Why Are They Called Space Buns

From Ballet Buns to Space Buns, the Conair Bun-2-Done Brings Hairstyle History into the Future!

No one can deny that buns are now in style, whether they’re huge buns, tiny buns, side buns, high buns, low buns, double buns, untidy buns, or everything in between. If you do a little online investigation, you’ll find that the hashtag bunstyle has over 15,000 posts on Instagram alone. Bun That, I’ve been there! No one can deny that buns are now in style, whether they’re huge buns, tiny buns, side buns, high buns, low buns, double buns, untidy buns, or everything in between. A quick search on the Internet reveals that bunstyle has over 15,000 posts on Instagram alone, and that Pinterest has page after page of bun styling ideas!

Pull your hair back, pin it, and you’re ready to go!

A Different Approach to Rolling The use of a flexible heating wand is a new, practical, and simple method of creating the ideal bun, or two, or three!

Then, pull it out and let it unfold to make magnificent waves, just like that!

  1. Conair Bun-2-Done is available in two color options: brown and blonde.
  2. Place a heated wand in the centre of your hair and wrap your hair around the length of the wand to ensure uniform heat distribution.
  3. And here’s a piece of advice: Alternatively, you may tie your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a ponytailer elastic before wrapping the wand around it.
  4. After that, wrap your hair around the wand, making care to thoroughly cover it with your hair.
  5. Make sure to leave the wand in place for at least 15 minutes for loose waves, or leave it in place all day for an on-trend bun.
  6. Keep in mind that the look will vary based on how long your hair is up in the bun, as well as your hair type and texture.
  7. Several wands are provided — split some with a pal to get twice the look!

One, two, or even three are OK!

Alternatively, you can bun your hair for a short period of time before flaunting your wonderful curls wherever life takes you.

Man, what a man!

View some of the Terracotta Warriors that date back to the third century!

Even Buddha, who lived in the sixth century, had a bun on his head.

The Maori referred to their man buns as tikitiki, and they were only allowed to be worn by those of the highest social status.

It’s all in Greek to me.

To demonstrate their social standing, Greek women tied their hair in buns at the back of the neck and accessorized their buns with jewels.

Generally speaking, the longer it took a lady to master her braided bun, the wealthier (and consequently more lovely) she was considered to be.

Hair that is too long The coiffures of fashionable women in 18th-century France were constructed from horsehair pads or wire cages.

The bun was considered overdone in ancient times!

In the 18th century, the French monarch Marie Antoinette was seen as a fashion idol, and her followers were encouraged to mimic her more ornate hairstyles.

Women in Regency England (1795-1830 or thereabouts) had a great crush on the old classical aesthetic — they copied the clothes of Greece and Rome and took the bun, but raised it higher in the air in order to modernize the look.

The hair was separated in the center, and the bun was emphasized with corkscrew curls around the head.

Buns in the Style of the Royal Victorians In fact, Queen Victoria was not exactly a party girl – and the buns that were popular during her time evolved into a more severe form, which was in keeping with the repression of the era that bears her name.

It was subsequently replaced by the bob, which became popular with flappers.

As the twentieth century proceeded, buns went in and out of fashion, and they came to be linked with a prim and correct demeanor and look.

Our wallflower takes her glasses off and unfurls her bun to display her real beauty, to to the delight of everyone around her!

Boogie Woogie in the Space Bundle A specific science-fiction film made its debut in the 1970s, and buns made a triumphant return to the world of food!

Space buns were sent into orbit because to the power of the movies.

Times of the Modern Era Even today, the bun is so intimately associated with the ballet that ballerinas sometimes refer to themselves as “bunheads.” Buns, on the other hand, are numerous and popular among both men and women nowadays.

There is something for everyone. Bun-2-Done® makes it simple to create the most delicious buns possible.

Princess Leia’s Buns Have a Completely Unexpected History

Carrie Fisher was so much more than her role as Princess Leia, yet it’s impossible to dispute that Star Wars had a significant role in her becoming an icon, even under the most improbable of circumstances. No one expected Leia’s hair to become synonymous with Fisher, yet that is exactly what happened. Because her hairstyle is one of the most identifiable ever, she has become something of a style guru as a result of it. Even today, you may see celebrities and fashion experts sporting huge double buns, which were definitely inspired by Princess Leia’s tresses.

  1. That wasn’t anything you were anticipating, were you?
  2. Visiting their website may allow you to access the same stuff in a different format, or it may provide you with even more information than you could get elsewhere.
  3. According to him, he worked really hard on the 1977 picture to produce something unique and out of the ordinary that was not fashionable at the time.
  4. The buns are based on a recipe from Mexico around the turn of the twentieth century.” According to scholars, the style is also similar to that worn by the Native American Hopi tribe, which is known as the “squash flower,” and is distinguished by blossoming buns on either side of the head.
  5. Are they the first round of space buns?
  6. Now that Fisher has passed away, her filmography, writing, and priceless words of wisdom will continue to live on.
  7. In the event that your adolescent daughter walks downstairs with two tight knots on the top of her head, explain where the hairstyle originated: Carrie Fisher, the late and renowned actress and one-of-a-kind Carrie Fisher, symbolized a long and rich history of women.
  8. You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website piano.io.

Where Did the Inspiration for Princess Leia’s ‘Space Bun’ Hair Come From in ‘Star Wars’?

When you think of the Star Warsfranchise, Princess Leia is almost certainly one of the first names that spring to mind, if not the first. She is a powerful character who delivers some of the greatest lines in A New Hope. She developed into one of the most important characters in the original trilogy, and she continued to make a significant impact in the sequels as well. Princess Leia, who was played by the late Carrie Fisher, is also one of the most famous characters in the Star Wars universe, owing in part to her signature space buns, which first debuted in Episode IV.

But where did the idea for Leia’s haircut originate from in the first place? On the set of ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,’ Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford pose for a photograph | Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

George Lucas said Mexican revolutionaries inspired Princess Leia’s hair

According to the BBC in 2016, George Lucas stated in 2002 that the Mexican revolutionaries were the inspiration for Princess Leia’s buns, which was published in Time magazine. “I opted for a style that was reminiscent of a south-western Pancho Villa lady rebel, which is exactly what it is. “The buns are essentially from Mexico around the turn of the twentieth century,” Lucas explained. When the first film was released in 1977, Fisher told the BBC that “George didn’t want a damsel in distress.” She was correct.

According to Fisher, “he didn’t want your classic princess.

According to Tabea Linhard, author of Fearless Women in the Mexican Revolution and the Spanish Civil War, Leia’s hair was not historically correct, according to the BBC.

“If you look at old photographs from the time period, you will find ladies with long braids, some wearing hats, and on occasion, they may cover their hair with a shawl,” says the author.

Leia’s hairstyle still might have indigenous roots

As a result, Princess Leia’s hair isn’t inherently Mexican in origin. However, it’s conceivable that Lucas got the locations mixed up. Indigenous women in Arizona did, in fact, sport hairstyles similar to Leia’s. According to Kendra Van Cleave of Frock Flicks, a website that examines costume correctness, the “squash blossom” design was worn by women of the Hopi tribe in Arizona, according to the BBC. According to Van Cleave, the look is comprised of two side configurations that are not technically buns, but rather loops of hair.

To construct two semicircles, the hair is wrapped in a figure of eight pattern, fastened in the centre, then fanned out to create the two semicircles.” According to CNN, the Japanese Shimada hairdo may have had an impact on Leia’s overall appearance as well.

Carrie Fisher’s legacy lives on through Princess Leia and her big hair buns

| Sarah Morris/Getty ImagesA Princess Leia placard was seen at a 2018 women’s march in Los Angeles | In any case, the influence Leia and her buns have had on pop culture is undeniable, regardless of where her hair originated. Although she only wore her hair in that style for one film, it is the style that everyone emulates to get her appearance. There’s a reason why two hair buns are now referred to as “space buns.” Fisher’s daughter, actress Billie Lourd, stated in an essay for Time magazine in 2019 that her mother didn’t like for the buns.

In her memoir, Lourd writes, “even though she moaned for years about how the legendary Leia buns ‘further broadened my already wide face,’ she was keen for me to carry on the face-widening family heritage.” It is customary for some people to carry on their family name, while others carry on holiday customs – I had planned to carry on the family haircut.” Lieutenant Connix was played by Bill Lourd in Episodes VII-IX.

Upon Fisher’s death in 2016, Lourd stated that she has taken on a new level of responsibility in regards to Star Wars and Princess Leia’s legacy.

“In an instant, I was in command of what would happen with her books, movies and a slew of other daunting stuff.” “I was now in charge of Leia’s well-being.” That legacy has had a huge influence on women’s rights and female empowerment, and it will continue to have an impact in the future.

Fisher would definitely be pleased with the extent to which her “face-widening” space buns extended.

Why are they called Space buns?

  1. | Sarah Morris/Getty ImagesA Princess Leia placard was seen at the 2018 Women’s March in Los Angeles | In any case, the influence Leia and her buns have had on pop culture is undeniable, regardless of where they came from. Although she only wore her hair in that style for one film, it is the style that everyone emulates to get the appearance she had in mind. We now refer to two hair buns as “space buns” for a specific purpose. Apparently, according to Fisher’s daughter, actress Billie Lourd, who penned an essay for Time magazine in 2019, Fisher did not like for the buns at all. But she couldn’t wait for her daughter to don them in the sequel trilogy, which was set to premiere in 2014. In her memoir, Lourd writes, “even though she moaned for years about how the legendary Leia buns ‘further enlarged my already broad face,’ she badly wanted me to carry on the face-widening family heritage.” It is customary for some people to carry on their family name, while others carry on holiday customs. I had planned to carry on the family haircut.” Lieutenant Connix was played by Bill Lourd in episodes VII-IX of The X-Files. In the aftermath of Fisher’s death in 2016, Lourd said that she had taken on a new level of responsibility in regards to Star Wars and Princess Leia’s enduring legacy. “On top of that, I got this bizarre, terrifying thing called her legacy.” “In an instant, I was in command of what would happen with her books, movies and a slew of other daunting stuff. My new role as Leia’s caretaker has been assigned to me. Women’s rights and female empowerment have benefited greatly as a result of this legacy, which has had a huge influence. Her “face-widening” space buns would definitely have made Fisher proud of how far they could go.
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Why are they called Space buns?

Boogie Woogie in the Space Bundle According to popular belief, the iconic space buns featured in the film were inspired by early 20th-century Mexican female revolutionaries known as “soldaderas.” However, they are more closely related to the Native American Hopi women’s “squash blossom” bun, which blossomed on either side of the head and was worn only by unmarried women.

Whats a space bun?

The situation came to a head when an Animal Crossing user on social media made the mistake of referring to the new puffs as “space buns,” a whimsical name that has been used to describe hair styles favoured by celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

How do you make space buns?

0:001:29 Fashion Influx’s Festival Hair – Space Buns | Fashion Influx – YouTube The beginning of the suggested video clip The conclusion of the suggested video clip Then I’m going to take the initial tiny part of my hair, so it’ll be only the top section of my hairMore information Looking at my hair, I’m going to take the first tiny bit, which is just the top section of my hair, and I’m going to comb it up so that I can put it into a small clear elastic.

Are space buns a black hairstyle?

When asked about the space bun controversy by Polygon via Twitter, Joseph responded, “It’s obviously a black hairstyle, something people have been pushing for, and the obvious trolls will say things like’space bun xP’ in seemingly quirky ways, but she knows what she’s doing and knows whom to delete.”

Can I wear space buns to work?

The fact that space buns tend to make you seem younger – and are frequently connected with festivals and parties – means that they aren’t typically considered a professional hairdo. The braided space bun hairstyle, on the other hand, may be suitable in the office due to its more official appearance.

Are space buns from the 90s?

When it came to festival hair in the 1990s, side buns, often known as’space buns,’ were one of the most popular styles. Today, they’ve become widely accepted. Instead of using bright colors, glitter, and braids, use your favorite scrunchies to give your side buns a softer and more daily vibe — another incredibly charming ’90s item – to make them more casual.

What are two buns called?

Odango In Japan, double or pigtail buns are commonly referred to asodango (), which is also a sort of Japanese dumpling (usually called dango; the o- is honorific).

Are space buns unprofessional?

Is it unprofessional to wear space buns? The fact that space buns tend to make you seem younger – and that they are frequently connected with festivals and parties – means that they are not typically considered a professional haircut. However, because it has a more official appearance, the braided space bun hairstyle may be suitable in the office.

Is a messy bun professional?

Messy Bun is the featured unprofessional hairstyle. Our hearts are broken by the fact that Ol’ Reliable, the untidy bun, isn’t appropriate for a professional setting. There are a variety of ways to dress it up. On the other hand, to be on the safe side, you should wait till the weekend.

Is a ponytail unprofessional?

In the workplace, a ponytail is totally acceptable, however a low ponytail is often viewed as more professional than a high ponytail.

You may also experiment with other hairstyles such as buns, clips, and gibson tucks.

Is long hair unprofessional female?

Women in the office prefer to get their hair cut short. Despite the fact that studies indicates that men like women with long hair, our culture identifies women with long hair with being “young,” “unprofessional,” and “insecure” – all of which have a detrimental influence on their credibility in the job.

Did they crimp hair in the 80?

Britney was the one who did it. For those of you who somehow missed out on the decade of excess, crimping is the process of shaping straight or straightened hair so that it has a zigzag-wavy appearance by using a crimping iron. Consider the polar opposite of natural beach waves or loose curls: sleek, straight hair.

How do I get 90s fluffy hair?

1:1541:11How To Create ’90s-Inspired Supermodel Hair – YouTubeYouTube1:541:11How To Create ’90s-Inspired Supermodel Hair

Why do guys wear man buns?

It’s fair to say that the man bun is a sign of something fresh and bold in an era when it’s more difficult than ever to defy the status quo. Hair that is short and tidy has been “in” since the return of Mad Men, and the man bun is a new egregious violation of this rule.

Can I wear space buns?

You can still rock the space buns trend even if you have thin hair – try small space buns and leaving the majority of your hair down.

Can I wear a messy bun to work?

Hairstyles that are considered classic are typically suited for the workplace. A few examples are wearing your hair down straight, wavy, or curly and styling it in a sleek ponytail, low chignon, French braids, and half-up, half-down updos, among other styles. It is not necessary to be ostentatious to be professional.

Can you wear space buns to work?

The fact that space buns tend to make you seem younger – and are frequently connected with festivals and parties – means that they aren’t typically considered a professional hairdo. The braided space bun hairstyle, on the other hand, may be suitable in the office due to its more official appearance.

Is it unprofessional to wear a ponytail?

In the workplace, a ponytail is totally acceptable, however a low ponytail is often viewed as more professional than a high ponytail. You may also experiment with other hairstyles such as buns, clips, and gibson tucks.

Can I wear a ponytail everyday?

Putting your hair in a ponytail for a day won’t cause your hair to come out in clumps, but pulling your hair into a ponytail too regularly or too firmly might cause some issues. As a result, if you’re keeping your hair in a ponytail all day, every day, your hair may begin to suffer.

Why Animal Crossing fans are arguing over ‘space buns’

The release of Animal Crossing: Additional Horizons’ major winter update in November was a cause for considerable rejoicing, since the addition of new hair options meant that certain Black players could more completely represent themselves in-game. However, what was intended to be a welcoming feature to the life simulator has instead become a source of contention, particularly since non-Black followers have begun to take and bleach the hair selections. The situation came to a head when an Animal Crossing user on social media made the mistake of referring to the new puffs as “space buns,” a cutesy name commonly used to describe hair styles favored by celebrities such as Ariana Grande, which sparked outrage.

  1. The discourse has mostly centered on what exactly the new choices are and what fans should refer to them as now that they are generally available.
  2. However, other people took it even farther, pointing out that Animal Crossing has represented something like to space buns in previous games such asPocket Camp, and that they do not look anything like the new puffy things inNew Horizons.
  3. twitter.com/AoNSRW8RnT — madANXIETY |
  4. (129/300) (@MahouEcho) TURN UP THE VOLUME!
  5. They’d look like the bun on the left, if you ask me.
  6. Behind the most part, white people do not have textured hair, and this is the reason for this.
  7. pic.twitter.com/fCkvrCSjq8 — Nesreen (@lilbittysherb) on Twitter The date is November 21, 2020.
  8. As a result, New Horizons is a vast improvement over previous incarnations, which required players who desired a darker skin tone in-game to sun tan their avatars for hours on end, if not wear masks, merely to portray themselves in-game.

The threshold for inclusion appears to be so low that firms are lauded for integrating stuff that should have been included from the beginning; that we celebrate having our hair in a game as a ‘success,’ or having a black character that isn’t a stereotype as something groundbreaking.” “It’s obviously a black hairstyle, something that people fought hard to get into, and the obvious trolls will say things like’space buns xP’ in a seemingly quirky way, but they know what they’re doing, and who they’re erasing,” Joseph explained to Polygon over Twitter in response to the space buns controversy.

  1. Opinions on this phenomena vary; some Black players have stated that they are not bothered by it at all and that they don’t care what other spectators are wearing during the game.
  2. There is a risk that, by referring to them as space buns, fans may erase the context of a hard-won and long-overdue addition to the game’s canon.
  3. According to her, “these folks took a haircut and renamed it in order to pretend it isn’t a black style,” she stated in a Twitter post.
  4. Morgan said she’s been attacked by users who point out that she uses pronouns in her bio, among other things.
  5. This is simply the newest battlefield for those who aren’t involved in the greater Animal Crossing community, but are interested in seeing how things play out.
  6. However, rather of turning into a torrent of hostility, the conversations over the puffs were swiftly forgotten.

But, as Joseph pointed out, “I don’t like to draw attention to users in that manner,” he was referring to the space bun brigade. “I’m really glad that these hairstyles are available for all of my family!”

A Brief History of Princess Leia’s Buns

Carrie Fisher’s mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, reportedly cautioned her to avoid parts that needed “any strange hairstyle.” Carrie Fisher followed her mother’s advice. Fortunately, Fisher did not follow her mother’s advice and instead elected to play as Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, a fierce diplomat-turned-rebel leader who has one of the most famous “strange hairdos” in cinematic history, as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What was the inspiration for Princess Leia’s buns? How did George Lucas come up with them?


“I was striving very hard to create something unusual, something that wasn’t fashion,” Lucas explained to TIMEMagazine in 2002. “So I went with a type of Southwestern Pancho Villa lady revolutionary aesthetic,” Lucas continued. “The buns are essentially from Mexico around the turn of the twentieth century.” Which sounds like a well-thought-out explanation—except that locating examples of Princess Leia-style buns on the heads of revolutionaries from the turn-of-the-century Mexican Revolution is extremely difficult, as Kitbashed’s Michael Heilemann discovered when he began his investigation into Lucas’ allegations.

According to Heilemann, “If you stop and think about it for a second, it makes perfect sense.” “When would revolutionaries find the time to put your hair up in two absurd buns, which are hard to maintain for any length of time, even with contemporary state-of-the-art hair product technology, if you manage to tame your hair enough to play along in the first place?”


Another likely source for Leia’s buns, and one that is considerably more old than “turn-of-the-century Mexico,” is Spain’s Lady of Elche, who is said to have inspired the princess. According to legend, the Lady is the bust of an Iberian princess or priestess who lived 2,500 years ago; in addition to her ornate necklaces, she also sports a headpiece that looks a little like the Millennium Falcon, which is attached to each side of her cap with pins. Was Lucas able to discover inspiration for both the Falcon and Princess Leia’s hair during a single visit to the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid?


Young Native American women of the Hopi people in the southwest United States (near Pancho Villa’s stomping grounds) would be a more plausible source of Lucas’ inspiration. These ladies dressed their hair in what were known as ” squash blossom whorls,” which were reminiscent of squash blossoms. When wearing whorls, which were created by coiling extremely long lengths of hair around flexible wooden shapes, women were often in their adolescent years, and they served as a sign of fertility (though men were also known to wear the bunsduring religious dances).

However, the eventhosebuns don’t quite seem like the cinnamon rolls Princess Leia would eventually wear since they appear to jut out too far from the head.


If you fast forward 20 years, though, you’ll find something that’s a little closer to the truth: in the deeply relieved, carefree years after World War I, women—particularly young women—who didn’t choose to cut off their hair still had a plethora of options for how to style it. Among the styles that were popular during this time period were the ” earphone ” style, in which two braids were coiled into buns at either side of the head, generally over the ears, giving them a look similar to the headphones that telegraph and telephone workers used during the time period (hence the name).

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It was all but finished by the middle of the 1920s (possibly thanks to the terrible term), giving way to the bob, which by then, in all its numerous incarnations—the Dutch Boy, the daring Eton Crop, Marcel waves—had been adopted by practically everyone, from youthful flappers to middle-aged ladies.


Though Leia’s style of bun remained largely dormant for the next 50 or so years, Heilemann points out that it was featured in the 1955 filmThe Dam Busters, which tells the remarkable true story of the RAF’s “bouncing bombs” during World War II; in the film, they were worn on the head of scientist Barnes Wallis’ wife, who was played by actress Julie Christie. According to Heilmann, Lucas would have surely watched the film, given that it served as inspiration for the Star Wars saga’s Battle of Yavin, which was one of the earliest Rebel triumphs and the battle in which the first Death Star was destroyed.

Of course, once Fisher donned the buns for the first time in Star Wars in 1977, it was game over; today, it’s nearly impossible not to associate side buns with Princess Leia (despite Ariana Grande’s flirtation with “space buns,” which sparked all sorts of misinformed headlines in an attempt to link her buns to Leia’s buns).


Star Wars fans will be interested to know that, while Leia’s buns are her most recognizable appearance, they are by no means her only outré hairdo. Despite Lucas’ claims to the contrary, Skepchick does an excellent job of not only chronicling Leia’s many hairstyles (which, despite Lucas’ claims, are definitely influenced by the times from which they came), but also pointing out just how difficult each one would be to achieve for real, un-Forced hair without a team of hair and make-up wizards—not to mention painful!

Fisher revealed that she will feature in the next film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but she also stated that she will not be bringing her buns to the set of the film.

After telling the crowd at this year’s Star Wars Celebration that “the buns are weary now,” she teased, “We have an alternate item that I believe you’ll be into—and it isn’t the metal bikini, I swear,” before adding, “We have an alternate thing that I think you’ll be into.”

40 Space Bun Hairstyles That Ooze Sassiness

Women’s hairstyling trends in recent years have included space buns, which are definitely a show stopper. ‘Space bun’ is defined as a ‘hairstyle sported by Princess Leia in the Star Wars film A New Hope’ according to the urban dictionary. This wonderful haircut is also worn and admired by many Hollywood celebrities, whom we will not mention here. It has that ’90s feel to it (think Gwen Stefani and Björk), and it has made the most beautiful comeback in recent memory. Piggytail buns are a lot of fun to wear since they are simple and completely effortless.

Where Does the Name Space Buns Come from?

Women’s hairstyling trends in recent years have emphasized the use of space buns. ‘Space bun’ is defined as a ‘hairstyle sported by Princess Leia in the Star Wars film A New Hope’ according to the Urban Dictionary. This attractive haircut is also favored and worn by many Hollywood celebrities, which we can only emphasize. Gwen Stefani and Björk are among the artists who have embraced the ’90s aesthetic, and it has made the most stunning comeback. In addition to being entertaining and simple, wearing pigtail buns is almost maintenance-free!

How to Do Space Buns

You may obtain a fantastic haircut that will allow you to travel into space in a matter of minutes by following a few simple steps. You’ll need bobby pins (which we always seem to misplace), hairbands, and a brush for this. If you want your buns to linger longer, you may spray them with hairspray as well. Do you think you’ve got it all? Let’s get this party started!

  • 1st step: Comb through your hair, making sure to brush it all the way down to the ends
  • Second step: Step 2 – At this point, you can separate your hair. If you want to make your buns appear even more fascinating, part your hair in a zig-zag pattern. Normally, ladies part their hair in the middle. It is entirely up to you
  • To make side ponytails, use your brush to separate the two sections of your hair that are separated by your brush. Make sure your ponytails are positioned high on your head, in the centre of your face
  • Step 4 – Tease your ponytails with a brush if you want to add additional volume to them. Fifth, twist and coil your hair into a string, and then wrap it around your head in a bun
  • And To complete the appearance, secure your hair with an extra set of elastics and a few bobby pins that are fastened under the elastics.

Watch the following video to learn how to create a DIY space bun hairstyle in a quick and simple manner.

How to Style Braided Space Buns

Braids are a stylish enhancement to the traditional space bun. There are no rules about whether you use fishnets or traditional ones; nonetheless, they will unquestionably make your haircut more fascinating. Whether you choose a top knot or wish to braid your hair in the back, the results will be spectacular! We have to agree that this is a more difficult hairstyle to do, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to take it off.

  • Step 1: Create a central parting in your hair and divide it into two equal halves. Step 2 – Begin braiding your right side of the head by taking a section of your hair and dividing it into two halves
  • 3rd step: you should tear off a little section of hair from the outside of your left hand
  • Fourth, cross this hair across and incorporate it into the right-hand part. This process should be repeated once again, but using the left-hand hair section
  • Step 6 – Take a portion of loose hair and cross it over your shoulders. It should be placed in the right-hand portion of your hair. 7. Repeat the previous steps on the opposite side of your hair, until you reach the middle of your head, then stop. The eighth step is to stop adding loose hair and just finish the fishtail braid once you reach the center of your head
  • To finish, tie your hair into two ponytails on either side of your head. To give the braids more volume, you will need to incorporate some of your loose hair into them. Make two buns with your hair by wrapping them over your shoulders. The final step is to leave your braids down or utilize them to conceal the elastic band

Watch the video below to learn how to create and style a braided space bun hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles with Space Buns to Try

Having discovered where the name of this hairstyle originates, as well as the secrets to making it appear absolutely stunning, it is now time to be inspired. Here are some of the most beautiful space bun hairstyles you should attempt right away!

1. Voluminous Braids

This braided hairstyle will give you the right combination of volume and chicness. You can easily make braids if you follow the instructions in this article. Half-up space buns are a great way to make your hair seem more voluminous. Isn’t it simple and stylish?

2. Rainbow Ends

It is imperative that you get this hairstyle right now if you are a lover of pastel balayage for hair!

A rainbow end, a double bun, and some short braids will be all that you need to make a grand entrance.

3. Simple yet Beautiful Buns

It goes without saying that this is the perfect hairstyle for you if you want something that is both simple to construct and stunningly attractive in appearance. Half-up, half-down space buns are a great option for everyday use.

4. ReverseBraided Space Buns

Perhaps you were unaware of the fact that space bun hairdos are a fantastic alternative for all of those sporty people out there. In addition to keeping your hair in order, this inverted down French braidsbun hairstyle will also make you appear trendy, whether you are heading to the gym or going for a run.

5. Lilac Buns

If you want to try something new and different, you should absolutely experiment with violet hair to the extreme. We are confident that it will generate a great deal of good feedback. Purple is stunning, but when styled in braids and space buns, it becomes even more fashionable!

6. Space Buns with Bangs

Space buns are no longer exclusively for youngsters, thanks to the addition of elegant long bangs that conceal the earlobes. Secure them slightly over your ears, and don’t be afraid to leave a few free tendrils here and there.

7. Space Buns for Thin Hair

A side bang is the perfect form of fringe to go with braided space buns if you have thicker hair. These are tightly twisted in order to achieve a tiny form.

8. Micro Box Braided Space Buns

Micro braids are a popular hairstyle for many Black women who are transitioning from their natural hair to a more polished look. In the interim, experiment with different colors such as purple and blonde, and then twist your hair into enormous space buns.

9. Red Space Buns

Bright red hair may be used to lend a flash of electrifying color to long, straight hair. Creating two ponytails and wrapping the hair around the base of the bun takes only a few minutes and takes no time at all!

10. Vintage Space Buns Style

An updated version of Princess Leia’s classic bun hairdo is seen here. Unlike the others, these ones are gigantic in size and fan out behind the ears. Combine with a deep, black lip color for the maximum statement-making effect.

11. Space Buns with Flowers

Besides long black hair, braids, and buns, is there anything more you could possibly need to make this pigtail bun hairstyle seem absolutely stunning? Yes, you absolutely do! Using flowers as a hair decoration will never go out of style.

12.Pastel PinkHighlights

Dark roots and accents in purple and pastelpink hues are really stunning together. Two buns are added to the equation to create a unique and wearable adolescent hairstyle that is great for everyday use.

13. Festival Ready Buns

Although pastel green hair dye may not be the most appropriate color for everyday or business wear, it is ideal for music festivals. You will be the main attraction at any occasion if you have long hair with space buns on top and a little glitter in your hair.

14. SequinedUpdo with Braids

Do not be afraid to go overboard with the sequins if you are attending Coachella or another music event. They are more than welcome to do so! You may separate your hair in the center and create two Dutch braids, which you can then twist into a space bun and decorate with a lot of glitter. Don’t you think this is a perfect style with a bohemian vibe?

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15. Chic Low Buns

These gorgeous low buns are a sophisticated and stylish take on the traditional top bun.

You can construct these very quickly and simply by braiding two strands of hair and wrapping them into two low buns.

16. Loose andLong Hair Bun

To get the ultimate boho look, braid only pieces of your hair while creating two small buns on the top of your head. This hairdo is ideal for summertime wear, music festivals, and just about every occasion in your life.

17. Holographic Hair

If you use a hairspray that contains light-changing sequins, you can get the ultimate galaxy look. Parties, night outs, and music festivals like as Coachella are all excellent occasions for this hairstyle with space bun.

18. Zig-Zag Sequins and Buns

When styling your hair, instead of splitting it along the center, sling sections of it in opposite directions to create a zig-zag pattern. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some glitter in the centre of your space buns once you’ve finished them with braids.

19.Curly Hair Buns

Anyone who has curly hair would never have believed that space buns could look this good. We haven’t been informed, to put it mildly. If, on the other hand, you are having trouble shaping your curls, simply pull them into buns and don’t bother about it.

20. Glitter on your Hair

If glittering your face isn’t enough for you, try putting it in your hair as well. You will be the light of the entire universe! Parties and festival season are ideal occasions for this half-up, half-down hairdo.

21. Buns onShort Hair

For those of the females who believed it was impossible for them to create a bun hairdo, you were completely incorrect. When you have short hair, this is how a space bun appears — it’s fantastic!

22.Short Curly Hair

In addition, how adorable do these half-space buns look on wavy hair? If you have a hairdo like this, give it a shot — you won’t be disappointed with the results!

23.Wedding Appropriate Buns

Pigtail buns may not seem like a hairdo that would be ideal for a wedding, but that is not fully accurate either. As you can see, these buns would look stunning on your wedding day, especially when decorated with white fresh flowers and stylish waves.

24. Cute Double Buns

Space buns are a popular hairdo for traveling, according to many female travelers. Because the hairstyle is so convenient, you can even do it while on the move.

25. SideCornrow Braids

For this hairstyle to work, you will just need three little traditional braids and two buns, which will take care of everything. It will add a surprising twist to your ordinary appearances and make them more interesting.

26.Waterfall Braid

For this hairstyle to work, you will just need three little traditional braids and two buns, which is all you will need. With it, you may add a surprising touch to your usual ensembles.

27. Bun Cuffs

Adding bohemian bun cuffs to your buns will make them even more eye-catching. Everyone who sees you will be taken aback by the tassels!

28.Teal Blue Hairstyle

Deep blue dye with a bright accent is perfect for rebellious young ladies! You shouldn’t be afraid to put a little glitter in the centre of your head and wear your hair in space buns.

29. Boho Vibes Buns

You might be surprised to learn that tattoos are no longer restricted to the face and torso. Summer tattoos in gold and turquoise tones look fantastic on your hair! It is possible to get the ultimate bohemian beach style with a space bun and double French braids.

30. Ribbon Ties in your Hair

If you’re attending a black-tie event, try to emulate this look.

When it comes to styling and making your buns seem even more professional, ribbons are essential.

31. Curly Space Buns

A half-up space bun hairstyle is the ideal approach to show off your curls while yet maintaining a fashionable appearance. Make a central part before making these little space buns for a sleek symmetrical appearance.

32. Space Buns for Asian Women

Put your natural Asian straight hair up into these lovely braided space buns instead of leaving it flat and limp as you normally would. A few hairs around the face help to lighten the overall look.

33. Twisted Space Buns

Begin by rolling the hair from either side of your head into two low space buns with a twist. Secure with a hair tie, then wind the hair around the base of the ponytail to finish it off.

34. Space Buns for Round Faces

You might not believe that calling attention to your round face is a good thing, but there are some hairstyles, such as space buns, that are incredibly attractive on round faces. Before constructing the buns on top of the head, you only need to do a center part in your hair.

35. Space Buns for Thick Hair

Space buns are a terrific way to draw attention to your thick hair and make it stand out. Instead of firmly looping the hair around the base of a ponytail, attempt to let it a little free to create the jumbo shape to give it more volume.

36. Space Buns on Long Hair

Extremely long hair that is almost waist-length should be flaunted and celebrated. Alternatively, little space buns can be worn at the top for a beautiful half updo look.

37. Space Buns for Little Girls

Much if you’re used to merely giving your little daughter a ponytail or low braids for school days, she’ll appreciate it even more if you offer her two high space buns instead.

38. Space Buns with Crochet Braids

If you have natural black hair, there is no reason why you couldn’t appear beautiful while still preserving it: create a half updo with two little space buns and you can sport this playful micro-braided style.

39. Bow Space Buns

It’s possible that you’ll need to follow a bow hair guide to get this space bun style, but the end result will be well worth it. Two long tendrils should be left to frame your face.

40. Dreadlock Space Buns

Two high space buns that are enormous in form are a terrific go-to hairstyle for ladies who have thick dreadlocks and want to keep their look simple and stylish.


Q. Is it possible to do space buns on thin hair? Ans:Of course it is possible! Despite the fact that you won’t be able to achieve much volume or texture, your space buns can nonetheless look fantastic. Making them look a little unkempt can give the impression of more volume to others around you. The key to making your buns appear voluminous is to avoid pulling them into a ponytail. Dry shampoo should be used immediately after you have divided your hair into two equal sections. Brush your hair and then twist the section you want to construct a cord with until you have a cord.

  • If you want even more volume, tease all of your hair before you begin twisting it up at the ends.
  • Ans:Ballet buns are for females who prefer to seem polished and quite sophisticated in their appearance.
  • Space buns, on the other hand, may be both unkempt and well polished.
  • Q.
  • Ans:Since Ariana Grande debuted her two buns, many fans have speculated whether or not the ponytail period has come to an end completely.
  • Ariana has had half-updos as well as the classic double bun hairstyles in her career.
  • She flaunted it on the runway and in public.
  • Our message is directed at her!
  • Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, there is always someone who adores to wear them.

Space buns can be braided or conventional in style; the choice is entirely up to you. We can only say that they may be both casual and elegant at the same time, as well as quirky and elegant. There aren’t many haircuts that are as functional as this one.

The story behind Princess Leia’s hairstyle

Image courtesy of Science Photo Library/Associated Press. Although Carrie Fisher’s character Princess Leia had double buns in the movie, it is unclear who was the inspiration for them. Image caption After hearing the tragic news of Carrie Fisher’s untimely death, admirers went to social media to pay respect to the late actress and actress. In the middle of the outpouring of sadness, one image was reproduced again and over: two small girls with their hair perfectly bunched in two “cinnamon buns” and a smile on their faces for the camera.

  • When asked about it by Time Out in 2014, Fisher responded, saying, “I am Leia, and Leia is me.” We’ve run into each other since my life has been so cartoonish or superhero-like in the past several years.
  • And from whence did it originate?
  • Image caption: Star Wars has grown to become one of the most successful film series in history.
  • In later interviews, Star Wars creator George Lucas stated that he was inspired by Mexico’s female rebels, known as “soldaderas,” who took part in the rebellion at the beginning of the twentieth century and fought alongside men.
  • “The buns are essentially from Mexico around the start of the twentieth century,” Lucas told Time magazine in 2002.
  • During an interview with the BBC in 1977, Fisher revealed that George didn’t want a damsel in distress or the conventional princess.
  • There is simply one problem with Lucas’s assertion: it is not true.
  • Getty Images is the source of this image.

For as much as I would like to believe that Princess Leia’s hairstyle was inspired by a style worn by soldiers during the Mexican Revolution, I believe that this was most likely not the case,” Tabea Linhard, author of Fearless women in the Mexican Revolution and the Spanish Civil War, said in an interview with the BBC.

  • In terrible battlefield conditions, the women’s responsibilities included transporting supplies, caring for all of the men’s needs, acting as spies or spying for the enemy; some even took part in fighting.
  • In such case, a haircut like Leia’s was probably not a practical choice.” The haircut, on the other hand, appears to have its origins in the history of North America.
  • “This is made up of two side arrangements that aren’t exactly buns – they’re more like loops of hair,” she said further.
  • The hair is coiled in a figure-eight pattern, then knotted in the centre and fanned out to form the two semi-circles at the ends.
  • Caption for the image The haircut was initially seen on Hopi women who were not married in Arizona.

Naturally, the 1920s were a period in which women around the Western hemisphere were challenging traditional gender norms – American women gained the right to vote in 1920, and women were enrolling in college and pursuing professional careers in unprecedented numbers.” As a way of displaying their uniqueness from mainstream society, and therefore as part of their feminist manifesto, many of the arty, bohemian women of the 1920s donned ‘ethnic’ dress.

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Asked in the following category: General The most recent update was made on April 16, 2020. Japanese dumplings are known as odango (?, odango), which are double or pigtail buns that are shaped like pigtails (usuallycalleddango; the o- is honorific). The iconic space buns featuredwere allegedly inspired by early 20th-century Mexican female revolutionaries, known as “soldaderas,” but they are actually more similar to the Native American Hopi women’s “squash blossom”bun, which blossomed on either side of the head and was worn only by unmarried women in their communities.

Despite the fact that the bun has become linked with ballet, the hairstyle may trace its roots back to the ladies of Ancient Greece, who created a hairdo known as the Greek knot.

It was basic, low-lying, and knotted at the back of the neck.

A trendy fashion from the 1990s, space buns are two buns on the top of your head that seem like they are floating in space.

What is the name of Princess Leia’s hairstyle?

To shape and secure the legendary if absurd hairstyle — Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, herself referred to it as “cinnamonbuns” — it took two hours and even then, the results were shaky.

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