration I had as I was trying to figure out how to prepare the ideal dessert for the two of us. —Susan Jolly of Wilmington, Delaware 27/40

Maple Peanut Butter Pie

Since I was a youngster, maple nut goods have been a favorite treat of mine, and I believe the tastes taste just as amazing in a pie! This pie may also be frozen; simply remove it from the freezer 30 minutes before serving to allow it to defrost. Crystal Schlueter of Northglenn, Colorado, sent this response. 28/40

Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie

This old-fashioned banana cream pie recipe is bursting with flavor and is sure to please. It takes only a few minutes to prepare this no-bake dessert, which is made with instant pudding. Lynden, Washington29/40 —Perlene Hoekema, Lynden

Grasshopper Pie

When it comes to making this fluffy and refreshing grasshopper pie, I only need six ingredients. We never seem to be pleased with just one slice of these minty delights, so I generally prepare two of these for us. —LouCinda Zacharias, Spooner, Wisconsin 30/40

Root Beer Float Pie

This is the type of recipe that your children will look back on fondly and remember for a long time. In fact, you won’t even need to turn on the oven. —Cindy Reams from the town of Philipsburg in Pennsylvania 31/40

Frosty Peanut Butter Pie

Even though it contains only a handful of ingredients, this peanut butter pie is sure to garner plenty of well-deserved praise. It seems like every time I bring this creamy, make-ahead pie to a gathering, someone asks me for the recipe. Christina Gillentine from Tulsa, Oklahoma, sent in this message: 32/40

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Lemonade Icebox Pie

This light and delicious lemon icebox pie has a distinct lemonade flavor that you will enjoy. This dish is piled high and fluffy, and it has a creamy smooth smoothness that we particularly love. The dessert that first sprang to me while I was thinking about my favorite summer supper was this one. Cheryl Wilt of Eglon, West Virginia, provided this statement. 33/40

Easy Peanut ButterPretzel Pie

My crunchy, salty pretzel crust screams out for a creamy no-bake peanut butter filling and a layer of chocolate ganache, which I’ve delivered in spades.

Food Editor of Taste of Home, Gina Nistico, rated 34/40.

Mocha Java Pie with Kahlua Cream

I’m a huge coffee drinker, and I particularly enjoy the iced and frozen varieties. This pie was my attempt to incorporate such flavors into something sweet. Becky McClaflin of Blanchard, Oklahoma, provided this statement. 35/40

Blueberry Cloud Pie

I always make two of these pies at a time since my husband and our five children gobble them up like candy! I love how light and fluffy it is. The crust is made of cereal treats, which adds an extra whimsical twist on traditional cloud pie. —Denise Heatwole of Waynesboro, Georgia 36/40

Banana-Berry Pie

Here’s a stunning pie that looks like you put a lot of effort into it. It is made out of a crisp graham cracker crust with a hint of ginger, a gorgeous fresh strawberry layer, and a delicious banana cream topping on top of everything. In Bemidji, Minnesota, Julie Guntzel writes: 37/40

Frozen Peanut Parfait Pies

People will believe you went through a lot of bother to prepare these beautiful pies, but they are actually fairly simple to make with only six ingredients. This crowd-pleasing dessert is sure to be a success at any potluck or get-together. Munford, Alabama resident Anne Powers shares her thoughts. 38/40

Lemon-Berry Ice Cream Pie

The combination of fresh strawberries and lemon curd is one of my favorites. Ice cream pie, especially when made ahead of time, is a wonderful way to enjoy the flavor of summer. The following is a letter from Roxanne Chan of Albany, California 39/40

Fudge Sundae Pie

My son’s favorite birthday treat is this guilt-free frozen yogurt pie, which he requests every year. Finished with peanut butter, fudge topping, and almonds, it tastes just like ice cream shop ice cream.but it’s better for you. In Montpelier, Indiana, Margaret Hanson-Maddox writes: 40/40

Dreamy S’more Pie

When I came up with this dish, I was in the mood for dessert and looking for a method to include hazelnut spread. What I was looking for was something that could be prepared in a flash, boom-boom-boom, and this is perfect. • Karen Bowlden, from Boise, Idaho The original publication date was February 23, 2018.

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Sweet pie recipes

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Pearberry pie

  • A five-star rating out of five is given. 2 out of 5 stars This gorgeous dessert with a decorative top will wow your dinner guests when you combine two classic desserts – poached pears and a fruit pie.

Banoffee pie

  • A rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5.10 stars With buttery pastry and delicious dulce de leche, this recipe is a simple family favorite. It is recommended that you serve the dish with a big dollop of cream.

Choc chip pecan pie

  • A five-star rating out of a possible five-star rating With buttery crust and a gooey center, this decadent chocolate and pecan delicacy is something everyone will enjoy.

Gooseberrycustard pies

  • A five-star rating out of a possible five-star rating A delicate vanilla custard and filo pastry are combined to create this summer treat, which has slightly tangy gooseberries.

Sweet potato pie

  • A star rating of 0 out of a possible 5 stars. With this pie, you may put the attention on sweet potatoes. The velvety potatoes are a perfect match for the filling, which is enclosed in a flaky shortcrust pastry and baked until golden.

Salted caramelhazelnut banoffee pie

  • A rating of 0 stars out of a possible 5 stars. With this pie, you may draw attention to the deliciousness of sweet potatoes. It’s the creamy potatoes that make the filling so delicious, and it’s all wrapped up in a flaky shortcrust pastry.

Maple, bananapecan pop pies

  • A star rating of 0 out of a possible 5 stars. With a sprinkling of colorful frosting and a generous dollop of thick double cream or custard, these sweet and nutty little fruit pies will be a hit.

Peach melba pop pies

  • A five-star rating out of five is given. 2 out of 5 stars These easy-to-make pies are bursting with flavor and are a lot of fun to decorate with young fingers.

Seville meringue pie with pomegranate

  • A star rating of 0 out of a possible 5 stars. This decadent pie with pomegranate topping is a magnificent seasonal dish, thanks to the fluffy meringue on top and the tangy Seville oranges below.

Pecan mince pie

  • A 3.5-star rating out of a possible five stars. As an alternative to the classic Christmas pudding, bring this lovely mincemeat pastry with nut topping to a holiday buffet or serve with a delicious brandy cream.

Best ever pumpkin pie with stem ginger cream

  • A rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5.11 stars With the addition of stem ginger cream and pumpkin seed brittle, this classic American dessert is elevated to the level of a dinner party feast.

Plummarzipan pie

  • A 4.5-star rating out of a possible 5-star rating To finish off a spectacular supper, top this deep pink pie filling with a lattice crust made of buttery sweet shortcrust pastry for a show-stopping presentation.

Fig, raspberrycardamom pie

  • A five-star rating out of a possible five-star rating An exotic fruit filling, enhanced by Middle-Eastern flavors like as rosewater and cardamom, makes for a stunning dessert for a dinner party.

Bramleyblackberry pie

  • A 4.4-star rating out of a possible 5-star rating Apple and blackberry pie, topped with our most delicious sweet shortcrust pastry, makes the most of delicious seasonal fruit.

Apple pie

  • A four-star rating out of a possible five-star rating Children will delight in helping to prepare and devour this cozy, traditional fruity pudding prepared with handmade shortcrust pastry.

Lighter applepear pie

  • A 4.7-star rating out of a possible 5-star rating Make a low-fat variation of this traditional family recipe. Filo pastry is light and crunchy, and it helps to thicken up the filling by including pears.

Pearblackberry crostata

  • A star rating of 0 out of a possible 5 stars. Traditionally made with shortcrust pastry and a lattice of sweet, ripe fruit, this pie is best served warm, accompanied by lots of custard, cream, or ice cream.

Gooseberry pie

  • A five-star rating out of five is given. 2 out of 5 stars Because this traditional British pie is so straightforward, it is well worth the effort to make your own dough. When served warm, all it need is a drizzle of custard or a scoop of ice cream to complete the dish.

St Clement’s pie

  • A 4.3-star rating out of a possible 5.14 stars. a very British variant of Key lime pie, consisting of a delicious, creamy dessert filled with acidic orange and lemon juice

Summer berry pie

  • A 4.4-star rating out of a possible 5.15 stars. Make use of the summer’s harvest of delicious berries to create this family favorite
  • All you need is cream.

Blackberryapple pie

  • A 4.3-star rating out of a possible 5-star rating Make use of any remaining seasonal fruit by baking a delicious blackberry and apple pie. This classic dessert dish is ideal for an autumnal family treat over the holidays.

Cherry crumble pies

  • A star rating of 4.8 out of a possible maximum of 5.5 stars Served with custard or clotted cream, these crumble pies demand to be topped with a dab of whipped cream. One is simply insufficient

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BRIAN WOODCOCK is a British actor. Pie is one of the few desserts that almost everyone enjoys, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re presenting a warm piece of apple pie or an ice-cold wedge of lemon meringue, everyone will appreciate a taste of something sweet. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite sorts of pie to share with you (with recipes). Now all you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream to complete the dessert. Romulo Yanes1of 73Easy-Peasy Pie Dough is a recipe created by Romulo Yanes.

  • In fact, this recipe is virtually flawless.
  • The Double-Crust Apple-Cheddar Pie by Dana Gallagher2of 73 Make a dessert that combines sweet and savory tastes in a double-crusted crust that will become one of your go-to dishes for years to come with this recipe.
  • The Ginger Pumpkin Pie, created by Brian Woodcock3of 73 Those who believe that conventional pumpkin pies lack flavor due to a lack of bite should try this peppery-sweet variation on the classic dish.
  • Find out how to make the recipe.
  • Find out how to make the recipe.
  • Sanchez5of 73Pecan-Brownie Pie by Hector M.
  • Find out how to make the recipe.

Find out how to make the recipe.

But don’t worry, the dessert will still satisfy your sweet need.

Hector M.

8of 73Sausage and Apple Pies (from left to right) Is it true that you have to wait till after dinner to enjoy pie?

Find out how to make the recipe.

Are you preparing food for a large group?

Find out how to make the recipe.

Mapple-Nut Pie (no.

Find out how to make the recipe.

Find out how to make the recipe.

Sanchez is an American businessman and philanthropist.

The combination is a match made in heaven.

Hector M.

Mixed Berry Pie with Rye Crust, number 13 of 73 Make this scrumptious pie at your next potluck—or just because you want to!

The Sweet-Potato Pie with Cornmeal Crust is number 14 on the list of 73 recipes.

It’s not as difficult to produce as you may assume.

Fudge Pie with Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter, created by Johnny Miller15 of 73 What’s better than salted caramel, peanut butter, and fudge?

In this amazing pie, three delicious ingredients are combined together.

Brian Woodcock16of 73Pretzel-Chocolate-Pecan Slab PieBrian Woodcock16of 73Pretzel-Chocolate-Pecan Slab Pie It’s nice to have that enticing combination of salty and sweet sensations every now and again.

Find out how to make the recipe.

Football Whoopie Pies with Cinnamon Cream, number 17 of 73 Brian Woodcock is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom.

18 of 73) Do you have a sweet tooth that has to be satisfied on the go?

Find out how to make the recipe.

19th out of 73 Brian Woodcock20of 73Rocky Road Pie has contributed to this article.

It’s stuffed with chocolate, peanuts, and marshmallows, among other things.

Brian Woodcock is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom.

Meyer Lemon PieDavid Tsay22of 73Brian Woodcock23of 73Meyer Lemon PieDavid Tsay22of 73Brian Woodcock23of 73 Don’t throw away the lemon after you’ve baked the pie!

Find out how to make the recipe.

Cocoa Puffs and Banana Pie are number 24 in the list of 73.

The settlers had the brilliant idea of stuffing a soft crust with thinly sliced lemons marinated in sugar and baking it till golden brown.

Fried Peach Pies by Marcus Nilsson, 26 of 73 Rather than using fresh fruit, the Relish restaurant in Roswell, Georgia, fries these individual pies, which are made with dried peaches and peach nectar instead.

Chocolate-Pecan Tartlets by Marcus Nilsson, 27 of 73 When it comes to the Kentucky Derby, revelers make a beeline for Sweet Surrender Dessert Café in Lexington, KY, for its buttery spin on the iconic chocolate-pecan Derby Pie, which is a must-have for any self-respecting Kentucky Derby party.

Find out how to make the recipe.

Mud Pie from Mississippi In the Delta’s popular chocolate pie, the base is said to be called after the muddy bottom of the Mississippi River, which, according to legend, is the reason for the name.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Evelyn admits, “most individuals would be hard-pressed to turn down such an opportunity.” Find out how to make the recipe.

The ginger-molasses crust provides an unexpectedly savory counterpoint to the tart lemon filling.

Find out how to make the recipe. Steve Giralt is an American actor and director who was born in the United States. 30of 73Southern Pecan PiePecan pie is said to have originated in the American South. For this decadent, buttery pie, go right to the manufacturer. Find out how to make the recipe.

The Best Pie Recipes: 22 New Classics to Master

Pie made with bananas and pudding Picture taken by Will Dickey / Prop styling by Christina Daley, and food styling by Margaret Monroe Dickey. No other food pulls people together quite like a delicious pie. It doesn’t matter what season it is or what month it is, there are delicious pie recipes to make and share with family, friends, pleasant neighbors, and thankful employees. We’re talking about you, apple pie, when we say that even the greatest pie recipes for beginners are some of the most timeless you’ll ever learn.

There are lots of classics as well as delectable variations that you’ll want to cook again and over again in this collection.

Double-Crust Apple Pie

Tina Rupp’s recipe for Double-Crust Apple Pie is credited. Apple pie, the most well-known of the traditional double-crust pies, can be topped with a lattice design or a whole pastry cover. It’s the ultimate in American comfort food, and it may be made using a variety of apple varieties and served ice cream-style. This classic delicacy is made using a combination of Granny Smith, Pink Lady, and Golden Delicious apples, according to Grace Parisi. More information may be found at: Recipes for Apple Pie Advertisement Advertisement

Cherry-Berry Pie

Cherry-Berry Pie (photo courtesy of Tina Rupp) Cherry pie is a staple of summer sweets, and the lattice design on this version makes it one of the most visually appealing additions to barbecue dinner parties. This variation, created by pastry chef Paula Haney of Hoosier Mama Pie Company, features pitted sweet cherries, raspberries, and blueberries as filling. More information may be found at: Recipes for Cherry Desserts

See also:  How To Make A Good Dessert With Pecan Pie Filling And Choclate Chunks Without Theoven

Tiramisu Icebox Pie

Tiramisu Icebox Pie (Photo courtesy of Eric Wolfinger) Using the basic components of a typical tiramisu—ladyfingers, coffee, and mascarpone—patron pastry chef Mathew Rice transforms them into an icebox pie. It has a rich coffee mousse as well as salty-sweet coffee crunchies, all of which are designed to be enjoyed with a sense of humor. Advertisement

Coconut Cream Pie

Pie with Coconut Cream This fluffy, custard-filled pie by pastry chef Kierin Baldwin is a tropical-flavored delicacy that is sure to become a summer favorite. Coconut is used in every component of the dish, including the crust, the filling, and the topping.

Lemony Sumac Pie with Ritz Cracker Crust

The following are the credit lines for this recipe: Photo by Antonis Achilleos / Prop Styling by Christina Daley / Food styling by Ali Ramee During the summer months, pastry chef Paola Velez enjoys baking crumb crusts for no-bake pies, which are perfect for entertaining. Ritz cracker crumbs are used as a salty, buttery foil to a tangy lemon and sumac curd filling in this recipe by Julia Child.

Sumac, a tart spice that lends a flowery flavor and a burst of red color to this sweet and sour filling, works in tandem with fresh lemon juice to create a sweet and sour treat.

Black-and-Blue Pie with Brown Sugar Crumb

Pie with shades of black and blue with a brown butter crumb topping Photograph courtesy of Victor Protasio If you want a berry pie that is juicy, but not runny, pastry chef Nicole Rucker suggests crushing a large handful of the fruit before baking it to help get the proper saucy consistency. Huckleberries and blackberries are used to make the filling that gives the recipe its name, although any combination of brambleberries and blueberries will do. An added texture and the ability to absorb some of the pie’s juice make it easier to slice cleanly are two benefits of using a crumb topping.

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie (photo courtesy of Christopher Testani) With a light and delicately sweet pastry cream filling and a delicious sponge cake, pastry chef Stella Parks creates the tastiest Boston cream pie in town. To finish it off, drizzle on some smooth dark chocolate ganache and serve it cool.

Sour Cherry and Black Pepper Pie

Photo courtesy of Victor Protasio / Food styling courtesy of Rishon Hanners / Prop styling courtesy of Christine Keely. Sour Cherry and Black Pepper Pie It is common practice to chill pie dough before baking, but it is especially vital for this recipe since vegan butters remain soft even at colder temperatures, making this a must-try. The pie crust is flaky and soft, and the sweet-tart cherry filling is given a subtle kick of heat by the use of black pepper. Bake the pie on a baking sheet that has been warmed to assist the bottom crust cook through and to capture any syrupy filling that bubbles up during the baking process.

Gingered Pumpkin Pie with Candied Pepitas

Recipe courtesy of Christopher Testani: Gingered Pumpkin Pie with Candied Pepitas This kind of pumpkin pie has the silky texture of the traditional, but it also contains extra layers of ginger-caramel taste to complement the smooth smoothness. The addition of candied pepitas on top gives the dish an added layer of flavor and crunch. Advertisement

Banana Pudding Pie

Pie made with bananas and pudding Picture taken by Will Dickey / Prop styling by Christina Daley, and food styling by Margaret Monroe Dickey. Banana pudding is cool, creamy, and nostalgic, but it gets a gourmet update owing to buttery, toasted macadamia nuts in a traditional vanilla wafer crust, which elevates it to a gourmet level. This is not the place for quick pudding; instead, a simple handmade pudding made from whole milk and egg yolks and flecked with fragrant vanilla bean seeds gives this pie a rich, velvety texture.

Sweet Potato Honey Beer Pie

Sweet Potato Honey Beer PiePhoto courtesy of Jennifer Causey / Food styling courtesy of Melissa Gray / Prop styling courtesy of Heather Chadduck Hillegas In the words of Nik Sharma, “the individual components of the pie might be cooked on separate days.” “For those of you who are making this for Thanksgiving, here is a recommended order of stages that you might find helpful: Preparing the pie crust on Day 1 (but not blind baking it) includes roasting sweet potatoes, reducing beer, and preparing the pie dough (partially bake).

In the second day, you’ll create the pie dough, make the sweet potato custard, and bake the pie. Of course, you might do this task in a single day “.

Sweet-Potato Pie with Cornmeal Crust

Culinary credit: Con Poulos Sweet-Potato Pie with a Cornmeal Crust Known as a Southern version of pumpkin pie, this mash-up of sweet potato, egg, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg is as seasonal as they come. It’s the ideal accompaniment to a slice of pecan pie during a holiday gathering. Advertisement

Deep-Dish All-American Cinnamon Apple Pie

Greg DuPree’s Deep-Dish All-American Cinnamon Apple Pie is credited to him. The apples are macerated in sugar for an hour before being used in this pie, giving it a strong apple taste. Using the liquid drained from the apples, a little amount of butter is added and the mixture is cooked until a syrup develops. This rich syrup is combined with the apples, which are then stacked into the pie shell and cooked until soft and delectable. Much though the pie is delicious on the day it is created, it is even better the next day.

Mountain Rose Apple Pie

Mountain Rose Apple Pie (Image courtesy of Con Poulos) This version of apple pie is more like an apple crumble, with a buttery and crispy crumble placed on top, made with rolled oats and dark brown sugar, and a creamy custard on the bottom. We challenge you to refrain from devouring the entire thing.

Brown Butter Custard Pie with Cranberry Glaze

Brown Butter Custard Pie with Cranberry Glaze is a traditional dessert in the United States. Featured image courtesy of Gabriele Stabile Christina Tosi’s pie is made with a cinnamon-sugar crumb crust, a brown butter filling, and a cranberry glaze, all of which are created by her team. Sweet potato–white chocolate ganache is the perfect finishing touch for a taste of the season. Advertisement

Strawberry Slab Pie

Strawberry Slab Pie (Photo courtesy of Andrew Purcell) This slab pie, which has a delightfully buttery crust and a sweet, jammy center, is one of the most delectable strawberry pie treats you’ll have all summer.

Shoofly Pie with Bourbon-Spiked Whipped Cream

Shoofly pie, to be precise. Photograph courtesy of Jen Causey We’ve lightly modified this classic Pennsylvania Dutch dessert with a smidgeon of orange zest to brighten the molasses flavor and bring it up to date. As a result, we reduced the amount of sugar used to the whipped cream and substituted whiskey for the sugar to give the pie an extra kick of bourbon.

Blueberry Pie with Rye Crust

Pie made with blueberries and rye crust Image courtesy of Con Poulos Blueberry pie is one of the most traditional pie recipes in the United States, and it is also one of the simplest to prepare due to the minimum preparation required for the fruit filling. This variation features little circles carved out of the rye crust, which not only adds visual interest but also enables moisture to drain from the fruit filling while it cooks, resulting in a richer, more complex flavor. Advertisement

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie (photo courtesy of Kamran Siddiqi) This delectable banoffee (banana-toffee) pie by baker and cookbook author Kamran Siddiqi is topped with dulce de leche, bananas, and a thin coating of chocolate, making it a memorable dessert.

Georgia Peach Pie

Georgia Peach Pie (Photo courtesy of Quentin Bacon) Make sure you don’t be shocked when you cut into this scrumptious pie since there is a space between the filling and the top crust.

This occurs when a pie is baked at a high temperature for an extended period of time because the crust sets before the fruit in the filling has cooked down.

Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

Recipe courtesy of Kamran Siddiqi. Creamy Peanut Butter Pie It’s hard to beat the combination of sweet and salty flavors in this scrumptious peanut butter pie with whipped cream on the top. Advertisement

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie (photo courtesy of Dana Gallagher) When it comes to crafting cream pies, Joyce White has mastered the skill of creating every flavor imaginable. Her favorite, banana, is rum-spiked vanilla custard between banana slices and swirls of whipped cream, and the whole thing is capped with white chocolate curls.

Honey-Flower Pie

Pie with Honey and Flowers Photograph courtesy of Christopher Testani If you want to make this pie, which mixes honey and dried lavender in a velvety filling and is sprinkled with crisp sea salt, use clover honey instead of regular honey, which allows the lavender flavor to truly come through.

My Favorite Pie Recipes (Delicious Pie Recipes You MUST-TRY!)

Desserts are one of my favorite foods, and handmade pie is one of my favorites. In today’s post, I’m sharing A Collection of My Favorite Pie Recipes, which you can find here. Is your saliva dripping from your chin? It’s mine, too! Please keep in mind that you may use store-bought pie crust for the majority of these recipes. For your convenience, I’ve included included my favorite pie crust recipe, which I use because I prefer to make my crust from scratch most of the time.

My Favorite Pie Recipes:

Pie Crust of Choice I developed this crust during IBC’s Year of Pie, and I’ve used it numerous times in the years afterwards. The recipe asks for both butter and Crisco (the finest of both worlds), and it is assembled in a food processor after being chopped up. You’ll find that this crust is rather simple to make and practically flawless in its results. Apple Pie with a Crust Made of Only Butter This was the first pie recipe I created as part of my Year of Pie celebrations. The buttery crust of this pie distinguishes it from other apple pies on the market.

  1. Pie with Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble My family enjoys this pie at many of our family events, and it reminds me of my grandparents, who used to grow rhubarb in their backyard.
  2. There’s a tasty crumble topping on top to add some visual appeal.
  3. It’s easy to make and delicious.
  4. You may use cookie cutters to cut out dough leaves for the top crust, but you can also freehand your cuts if you want something more unique.
  5. Pie with cranberries and pecans The addition of cranberries to this pie recipe makes it even more delectable.
  6. You may be sure that your Christmas visitors will be amazed by this delectable dessert.
  7. (I even put up a collection of rhubarb recipes.) Please see this link for further information.

In this pie, the combination of a large lattice crust and the strawberry-rhubarb filling is difficult to beat since it is so delicious. If your family enjoys this unique treat as much as mine does, I’m confident they will like it as well.

More Delicious Pie Recipes

All of these pies are created with crusts that are different from the traditional pie crust. When you’re in the mood for something unusual, these are excellent choices. Apple Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust Make sure to bake this pie recipe in a transparent glass pan so that everyone can see the crust. This recipe calls for store-bought pie crust, which you sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar before rolling it out and slicing it, and then spreading it out in the bottom and up both sides of a 9-inch pie plate.

Pie with Graham Crackers and Cream This pie is made with a delectable graham cracker crust, which is true to its name.

The reason why this pie recipe is so popular with my family will become clear as you prepare it.

But don’t worry, it’s a simple recipe to prepare.

I guarantee that everyone will be talking about and sharing about your pie in a positive light!

Blueberries abound in a handmade filling that is heaped on top of a generous layer of creamy custard and topped with more custard.

BONUS Pie-Inspired Recipe:

Cookies with a Cinnamon Sugar Pie Crust Have you ever been stumped as to what to do with leftover pie dough or had a want for a cookie but couldn’t find any in the house? By cutting the dough into strips, you may transform it into a crispy cookie (or seasonal shapes like I did). Bake the shapes once they have been sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

More Delicious Recipe Collections:

  • Make-Ahead Specialty Cake Recipes
  • My Favorite Pasta Salad Recipes
  • And more. The BEST Margartia Recipes from the IBC
  • 11+ Fantastic Sangria Recipes to Try
  • Collection of delectable and simple dip recipes for you to try
  • Ideas for Hors d’Oeuvres that are a must-have

I hope this assortment has piqued your interest and prompted you to consider which pie dish to try. If you’re looking for more pie-related inspiration, I’m working on another post on them. It’s named “10+ Creative and Unique Pie Recipes” and will be published on the site in the not-too-distant future, according to the author. Friends, I wish you all the best with your pie baking!

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