Why Do People Hate Man Buns

Why We Hate Man Buns

Among the fads we despised in 2015 were the dress, minions, vaping, and hoverboards. It was a wonderful feast of listicles and memes condemning the plight of popular culture in the year 2015. There is, however, one that sticks out as extremely political, capable of ripping families apart, and more more contentious than the pumpkin spice lattes or Crocks of previous years. That’s right, I’m referring to the gentleman’s bun. Tina, please don’t eat those buns. It all started with Jared Leto, who was the first celebrity to have a man bun.

The fact that not everyone can “get it off” is a major source of criticism of the man bun’s popularity, something that almost all of us have thought to ourselves at some point in our lives.

Suspenders or vividly patterned ties may be appropriate for more macho individuals.

The results of a poll done by the well-known polling organization West Coast Shaving Man buns are disliked or despised by 62 percent of female respondents.

  • The vast majority of women also stated that they would not date a man who wore his hair in a ponytail.
  • Hair tie sharing was a worry for some women, while others praised buns for expressing confidence in one’s manhood.
  • Other people have said that man buns are hipster, but I would argue that this is also related to the present difficulties of masculinity, rather just to the style of man buns.
  • While there are other more substantial criticisms of hipster culture, such as gentrification and the appropriation of black, working class, and Native American culture, I will refrain from discussing them all.
  • As a result, what happens to males who complicate or push the bounds of gender conformity after all of this?
  • People who are LGBTQ have endured prejudice and violence throughout history for defying these social standards and disrupting the heterosexual matrix, albeit sluggish progress on this front will hopefully continue to alleviate that persecution.
  • Here is my counter-argument: man buns are really harmful.

Identity varieties that rely on both masculine and feminine characteristics might be particularly perplexing to understand.

Making a distinction between masculine and feminine, or eradicating it entirely for gender nonconforming persons, is not only controversial; it also has the potential to undermine the heterosexual heterosexual matrix as a whole, which is now in place.

Not only does it elicit wrath and dread, but it also spurs growth and a deeper knowledge of the vast range of human behavior.

Most likely not.


Who can and cannot “get away with” wearing a man bun shows us who is allowed to defy social conventions and who is not.

What is it about the man bun that we despise?

We may write off the whole thing as further reaction against something fashionable, and that is absolutely what is going on.

However, I believe there is something more going on.

We have just added another more thorn to the already frail collection of cultural mores that instruct us how to label one another, how to compartmentalize ourselves into male and female categories. But don’t be put off by this. It’s nothing more than a bun. Britney has a Twitter account.

r/MensLib – Why we hate man buns (fragile masculinity)

Is it considered feminine to have long hair on a man? Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Over the centuries, men with long hair have been derided as being unmanly. Despite the fact that there existed an ideal of a longhaired philosopher in Ancient Greece and Rome, men with long hair were considered effeminate by society (though much less in Ancient Greece). Long hair is considered a dishonor for men, according to the Bible, IIRC. In part because their long hair plainly defied gender expectations and simply declared, “I’m my own man who thinks for himself,” men with long hair have traditionally been regarded as rebellious.

And outside of metal/punk shows, I’ve never seen a male with long hair, which is in stark contrast to your experience with long hair.

When there is a family gathering, my uncle often asks me when I am going to cut my hair so that I may become a member of the manclub.

However, your mileage may vary.

How The Man Bun Is Destroying Our Civilization

So, I don’t mean to come out as theatrical, but your man bun is destroying our civilisation, to put it mildly. Please consider what I’m saying. It’s not about the guy bunin se, it’s about the people. It all comes down to cultural context. Samurai man buns are the originals. Man buns on European soccer players.well, let’s just say we fought a revolution for a cause. They live harsh lifestyles, trekking the entire Pacific Crest Trail and assuming that society does not exist. Even the crunchy hippie man bun has a hardcore life.

In a button-down shirt and formal shoes, it strolls around the streets of Washington, D.C.

Somehow, the man bun has evolved into a petty symbol of millennial men’s refusal to grow up and conform to society’s expectations.

What Is a ‘Man,’ Anyway?

Please do me a favor and think back to when you were in first grade. You’re covered in dirt, your knees are scraped, and you’ve been accumulating cicada shells in your pockets all day. Did you ever imagine that you’d have to remove the cicada shells from your room to make room for hair bands one day? Despite the current clamor for abandoning sexist conventions, we do not live in a society where the rule of law is ignored. Women, on the whole, do not engage in fistfights and prefer to sit with their legs open.

  • Your man bun is in violation of our societal norms, and even your first-grade self would have recognized this as a problem.
  • That’s all right.
  • But is that greasy poof really all there is to it?
  • The war journalist Sebastian Junger has produced an interesting documentary titled “The Last Patrol,” which is well worth watching.
  • He and several of his friends ponder what it means to be a man in today’s world.

One of them brings up a really interesting point: being a man means figuring out what the rest of the world expects of you—and then going out and doing it. That, I believe, embodies not only what it means to be a “man,” but also what it means to be an adult.

Your Man Bun Is Selfish and Immature

You appear to be unaware that your man bun is a barrier to being taken seriously by both older men and women of all ages, which is a shame. We’ve all agreed to follow the laws of society, and your man bun is blatantly disregarding those standards. The man bun, like a flashy suit or a low-cut dress, is purely for aesthetic reasons. It is a superficial method of attracting attention and distinguishing oneself by using flash rather than substance. When it comes to your man bun, you want to maintain one foot in the “Hey, look at me” of youth while also reaping the perks of being an adult.

That’s why even Mark Zuckerberg donned a suit before appearing before Congress.

Women Resent Your Man Bun

Women and men enjoy a successful working relationship. We assist you in understanding how to act in public; you assist us in avoiding being neurotic, spinster hypochondriacs who bury their sorrows in ice cream, respectively. Being a guy has traditionally included allowing oneself to be socialized by other women. And it’s for this reason that we despise your man bun. We’re assuming it comes as part of a package offer that includes too many video games, a filthy toilet, and a live-in girlfriend you’re not interested in marrying.

  • All bets are out at this point!
  • You may say that I sound like a disgruntled single lady who is doomed to die alone in a cat-filled apartment: that’s a valid point of view.
  • There is a generation of kind, intelligent, and gorgeous women who will die childless and buried in cat litter, all because you didn’t want to cut your frigging hair and come into maturity with the rest of the world.
  • We’re enraged because we like males and want you and more of your friends would behave in the same manner.
  • Please.
  • You should have your hair cut.
  • Purchase a ticket to adulthood.
  • Caroline D’Agati is a writer, a former park ranger, and a New Jersey native who now lives in the District of Columbia.
  • You can follow her on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @carodagati.

Why Do Man Buns Inspire Instant Vitriol?

Gregg McBride is the source of this information. In the same way that many of you reading this are, I’ve been perplexed by the high amount of division that has permeated our national attitude in recent months. My discovery of an even larger lightning rod for igniting strong sentiments and, in some circumstances, public indignation was just recently made, and it was unexpected. .and no, I’m not talking to your choice in the recent presidential election; rather, I’m referring to my. (dare I mention it in such a public forum?) man bun.

  • At least not in the beginning.
  • When I was out socializing, I liked the length; but, I wanted a means to keep it out of my face when working.
  • In addition, I have to note that it has proven to be a successful strategy of avoiding having to deal with long hair throughout the workday.
  • But that was exactly what happened.
  • To be completely honest with you, it was never my intention to retain my man bun as a part of my “style” for an extended period of time.
  • It wasn’t so much that I wanted to disturb people as it was that I was captivated by people’s overt emotions.
  • I have not overlooked the connections between this situation and other life disputes.

But, when you’re sheltering behind a 140-character limit on Twitter or other comparable venues supplied by Facebook and other online pulpits, is doing so truly “brave” anymore?

” Acceptance?” is far less common.

This frequently takes place in the boundaries of my mind, where it is concealed from public view—until someone expresses a viewpoint with which I disagree (typically on television), at which point I can spiral out of control.

Of course, I recognize that our political, religious, and other firmly held values are essential to us, and I realize that they are important to you (and carry much greater impact than whether or not someone likes my hairstyle).

And does it really make a difference if someone holds a different point of view than I do?

Can’t we coexist peacefully and even take some comfort in the fact that having different opinions, beliefs, and ways of doing things can add more flavor to everyday life?

Whilst on the subject of haircuts, it would be negligent of me not to mention the “perm” I wore after graduating from college, which coincided with the time period in which I weighed more than 400 pounds (at the time).

Being judged for failing to effectively lose the additional weight (no matter how many times I tried) was something I feared.

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This is something I’m awestruck by right now.

The possibility exists that I will look back on my previous man bun and be horrified.

(That’ll be the gist of my narrative, anyhow.) I don’t anticipate my man bun to be a source of world peace, even if I look back on it.

That may or may not be true in this case.

Whenever there’s a chance to be ridiculous in this world, I’m the one who takes advantage of it (often unintentionally, I assure you).

However, if wearing a man bun may serve as a reminder to me to provide the same kindness to others that I would like to receive myself, then everyone is a winner in my book.

We Asked 100 Women.

What Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, Jared Leto, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have is a love of the sport of football. Actually, they have a lot in common, including excellent genes, a ton of money, and millions of women who are madly in love with them, among other things. However, for the sake of this narrative, we’ll be concentrating on their hair. They’ve all gotten the “man bun” at some time in their lives. Men’s Fitness has a question: When I saw “The Wolf of Wall Street,” I was really taken by Leo, but is the Pomade Slick-Back still cool?

  1. Celebrity man buns are extremely popular among women, but is it something they look for in a man they’d date or is it just a trend?
  2. Here’s how it’s broken down: “I exclusively go for guys who have man buns,” says the narrator.
  3. – 21 “Perhaps, but it’s not something I’m actively looking for.” – 43 – “Unquestionably not.” – a total of 31 As we combed through the comments in order to choose our top lines, we noticed at least one recurring trend.
  4. “I’m not sure what it is about a man bun that has such a sex appeal.
  5. “Whatever the case, I adore them.” -Victoria C., Ph.D.
  6. The cost of hair ties has been too expensive for me lately, between rent and socializing.
  7. is a freelance writer based in New York City.

Men’s Hair Products: The 7 Best New Products on the Market The man bun is a popular trend on television, but men in real life frequently appear oily and filthy, as I’ve witnessed.

Grace Z.

They appear more rough, almost like a genuine man, thanks to this.” Allison K.

In fact, my now-husband has worn a man bun since we met five years ago.

“It’s unique and sensual!” says the author.

Going for a man bun would be outside of my comfort zone, but I enjoy the style and think it can be appealing when done in a masculine manner.

is a freelance writer based in New York City.

— Alicia F., Ph.D.

“It all depends on the individual.

However, if it is forced or appears to be excessively “done up,” I am not interested.

is a freelance writer based in New York City.

– Vanessa P. “Only one percent of guys who rock the man bun, truly rock the man bun,” says the author. ” And that one percent drives me completely insane.” -Dani N., Ph.D.

Detroit Free Press

Male hairstyles have evolved over time, including the mullet, the Caesar, and Justin Bieber’s hairdo, which is swept to the side. Now, despite the fact that women despise it, males are developing a bromance with the man bun. It turns out that Michigan is the seventh most popular state in the US when it comes to the prevalence of man buns. Hairstyles like these tend to be particularly popular among our young and artistic millennial men, who are generally in their 20s and 30s. Perhaps it evokes a sense of exuberance associated with youth — or perhaps older men avoid it because they don’t have enough hair left to curl into a topknot.

His opinion is that a man bun is both sleeker and more maintainable than a ponytail.

Woman can’t bear the man bun style, which is unfortunate because it is popular among men.

The findings are as follows:

  • A total of 62.9 percent of women questioned either disliked or despised the man bun, with 58 percent saying they would not date a man who wore one. According to 74% of those polled, their present or former significant other would not look good with a man bun
  • Will guys abandon the man bun once they understand the results of this study? My random stranger on the street stated that he is not influenced by any anti-man bun mentality. According to him, “a lot of people believe things are foolish.” “They are free to believe whatever they wish.” What about you? What are your thoughts on this hair-raising — I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself — fashion trend? If you need more information, call or email Georgea Kovanis at 313-222-6842 or [email protected]

Why I Despise Man Buns

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2018In Products I’m just going to state the obvious and say what everyone else thinks. Okay, maybe not everyoneelse, but there are a lot of other people. If you’re sporting a “man bun,” you should be aware that I will not take your words seriously. I completely understand the urge for long hair, believe me when I say that. I certainly appreciate the appeal of a bun in terms of convenience. I’m just baffled as to why any male would desire a hairdo that is influenced by ballerinas in the first place.

  • Despite the fact that the Italian in me allows me to develop some hair on the inside of my upper lip, you won’t find me sporting a mustache anytime soon.
  • So simply put a stop to it.
  • We have some fantastic items to help you keep your mane in pristine condition.
  • While we’re at it, how about some slim jeans?
  • He made a pit stop at the GAP and returned home empty-handed.
  • In the end, “I couldn’t even get my foot in the hole,” he said.
  • It was explained to me that there was not a single model in the whole collection available at that specific retailer that had a leg opening big enough to fit a male size 12 foot, let alone a guy who wore work boots.

What I don’t get is why guys prefer to dress in jeans that highlight the form of their legs (assuming they can get them on in the first place) while making their feet appear to be enormous flippers in comparison.

Particularly in the deeper washes, they look fantastic on us females.

But what about the guys?

This, along with the ever-present “fashion” of wearing the waist of your pants below the bottom of your boxer shorts, has to be phased out.

Put an end to it.

Beards are popular among men for a variety of reasons: they keep you warm, they appear macho, and they attract a large number of female admirers.

The point at which your beard has become so overgrown that you can’t see your lips is when you should reconsider why you’re doing it in the first place.

Do you want something more masculine?

Are you a professional lumberjack?

I’m very certain you wouldn’t let the hedges in front of your house to grow to the point where you couldn’t see out your windows.

Oh, and do you recall the research that claimed beards included feces residues?

Reduce the size of such objects.

Disclaimer: Take a look at these services that will assist you in following my recommendations.

We’re looking at you, Jared Leto, with your swanky Guilty cologne advertisement.

That you don’t get a bad case of pink eye as a result of this experience.

Oz, and Wendy Williams are among the national shows on which Jené Luciani is a regular contributor.

She is also the author of three books and a bestselling author of three books. Her home is in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband and their four children. The thoughts stated are those of the author and do not represent those of the Barber Surgeons Guild of America.

20 Glorious Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Hating On Man Buns Any More

While many may dismiss the man bun as a fad fashion or style decision, there must be something about it that draws us back to it time and time again, right? In 2015, the man bun and beard combination was praised as a lethal combination. Und it still makes us drool, even today, more than halfway through the year 2017. There’s something about the man bun that strikes the perfect nerve, wakes our primordial impulses, and makes us question how anybody could have lived in the first place if it weren’t for the abundance of man buns.

  • As a result of the abundance of man buns available in today’s society, which makes our lives simpler through their visually pleasing visual appeal.
  • Instagram/Issa Rustom is the source of this image.
  • Source: Mohamed Yousfi’s Instagram account Someone please present him with an award!
  • Even ladies are aware that a messy bun is always the best option for them.
  • Source:Instagram/Mr.Hardys Fridays should be really casual.
  • Image courtesy of Instagram/Tony Thornburg A well-dressed gentleman with a man bun is always welcome.
  • Sunlight play with a man bun and a big beard can make you seem really beautiful.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Perpetually BeardyMoustache.


Qudeer Arshad’s Instagram account was used as a source.

Take a close look at that nose ring.

Source:Instagram/ManBun Since 1969, I’ve been rocking the man bun!

Jaaf’s Instagram account was used as a source.

What else could this be if it is not God’s handiwork?

Have you ever come across a depressed man sporting a man bun?

Everyone enjoys a well-groomed man bun.

Anyone would have a grin on their face if they were wearing a man bun as lovely as this.

Eduardo Peterson’s Instagram account is credited as the source.

Finding everlasting happiness in a bun. Source:Instagram/Mooglie This man bun is just stunning! Source: David Bonnefoi’s Instagram account A man bun is said to have magical abilities, which we believe to be true. Lasse’s Instagram account was used as a source.

Have we convinced you that man buns are making the world so much better and that they deserve your love?

Photo from Shutterstock of two men with buns posing for you The New York Times conducted an investigation into the popularity of man bun hairstyles in the United States last week. What’s the final say? The condition of the man bun is excellent. So, what exactly are man buns, and what do they signify in this context? I’m not sure where these came from. And, maybe most importantly, why, why, why? Despite the fact that it is difficult to exhaust the possibilities of 2015’s most sumptuous and intriguing hairdo, we can get you up to speed on the essentials of the man bun.

1) What is a man bun?

This is a more difficult question to answer than you may expect. This is due to the fact that the man bun is an incredibly adaptable hairstyle that integrates a variety of distinct components. It’s simplest to state what should be included in a man bun: hair from the top of the head that is fastened and not hanging freely down (as it might in a ponytail). The rest of the time, though, is up in the air. As the chart below illustrates, man buns can be styled in a variety of ways, but they are all officially man buns: Listed here are a selection of the most popular man buns.

  • The dimensions of the bun. This is dependent on the basic materials used. Men with a lot of hair to deal with are more likely to wear their hair in a huge bun that incorporates a lot of hair. A “nubbin” of hair that sticks up or out and does not appear to be a full bun (this style is also often known as a “top knot”)
  • The location of the knot. The bun or nubbin might emerge on top of the head or at the rear of the head, which has a significant impact on the appearance of the bun. When a man bun extends too far back on the head, it is referred to as a “pony bun.” The hair on the side of the head is termed “sideburns.” A complete man bun is made with the same materials as a pony tail: a significant volume of hair on all sides that is pulled back and tucked into a bun at the back of the neck. Side hair, on the other hand, is not necessary for a man bun, just as unusually long hair is not required for a man bun. The sides of their heads are frequently shaved or carefully clipped (a style known as a “undercut”) by men who wear man buns.
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2) So when did these things become popular?

Hozier, rocking a man bun while singing Photograph by Mike Windle for Getty Images The most of it has occurred in the last few of years. According to Google Trends, there were a few spikes in man bun interest in 2013, followed by a boom in interest in 2014, and then a steady increase throughout 2015. That is a decent proxy for general public interest, but it is not the first time the phrase has been used in this context. Even as early as January 2012, man buns appeared in trend items in the New York Times, and one of the first Tweets about the man bun was sent out in 2011: ” @PrincetonBrooke: How I wore my MAN BUN today lol TeamBlackAndFilipino LongHairDontCare ” ” @PrincetonBrooke: How I wore my MAN BUN today lol TeamBlackAndFilipino LongHairDontCare ” (I REMEMBA THOSE DAYS) pic.twitter.com/cpD6buMm — son of Hephaestus (@gvf idont) — son of Hephaestus The 8th of November, 2011 So the man bun has been there since the beginning of time, but it’s safe to say that the bun truly came into its own around 2012.

3) Did celebrities make the man bun a hit hairstyle?

Leonardo DiCaprio has a man bun in July. Getty Images/Images from a handout That is up for debate. Early man bun journalism frequently made reference to bunned celebrities, who no doubt contributed to the popularity of the genre. Jared Leto, Joakim Noah, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Orlando Bloom were among the celebrities that spoke out for the cause. Others, on the other hand, credit lower-profile sources of inspiration, such as Brooklyn bartenders and other commonplace hipsters, for their success.

4) What about historical sources? Didn’t samurai have man buns?

In July, Leonardo DiCaprio sported a man bun for the first time. Getty Images/Images from a presentation To some extent, this is true. When it came to early man bun journalism, it was frequently based on bunned celebrities, who no doubt had a role in its widespread acceptance. Jared Leto, Joakim Noah, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Orlando Bloom were among the celebrities that spoke out in support of the organization.

While some attribute their inspiration to more obscure sources, such as Brooklyn bartenders and other common hipsters, others claim more obscure sources of inspiration. Finding the precise lines of influence in fashion, like in any other field, may be tricky.

5) Can I have a music break? Preferably with a man singing the word “man bun” in falsetto?

As man buns have gained popularity, they have begun to dominate popular culture. They, like every other fad, elicit parodies. Although the man bun has a memorable name, it has evolved at an era where the internet is exerting greater influence over popular culture in general, and, most importantly, everyone has an opinion on whether or not it should be popularized. There are far too many man bun parodies to name them all, but they include celebrities who have had man buns Photoshopped on, satirical manuals, and man bun clipping vigilantes, among others.

6) So why did normal people start growing man buns?

Is there an all-encompassing theory of the man bun? Let’s take a look at the prior fashionable hairstyle. The “high and tight” hairstyle is also known as the “Hitler Youth” haircut, which is less sensitively referred to (so-called because of its similarity to the popular 1930s German haircut). High and tight hairstyles are still popular in many regions, and include growing the top long and shaving or carefully trimming the sides, as demonstrated by Macklemore (one of many celebrities who sport the style):Macklemore is just one of many celebrities who sport the style.

  1. Increase the length of your hair a bit further and you’ll have enough to tie a top knot.
  2. After all, the “high and tight” was influenced by the slicked-back hair and close-cut sides popularized by the Mad Men series.
  3. NBA player Joakim Noah, who is biracial, was one of the first prominent stars to rock the look.
  4. Jonathan Daniel / Associated Press Curly-headed man buns are also popular, albeit they may necessitate a little longer hair for them.

7) What does the man bun really mean?

Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, sporting a man bun, performs on stage. Photograph by Jeff Hahne for Getty Images The man bun is, in many ways, a symbol of something new and daring in an era when it is more difficult than ever to defy the norms of society. Short, neat hair has been “in” since Mad Men brought it back, and the man bun is a recent transgression in this trend. Another way to look at it is that the man bun is the latest in a long line of gender redefinitions, as men are increasingly adopting what has traditionally been considered a female style.

Men’s fashion trends have often been interpreted as pushing the boundaries of traditional masculinity, from the fashionistas of the 18th century to long-haired hippies to the ” metrosexuals” of the early 2000s.

That is something that no one can foresee.

Maybe the Caesar cut from the 1990s will come back into fashion — which, at this point, would be a revolutionary move. However, a rat tail, a mullet, or bleached tips would also be considered unattractive. Whatever you choose to do with your man bun, it will be beautiful as long as it is bold.

8) Should I grow a man bun?

Do you consider yourself to be a man who should sport a man bun? You are the only one who knows the solution to that question. You must be the bun that you desire to see in the world, according to Shutterstock.

VIDEO: Pop culture trends inspiring popular belief

The secret to having your man bun stand out is to experiment with different styles and see what works and what doesn’t for you. I’d want to ask you a question: have you ever glanced in the mirror and thought to yourself, “Damn, I look terrific today?” If so, are you able to explain why you believe this is the case? When it comes to your own style, you should pay more attention to what we term your “Inner Style Compass.” It can tell you which styles work and which styles don’t work for you, and no matter how many different styles you try, it will tell you if you’ve chosen the right one or not.

Also, to get you more in touch with your inner style compass, the next time you look in the mirror and feel shit hot, make a note of what you did differently to get that sensation.

Finally, understanding your face shape and the styles that complement it may assist you in making better style decisions for your man bun.

That is, without a doubt, the finest piece of advise on how to pull off a man bun.

  • Learning to Ignore the Haters of the Man Bun
  • What to look for while looking for the ideal man bun inspiration
  • What it means to be a part of a community and why it is vital
  • Paying attention to your inner fashion compass

We hope you found this post to be of great benefit, and we look forward to seeing you in the future one. Check out our Pinterest and Instagram pages for additional pictures of us, and if you’d want to join over 2000 other men who have long hair, you can learn more about the club by visiting their website. Until we meet again! The Man BunsManes Team is a roaring success!

Why do people hate man buns/long hair so much?

” pubdate=””> November 2, 2019, 10:05 p.m. ” pubdate=””> BeautyStyle There have been 17 views. To find out the solution to the following question, read on. What is it about man buns and long hair that so many people despise? Answers: Anonymous: I used to have my hair like that before I chopped it, and I really liked it, but it was a lot of work to keep it looking that way. Jasmine (Jasmine): Jasmine is a flower that grows in the Jasmine family. I’m not sure what it is about males with long hair that makes them attractive.

  1. Men with long hair, on the other hand, are more appealing to me.
  2. The reason is because all of the guys I know that have man buns are *****.
  3. In French, Lôn says, “Buns and long hair are reserved for females only!” Pearl L: Perhaps it is because it gets in the way.
  4. Because they are bothered by things that are considered to be out of the norm, anonymous: Please keep in mind that this post is just for informative reasons.

Not meant to serve as legal advice, and it should not be relied upon or understood to do so. Neither you nor anyone else should act or abstain from acting on the basis of any material included in this article without first consulting legal or other professional counsel.

To hate ‘man buns?’

CapricornCallingThursday, September 8th, 13:31:45 Okay, so it’s not only the small ‘bun’ thing that I despise, but the way the hair is pushed back in order to arrange the aforementioned bun is also really unpleasant! Is it possible that I am too set in my ways/conservative when it comes to hair styles? (Note the absence of an apostrophe.) Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Thursday, September 8th, 13:33:17 (It’s spelled with a’mun’) However, they appear to be a complete moron. RJnomore1 Thursday, September 8th, 13:34:09 Yanbu This is a terrible craze.

  1. LurkingHusband Thursday, September 8th, 13:34:46 Is it possible that I am too set in my ways/conservative when it comes to hair styles?
  2. Not when they have scraped an inch of hair into one by shaving off all the surrounding hair that I have a problem with it.
  3. The fact that they have never heard of Aunt Flo or Little My is astounding.
  4. and then they appear to be a moron TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thursday, September 8th, 13:53:31 It looks fantastic on the proper person.
  5. He was, nevertheless, of Spanish descent!
  6. Ross Poldark in a frock coat, of course.
  7. Double denim and Francis Rossi go together like peanut butter and jelly.
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Barksdale Thursday, September 8th, 13:53:47 I despise the moniker.

DropYourSword Thursday, September 8th, 13:55:07 I’m willing to make an exception in the case of Brock O’Hurn.

Dame Diazepam TheDramaQueen Thursday, September 8th, 13:55:24 Soubriquet Thursday, September 8th, 13:56:12 I literally saw a man the other day with hair that was so out of control that I had to take a second look.

Completely and absolutely bald, to say the least.

It appeared to be a disaster.

They look ludicrous on both men and women, especially the ones at the top with the doughnut insert.

EdmundCleverClogsThu, 08-Sep-16 13:56:55 EdmundCleverClogs Are you referring to the ‘bin bag’ appearance?

This is true even for the incredibly attractive Aidan Turner, who appears to have a thing for them.

The discovery that DH had a man-bob while he was a student caused me great distress; to be honest, I’m astonished we’ve remained married this long.

Are you attempting to get a reaction from us?

Why shouldn’t they put their hair in a bun (or, as discussed in the other discussion, dye it)?

As long as it’s clean, why would you be bothered to look?

For some reason, beards and moustaches irritate me to a (admittedly illogical) degree.

Are you attempting to get a reaction from us?

ah, that’s incorrect en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hairdo (Checks the box that says “today I learnt something new”).

I’m not sure what it is about the mullet that has caused it to be considered a bad hairstyle these days.

Alternatively, why disco music has become ‘cheesy’.

As with the mullet, I think it’s a little ridiculous.

I realize I’m a snobbish jerk, but bear with me.

Whether you like them or not, and I agree that they are just “buns” with no requirement for a “man,” it is encouraging to see males playing a little with their appearance and embracing trends that are generally reserved for women.

DT1, on the other hand, is growing his hair so that he may have one.

daftfreetrampolineforall Thursday, September 8th, 14:28:40 They appear to be a complete moron.

That is not the way to demonstrate your manhood.


When I see these, I immediately think of drug dealer hair from the 1990s.

They look well on a man with naturally long hair, in my opinion.

When it’s free of its hairband, it must seem like a sprinkling of hair on the top of the head, which I believe is quite amusing.ItGoesWithoutSaying Thursday, September 8th, 14:49:04 This.

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Man Bun

AMan Bun, also known as a “top knot,” is a hairstyle that consists of a ponytail or a bundle of hair that is conspicuously placed high in the back-center of a man’s head. Top-knots have traditionally been connected with a variety of traditional hairstyles for men in East and West Asian cultures, but they gained significant appeal among Western males beginning in the early 2010s as part of a fashion trend and later as a stereotype of hipster fashion.


An AMan Bun, also known as a “top knot,” is a hairstyle that has a ponytail or a bundle of hair that is prominently shown in the back-center of a man’s head. Top-knots have traditionally been connected with a variety of traditional haircuts for men in East and West Asian cultures, but they gained significant appeal among Western males beginning in the early 2010s as part of a fashion trend and later as a stereotype of hipsterfashion.


It was published on January 25th, 2012, that a story on man buns appeared in The New York Times, stating that they had begun to emerge in “arty areas like Williamsburg and Bushwick” in Brooklyn, New York. “Fuck Yeah, Men With Buns” is a Tumblr site that was started on March 23rd, and it features images of gorgeous men with man bun hairstyles, as well as other related content. On October 19th, a Tumblr blog dubbed “The Man Bun” was launched, which is quite identical to the original. Another entry for “man bun” was submitted on February 20, 2014, by Urban Dictionary user Ron diggity, who defined it as “questionably seductive haircut” in his submission.

  1. Man buns are chopped off with a pair of scissors in a hoax film published to the YouTube channel Derick WattsThe Sunday Blues on February 18th, 2015.
  2. More than 9.1 million views and 11,200 comments were received in less than seven months after the video was posted.
  3. It was announced on August 25th that the Instagram feed ManBunsofDisneyLandwould be created, which will feature images of guys sporting man bun hairstyles while visiting the DisneyLand amusement park.
  4. Earlier this month, BuzzFeed released a collection of man bun images headlined “19 Pictures That Prove Man Buns Have Gone Too Far,” which was published on September 21st.

On September 22nd, the news website Vox published a story on man buns, which included an infographic illustrating several variations of the hairdo that are regularly seen in the public (shown below).

World Leaders With Man Buns

Several social media platforms became abuzz on Friday, October 9th, after a photoshopped image of Donald Trump with a man bun gained widespread attention, prompting the design crowdsourcing web site DesignCrowd to launch a contest among its users to photoshop images of world leaders and politicians with man buns. It received 101 entries, and the winners were chosen on October 14th; a photo of Vladimir Putin with a blonde variation of the hairdo won the first prize of $280, and photographs of Kim Jong Un and Barack Obama were among those considered for the finalist spot.

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The man bun has had a comeback in popularity in the sport of football, with one of the game’s best players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, becoming the latest player to flaunt the style. Take a look at some of the “best-looking” top-knot man buns that are now sweeping the football world, whether you like them or not.

Gareth Bale

When the hour strikes, so does Gareth Bale’s legendary man bun. The Welsh international isn’t afraid to show off his man bun, as seen by his goal in the 2018 Champions League final against Liverpool, which was one of the tournament’s best. Even more revealing, though, was Bale’s decision to unfold his man bun during a 2019 match in order to prove to all of his doubters once and for all that he was not concealing a bald patch in his head. Using the social media platform Twitter

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Since his days as a player for Paris Saint-Germain, he has been a torchbearer for the top-knot trend. When it comes to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the man bun is nothing new. The goal-scoring machine has turned his attention to Manchester United, Los Angeles, and back to the San Siro once again. Zlatan’s monument in Sweden is complete with the legendary man bun. It was fortunate that the robbers who chafed the nose opted to leave the top-knot in its original position. courtesy of Twitter courtesy of Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo

The top player in Europe at the ripe young age of 35, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in 10 straight Serie A matches — including a first-half hat-trick to kick off 2020 — while donning his trademark man bun. Even Ronaldo’s most ardent supporters may not approve of the small bun, but the Portuguese star’s recent scoring spree may persuade them differently. courtesy of Twitter courtesy of Twitter

David Beckham

David Beckham, the man who popularized the man bun, is arguably the only footballer to have carried off the haircut with grace and ease. Becks understood how to rock the man bun no matter where he was, whether it was Madrid or Los Angeles. Using the social media platform Twitter

David de Gea

Some claim that David de Sea hasn’t been the same since he switched from his previous hairstyle to a man bun.

However, the notion that the Spaniard’s abilities have been taken away by his man bun is completely erroneous. We can admire De Gears’ hipster man bun and beard combo, which he wears with style.

Using the social media platform Twitter

Virgil Van Dijk

Yes, the finest defender in the world does, in fact, sport a man bun. It is absurd to believe that the winner of the 2019 Champions League will cut off his tiny bun only to please his detractors. Man, bun, and the good life. courtesy of Twitter

Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin of Arsenal is one of the more recent recruits to the man bun club, having joined in the spring of this year. The Spaniard is well-known for sporting the most up-to-date fashions, and with his mustache, he appears to have pulled off the bun with ease. courtesy of Twitter

Theo Walcott

After years of having a shaven head during his Arsenal days, Theo Walcott opted to switch things up at Everton. In addition to adding corn rows to the mix, the English striker put his own touch on the classic man bun. courtesy of Twitter

Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll is no stranger to the man bun; the English striker sported the style throughout his stint at West Ham before bringing it with him to Newcastle. Though it is irrelevant, it is worth noting that he signed his most lucrative contract with Liverpool while sporting his hair down. courtesy of Twitter

Roberto Firmino

Last but not least, the greatest is saved for last. During the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons, Liverpool striker Roberto “Bobby” Firmino experimented with the man bun for limited periods of time. Fortunately for him, his fortune, as well as Liverpool’s, began to turn as soon as he severed the connection. We don’t expect him to go back to his previous appearance any time soon, if at all. courtesy of Twitter

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