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This entry was posted byFiona Beckett(Google+) on June 9th, 2020 at 7:05 am Does the fact that cherry is one of the fruit flavors that is most commonly found in wine and liqueurs mean that they are a good accompaniment for cherry desserts? It all depends on how strong the cherry flavor is. – Taking an example, an aclafoutis (a French batter pudding with cherries) is as much about the crisp batter as it is about the cherry, so a light, sweet dessert wine such as Monbazillac would be appropriate.

If you’re serving a black forest gateauor another dessert that includes chocolate and cherries, a sweet red wine such as aRecioto della Valpolicella, late harvest Tannator, or late harvest Zinfandel would go perfectly.

Cherry ice cream, cherry sundaes, and cherry trifle are all excellent pairings for this fruit.

With a cherry-topped cheesecake, they have a subtle acidity to them that I enjoy.

  1. And a cherry pie, perhaps?
  2. It is determined by the ratio of pastry to filling.
  3. If there is more filling than pastry, I’d go for a sweet red wine, like a delicious young ruby port, to accompany the meal.
  4. For information on how to accomplish any of these things or to subscribe to our regular newsletter, please visit this page.

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Every year on September 24th, National Cherries Jubilee Day is observed in commemoration of the famous dessert that was originally created for Queen Victoria. This year, we’re commemorating the occasion by offering a variety of wines that are characterized by cherry smells and tastes. If you enjoy cherry, make sure to give each of these varieties a shot.

Pinot Noir

When sipping a glass of red Burgundy, a glass of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, or a glass of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, there is a similar element among the flavor profiles of all of these wines: cherry.

Whether you favor the lighter, tart varieties produced in cooler locations or the luscious, rich fruit produced in regions with a little more warmth, this grape has something to offer every taste bud.


The Gamay grape, which is best known for its production in France’s Beaujolais region, is generally associated with notes of cherry, particularly in bottlings from some of the region’s ten cru villages. Seek out red wines from places such as Fleurie or Moulin-à-Vent that exude Old World charm and a distinct sense of location, as well as lots of red fruit flavour.


Northwest Italian wines made from Nebbiolo are deceptively pale in color, but they are bursting with juicy cherry taste to compensate for this. Piedmont’s most esteemed wines, Barolo and Barbaresco, are noted for their robust, age-worthy structure and are among the world’s most expensive wines. Still, don’t overlook some of the region’s lesser-known appellations, such as Gattinara, Lessona, and Langhe, which produce excellent wines.


Barbera is another Piedmontese grape that finds its apogee in the cities of Asti and Alba, where it produces some of the best wines in the world. The vibrant cherry aromas and flavors found in these bottles, along with softer tannin and fresh acidity, result in a young, food-friendly kind of red wine that’s simple to enjoy on its own or with food.


Sangiovese, often regarded as the most noble of all Italian grapes, has helped to establish the prestige of Tuscan viticulture via the production of wines such as Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and Brunello di Montalcino, among others. If you’re drinking Brunello, you’ll notice that the sour cherry notes are more prominent in younger bottles, whilst older bottles tend to have more candied cherry characteristics.

Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone della Valpolicella, one of Italy’s most strong and velvety red wine mixes, is made from partly dried grapes, most often Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella. It is one of the most potent and velvety red wines in the world. This Veronese delicacy is typically characterized by tastes of dried cherries or cherry cordial, as well as enticing acidity and a lingering, rich aftertaste.


It is Tempranillo that has been named Spain’s best red grape, as it is a key component in the production of the wines of Rioja and Ribera del Duero. The warm, dry atmosphere of these locations frequently provides characteristics of ripe or cooked cherry, which blend well with the oak barrel influence present in many bottles of wine.

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Menca grapes thrive in the northwest of Spain, along the Atlantic coast, and contribute to the production of Bierzo wines. Typically, vibrant, fruit-driven varieties will give tart or sour cherry aromas together with fresh acidity and tannins, opening the door to an endless number of partner options.

Cherry Pie & Wine Pairing

Wines from Bierzo are produced in the northwest of Spain, along the Atlantic coast, where Menca grapes thrive. Typically, vibrant, fruit-driven varieties will give tart or sour cherry aromas together with fresh acidity and tannins, opening the door to an infinite number of matching options.

What Wine Goes Best with Cherry Pie

Type Varietal Food Rating
Port Ruby Port Cherry Pie
Sparkling Wine Prosecco Demi-sec Cherry Pie
Sparkling Wine Sparkling Wine Cherry Pie
Dessert Wine Monbazillac Cherry Pie
Dessert Wine Brachetto d’Acqui Cherry Pie
Dessert Wine Late Harvest Vidal Cherry Pie
Dessert Wine Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise Cherry Pie
Dessert Wine Riesling, Late Harvest Cherry Pie
Dessert Wine Moscato d’Asti Cherry Pie
Red Wine Beaujolais Cherry Pie
Red Wine Gamay Cherry Pie

Prosecco Demi-SecCherry Pie

Prosecco Demi-Sec is the sweetest kind of prosecco available, containing around 32-50 grams of sugar per liter of liquid. Because so little of this variety of Prosecco is made in Italy, it is also difficult to locate in North America. If you are having difficulties finding a bottle, try for Prosecco Dry, which is the second sweetest style of Prosecco (17-32 grams of sugar) With Cherry Pie, Prosecco and other sweet sparkling wines are excellent pairings since the bubbles whisk away the sweet fruit aromas as well as the fatty and carbohydrate pie crust between each and every mouthful.

This helps to keep your taste receptors in peak condition. While sweet, Prosecco retains its acidity, which allows wine to enhance the flavors of the wonderful cherries in your pie even more.

Ruby PortCherry Pie Pairing

Ruby Port is the most recent variety of port to be released, and it lacks the nuttier flavors found in vintage and aged port. Ruby Port, on the other hand, is characterized by sweet notes of blackberries, cherries, dates, figs, and raisins. The sweet flavors of Ruby Port combine well with the sugary cherry pie filling, elevating the dish to new heights of flavor and complexity. Port is even better on cherry pie when served with French vanilla ice cream, since the fruity flavors of the pie are extended with Ruby Port, which ensures that the flavors of port and cherries, pie crust and ice cream are all well balanced with each mouthful.

Brachetto d’AcquiCherry Pie Pairing

Brachetto d’Acqui is a fizzy dessert wine from Italy that has overtones of strawberry, raspberry, and red roses in the aroma and flavor. The sweet and fruity flavors of the Brachetto d’Acqui assure that it will not be overpowered by the sweetness of your Cherry Pie. Meanwhile, the fizziness of the Brachetto d’Acqui helps to wash away the substantial carbohydrate and fat content of the pie dough, ensuring that your taste receptors are never weighed down by the dish.

Late Harvest RieslingCherry Pie Pairing

Late Harvest Riesling will not enhance the berry flavors of your Cherry Pie; but, the sweetness of a late harvest Riesling will help to balance the sweetness of your Cherry Pie. In North America, where it is produced in Ontario and New York state, Late Harvest Riesling is readily accessible on store shelves and is reasonably priced. You’ll find exquisite aromas of pear, apple, and pear in the Late Harvest Riesling as well as a crisp finish. Late Harvest Riesling or similar varieties will be available in France and Germany as well as other countries.

As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned about the Riesling tasting strange when the flavors of wine and pie are combined.

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Cherries Jubilee

Among the many lovely qualities of the house we ended up with were a couple of wonderful old cherry trees in our backyard, which became one of our favorite aspects when the Sweet Partner in Crime and I combined our households and relocated northward. The flowers are a magnificent way to usher in the arrival of spring. In addition, we are able to harvest some delicious tart fruit from the trees. Among the greatest “pie cherries” we’ve ever discovered, and I used some of them to make a delicious batch of cherry-flavored beer a couple of years ago, which is still available on our website.

  • We had no idea what we were going to see this year.
  • This year’s harvest was very good.
  • We still have a lot of fruit on the tree that we aren’t sure what to do with.
  • Christine, may her soul rest in peace, had the brilliant idea to take the cherries and put up a feast that included the delectable fruit in each dish.
  • It all started with a snack of goat cheese and walnuts topped with a “cherry-walnut-bourbon stuff,” which was close enough to chutney to be acceptable for government employment.
  • The Lazurro Moscato d’Asti($8-9)would be a good choice for this occasion.
  • The sweetness, along with a mild acidity, would be ideal for cutting through both the cheese and the chutney.
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It was delicious.

($9-10) The majority of Australian pinots haven’t been that appealing to me.

I believe we were looking for something that was somewhat fruity and non-tannic without being overpowering, and this fit the bill.

Just don’t expect to drink a bottle of wine that will last a lifetime.

WineRange-Amphora 2006 Pinot Noir was the pairing for this.

Amphora is one of our favorite vineyards in Sonoma—but they’re better renowned for their large cabernets and zinfandels than their pinot noirs.

In spite of the fact that it was more luscious than many pinots, this one was full of wonderful smokiness that went perfectly with the grilled tastes.

Christine’s tremendous abilities include pie-making, and her cherry pies are unrivaled in the industry.

($7-8) To pair with a pie like this, you’d want to drink something with a lot of fruit flavor.

By this stage in the evening, it was also holding up well, and we were able to finish it off over the evening.

Rosenblum Cellars produces a late harvest wine named “Rosie Rabbitt” that may be purchased for as little as $15 per bottle.

Overall, it was a great evening spent in excellent company, and it was an extraordinarily suitable way to begin the Sweet Partner’s week-long birthday celebrations with her. Of course, we’ll have more to say about it as the story progresses.

Wine & Food Archives

Update on the Wilson Creek Winery Vineyard – Cab Sauv Block 1 Influence – Wilson Creek Winery The Calyptra has come off, revealing the pistil and stamen, and grapes are self-pollinating, which means we are almost at the start of the flowering season in the vineyards. As part of our preparations for the growing season, we have injected 1000 gallons of crab meal, fish meal, and other organic fertilizers. We will require some additional watering due to the fact that we did not receive as much precipitation as we required and that the cover crop did not take off as expected, which generally helps to keep our moisture in the ground.

The USDA, NRCSMetropolitan Water District has approached us with the request to collaborate since we are seeing great success in our vines with little irrigation and high temperatures.

Wilson Creek Winery – Sparkling Rose

This is a traditional French-style rose in a classic color. Many French roses come from the region of Provence, which is comparable to Temecula and is mostly composed of Chardonnay and Grenache, which is nearly equivalent to the way in which this wine was created by our team. A touch of French Columbarde was added to the wine, and the result is an exceptionally pleasant dry sparkling rose. Some wines are excellent for drinking in a particular atmosphere, such as a sunset, while others are excellent with food.

Right away, the aromatics of this wine leap out of the glass, displaying a flowery fragrance and traces of strawberry from the Grenache, which is indicative of the method of production used to create this wine.

Infusing Grenache grapes with their skins on and pressing them into the wine gives us the beautiful flavor and color that we are accustomed to from the grapes.

This wine has a delicate touch of fruit and aromatics, making it a fantastic wine to introduce to individuals who typically don’t like dry wines, and they will enjoy it.

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Wilson Creek Winery – 2019 Viognier

A Rhone varietal that is cultivated in the Rhone region’s northern reaches. In Temecula, it fully grows, becoming extremely fragrant with a touch of white flowers and fruit-driven with delicate flavours of apricot, pitted fruit, peach, and honeydew melon, all with a remarkable sense of balance and structure. This would go nicely with seafood and foods that have a spicy kick to them since it neutralizes and complements Capsaicin. Because we harvest it earlier, it does not have a high concentration of tannins as a varietal.

  • The Viognier is the last of our white wines to be harvested since it takes so much time and effort to bring it to full maturity.
  • When combined with sweet peppers, paprika, and mustard seasoning, it is really delicious.
  • Wine In the Rhone Valley, there is a region known as the Condrieu, which is the only appellation in France where you are permitted to create wines that are 100 percent Viognier or mixes of Viognier.
  • When it comes to grapes, the longer they are allowed to mature on the vine, the more the skin (tannin) of the grape grows.
  • The maximum age is two years.
  • Heat, light, and movement are the three most important variables that will accelerate the aging of your wines, to the disadvantage of the wine.
  • The optimal location is beneath a stairway in a long, deep, and dark closet.

Q – This wine has a sweet flavor to it, although you have characterized it as dry — why is this the case? Despite the fact that this has less than.05 percent residual sugar, it has a lot of fruit features that give it the appearance of being sweet.

Wilson Creek Winery – 2019 Roussanne

A white wine with a meaty and beefy flavor. Rich, juicy fruit such as melons and mandarin oranges, as well as a dash of spice from cumin and coriander, round out the flavor profile. If you enjoy Chardonnay, this would be a good wine to try as a bridge into something else. Thials – Thick mouthfeels – make for an unique aging process when consumed. It’s an issue that needs a lot of attention. In most cases, we finish the reds about halfway through and then return back to fetch the Roussanne. In fact, we sprinkle the Roussanne with catlinite clay in the vineyard to ensure that it can withstand the 105-degree temperatures that will occur later in the growing season in the vineyard.

Not a hot and spicy dish, but rather an aromatic one.

Wilson Creek Winery – Non-Vintage Ecclesia-Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

The club was named after a group of Greek politicians who used to meet together to share information and have a nice time together in their spare time.

  • Cab Sav makes up 51 percent of the blend, Petite Syrah makes up 19 percent, Malbec makes up 14 percent, and Tannat makes up 6 percent.

Beautifully balanced combination of young and new fruit. Given its thoughtfulness, we recommend opening it a few minutes before you intend to consume it to allow it to breathe a little bit more before sipping it. Blends are similar to groups of friends or cultures in that the more there are, the better, and this wine is no exception. The non-vintage blend enables us to have a very amazing combination of young and old fruit, which results in this very intriguing variety of a wine that smells quite different from the one that it actually tastes.

Dark fruit and earthy aromas abound in this blend, which includes charred strawberry and cherry pieces, jam, tar, pencil shavings, and a hint of petrichorthe after-rain fragrance.

To begin with, attempt to open the bottle approximately 15 to 20 minutes before you intend to drink it.

Take, for example, Greg’s Perineese, which he is teaching to bring sheep into the vineyard.

Tannat is the last grape we harvest every season.

Clones 1-4 are the old-school blenders, and they are harsh, tannic, and vibrantly colored.

Clones 5-8 are a new world style that is more likely to produce a whole varietal than the old world form.

The first 5 blocks of this were only planted this week, and in 5 years, we will have something very remarkable to look forward to. The Wine Club BBQ will take place in August and will last three days!

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