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3 Thai Desserts You Absolutely Need to Try

Thailand is unrivaled when it comes to dessert! Sweet, rich, and wholesomely delicious, their unique take on delicacies is the perfect combination of sweet, rich, and wholesomely tasty. You should definitely try Thai sweets if you haven’t before. If you’re not familiar with the many varieties and tastes available, it might be a little intimidating to start exploring on your own. Fortunately, you will not be required to do so. We’ve done the legwork for you and picked a few Thai dessert recipes that are suitable for a first-time baker to experiment with.

1.) Mango Sticky Rice Dishes Make Fine Thai Desserts

Do you eat mangoes on a regular basis? Do you eat a lot of rice? Combine them and you’ll end up with an unforgettable taste sensation. Mangoes are a somewhat sweet fruit that is ideal for individuals who do not want to consume a large amount of sugar in their diet. The sticky rice gives a great touch of contrasting flavor to the meal, which complements the overall sweetness of the dish. Despite the fact that it is regarded one of the more easy Thai dessert recipes, its simplicity and natural taste have resulted in it becoming a very popular meal that is well worth your time and effort to prepare.

2.) Coconut Ice Cream: Not Your Normal Cream

There are hundreds of different varieties of ice cream available today, but there is always space for another surprise in the world of frozen desserts. Thai ice cream provides the pleasant surprise in the shape of ice cream flavored with coconuts, for example. In Thailand, coconut ice cream is quite popular, and for good reason: it is delicious. Thais like natural ingredients in their food, which is why they use a good amount of coconut to give their dishes a delightful texture and amazing flavor.

3.) Black Sticky Rice Pudding: Different Name, Great Taste

It’s hard to miss that Thais are crazy about sticky rice, if you haven’t noticed previously. In practically any meal, it may be utilized, and this includes black sticky rice pudding, for example. Tapioca pudding and black sticky rice pudding are both delicious desserts with a texture comparable to that of tapioca pudding. Try it on its own, or even better, combine it with a splash of Thai coconut milk for an added twist on the flavor!

Want Thai? Give Us a Try!

Following your discovery of a few intriguing Thai desserts that are ideal for your palate, you’ll want to taste them at an authentic Thai restaurant to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your dessert. We’re the best people to assist you in accomplishing your goals. At Thai Ginger, we take great delight in preparing the highest-quality Thai dishes while maintaining their authenticity to the area. We serve a variety of appetizers and soups, as well as salads, noodles, curries, specialty meals, and, of course, a unique twist on Thai sweets.

Please click the “Order Now” button in our banner to place an order or visit our local store if you are ready to get your hands on some great Thai cuisine and snacks! Allow us to provide you with the best Thai culinary experience of your life!

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‎S&P Delivery

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Ratings and Reviews

The S P Delivery app’s latest version 2.0.0+ is outstanding in terms of quality, speed, and usability. It is very easy to use. It is clear that the individuals who worked on this project are true professionals in the fields of user interface and user experience. I used the app to order some delicious Thai cuisine, beverages, and desserts, and the experience was far superior than any other app available on the Thai market at the time! Simply Delectable, to say the least. Outstanding!

The S P E-commerce App is just outstanding. It has been stated by the app’s developer, S P Syndicate Public Company Limited, that the app’s privacy practices may include the treatment of data in the manner outlined below. More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not gather any information from users of this application. For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


Sellers P Syndicate Public Company Limited is a limited liability company. Compatibility154.8 MBSize154.8 MB iPhoneIt is necessary to have iOS 9.0 or later. iPad It is necessary to have iPadOS 9.0 or later. iPod touchIt is necessary to have iOS 9.0 or later. Rating for those above the age of four S P Syndicate Public Company Limited (S P Syndicate) retains ownership of the copyright. PriceFree


McCormickCompany, Inc.

McCormickCo. World Headquarters, opened October 2018
Type Public
Traded as
  • NYSE:MKC.V (voting)
  • NYSE:MKC (non-voting)
  • S P 500 component (MKC)
  • NYSE:MKC.V (non-voting)
Industry ProcessedPackaged goods
Founded 1889; 132 years agoBaltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Founder Willoughby McCormick
Headquarters Hunt Valley, Maryland, U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Key people Lawrence E. Kurzius,Chairman, PresidentCEO Mike Smith EVPCFO
Products Spices,herbs,flavorings
  • US$4,449.7 million (2013)
  • US$4,165.4 million (2012)
  • US$4,449.7 million (2013)
  • In 2013, US$4,449.7 million was spent, compared to US$4,165.4 million the previous year.
Number of employees 13,000(2020)
Website mccormickcorporation.com

McCormickCompany cinnamon, red pepper, black pepper, vanilla, and oregano are just a few of the seasonings available. It is a subsidiary of the McCormickCompany, an American food company that produces and promotes spices and seasoning mixes as well as condiments and other flavored items to retail outlets as well as to food makers and foodservice establishments. On the basis of sales, they are the world’s largest manufacturer of spices and associated food goods, with products accessible in over 100 countries.

It was announced in the third quarter of 2018 that the company’s headquarters were moving from Sparks to Hunt Valley, Maryland.


Willoughby M. McCormick (1864–1932) founded the company in Baltimore in 1889 when he was just 25 years old. A single room and a cellar served as his retail space for selling his first products, which included root beer, flavoring extracts, fruit syrups, and juices to customers on the street. Approximately seven years after that, McCormick purchased the F.G. Emmett Spice Company, so entering the spice market. Willoughby and his brother Roberdeau formed the firm in Maine in 1903, and it was re-established in Maryland in 1915 after a merger with another company.

  1. A new five-story structure was erected on the same location in 1905, and it was completed in less than a year.
  2. According to the outcome of the court case, the corporation must mark the adulterated product as follows: “ground black pepper comprising from 10 percent to 28 percent additional pepper shells.” Charles P.
  3. After graduating from high school in 1915, he went on to study at Johns Hopkins University, and in 1925, he was elected to the company’s board of directors.
  4. Willoughby died on November 4, 1932, and Charles was elected president and chairman of the board of directors at the age of 36, replacing Willoughby as chairman.
  5. After being elected president and chief executive officer in 1987, Buzz McCormick, Jr.
  6. The company commemorated its centennial in 1989 with events geared primarily toward its employees and those who had contributed to its success.

The company also arranged for the musical group Up with People to give a series of performances across the United States for schools, churches, hospitals, and other similar groups. McCormick is a Fortune 500 corporation with annual revenues of $5.6 billion in 2020, according to the firm.


McCormick purchased the A. Schilling Company, a coffee, spice, and extract company established in San Francisco, in 1947, enabling McCormick to begin coast-to-coast distribution in the United States. McCormick continued to use the Schilling name for its Western division until the 1990s, with the last product containers bearing the Schilling name being produced in 2002; since then, all of the company’s products have been marketed under the McCormick name throughout the United States and other countries.

  • Ltd., the largest spice producer in Canada, situated in London, Ontario.
  • Other purchases included Baker Extract Co.
  • Charles P.
  • He died the following year after suffering a cardiac arrest.
  • In 1975, the retail operations of McCormick (east) and Schilling (west) were merged to become the Grocery Products Division, which had its headquarters in Baltimore.
  • Sandoz, Ltd., a Swiss pharmaceutical corporation, declared its desire to acquire the company in October 1979.
  • In 1981, Setco, a plastic bottles manufacturer based in Culver City, California, and Stange, a speciality flavorings and colorings firm based in Chicago, formed a joint venture to form a subsidiary.

Others include Armanino Farms, the world’s biggest producer and processor of chives, which was purchased by ArmaninoSon, Inc., of San Francisco, in 1986, and three California enterprises in 1987: Gentry Foods of Gilroy, Parsley Patch of Windsor, and The Herb Farm of Encinitas.

Later, in 1991, it bought the Mojave Foods Corporation of Los Angeles, and in 1993, it acquired the consumer goods division of Golden Dipt Company.

In 1994, Chairman Emeritus Charles P.

was re-elected to the position of chairman.

Gilroy Foods and Gilroy Energy, as well as Giza National Dehydration of Cairo, Egypt, were also sold during the same period.

During the year 2000, the corporation bought Ducros of France, which was eventually renamed McCormick France.

In 2004, the firm bought the Dutch company C.M.

By emphasizing the fact that any of their packets that indicate their address as “Baltimore, MD 21202” are more than 15 years old, the firm launched a new advertising campaign in 2007 to persuade people to dispose of older packages of spices.

In order to obtain permission from the Federal Trade Commission for the purchase of Lawry’s, McCormick agreed to sell its Season-All business to Morton Salt.

This year, it also paid $291 million for the acquisition of Kamis S.A., a privately owned Polish firm with top brands in spice mixes, seasoning blends, mustards, and other taste goods in Poland.

Kohinoor Foods Limited was established in India to market and distribute basmati and ready-to-eat food items.


McCormick bought Stubb’smarinades, BBQ Sauce, and rubs for $100 million in June of the same year.

Kurzius, the company’s president and chief operating officer, will take over as CEO in February 2016.

When the firm determined that Premier Foods’ asking price would not benefit shareholders, it decided to withdraw its attempt to purchase the company in April of 2016.

The Food Division of Reckitt Benckiser was bought by McCormick in 2017.

With a purchase price of more than four billion dollars, it surpassed the Lawry’s acquisition a decade earlier to become the company’s largest acquisition in its history.

Cholula Hot Sauce, manufactured by L Catterton, will be purchased by McCormick in November 2020. McCormick announced in December 2020 that it has bought FONA, a renowned North American flavor maker.

Research and development

McCormick stated in February 2019 that it has collaborated with IBM to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) system that will analyze decades of data in order to produce new taste combinations and spice mixtures. In 2019, the firm launched its first artificial intelligence-developed spice mix line, which was dubbed “One” since it was designed to be used in one-dish meals. Specifically, McCormick announced on December 27, 2021 that they will be sponsoring Elinor Wonders Why on PBS Kids, making it the first show on PBS to receive funding from the company.


Originally based in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, McCormick relocated its production and corporate offices to Hunt Valley in Maryland in 1970. The McCormick company headquarters were relocated to Sparks, Maryland, in 1991. The company’s worldwide headquarters, which employs 1,100 people, relocated from Sparks to Hunt Valley, Maryland, in 2018, with a grand opening ceremony conducted on October 2, 2018. McCormick’s consumer business contains brands in about 160 countries and territories, according to the company’s statistics.

McCormick manufactures flavorings, branded food service products, condiments, coating systems, and ingredients for food producers, food service operators, and restaurants all around the world, including the United States.


Originally based in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, McCormick relocated its production and corporate headquarters to Hunt Valley in Maryland in 1970. Spruce Grove, Maryland, was chosen as the site for McCormick’s corporate headquarters in 1991. A grand opening ceremony was conducted on October 2, 2018, to celebrate the company’s relocation of its 1,100-person worldwide headquarters from Sparks to the adjacent town of Hunt Valley, Maryland. About 160 nations and territories have McCormick brands, which are distributed through the company’s consumer sector.

The McCormick Company produces flavorings, branded food service products, condiments, coating systems, and ingredients for use by food producers, food service operators, and restaurants all over the globe.

  • Adolph’s
  • Aeroplane
  • Billy Bee
  • Brand Aromatics
  • Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauce
  • Cholula Hot Sauce
  • Club House
  • Club House for Chefs
  • DrogheriaAlimentari (D A)
  • Ducros
  • EarthRight
  • El Guapo
  • FONA
  • Frank’s RedHot
  • French’s
  • Giotti
  • Gourmet Garden
  • Kamis
  • Kitchen Basics
  • Kohinoor
  • Lawry’s
  • Margao
  • McCormick Australia
  • McCor


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S&P Syndicate PCL

Business Type: Manufacturer, Trader
Main Products: Frozen quick meal seafooddessert (S P Brand)
Annual Revenue: Above US$100 Million
Plant Area: 1,000-3,000 square meters
Accepted Payment Modes: USD, EUR, CHF
Average Lead Time: 21 days
Certification: OHSAS18001, OHSAS18001

The S P Group is one of Thailand’s largest restaurant and bakery shop operators (with 228 locations countrywide and abroad), as well as a maker of high-quality S P brand bakery and food items. The S P Group is headquartered in Bangkok. Our offerings include frozen prepared dinners, frozen cakes, frozen cookies, Thai snacks, and a variety of other high-quality products.

Trade Capacity

FOB, CIP, CPT are the terms of payment accepted by the company.

Other methods of payment include: T/T, L/C, Western Union. Lead Time on Average: 21 days The total number of employees ranges between 101 and 200 people. Respondent’s Level of Engagement:

Response Rate Response Time Rating Reviews
34% 24h-48h 4.7/5 80 Reviews

S P Syndicate PCL is the name of the company. Thailand, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon is the country and the city. 1975 was the year when the company was founded. South America and the Caribbean are the primary markets. Africa accounts for 12 percent of the world’s population. Eastern Asia accounts for 10% of the total. 12 percent of the domestic market and 8 percent of the North American market Eastern Europe accounts for 10% of the total. Southern Europe accounts for 9 percent of the total. 11 percent from the Middle East, 11 percent from Northern Europe, 12 percent from Oceania, and 5 percent from Africa.


The Canton Fair is the name of the tradeshow.

Production Capacity

Thailand is the location of the factory. The number of R D employees ranges from 101 to 200 people. The number of production lines is six. Production Value: US$5 million to US$10 million per year OEM (original equipment manufacturer) contract manufacturing a service that is provided Design Services Are Available

Company Products

Plus, there’s more.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

You can contact us with any questions you have concerning the items. Our sales person will call you within 24 hours in order to assist you with your request for information. You should receive a response from S P Syndicate PCL within 24 hours to 48 hours. We provide an implied guarantee to ensure that all of our products and services perform in the way for which they were intended. We accept payments in the form of T/T, L/C, and Western Union. We will begin production as soon as we get the advance payment that was agreed upon.

All precautions will be taken throughout the packaging procedure to ensure that the items remain in perfect condition during the transportation process.

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