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On January 7, 2020, a review was conducted in the United States. Purchase that has been verified I currently reside in the Portland, Oregon region. There are no great hot dog buns available in our area, and I intended to get some Rosen buns to go with the Vienna Beef hot dogs and Polish sausages I got, but they were out of stock, so I ordered these from Vienna Beef. After eating 2 of them and throwing the rest away because they were not eligible for return, I was left with nothing. They are crumbly, thick, and stale in texture.

Reviewed on March 24, 2018 in the United States of America Purchase that has been verified I’m hosting a Chicago Cubs party today, and I’ll be serving Chicago dogs as the main course.

Because I’m in Oklahoma City and poppy seed buns aren’t a thing here, I’m pretty much screwed when it comes to this being real.

On April 13, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States.

  • Because they were crushed in shipment, several of them did not stay together properly – they did not taste as fresh as I would have liked – and with all the toppings on a Chicago dog, this was a concern.
  • Purchase that has been verified When I purchased them, I was concerned that they might be crushed in shipment.
  • However, they were in fantastic shape when they came.
  • That is excellent news because a whole box is far more than I require right now.
  • My only complaint is that I wish there were more options for lesser quantities.
  • I really wanted to limit myself to 40.
  • On April 30, 2020, the United States will conduct a review.


On October 10, 2021, a review was published in the United States of America.

I’m not going to buy anything else.

Purchase that has been verified This stuff is really fantastic!

The fire dogs’ performance continues to be outstanding!

Chicago Style Hot Dog Buns 8-pack – Bunny Bread

Consider hosting a hot dog night in your home as an experience.

Making your Windy City dogs complete with our Chicago Style Poppy Seeded Hot Dog Buns will ensure that everything from the brilliant green sweet pickle relish and dill pickle spear to the tomatoes and celery salt is a success in the Windy City.

Nutrition Facts

Per container, there are 8 servings. 1 Bun (serving size) (43g) The amount of food in each serving 120 percent of the Daily Value* in calories 2 g of total fat 0g Saturated Fatty Acids: 3 percent 0g Trans Fat (zero percent) Cholesterol0mg Sodium220mg (zero percent) Carbohydrates (total carbohydrate: 21g): 10% 8 percent dietary fiber 1g14 percent dietary protein Sugars in total: 2 g 2 g is included. Sugars that have been added Protein4g is 4 percent of the total. Calcium 55mg, 0mcg Vitamin D 0mcg 0 percent 4 percent iron (1.2 milligrams) Potassium is 6 percent (41mg).

20 percent Folate 73mcg DFE (38mcg folic acid)20 percent Folate 73mcg DFE (20 percent Folate)20 percent Folate * The percent Daily Value of a nutrient in a portion of food indicates how much of that nutrient contributes to a daily diet.

Calories per gram of protein: 9 g of fat, 4 g of carbohydrates, and 4 g of protein




Soybeans with wheat.

Allergen Advisory:

This product is made on the same baking equipment as baked goods that include milk, eggs, tree nuts, or seeds. As a result, this product may mistakenly include ingredients such as milk, eggs, tree nuts, or seeds, which some individuals may be sensitive to. Lewis Bakeries, Inc. has its headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, 47710. There is a bioengineered food component in this product.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog Buns Recipe

When I moved away from Chicago, I assumed that the dearth of poppy seed hot dog buns in my new area was something that could be remedied by shopping a little more assiduously. I was wrong. The fact that poppy seed buns aren’t widely available outside of Chicago took me a while to find out. I received puzzled stares everywhere I went when I inquired about them, but no buns. Even while some hot dog vendors in other parts of the country provide Chicago-style dogs with poppy seed buns, grocery stores do not carry them.

  • Of course, I’ll come up with a solution on my own.
  • the dough is made by hand kneading »in a stand mixer »in a food processor When it comes to fluffy buns, my secret weapon is instant mashed potatoes, and the semolina lends a lovely depth of flavor to the bun recipe.
  • Quick Shine is a baking spray that is used to generate a glossy crust while also assisting in the adhesion of the toppings.
  • A basic egg wash, consisting of one egg beaten with a small amount of water, will accomplish the same result.
  • On the other side, the egg wash is an entirely natural product.
  • For those who want to prepare a Chicago-style dog, the usual condiments are: relish (neon-green is favoured at some establishments), onions, yellow mustard, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt, and a spear of cucumber or pickle (if available).
  • It goes without saying that you may remove anything you don’t like.
  • Despite the fact that it is not conventional, I have learned to prefer my home-made pickle relish over the bright green commercial one.

Ketchup, on the other hand, is a condiment that is generally avoided on a Chicago dog. You should only use it at your own risk. You can now create your own poppy seed buns at home, too.

  • 1 cup lukewarm water
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons instant yeast
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4 cup instant mashed potato
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups bread flour
  • 1/4 cup semolina flour
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Poppy seeds
  • Egg wash or Quick Shine
  • 1 cup lukewarm water
  • 1 cup
  1. In the bowl of your stand mixer, combine the water, yeast, sugar, and instant potatoes until well combined. Allow it to stand for around 15 minutes, or until it becomes bubbly and frothy. Add the salt, bread flour, and semolina and knead until the dough is smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes. Set aside for 20 minutes while you cover the bowl with a towel and knead in the oil until the oil is entirely mixed and the dough is glossy and elastic
  2. Allow the dough to rise until it has doubled in size, covered with a towel. Prepare a sheet pan with some cornmeal and place it in the oven at 350 degrees. Make a floured work area, knead the dough for a few seconds, and then divide it into 8 equal pieces. Each piece should be formed into a log that is 5-6 inches long, depending on the size of your hot dogs. Be aware that the buns will expand in length as they rise and bake
  3. This is normal. When adding poppy seeds or other toppings, brush the buns with an egg wash (one egg beaten with one tablespoon of water) or spray the buns with Quick Shine to assist the seeds stick to their surfaces. You may also spritz or brush the tops with water to make them more sticky, however I find that this causes me to lose a lot more seeds than the other method. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes, or until the rolls are lightly browned.
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Chicago Red Hot Poppy Seed Buns

  1. Use a scale to weigh your flour, or measure it by carefully spooning it into a cup and brushing any excess off the top. Combine all of the dough ingredients and knead them until the dough is smooth and satiny, either by hand, with a mixer, or in a bread machine set on the dough cycle. Preheat your oven to 350°F. Place the dough in a greased mixing basin, cover with plastic wrap, and let it rise until it has doubled in size, about 90 minutes to 2 hours. Divide the dough into ten pieces
  2. If you have a scale, each piece will weigh around 2 1/2 ounces (71g) if you are using it. Shape each piece into a rough 3″ log, then set the logs aside for about 10 minutes while still wrapped with a towel. Begin by flattening and folding one piece of dough in half lengthwise, closing the seam with your fingers. Flatten, fold, and seal the envelopes again. You should have a 6″ oval that is as even as possible by this point
  3. Flatten the wood one more time to make it even more elongated. Place the bun on a baking sheet that has been gently oiled or lined with parchment paper. Make another batch of buns with the leftover pieces of dough, spacing them approximately 3/4″ away from one another for soft-sided buns and more apart for buns with a crust all around. Cover the buns with lightly oiled plastic wrap and allow them to rise for about 1 hour, or until they are obviously puffy but not doubled in size. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In a small bowl, whisk together the leftover egg white and 2 tablespoons cold water. Brush this mixture over the tops of the risen buns and sprinkle generously with poppy seeds. Bake the buns for about 18 minutes, or until they’re golden brown on the top and bottom. They may appear to be a little “damp.” That’s fine
  4. They’ll dry out when the temperature drops. The buns should be placed on a cooling rack once they have been removed from the oven. Refrigerate the buns for up to 3 months after storing them in a plastic bag on the counter for a few days.
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Tips from our Bakers

  • The Midwest is home to a variety of culinary traditions, one of which is the humble hot dog, which may come as a surprise to some. Hot dogs are taken extremely seriously in Chicago, especially by the locals. The sheer number of toppings available, as well as the precise order in which they should be applied on the dog of your choosing, is almost overwhelming. Starting with the Chicago Red Hot, which is “dragged through the garden,” there are other options. Specifically, a Vienna Beef Frank with the following toppings: yellow mustard
  • Sweet green pickle relish
  • Chopped onion
  • A kosher dill pickle spear
  • “sport” peppers (small spicy green peppers pickled in vinegar)
  • Celery salt
  • And a kosher dill pickle spear. This is the dog that can be found at Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs. Others veer from the path, but in general, a Chicago hot dog will contain onions, sauerkraut, hot peppers, mustard, and the brightest neon green relish you’ve ever seen atop it. Sometimes it’s chili, and other times it’s cheese. Ketchup? It’s perfectly fine, if you absolutely have to
  • People in Chicago are far too nice to sneer at you, but at the very least you will have established yourself as a non-native. Can you replace another sort of seed for the poppy seeds? Alternatively, you might leave the seeds out totally. It is possible to create these buns with whole wheat flour, but you will not get a genuine Chicago hotdog bun. It will modify the texture and flavor of the meat, but that is a given. To begin, substitute 2/3 cup whole wheat flour for 2/3 cup all-purpose flour in a 9-by-13-inch baking pan. If you enjoy the outcome, you may increase the amount of whole wheat flour you use next time. Want to bake these buns ahead of time? If you want to make yeast rolls that are more soft and last longer, try using the tangzhong technique, which is an Asian method. To begin, measure out the flour and water that you will be using in the recipe and set them aside. Take 3 tablespoons of the measured flour and 1/2 cup of the measured water and combine them in a saucepan over medium-high heat until the flour is completely dissolved. Cook the mixture, whisking continually, until it thickens and becomes a thick slurry, about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes (depending on your blender). Transfer the heated mixture to a mixing basin and allow it to cool to lukewarm before mixing it in with the remaining flour, water, and other dough ingredients until well combined and smooth. Follow the directions for making the recipe. Your completed buns should remain soft and fresh for several days if they are wrapped properly and stored at room temperature.

S. Rosen’s bun star of Chicago style hot dog

Alpha Baking Company is in the process of making S. Rosen’s hot dog buns. | Brian Rich is a writer and entrepreneur based in New York City. Sun/Times Brian Rich/The Chicago Sun-Times Because of a tight labor market and a glut of available flour in China, producing five million buns each week has become even more difficult. By August 1, 2021, at 10:22 a.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT). If the Chicago-style hot dog were a popular television program, the title character would, without a doubt, be the star: a Vienna hot dog, which is manufactured in the Windy City.

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A pickle spear and a bright green relish are included, as well as tomato wedges and onion pieces for a healthy touch.

If you happen to enjoy those latter two, then God bless you and your family.

We could talk about those elements for the rest of the day, and many people do.

Rosen’s poppyseed bun, the show is a complete success nonetheless.

In Chicago, “we are the bun provider for well over 95 percent of all the hot dog shops,” according to Mark Marcucci, president of Alpha Baking Co., which owns S.

In the Lyndale Avenue facility, which is just south of Hermosa Park and three-quarters the size of Hermosa Park, he is sitting on the second level of the building.

In 1979, Alpha Baking Company purchased a bankrupt Mary Ann bakery.

Photograph courtesy of Neil Steinberg Mark Marcucci, a McDonald’s spokesperson, stated that this was the world’s first bun plant.

Sara Lee’s first bakery was in Fullerton, California.

This plant, which bakes solely hot dog and hamburger buns, consumes 600,000 pounds of flour every week and has its own rail siding, is the only one in the world that does so.

Afterwards, the flour is blended with water and yeast and allowed to prove for three and a half hours before being divided into little balls, which are rolled out by a conveyor into tubes of dough that fall into one of the 2,900 4 by 6 metal trays that are piled around the facility.

It takes around five and a half hours to complete the full operation.

Before baking, half of the buns are wet with a little water and then sprinkled with poppy seeds on top.

Poppy seeds, on the other hand, are primarily for show.

“There isn’t much of a nutritional value to it.” The buns are baked for seven and a half minutes, depending on whether they are plain or seeded.

When the buns are placed in their packaging, they are still warm (in the 90s).

“We don’t want to dip below 90 degrees since the product would become sensitive to staling and will dry out.” And if you go beyond 100, you are more prone to early mold growth due to excessive moisture.


According to Thornberg, “they may be anything from an 8-count to a 10-count, 12-count, and even a 16-count, as well as a 30 and a 60,” which he described as “amazing when you think about it.” Hot dog buns created by S.


If you believe that having market domination with a basic bread product translates into having a business that is straightforward to operate, think again.

Our flour costs have skyrocketed as a result of China’s demand for it.

As the world becomes smaller, the supply chain becomes more international in nature.” Restaurants attempting to ramp up business after COVID only exacerbate the situation.

“Our units more than quadruple between January and July.

There is a lot of pressure on the market right now.

This is true across the board in the sector.

Bun makers are required for the production of buns.

The Lyndale bakery employs 168 people, but they could need another baker’s dozen or two to supplement their ranks.

“There is a difference in the mindset of employees,” Marcucci explained.

Simply whispering, “We’re recruiting,” and we would have 60 people lined up outside the door the very following day, if not sooner.

This year’s escalation has proven to be quite challenging.

Their distribution area encompasses the Midwest, extending from two hours south of St.

“We’re bordered by Lake Michigan,” Marcucci added, despite the fact that they were forced to halt Detroit sales last week due to a lack of personnel showing up.

A bakery is a hot and hard place to work.

However, this is a necessary business in a city where hot dog fans are demanding the perfect bun every time they eat a hot dog.

“It’s so rarely mentioned, but it’s the crux of the matter,” Marcucci explained. “The bun — the foundation upon which a Chicago hot dog is constructed — is the one thing that remains consistent throughout the city. You can’t have a Chicago hot dog without a decent bun,” says the author.

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